April UFO



The number 11 was drawn this morning for our April UFO. I’m sorry to say that several of us did not finish our March projects.
This box of aged muslin in colors arrived this morning and we’ll get them online this week – they are beautiful!
When I went to the barn this morning I thought I’d just check the nests and lo and behold I found 3 warm eggs, just laid. It’s a delightful feeling to reach into the nest and find that fresh egg warm and still slightly damp- spring is here!

7 thoughts on “April UFO

  1. edie gottschall

    If that is the Marcus Aged Muslin, I can tell you it is fabulous to work with! There is also a canvas version in some of the neutral colors — have some, but haven’t worked with it yet. Gotta get busy on #11!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, it is Marcus aged muslin and I agree, it is wonderful to work with! And the price is right, too —- $6.98 per yard.

  2. Lee

    Mary, that one egg looks huge. Did you shoot your picture with a wide angle lens? Love eggs! Love those colors on the fabrics. We got up to 80 today. It sure felt great! North Carolina is the bestest place to live. But, we’ll be singing a different tune around July! Lee

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hi, Lee! I can’t wait to feel 80 degrees again. Maybe the picture of the eggs in my hand is distorted. I held them in my right hand and took the picture with my iPhone in my left.

  3. Lynn

    Oh boy, I didn’t finish the March UFO either and April’s is a big one for me, it’s not looking good already but maybe I’ll be inspired to push!! It is quilting my Noah’s Ark quilt!

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