Baby Chick Day

Reed and I traveled to the famous Murray McMurray Hatchery in Webster City, IA today to pick up our baby chicks.

We ordered 18 chicks, 5 different breeds, all girls. As the gal handed Reed the box, he was all smiles.

We couldn’t resist looking at them as soon as we got in the car.

When we got home each chick was picked up and its beak dipped in water. If it tipped its head back and swallowed, the chick was put into the brooder. The temp in the brooder needed to be right around 90 degrees. If the chicks got too warm they could move away from the heat bulb. If they all crowded under the bulb, it needed to be lowered therefore making it warmer.

It was Reed’s job to keep watch on the chicks, the temperature, the food and water while I went back to yardwork.

He knows a lot about chickens and will be taking several of these to his place when it gets warm so they can live in the coop.

He picked out a nice assortment, didn’t he? Here he is showing his mom one of the chicks.

It was a stellar day.

These pictures were taken last weekend when the snow was disappearing and everyone was enjoying the outdoors.

Rick and I are learning how to cope a little better everyday. The last two days I’ve been able to work outside and start the dreadful cleanup that our tough winter left us with – so many sticks and branches to pick up and everything is so dirty.

Here’s a teaser for my next post – Connie’s been sewing up a storm. This is one of her quilts – I’ll show the rest of the details in my next post – I hate to say it will be tomorrow because my days are busy.

It was a great day but it’s now midnight. Time for bed!

16 thoughts on “Baby Chick Day

  1. Brenda archambault

    And the beat goes on. Looks like a little sunshine and thaw was all that was needed to jump start spring in Iowa. Glad that you have Reed to help with some of the chores and animal husbandry.

  2. Maryann Lohmann

    Murray McMurray! Brings back memories Ordered chicks from there a couple times. Post office people were entranced with the little guys. Reed sounds like a great young man.

  3. Angie

    What wonderful memories you are creating for Reed and such a healthy environment for him to learn about life.
    I know you are tired at the end of the day but I so appreciate your entries.

  4. Linda Baker

    You and Reed make such a great team! Seeing those chicks brings back memories of the ones my dad would have under a heat lamp in the basement. That was a LONG time ago, lol.
    I wish Connie’s sewing storm would blow my way and give me a kick, you-know-where. My sewing has been on hold for too long.

  5. Janet Snyder

    I can’t believe how much Reed has grown since you started showing pics of him. How fun for both of you to have established such a good friendship. Enjoy your chicks.

  6. Ann

    So cute—-reminds me of my 4-H days many years ago when I used baby chicks as my project!!! Nice memories!

  7. Dot Howard

    Enjoy you daily message. We raised chickens years ago and picking them up was so much fun/

    Thank you.


  8. Diane

    Reed with those babies is so cute. Keep hanging in there with Rick. Each day gets better:)

  9. Diane Cannon

    You mentioned that if the baby chick tipped his head back and drank the water she went in the one box–but what happens if they don’t do that–what do you do then???
    And yes you are doing a wonderful job with Reed and developing his love of animals and nature–
    I will be watching for more photos of chicks!!!!
    enjoy, di

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – she just gets another chance to dip and swallow – they all do eventually.

  10. Anne

    Reed looks so happy taking care of those chicks. It will be a great experience for him. They grow so quickly and I’m sure like my ducks they have their own personalities. I just got 3 more ducklings 2 weeks ago and they have tripled in size (and mess haha). Hope Reed enjoys and savors every moment.

  11. Ann Barlament

    It’s certainly a good sign of Spring to have new babes on the farm!! And so awesome that Reed is being so responsible in their care!!

  12. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful relationship you have with that delightful Reed. You are both so fortunate to have such a great friendship and how much you are teaching him. Fun to see the new chicks and see how much fun he has with them. How wonderful!!

  13. lois palmisano

    What a FABULOUS mind young Reed has. And wonderful future. You have all greatly influenced him and guarantee a great future as a man. L.p. in pmaha

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