Big event















There were so many people here that I almost forgot to take pictures-very hot especially in the barn!

10 thoughts on “Big event

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, thanks for showing me your beautiful home. I love all the details and the fact that you are a true animal lover.

    Enjoy your home, Felicia

  2. Chris

    Everything looks great! One of these days I would like to visit. Will have to plan a trip from SD.

  3. Sandy Block

    Thank you so much for allowing us to visit your home. You have a beautiful setting and a lovely, unique home. Your pride in your business and home just shines through! Although I rarely sew anymore, I love receiving the Country Threads Chicken Scratch. Congratulations on 30 years in business!

  4. MartyCae Klein

    The stones on the front of your home are beautiful!

    I also love your piano room. The dog pictures above the door are very sweet. I bet you really enjoy playing there.

  5. susan blazevski

    Your home is beautiful. It shows all the love you have invested in it. I only wish I lived closer and could go on the tour. Keep the pictures coming.

  6. Diane

    Hi Mary–Your home is just lovely!! I will be moving in soon:)
    Someday–maybe in the cold of January, could you tell us how you hang all of your quilts? Also, what is in the neat glass box next to the pink chair. Please take time to enjoy the hard work you have put into your home. Diane

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I don’t need to wait until January! Since all the walls are wood, I staple the quilts. No, it doesn’t hurt them and I’m careful taking them down. Inside the glass display case is my antique pincushion collection. Nothing I collect costs very much money but if you group all those similar things together, it looks pretty impressive.
      We’ve had a great event but we’ll all be tired by Saturday night. Thanks to all who came!

  7. Jeanne

    Wow! It looks fantastic! Sorry I couldn’t be there for the Big Event. Will see you in the fall at camp. ~Jeanne

  8. Phyllis

    Very, very, nice there is always a reward at the end of remodeling, stressful at times but so worth it cause it is so great, now enjoy…..

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