A customer came in the shop last week and dropped a heartbreaking story right in my lap. Her mother’s dog, a golden retriever named Bailey needed a home. Her mom passed away 4 years ago and her dad didn’t care much for the dog. After being a house dog, he put her outside where she cried and howled to come in again. Bailey began to wander to the neighboring farm where she found a man who loved her and defended her. That man died about 6 months ago. Bailey’s owner entered a care center about a month ago leaving Bailey with no one. The family fed her on an irregular basis and brought her a bucket of cold water. They didn’t even provide a heated bucket. She slept in the garage alone and unloved. I couldn’t even sleep after hearing this story so of course I said I’d take her in. She is a wonderful soul, 9 years old and eager to please. Telly is not crazy about her so if I could find her a good home, I would count this time with me as foster care. I’ve always been a foster failure because I get so attached but she deserves a family who loves her and thinks of her as a member of the family. I will consider nothing less.
Stories like this haunt me and I am not all that happy with the customer who knows how I feel about animals. No, this dog’s future was not my responsibility but I am what I am and I couldn’t say no. And the customer knew that as well.
So that’s Bailey’s story. What would YOU have done?

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  1. Rita Taulbee

    I would have done the exact same thing. That is how I have all 5 dogs and 4 cats. Big time foster failure

  2. Linda Hanley

    Mary – I would have done exactly what you did. I’ve had Goldens and know how wonderful they are. I would find it very hard to give her up. I love dogs sooooo much. Will you keep her if you can’t find a ” perfect” home for her???? Whatever you decide to do, it will be the right decision..linda

  3. PJ Combs

    What a wonderful thing u have done, u really r a kind, loving person, hopefully she will get a good new home it brought tears to my eyes just reading this story…a beautiful animal… 🙂

  4. Linda

    As someone who has taken in 5 stray cats and is feeding 6 more feral ones in the backyard, I guess it’s safe to say I’d have done the same. That customer ought to be ashamed of herself for being so hard-hearted.

  5. Patricia G. Hayes

    THE SAME THING YOU DID. Oops. I have tears as I read this.
    How can people do that to poor defenseless animals. Yuck!!

    Yes, your customer knew you had such a soft heart. At least you can sleep now!! God does love you, hehe.


  6. Liz Morgan

    I would have done exactly what you did! I am like you…”foster” failure. I know you will find Bailey a good & loving home. PLEASE keep us posted on Bailey.

  7. Louise K.

    Of course you had to take her. Shame on all involved who turned their backs on her. Will it ever change?
    I do believe in Karma.

  8. Sue Dietz

    You did the right thing. I’m sure your email will find Bailey a good home with lots of love.

  9. Anna

    Bless you. I would have done just what you did. I hate those kind of stories. I can’t even watch the humane society commercials on TV. Poor Bailey 🙁 but that life is behind her now. I know she will have a good home, whether its yours or someone elses. Like I said she is one lucky lady 🙂

  10. Charlotte

    Mary, I am certain that thru you, Bailey will find the most loving, forever home. It has taken a long time, and she has been on a sad journey, but God protected her and kept her going, and then God put her in your care so that together you would find that home. I am certain it will work out. God bless you for stepping up to help Bailey find her loving forever home. xoxo Charlotte

  11. LMK

    yes, like you i would of taken her in, how sad??? poor thing, but for some reason they do get over the bad stuff when they get their “new” home. i can see why you want to find a forever home for her, your dog may never accept her. i can’t believe some one will see her in your news and want her and give her a good home. i wish you luck with her and your new little cute kitty. how about inky or raven for a name?? maybe merry or joy. i’m sure she’ll be used to her new home in no time, what a cutie!!!!

  12. Cindy

    I would have done the exact same thing. A few days after Tday my friend found a Choc Lab in the middle of the road, cars were driving around him and no one stopped. She did, he was injured, we didnt know how bad until she took him to MY vet after she called and said, Cindy what do i do now? 🙂 So he went there on a Friday, and they shaved his neck and found that he had been cut with either a tether wrapped around him or something tied and left on him till it broke off. So long story short, i posted him and the vets name on my facebook and 755.00 later and 200.00 cash my vet sutured him up. I watched and took photos of the whole surgery. He is recuperating till the 19th, sutures out and new home already.
    We do what we do cuz thats how we are. If i were close to you i would add the beauty to our pack of French Bulldogs.
    Thank you for taking your new friend, she deserves you.

