Beyond The Battlefield

We received an advance copy of the new book and it is wonderful!

Want to know more?

This will be post #1 showing you the quilts in the book – you know how my site sometimes crashes when I try to show too much at a time so tune in the next two days as well.

Shining Star, 33″x 39″

Caring Hands, 37″ x 54″

Dashed Dreams, 26″ x 40″

A Labor Of Love, 30″ x 34″

Here’s how you can get your autographed copy.

1. Book will be released February 1. Our supply will be shipped after that date.

2. We cannot accept any money until February 1.

3. Since we are no longer a retail store, we don’t have a Paypal account.

Now here’s our dilemma. We don’t really want to open or set up a Paypal account because it costs us to do that and we’re not really in a big business anymore.

4. There’s plenty of time for you to send us a check which won’t be cashed until your book has shipped.

5. NOW – if this is a big deal to you guys we’ll open a Paypal account or something similar. Let us know what you think.

6. Here is the cost:

Book – $25.99

Tax – 1.82

Shipping 4.00 – this is the continental US price for furthest delivery. If we don’t make it a flat amount we would have to take each envelope to the post office, weigh it and charge the amount to each individual. We can’t do that.

Total – 31.81

Discount. 2.31 to allow for difference in shipping

Grand Total: $29.50 for everybody ordering from us. What this boils down to is we’re going to pay part of the shipping. I’m sorry to go through this whole explanation but if I don’t someone is sure to ask.

$29.50, includes tax and shipping.

I’ll post this again tomorrow for those who might not be reading today.


Good news! Arlo went home today with Ginny. The vet is so very pleased with his progress, the swelling has gone down and he’s lost some weight! It’s all good!

I’ve heard from some of you who are loving the freedom when sewing the Bullseye blocks. The next step will come Tuesday, January 8. The pattern is available in paper form for $3.00 if you’d rather not take notes off the blog.

We mailed out LOTS of Frosty patterns today and he will be available through January.

Thanks for all your interest in helping Jo – I say it all the time – our readers are just the best!

53 thoughts on “Beyond The Battlefield

  1. Maria L Zook

    I have had the Bullseye quilt on my must-do list for a long time. i have really enjoyed the technique and my top is completed and I love it!! I would appreciate suggestions on how to quilt it.

  2. Polly Perkins

    A check is no problem. Another beautiful book by you and Connie. Thanks for all your calculations and discount. Can I send a check now?

  3. Kristie Michalowski

    You could do a Google Pay…there are no fees for anyone and it is very secure…might want to look at it ;o)

  4. Mary Beth Stevenson

    Hi Connie and Mary!
    Mary Beth from Huntsville Mo! I think about you all often and the wonderful times Marcia and I shared at at “The Barn”.
    I’d like to order the new autographed book. I’ll be glad to drop a check in the mail if that’s how you’re accepting payment? Let me know.
    Mary Beth

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Beth Stevenson -Hi! We reminisce about camp in our barn often and Marcia is not the only camper who is no longer with us telling us we’re all getting older. Yes, a check or cash – no credit card.

  5. Deb Renken

    I love scrap quilts and I love civil war reproduction fabrics – of course I need this book! I will be sending a check for the book and checking my stash of civil war fabrics.


  6. Karen Gaither

    I wish I knew you were selling the book, I already are-ordered it on Amazon. I am so excited to get
    It after seeing your preview!

  7. Diane Bauer

    I LOVE Caring Hands!!!!! Will be sending a check. Have you considered a Square reader for processing credit cards? I use one for my therapy practice and find it very convenient, though they do charge a small processing fee.
    I am loving the Bullseye quilt along!! Looking forward to receiving the Frosty pattern, too!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – yes, we are familiar with Square – when we did shows especially outside shows we used it but this is a blog order where we aren’t swiping a card. I’m assuming you are using it “in person”?

  8. Bonnie McKee

    Hi Mary and Connie,
    Congratulations on your new book! I would LOVE to have a copy and am happy to send a check!
    You are always so thoughtful to offer us lovely patterns and books at very fair prices and I know we all appreciate your kindness. 🙂
    I’m having good fun working on my Bull’s Eye Quilt although I need to get caught up since I’m still cutting my 8 inch squares.
    What good news about Arlo!
    Even though I seldom comment I love this blog and all the great comments from you ladies!
    Bonnie in Oregon

  9. Debbie B

    I’m loving the quilts. Can’t wait to see some more. I would be happy to send a check to you. Not a problem. Thank you and Congratulations on the new book!

  10. Nancy

    I’m so excited to get my snowman pattern! Nobody designs patterns like you and Connie! Your book looks awesome!very sincerely, Nancy K Walker

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, count me in. I’ll add a little extra to my check, I live a long way from you.
    Hooray for Arlo, there’s no place like home.

  12. Kathy in western ny

    Evening Mary. Very happy to send a check to you to have an autographed book by inspiring quilters as you and Connie. I have my 8 squares all ready for tomorrow’s sewing time. It’s been so peaceful and relaxing to have these bullseyes squares waiting for me. Especially today when I had a stressful day and needed some down time to do what balances my life by sewing so thank you for giving me a reason to run to my sewing room tomorrow morning.

