Black Kitten

This kitten is the lone survivor after a dog killed its mother and siblings at a neighbor’s farm. It is safely living in the pantry – can you see that little black head way in the back? When it’s more comfortable in my presence, we will gradually get acquainted with the others living here. Guess this kitten puts me in the hoarding category.
The sweet picture I took of Bailey is lost in the cloud somewhere. Oh, technology! I’m hoping I can find a home for this loving dog who has had a rough 5 years. She deserves a wonderful home and would be great with kids.

7 thoughts on “Black Kitten

  1. LMK

    cute kitty…… i sure hope you find a good home for bailey, i’m sure someone will want her.

  2. Jacque

    Poor little baby. She has to be terrified after what happened to her family. I know you’ll take such good care of her and she’ll start trusting you and be a lap kitty in no time!

  3. barbara corbitt

    hi mary,
    it warms my heart to read your blog. you are so kind hearted when it comes to animals, you will surely have a place in heaven. i did get the quilt in memory of benji done. i had my best friend print a picture of him from your blog that i had saved on my computer and i transferred the pic to fabric and appliqued it to the middle of the quilt. i was in the hospital and my friend would go to my house and pick up my mail, she was baby sitting my dog heidi at her home, she saw the quilt on the back of the couch and took it to the humane society because they were having a silent auction yesterday. i am so sorry i didnt get pictures of it first. my friend felt so bad she went to the shelter to get a picture, but it was already sold and the winner had already picked it up. my friend did not realize i had not took any pictures of it and she feels really bad, but i told her i thought you would understand. i had a blogger send me an envelope of fabric and there was the cutest panel of dogs and while in the hospital, i started appliqing it and making blocks. i recently moved so i will be closer to my friend and as soon as i find it, i will send you a picture. if you dont mind, i would like to put in memory of benji on the back of it. how much is the kits of the dog fabric? could i make monthly payments on a kit? they would be very small payments but i would love to make one. this time of year is so very hard for me. my daughter an only child died in my arms from a blood clot to her lungs and she always made the holidays brighter. she loved this time of year. when i was moving, i found a quilt she had secretly started working on. it is a tumbling block pattern. i am going to start finishing it after the holidays if it doesnt upset me too much. but when i get the top done, i would like to send it to you for all the kindness you have showed me. my daughter would like that. my new address is
    barbara corbitt
    3842 state route 2837
    clay ky 42404

  4. Jane

    Mary, thank you for taking baby kitty in – He doesn’t know how blessed he is – at least not yet!

  5. Michelle H

    I believe these recused animals never forget what you have done for them. As you well know they become forever grateful and the most wonderful pets. We have experienced this with rescued pets. I enjoy reading your blog so much, thank you for doing it. Keeps me closer to my Iowa roots. You are a treasure. xoxoxo 🙂

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