Believe for Ben

If you’d like to keep up with Ben via Facebook you can go to his page Believe for Ben.  Nina is doing a great job updating all of us who want to keep Ben in our hearts and prayers.  Connie went to Ben’s house yesterday and the two of them went to the mall.  With Ben in the stroller they enjoyed lunch at one of Ben’s favorite sandwich shops.  After lunch Ben had a nap and Claire went to dance after school.

Next Monday is the all important bone marrow biopsy.  Keep up those prayers for Ben!  Thank you so much on behalf of the Tesene Family.

16 thoughts on “Believe for Ben

  1. Melody

    I had a little trouble finding page – make sure upper case letter on Believe for Ben when searching. There is a picture of Ben in Superman costume by correct FB page.

      1. Carol

        Any other suggestions? I scrolled through every Believe… And did not find him. Perhaps someone can post a link?

  2. Cindie - New Beelin, WI

    I couldn’t find the FB site either. Keeping the entire family in my prayers.

  3. Carol

    I didn’t find Believe for Ben on FB. 🙁 Will keep praying for this sweet boy Nd his family.

  4. Martha

    Holding Ben and his family, especially Connie, in many prayers from a quilter in Maine!

    May health and hopefulness be abundant in this journey for Ben and his family!!


  5. Arrowhead Gramma

    Prayers are going up for Ben each day, and as a cancer survivor, I know that God answers prayer. Truly appreciate your updates on Ben and will check out his Facebook page.

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