  13. Leslie

    I would have done the same thing. If I wasn’t so far away (GA) I would come and get her.

  14. Mary Lou

    You are a very special person to love so many animals. The world needs more people like you and less like Bailey’s pervious owners. Good job.

  15. Nancy Brudelie

    I think you should keep her! It would take me about 3 minutes to love her so much I wouldn’t be able to give her up.
    I applaud you for being so good to our fur friends. They are very special.

  16. mary jane

    I think your customer had Bailey in her heart when she brought her to you..she knew she could depend on you to care for him, which you have have lost so many of your own pets these past months she thought he may help you in your grieving and such..she also knew you would do right by him and find him a good home if not yours..sweet Bailey. I think you did the right thing …

  17. Mary Evans

    Well, I would have taken her in as well. Of course, I couldn’t, since I am moving to a ‘purse’ dog community tomorrow – no big dogs over 20 lb. I think I will get a cat.

    Tears come to my eyes reading about Bailey. She could be a beautiful companion, and the first guy should have rehomed her long ago. How can people be so cruel.

  18. barbara corbitt

    i would have done the same thing you did. i couldnt foster animals either because i would keep them all. thank you for sharing this story and if i lived closer, i would take him. bless you barbara

  19. Sandy

    I would have done the same as you did! I will pray someone comes forward to adopt her in to their family….


  20. Jane

    I would do the same thing. I cried as I read the story. Our first addition to our family was a golden named Charlie. He came home after a friend of a friend was moving and did want to take him. Barkley another golden, who left us last April was neglected. Left outside 24/7 here in kansas. He was such a part of our family my son took leave to come be with him his last days. Currently we have Sam She is a lab mix found by the road down in empoira. A little 4 month old dumped puppy at that point. Our latest addition is buzz a golden husky mix who was left at a rescue with parvo. He is now an 8 month old BIG boy. I wish there was some way to have Bailey join our family. Wish you were not so far away. She would certainly get the love she deserves. Thank you for having such a big heart

  21. Nancy Pleimann

    I would of done the same thing. My Golden died 3 years ago and I still miss her. I would take Bailey but I live in Missouri. Good luck. Nancy P. PS. you are a wonderful person.

  22. MjB

    Having had a number of rescued dogs, I believe they don’t come to us by accident. They “find” those who love and cherish them. You bet I would have taken Bailey in and got totally attached. If your home is not her final stopping place, she’ll find the right, loving permanent home and family through you. She’s adorable. Thank you for all you do for animals.

  23. Bonnie McKee

    I would have done the very same thing! I wish I could take her now, but I live in Oregon. God bless you,Mary for loving the animals as much as you do!

  24. Beth Strand

    I’d have done the same thing…and have..that’s how we ended up with five cats! (Formerly six but one passed away.) How can people be so uncaring to animals? Thank you for taking her in!

  25. Judy

    I just can’t believe that anyone could be so cruel to an animal. I can’t take in stray animals as my husband is allergic and after having my daughter and her cats live with us for awhile he said no more. If I could though I would definitely do what you did. Your customer should have done something about taking care of the dog long ago after all it was her mother’s dog, shame on her.

  26. Carol

    Mary you are amazing and your customer knew that you would do the right thing for Bailey. Makes me so sad that people can just “throw” dogs away. I know you will find her a forever home…

  27. donna mease

    AFter my tears stop, I will write….
    Mary, you did the RIGHT thing! How could anyone treat such a wonderful creature as Bailey so poorly? Please keep her, please? God put her in your loving care. Of course, if you do find another loving and caring home for her, you will do the right thing again as you are God’s instrument to care for his creatures.
    dj from Kansas

  28. Mary Harwood

    You know me . . I would’ve done the same thing too. I think it’s ironic how she came into your life just after Maggie left this life. Keep us posted.

  29. Claudia

    You have such a GREAT heart! Thank you for taking in those animals. I would have done the same thing. Bailey knows that she was rescued and she will be forever grateful. I love little black kitten too.
    Merry Christmas to you and everyone at Country Threads.

