BABY BULLSEYE, 9 – 10 – 23

I know many many of you have made Bullseye quilts and have loved them. Last winter I started messing around with tiny bits and scraps and used all the resulting little blocks in a new arrangement I’m calling Baby Bullseye. Take a look.

Before washing
After washing

The back is pretty, too.

A reader sent me a note with several pictures of a Bullseye Quilt she made in about 2001. It’s been a family favorite even though it’s worn and beginning to look tough. The sweetest part to me is that it’s still treasured. Here it is:

I got this picture today of a Bullseye UFO that just got finished.

Not washed yet – It’ll be better after

Terrible glare on this picture but I bought it at the thrift store because it reminded me of Bullseye blocks before they’re quartered. By Wassily Kandinsky – Squares With Concentric Rings, it was a buy for only $3.00.

In our 45 years in business this technique was our bestselling original pattern which has been copied many many times . The design came from a pieced curved seam block found in my own Aunt Amy’s sampler quilt dated 1898.

That block was not raw edged and quartered which was our idea. We published the pattern in 1998 as part of our book Quilts From Aunt Amy since the quilt was 100 years old that year. It’s been copied over and over and in Europe the pattern is alluding to the fact that it’s “like” Aunt Amy’s Bullseye. I wonder how many shops have sold this pattern as their own. It’s mind boggling.

There are many YouTube videos from other designers as well. Some vary the technique somewhat and this is a fine line but I wonder how many Baby Bullseye quilts will start showing up now. Yes, the pattern is copyrighted.

It’s addicting to sew bullseye blocks as many can tell you and if you haven’t made the original, it’s available in the online store OR I can mail you a paper copy for $5.00.

I am making the pattern for BABY BULLSEYE available for $5.00 and a SASE, cash or check only.

But don’t mail it quite yet – I’ve got another quilt to show you tomorrow. Right now it’s getting late and it’s been a long day.

Thanks for reading!

36 thoughts on “BABY BULLSEYE, 9 – 10 – 23

  1. patti leal

    i know that issues with this quilt have caused you pain and i’m sorry for that. i’ve taken my left overs from my original bull’s eye (from the quilts from aunt amy’s book) and tried to make smaller blocks just using the left overs. it never crossed my mind to put them in a four block set with sashing. very clever. i’ve not gotten very far along with my idea because i liked the idea of the lighter background. these have a darker one. so i kinda put it aside. great idea you have there. congrats to you. patti in florida

  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    I just saw my copy of the Aunt Amy quilt book a couple of days ago. It’s a treasure! Love your new design Mary.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l have the same little tree in a pot in front of the painted circles! But the lights just stopped working a couple of weeks ago, hope my son can sort it out. Those kittens are learning fast to pose with quilts! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I love that light especially in the winter. Does the bottom open to replace a battery? I’m going to look. Otherwise I’d just have to buy another one, I guess.

  4. brendalynne1

    hope you will remind us about the bullseye when you show us the new one tomorrow.. The bullseye is a new one for me and the quartering looks quite interesting. Since my skills are not even close to yours and the eyesight is definitely not the best and the sewing machine is on the same par i will not expect to have anything as lovely as yours. the blue sashing is quite nice too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brendalynne – well, you’re in luck! The purpose of making Bullseye blocks is relaxed sewing with nothing measured when cutting. Edges are raw so if you can sew a quarter inch seam you can do it. This is our most beloved design – I’m sure you can do it because it’s a no fail idea.

  5. Linda in MI

    Love the baby bullseye quilt and sure wish I were organized enough to do that with my scraps. I have plenty of scraps, just never seem to have the time to sew, especially because I am purging all kinds of stuff I don’t use or need and deep cleaning for family to come visit. I will wait until tomorrow to see what else you show but I already know I need the baby bullseye pattern just in case I put my nose to the grindstone and start some blocks!

    Looks like Gracie and Gretta love it too!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – these circles were cutouts from another Bullseye which I should have shown – I will today. Aren’t you the Linda who has Nelson????

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Loving the baby bullseyes as much as my bigger bullseyes. That quilt a-long you did was sooooo much fun seeing what everyone was using for fabrics. I do like the lighter background and of course love the polka dots on yours. Will look forward to the next pattern before I mail you a check then. Seeing the bullseyes brings a smile on such a somber day – 9/11.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – yes, a sad day. I watched 60 Minutes coverage last night and the horror came right back. I was watching Diane Sawyer that morning and I looked at the kitchen clock. It was 8:47.

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, I think you should name it G and G’s Baby Bullseye and copyright that name which might be harder to steal! Our son has the Bullseye I made from your Aunt Amy’s book. Time to make another. 😀. This is my morning off from dog walking our neighbor’s little Bishon. Cool here this AM—57*. My kind of weather😀. Did you do the All Iowa Quily Shop Hop? Some of us are doing the Ohio one. We left at 8 AM on Friday and returned at almost 7 PM. It was so much fun😀. Thanks for sharing Baby Bullseye😀

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I think I did one of the pictures with an almost invisible name in the center and a misplaced word in the bottom of another. Would you do me a favor and “save” that post so someone else can back me up? G and G is irrelevant to the design –

  8. Rachel Summy

    Found your Aunt Amy’s pattern book a couple of years ago and again you remind me I HAVE to make a Bullseye Quilt!! The baby version is adorable. Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  9. Sherry Whalen

    Very cute Mary! I’ve probably made 4-5 Bullseye quilts – I think I feel another one coming on….

