AQS Show in Des Moines

I was pretty bummed when I realized I would miss the quilt show on Friday because of that darned root canal….until Rick asked why I didn’t drive to Des Moines afterwards.  Drive 2 hours at noon to a quilt show that closes at 6 pm?  How spontaneous!  How irresponsible!  How fun!  So I did!  But first a comment about the root canal.  It went just fine.  I knew it would as long as I could have the gas and at one point I heard myself snore!  Yes, actually snore while she was working in my mouth!  When it was over I apologized and she said snoring was the most supreme compliment  I could give my dentist while she was working on me! Ha!

Saw so many people I knew at the quilt show – I finally decided to start taking their picture and put them here on the blog.  No names, they’ll know who they are and it was such fun to run into everyone.

The quilts were wonderful – I liked so many of them this year.  This Cherrywood Challenge was the Lion King – here are my 2 favorites.

There was a delightful display of antique embroidered crib quilts, some were familiar and some were new to me.  Wish I could find the patterns because I would love to make them.

Many of the quilts looked impossible to make but they weren’t even my favorites.  The two quilts that I loved at the State Fair by Jill Fisher were there and there was one Gypsy Wife.  Lots of contemporary quilts caught my eye.  I’ll just post some random photos I took of quilts I liked.  

Does this look familiar, Jo?  It’s an H quilt!

Today was another adventure – Junkapalooza at Heritage Park in Forest City, 14 miles north of us, the town where Winnebagos are made.  Becky and I had planned to go to this first annual event and then Sam decided to come along, too.  There were so many fun things for kids to do so Aidan and Lucy had a grand time.  They went on the train, petted the rabbits,and rode the horse.  Owen stayed in the snugly with mom.


Tonight is a bonfire party – when will I rest?  Rick and I have decided to go to the movie,Sully, tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm so we won’t have to watch the debate.  Smart, huh?

29 thoughts on “AQS Show in Des Moines

  1. Jan B

    Great pix! That one picture looked to me like Linda from the Back Door in Greenwood, IN. Am I right?

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband & I saw Sully a couple of weeks ago & really liked it. We had no idea that hero was subjected to so much scrutiny by various agencies. Anxious to hear your review. Enjoy!!

  2. Launa Peters

    Hi Mary, Good to hear you got a snooze during your root canal…and went on a little excursion afterwards.

    My husband saw Sully and really enjoyed it….hope you and Rick do also. My college age granddaughter gets extra credit for watching and writing her opinion on the debates.

    I packed the Barn Dance panel and book yesterday…and today found two UFO’s to repack. One is a darling crazy patch; the other a star and snowball pattern. My husband asked if I’d ever sew all the fabric I packed today. Each box is numbered and I enter the number in a journal with some of the contents. AM Vets is receiving some good “stuff”.

    We sure could use some of the rain……..sad to see the hurricane damage on news.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    Love the basket quilt. I’m always wishing I could go to the big quilt shows, but we have plenty of great quilters here in Western South Dakota and usually about 400-500 quilts. I might even have a couple quilts in our next show if everything goes right. I’m still working on the rainbow colored log cabin and am about half done. It is so much fun to put all the different colors into all the blocks.
    Glad you survived the dentist.

  4. Katie Hayse

    We really liked Sully. Very good but when isn’t Tom Hanks good? Anyway, I envy you because I need an excuse to not watch it too. Of course, we have hunters coming so maybe they will keep me busy. Am still working on getting some pictures of Alaska to everyone..I have almost all my rows done from the row by row (24). They are all from Alaska and Canada. Gonna be a big quilt!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Katie – you need to find something to be busy at just so you don’t feel you have to watch the debate. I just can’t take any more!