  30. mary

    Why didn’t she keep the dog? That poor dog just keeps being handed off. Hopefully it will have a happy new year.

  31. Diane

    Totally agree with everyone. The quilter with the magnet on her car that says, ” One cat away from the crazy cat lady” ah well, they all need a home:) You are awesome!!!

  32. Lynn Willis

    I would have done EXACTLY the same thing! I can’t stand to hear about these poor dogs that are so sweet and treated like an object instead of a living thing with emotions of their own. I wish I could take her she looks so sweet

  33. Lillian

    You are truly a wonderful angel. She appears to be a wonderful dog hope you can find someone who will take her into their heart and home.

  34. Michelle H

    Of course, I would have done what you did. It is the only right thing to do. I wish everyone would see animals as members of our one big family, and don’t understand how they can be cruel. I would take Bailey in a heartbeat…but I live in So Cal .
    You are a gift from God to us all, thank you for being sooo good.

    1. MartyCae

      I would have done the same thing – look at those eyes! Thanks for loving all the animals. Speaks of true character.

  35. sue lewis

    If I didnt live so far away I would probably be down and get Bailey. I am a big dog lover. Have two big dogs now and at one time had 4 big dogs, all house dogs, too.

  36. LeAnn Keenan

    I certainly agree with everyone who’s posted — HOW CAN PEOPLE DO THAT!!!?? Poor thing. Thank goodness you entered the picture.

  37. kat sorrentino

    would have done the same thing also, and would have felt the same about the customer to, hate when people take advantage of soft hearted people especially when it comes to animals. so defensive they really count on us.
    they truly have the most unconditionally love, more people should learn form animals.

  38. Dianne H.

    Bailey looks like such a sweetheart. I’m so glad you took her in. I would do exactly the same thing. That’s the reason I can’t/don’t volunteer at our county animal shelter. I would bring every animal in the place home with me. We have a six year old golden retriever named Murphy that was a rescue from the pound. Truly, if we lived closer to you, I would love to have her. I believe you will find a good home for her.

  39. Ann Barlament

    Even being wheelchair bound I would have done exactly as you have done ~ brought her into your home!! Even if your paths are just crossing temporarily, Bailey will remember the kindness you have shown.

  40. Mindi Diekhuis

    Oh Mary, bless your heart & bless poor Bailey! This story made me sad, as I looked at my black lab cuddling on her nice warm bed last night, and as I had to push her out the door this morning! You have such a loving heart for all these animals. I hope Miss Bailey is adjusting well… poor thing 🙁

  41. Polly

    I am that way with cats. I tame the feral kittens that show up at my doorstep and then get attached to them

  42. anna mermaid

    I would have done exactly the same thing as you did. Actually my cat (her name is Pumpkin) . . I am her third owner. She came to me when she was 6 years old and this year she turned 16. Her first owner abused her, her second owner was elderly and couldnt take care of her anymore. I really dont. . understand why someone would treat Bailey the way they did . . its disgusting. . . all our animals want from us is a little love and food and shelter. . . .is that too much to ask????

  43. LeAnn Werner

    Good for Bailey, she found someone to love her, or help her find another person who will love her. we recently took in a beautiful yellow lab that had been dumped out in the woods by some very cruel people. a friend heard about it, and went out and found her after two days of looking! We live in wolf country, so it is so amazing she was found. the poor thing had 6 puppies the next day. all the puppies have new homes, and we took my girl Annie. She is a total sweetheart, and our other lab Ed enjoys having a new best friend. Makes me so sad to think that there are such cruel people in this world. Best of luck to you Mary in deciding whether to keep her, or give her to another to love. You have such a kind heart, she is a lucky girl to be with you now.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Thank goodness you found her, Le Ann! Puppies the next day-oh my word! Thank you for being the person you are to have looked for her and now given her a home with a friend included. How can people be so cruel is the question all we animal lovers continue to ask, isn’t it?

  44. Linda Shickell

    Do you still have Bailey? What a story! I just now saw this -apparently my niece sent it to me in December, but I just now read. Of course you would take Bailey in – I would have done so in a minute.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bailey is at home with a wonderful family! Two grandsons love her and she goes to work as a companion therapy dog. She is so happy and they absolutely love her. Thanks for asking!

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