Bitterly Cold Monday

Many schools delayed starting this morning because of the bitter cold.  I am staying inside with the animals today except for going to the barn for chores.  It’s been a somewhat trying week.  Rick fell on the ice last Monday and because he was in so much pain, we went to the clinic for rib X-rays.  After those turned out negative, he went to the chiropractor who diagnosed a rib out of place.  After several adjustments, rest and heat treatments, he has returned to work.  Since Rick couldn’t do much all week, all chores, driving, errands, etc. pretty much fell to me which exhausted me.  The doctor started me on a 3rd round of antibiotics and a different cough medicine.  Hopefully this will be the end of it.

I am not very far on my rug but here it is.  I’m using t-shirts which eliminate all those nasty threads and strings.  I found a gray knit sheet and a pink striped knit sheet which will go a long way when twining a rug.

Connie and Roy are skiing in Colorado so Hope has been staying with us.  She is so good for me and a real joy to have here.

It’s not too late to start a rug and join the Rug Along.  Book and DVD are $20.  DVD only is $8.  Book only is $12.  This book is the 3rd version done in color and is a much better explanation of twining than our previous 2 printings.  We have learned lots about twining since we wrote the first book in 1997.

Send check to Mary Etherington, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438

Stay inside where it’s warm if you can, friends!  I think it’s a quilting day for me.

9 thoughts on “Bitterly Cold Monday

  1. Launa

    Wish we had the heavy rain Shelba D. mentioned as the same storm only sprinkled an .18 of an inch here in my neck of the woods. Awakened to a little rain shower this AM….so hope for more today and snow in the Sierras. Am so enjoying your blogs on the rug weaving and the comments from happy participants.
    HOPE found an ideal sunny place to relax while Connie is away skiing.
    Am praying this third round of meds are “the charm” to get you well.

  2. Rebecca H

    I Love Love your gypsy quilt…..and I love your blog. Take it easy now and get well, that’s gone on way too long. Girls have to feel well so we can sew, quilt etc. !!! and sometimes dishes, wash clothes and chores, those come last, heehee.

  3. patti leal

    hi mary. wanted to let you know i received my book and cd on saturday. that was fast service. thank you. have handed the book opened to the right page to my dh and said ‘i want you to make me this.’ he went off thinking about it. he pretty much has the stuff here and hopefully i’ll be able to start soon.
    patti in florida (who came across release 2 of the rug book today)

  4. Diane

    Oh, Mary, when it rains, it pours. I’m hoping both you and Rick are feeling better. It’s hard to have to go out in this cold (3.6 here this AM–wind chill minus 10) when you don’t feel well. I hope you can cuddle up with your four legged friends and stay warm. THANK YOU for starting this rug project. I am having so much fun!! I have cleaned out all kinds of pieces (4 to 5 inches wide and wof) of fabric to use in my rug. Squeak is “helping”. Take care!!! Diane

  5. Rhonda D

    Gosh, you sure have had a time of it this winter. Hope you are both on the mend and your new medicine helps. Your rug looks so nice! I’d like to try the t-shirt fabric. I just sent a picture of my rug in progress ( with one of the dogs photobombing) but shot it off before signing it. So when you get an email with a rug photo and an old Great Dane, it’s from me. Sorry about that!

  6. Carol

    Take care of yourself, and himself! It’s pretty cold in Western New York, too, so…I am doing my spring cleaning now so I can twiddle my thumbs come April!

  7. Shelba Durston

    Oh Mary,
    So sorry to hear that you are still not well and that Rick is also ailing. I saw the weather back there just before I read your update–if it helps, in our part of California the rain has been coming down in sheets all night and pretty much just stopped when the sun came up. Any place where water collects is flooded. Our ranch has good drainage into the soil/no runoff, but that just means that if you go anywhere without the cover crop you will be in thick, wet earth over the top of your rubber boots! Be sure to rest and drink your fluids!

  8. Diana W

    1 degree here in Des Moines. Went to Denver for my nephews wedding over the weekend, so today is a free day, No work, no outdoor plans, no errands, just me and the cats. Maybe a little quilting. Time to start a new project now that wedding is over. My son’s best friend is getting married in June. That could be the next one to start. Something summery perhaps?
    Love the rugs! Not going to start a new hobby, but love to see all yours!

  9. Arla Ballesteros

    Sorry you are still struggling with illness. I also went through 2 rounds of antibiotics and it returned a third time, this all happened between middle of October until January. My doctor told me to take Zyrtec allergy pill and flounase nasal spray at night and within 3 days I was amazed how quickly it went away. She said I needed to dry that stuff up that was in my sinus. Her last resort would have been a round of steroid. Hope you feel better soon, it’s tough when you have to do chores when you feel terrible. 🙂 Arla in Az

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