  5. Kathy Schwartz

    One of the main TV networks (I can’t remember which one) announced on the 10 pm news they would be carrying the MN Viking game and not the debate. They said people could listen on the internet, or some radio station, etc. They have a contract with the Vikings and must honor it. What a blessing!!!! Quilt pictures were wonderful. My favorite was also the basket quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Paula

    Thank you for showing pictures from the Des Moines Show. We attended the show two years ago, after we left Quilt Camp on our way back to Texas. I enjoyed the beautiful AQS quilts and the Quilt Guild show! So glad you were able to attend! What a treat to see so many friends!


  7. Jeri Niksich

    I’m so disappointed with myself for not taking up quilting when I was quite a bit younger so many years younger. I grew up in Des Moines until I was 15. I’d be a Pro by now lol!

  8. Cathy

    Loved the pic of the collie. I had a ‘Lassie’ collie from age 3 to 15. Beautiful dogs! I will be football watching & not debate watching as well.

  9. bernadette

    Loved the basket quilt with the varied background fabrics. And the Collie was stunning. Gas for root canal?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bernadette – I think they call the gas nitrous – you know you’re awake but you are really out in la la land. Thank God for gas – dental procedures used to be terrifying!

  10. Barbara wells

    Mary, those crib patterns are Ruby Short McKim patterns. If you google McKim Studios there is a website with a lot of her patterns. Her Granddaughter is reviving them and reintroduction them. I have had many happy hours embroidering her patterns. Enjoy!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – I might see if the ones I liked are available – I might as well start another quilt!

      1. Barbara wells

        She has worked very hard to reintroduce these patterns again. She has a lot of them out, of the baby quilts the Quaddie Quilt is one of my favorites. Also you might like the Farm Life quilt, it is just very cool, I did the cover quilt for that booklet and it was so much fun. have also used the farm animals to make a baby quilt. I am sure you will fine something that you like!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Barbara – did you do the Farm Life quilt that was shown at the quilt show – I think it had pieced blocks as well? Very colorful? It was one of my favorites!

          1. Barbara wells

            Mine was done in redwork and had a pieced fence like the original that Ruby Short McKim designed. I did it for the Buggy Barn for a sample and then when I got it back I gave it to McKim Studios because she had so few samples of her Grandmothers patterns. I had quite a collection and donated some of the old tops I had, I just loved the designs but she needed them for her trunk shoes and lectures. Always great to be able to share our treasures. Mine is on the cover of her pattern booklet for Farm Life.

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Barbara – did you see I ordered the book? When I saw you’re from Reardan, I figured you were friends with BB. I just talked to Janet last week.

          3. Barbara wells

            Yes I live about 3 miles from the old store, in fact I worked there for a while. It still miss it but see Janet form time to time. I saw where one of the other pieced quilts was set with the Farm Life blocks, loved the way it was done. So many talented quilters out there with so many great ideas. It just never ends. Enjoy stitching!

        2. CountryThreads Post author

          Barbara – I ordered the Farm Life quilt book that you had a hand in as well as the Bible blocks. It’s wonderful that these patterns have not been lost!

  11. Micky

    Mary, The quilt show pictures were great, as all your pictures are. I’m interested in the bright Peter robbed Paul quilt. Was that raw edge? That is my favorite pattern. I guess I’ll watch pbs toningt. Glad your rood canal went well.

  12. Ann Barlament

    I’m enjoying the double saddle that the kids are on. All these fun things, this wannabe country girl missed out on.

  13. Jeanie

    I always enjoy your blog. I especially loved the basket quilts and the pictures of Sam’s adorable children. How much fun it must be hanging out with you, Sam, and those cute kids. Thx, Mary.

  14. Carmen

    That first lion quilt was my favorite too! Weren’t they all soo wonderful? We are lucky to live close enough to attend!

  15. Martha Engstler

    Love the quilt pictures. Thanks for posting them. You are so lucky to live close enough to get to the quilt shows. There was one in Gettysburg a number of years ago and it was so much fun. I also wish I had taken up quilting when I was younger. Just finished a Christmas quilt for a friend, I’m so pleased with it.

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