  10. Kim from Wi

    I love the bullseye quilt and so glad that I own the book. Wish i would of done it when you had the quilt along. I need to grab my grab bag of fabrics and make one.

  11. Sherrill

    I’ve made 3 (ran across one I’d given to my son when I was visiting him last week in Denver) and want to make another every time you show them on your page!! Love the colors in the newest and that sashing you used is perfect with all those colors.

  12. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love, love, love the Baby Bullseye version, I’ll be ordering one of these patterns for sure. Your setting is so cute and whimsical with the dotted sashing strips. It’s just great. YOUR pattern from YOUR book (I have two copies!) holds many precious memories for me of days spent sewing Bullseyes with my Mom when she was recuperating after a stroke back in late 1999 and early 2000.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – what a sweet memory attached to your Bullseye quilts!!

  13. Moe in NE IL

    Hi Mary, I cut my third big Bullseye the past couple of weeks using your book Quilts From Aunt Amy again as a guide, I head off to a 4 day quilt retreat where I plan to sew it together. Excited. Each Bullseye quilt comes out differently. Love it! Your BABY Bullseye is Adorable!!

  14. Connie R. In Wis.

    The Baby Bullseye is so pretty. The regular size Bullseye I made several years ago is still my favorite quilt. So easy to make and results are always beautiful. I’ve made a couple using up a lot of scraps and even using up my odd color thread spools as, it’s a very forgiving pattern. I’m definitely going to send for the pattern as, I still have circles left over from the last one I made. It’s sort of like Amish friendship bread where you always have “ starter “ left for the next one.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – you’re right, Bullseye is a continuing pattern! It never stops! Haha!!

  15. Susy in San Diego

    Love your Baby Bullseye. The blue lattice and border bring the whole quilt together and it brightens it up. Beautiful! Super scrap idea.

  16. Sunflower from Michigan

    I really like the baby bullseye quilt! Cooler here in south east Michigan and so I worked in the garden cleaning up a bit. Much more to do! Then I remembered I had to pick the raspberries. Lucky that I got about five cups worth plus what I sampled while picking. (: I think I’ll make a pie.
    Making a small quilt for the cat my daughter is fostering. The cat is 16 years old and is deaf. When she got him, he seemed to have stopped grooming himself and was not moving around. He’s changed so much since she’s been fostering him! He watches her two young cats and even seems to like them a little. Anyway, he is going to be adopted by an older lady shortly and I’m so excited for the cat! Hope to finish it today.
    Have a great day everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – oh, how wonderful! Will the quilt go with the cat? Very sweet idea!

  17. Pam Taylor

    These Baby Bullseye blocks are adorable! I do have the Aunt Amy book – and now I will have to make this version!
    Mary – are you able to say if a Fat Sixteenth (9″ x 11″) would work? Seems like something larger might be needed.

  18. Tanya T. in Houston

    Channeling your thoughts maybe…I just ordered a cross stitch pattern of that Kandinksy circle painting. When it arrived ($5), it was a whole booklet and would make a huge cross stitch! I love looking at it and thinking of all the work someone did to just draw off those circles! But I’ll probably never make it! Your $3 print was a better deal! Ha!

    And, I LOVE the little bulls eyes! What a terrific use of the polka dots for the sashings, too! I am a polka dot girl! So glad I was able to buy a copy of Aunt Amy’s several years ago. My quilt is a favorite, too!

  19. Gloria from CC

    I love your baby bullseye quilt!!! I had so much fun making the original and have been tempted to make another one. Maybe a baby quilt is on the horizon. Gracie and Greta are so cute. I’m sure they are great company.
    I bought a bar towel last weekend with the saying: “A Dog’s Tail Never Lies” and I thought of you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – BB was a great scrap buster but cutting scraps always takes more time than yardage. G and G are really fun to have around! What’s up with you? How’s your back????

      1. Gloria from CC

        My lower lumbar fusion surgery went well but now I may have to have a right hip replacement. Next week I go to Wolfe Clinic to get my cataract removal appointments. That’s going to be a challenge because I want to keep my 20/20 near vision. Most people want their distance vision improved but I don’t. I’ll keep you posted.

  20. Diane and the gang

    This New Yorker is watching the Bills vs Jets in NY. Beautiful National Anthem and shots of theTower, NY Skyline, and Statue of Liberty. Hard day for Americans.

  21. Lyn Rogers

    Mary the cats are precious, especially lounging on probably my very favorite block! I am wondering about block size for Baby Bullseye. I will send for pattern when available. And so true re being addictive.

  22. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    G and G are looking all comfy and doing a great job helping with the photos. 😊 Your Baby Bullseye is wonderful.
    We are having a lovely fall day in the 70’s. We made a quick run to our favorite orchard for not only apples, but also camel corn, pepper jelly and eggs.
    Thanks, Mary

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