  13. Louverna Tomer

    Mary, please don’t open a Paypal account. You are so giving of your patterns and time blogging with us, and telling stories of your animals, farm life and ‘you brighten my day’ with your posts, I’m ‘old school’ as I am old. I think we can write you a check with our return address. We appreciate your kindness.
    Blessings to you.
    Louverna Tomer

  14. Tina W.

    A check will be in the mail soon! Have completed the first step for the bullseye quilt and looking forward to the next step. I’ve ordered the book from Amazon but may not be here for a bit. So far it’s been fun!
    Good news about Arlo getting to go home.

  15. Beryl Hoff

    I am excited!! Now I know why I received a surprise check for my birthday!! It will be spent on this book!
    Pay-Pal isn’t necessary. Will you be posting when the books go out? I have to go to the post office to get my mail, I generally pick it up on Sunday when I go to church, I don’t get much mail except junk, I live 15 miles from the PO. I f I knew about when to watch for it I would go early!! LOL! If that is a problem don’t worry about it, just a general “books went out today”! Can’t wait! You are much appreciated for all you do! Your fur babies must really love you too!! I loved you barn Christmas Eve pictures.

  16. Paula S.

    I’m excited about this book and DON’T need PayPal. I will mail a check closer to time!

  17. Patricia Campbell

    I’ve got a baby quilt to make by February — and I’m not fast like most of you ladies. After that wonderful event, I will make one of yours!! I’m super excited for this book! The quilts are gorgeous — I love the color combos!! I think I will always feel “new” to quilting. haha I will send a check plus the amount for Frosty and include a note that says so! 😉

    For all if you who wonder about the address: go down this page to the bottom of the comments and there it is!!

  18. Brenda

    I am excited for your new book. It would be helpful if you had a PayPal account. We could also send you money for all the wonderful patterns you offer. Money directly from our account into your account. However, looks like I’m in the minority.

    1. Patricia Campbell

      The problem with the PayPal account is that it costs them a fee which is an issue on multiple fronts:
      Higher cost to us to offset.
      Accounting red tape
      IRS buggers!!

      It’s just not worth it!! I’ve probably missed a few negatives — it’s been 12 years since I owned a business…

  19. Nancy Wines

    Woo hoo! How exciting! Quilts are photographed beautifully. I am happy to send a check. Congrats on your new book!

  20. Angie

    Seeing your new book is so exciting! It’s got to be an amazing feeling to have it in your hands! I will be sending a check, too, but I am not sure how to make the check out. I will get that on the way as soon as I hear. Mary, thank you so much. This is a great way to start the year!

  21. Rose Mikulski

    Count me in; there’s two quilts I already want to make. I ‘ll also be including extra for the Frosty pattern.

  22. Rita Mulvey in CT

    Awww thanks Mary just sealed the envelope will be in the mail in the morning.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    Congrats on your book. I Love it!! Will send $29.50 soon and it will be so fun to have an autographed quilt book. I am especially loving Shining Star.

  24. Rita Mulvey in CT

    I don’t have a problem sending a check no need to incur expenses by opening a paypal account. I will mail a check tomorrow.
    Great news on Arlo so glad that he is recovering so well.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rita Mulvey – I’m so glad! Thanks! Yours will be the first book in the mail – I promise!

  25. Susie Q`

    really like the quilts and a check is just fine……. could you give the addess of where to send check??? it just would be easier to have it all in one place and that goes for who to make the check out to????

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susie Q – I COULD type it all again but all the info is right underneath our picture on our home page.

  26. Marilyn

    How exciting the quilts are lovely and the sizes are perfect. I will mail my check tomorrow. Thank you both for all your hard work.

  27. Christina Mejer

    I can’t wait to add this autographed copy to my collection of your books ! Happy early birthday to me !

  28. Jan B

    Wow! You should have to open a PayPal account. That’s crazy & your no longer running your business. I’m sure everyone can send you a check.

    I’d like to send you a check not only for the book but also for the adorable Frosty pattern! Can I do that? If so, I’ll send a check for $32.50 along with a note so you know what I’m buying. Let me know! Thanks!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan B – if you make note about your order, I’ll go ahead and mail Frosty and hold your check till we mail your book. Glad to do that.

      1. Jan B.

        Thank you! Can I now wait till Sunday or Monday in case I must have one of the flag patterns youugoing to share?

  29. Carla J

    Perfect way to spend a bit of my first old age special check of the year… Yes? These first few quilts are wonderful! Thank you! Sewing has been put on hold, need to reset where I sew upstairs for the winter. Sorting fabric and cutting will begin while the guys are gone this weekend.

  30. Gloria B.

    As soon as I can find my checkbook under my pile of bullseye fabric possibilities I’ll be sending in my book order. The quilts are fabulous!

  31. Linda J Benjamin

    Book/shipment – Someone is bound to ask – do you want us to enclose an address label with our check? Your price is very fair. Yeah Arlo – glad he is doing much better.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda J Benjamin – either way, label or not, is fine – thanks!

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