Are we done? 6-13-24

So are we done with all that trouble leaving comments and reading others’ comments? Two people have written to me to say that things are back to normal. This has to be heavenly intervention! I was so desperate I was planning to set up a live chat session with WordPress. Once again it happened right after an update went through – I swear if they’d just leave it alone we’d all be better off. Hang in there – it looks like we’ll be back to normal soon. I’m going to ask you to try the comment section even if it’s just to sign your name.

Leona has received about 20 cards and she is so tickled! A card is like a blessing you can give to another person and it’s so easy!

Yesterday was book club – there wasn’t one specific book that stood out – one person just finished The Women and loved it and another read The Nightingale for the first time – one of my Top Ten favorites.

Then it was Concord in the afternoon – we played the same list – The Bible Tells Me So, God Will Take Care of You, Tennessee Waltz, Home On the Range – etc. all old songs they remember from childhood and younger days so they can sing along. Also How Much Is That Doggie In the Window – they love to say the Arf Arfs!!

After I got home Hank and his mom came for a visit – Keeper was so excited he knocked me down in the parking lot! We couldn’t meet the chickens because it was threatening weather and I had locked them up but we’ll get him acquainted so he ignores them like Keeper and Hazel.

This is the norm for these two! Rassling!!!

Last night I worked on my HST – here’s what I’ll be doing today – cutting them apart, trimming the points and ironing – if I get that far. The porch is perfect this morning so maybe I’d rather sit here and read?

And now for these gorgeous flower and garden pictures!

And some miscellaneous


Casey, IL

More flowers in part 2.

16 thoughts on “Are we done? 6-13-24

  1. Patricia

    I don’t know if this will last. I’m still not able to comment on word press. I must go to the blog and sometimes that doesn’t work. I’ve missed a bunch of posts. Enjoying beautiful weather in NH visiting with the grandkids. Going down to 45 tonight. Brr. Loving the flowers. Hope mine don’t dry out by the time I return to Maryland. Blessings as you continue your good works. Music is the best.
    Pat from Md.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia – how did you leave this comment? If you left it on the blog, then you did it correctly. Trying to leave a reply on the email won’t work.

  2. Arlene from Colorado

    Good morning Mary,
    I love all of the pictures of flowers, especially those in the old galvanized containers…it takes me back to my Wisconsin roots and my Grandmother’s gardens. I saw a picture of roses and Queen Ann’s Lace which is considered a WEED that we are continuously trying to pull out of our garden!!!!! It is very invasive and hard to get rid of. It’s a very pretty plant but not one gardeners want to live with-HaHa! I’ve been busy taking my young grandson to summer school each morning and I’ve fallen behind on reading your blog…he stays with us during the week and goes up to the mts. on the weekends. He’s got dyslexia and reading isn’t his favorite thing but this program is supposed to help him greatly. I’m very hopeful and Grandpa and I will do want ever it takes to help him! Our weather has gotten beasty already & I hope this isn’t a sign of summer here in Colorado! At least our nights are cool and very few bugs!! Not like Wisconsin with those mosquitoes!!!! We will take a trip home in Aug. & I hope to get to Iowa! Thank you for all that you do for so many Mary…

  3. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    Beautiful Flowers and love the pig license plate! So Iowa! Working like always for me. I click on title in email and go to blog and “Leave a Reply” is at the bottom of the comments.

  4. Barb

    I always click to read on blog because of ads and everything seems to be working. Love flower pictures.

  5. Karen Moore

    Pictures are back, but I had to click on the blog to get the comments. I do have a VPN but that has not caused a problem in the past.

  6. Joyce from NY

    The flower pictures are beautiful, everything is coming through great!!

  7. patti leal

    these flowers are so pretty. the displays are great. i love love the pig made out of license plates. so clever. great display of different pictures. love them all.
    remember to click the ads for mary. in my case i can only see the ads to click if i am reading the blog online (not in my email). patti in florida

  8. Brenda Ks

    I have always got the comments section.
    I always click on the title in the blog and it has never
    not worked.

  9. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Before I start reading, I click on the blog title, which gives me ads. I also got the comment box. 👏😊

  10. Sally in NV

    Keeper and Hank are too much! 😂 Beautiful flowers and I love the unique way the flowers are planted. Did the young man make the string quilt!?! It’s beautiful!

  11. Sandy

    I cannot comment on any of the three you posted today. I have to go to the topof the e mail and click on the blog and then I get to the part where I can leave a comment

    1. Fran

      This is what I have to do also. So making the adjustment but I have been at a retreat and not up to date. Next week promises to be quieter.
      Fran in SW Iowa

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