Armando and Telly

Meet Armando, his wife Laci, sons Zaden and Kai, daughter Kinley, his sister Lucy and another daughter Aali was not along.  The two older kids, Zaden and Aali remembered Telly but the two little squirts, Kinley and Kai , do not.  Telly has been here almost 5-1/2 years now.

This is from the left, Laci, Kinley and Lucy.

This is Armando, Kai and Zaden.

Zaden and Kinley got up close and personal with Telly.  The golf carts were run for miles and miles through the grove – the grass was worn down to dirt!  We all had just the nicest time.

During lunch something was mentioned about their dog, Loki.  I said, what?  You’ve got another dog?  Armando took in a small dog who was being mistreated and abused at a home where he was installing fence.  This man has a huge heart – that’s two dogs he’s saved from horrible conditions that could have meant death and if not death, there are lots of things worse than death in my book.  This little dog, Loki, has come out of his abused and terrified shell and is now a beloved member of the Martinez family.  You can’t wonder why I think so highly of these kids!

This is Aali and Kai with Loki.

On a completely different subject, I recently took this picture from inside the house looking down at my big jade plant.  (I’ll finish this story tomorrow – )

19 thoughts on “Armando and Telly

  1. Pamela in Missouri

    Are the rectangles in the antique quilt the same size as the rectangles in the red quilt on the chair with Telly and the kids? (Sorry for the poor sentence structure.)

  2. Joyce from NY

    I have a huge jade plant on my porch, have to have help getting it in house in the fall. Love the stories about the rescue dogs. Terrible how people abuse their pets.

  3. Marsha from Kansas

    Armando and his family are guardian angels for the furbabies. He is instilling such wonderful values in his children. I have been following your blog for less than 5-1/2 years because you have always had Telly and this is the first time I have heard how she became a member of your family. Beautiful story. Loving all the #3 projects. Every one is so special, but I really appreciate the handiwork that went into the English-pieced quilt. My mother brought me up thinking a quilt was all done by hand. She’s 91 and still hand quilting. It took me a while to think it was OK piecing with a sewing machine and having quilting done on a longarm. But gotten over it I have. 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out why yesterday I had around five ads to close each time I read comments and today there are 6 ads and no Xs. Will try again tomorrow. My #5 is a Kim Diehl Whatnots Club project. We are getting the fall quilts and decorations out, too. Thanks for your blog, Mary.

  4. Jeanie S, SW Illinois

    It was fun seeing Armando’s family. I am sure he is eternally grateful to you for giving Telly a great home.
    So sorry you are having so much pain with your knees. Take care and thanks for posting.

  5. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    What a great story: how nice to be able to read about people you know personally being good and kind and saving dogs from harm. It gave my day a little boost. I’m glad you all had such a nice visit together.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    I agree with everyone that this is such a heartwarming story and how there is good in this world for people to step up and save the defenseless abused. They are special people in my book of life, and thanks for sharing their story. I must be a fun day on your farm with the golf carts to ride. Such a good family.
    I didn’t know how Telly came there either.

  7. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful story and wonderful pictures. Dogs don’t forget do they! How special that they had such a wonderful reunion!

  8. Deb Harrison

    Loved meeting this family with their big hearts and smiles! I smile every time I look at my little Dutch shoe ceramic planter. Have to get a new succulent for it as my old one passed away over the summer.

  9. Sharon Ludwig

    Hi! A week or so you posted a picture of some fabric a reader was looking for. I can’t find the picture but may have found the fabric . You can give her my email if she’s still looking…a day late as the saying goes!
    Best Regarda, Sharon L –

  10. Nikki M innTx

    Beautiful story of God’s love…I believe a special place in heaven for animal lovers/ rescuers & a special place in Hell for abusers.
    I envy your green thumb, jade plant is beautiful. Needed to mow and with heat in triple digits & predicted to remain so for next week I got up at 4am…turned on all the flood lights, mower headlights and mowed around house & in illuminated area..& down either side of drive to gate at road, had Ms Maci in her kangaroo pouch & she happily slept thru it all. Came in showered, dressed , made pot of coffee & Ms Maci & I enjoyed our first cup of coffee on the porch watching a beautiful sunrise before it got to hot to be outside. Hope to get some seeing in later today. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Nikki, I already miss those early summer mornings when it was warm – not beastly hot but warm. Tonight I put on long pants, socks with my sandals, a long sleeve tee and a sweatshirt. Makes me so sad to think of the months ahead. I love that Ms. Maci rides with you in her pouch when you mow! It’s perfect!

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Mornings, with clean air & that new beginning feel is one of my favorite times also .. when temperatures allow always enjoy first coffee of day on the porch. Ms Maci loves her pouch & goes most everywhere with me.

  11. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    What a dear little dog, amazing that there are people that abuse such a darling. Your jade plant and rock garden look so nice.

  12. Jan B from TN

    Wow! Armando has a large family, happy family! Love their dog Loki. So adorable.
    Today I closed 6 ads!!

  13. Ruth

    Odd. It’s Monday, Sept. 9, and although I saw this post last week, I came back to it and all the pictures of Armando’s family are gone, just blank squares now. The jade plant pic is still up, all the comments are there, the ads are there (closed them), but not Armando’s family pics.

  14. Felicia Hamlin

    I didn’t the pictures either, only the one with the plants. So crazy! There are people that are so heartless and those that are all heart like you, Mary, and Armando.

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