Blizzard Continues

This is last night during an evening of thunder, lightning, and heavy snow and high winds.

It snowed and blew all night.

And then Mo, the young goldendoodle arrived and everything became a three ring circus.  Such fun!  If my goal is happy dogs then this morning I have achieved that goal.  See what you think in these action shots.  Ha!

And this is Millie’s reaction to all the raucous fun – I think she’s praying!

49 thoughts on “Blizzard Continues

  1. Cindy M

    Oh My!!!! I surely don’t want to see all that white here!! Here in NJ it’s 73 and sunny, windows are open and a beautiful breeze is blowing through the house! Kitties are sitting in windows happily soaking up the rays while I press and cut fabric for a charity project. I do have to say, if I were looking out my window and seeing all that snow I’d be reacting exactly like Millie!! Wishing you a lovely weekend and may your days turn warm and sunny soon!!

  2. Michele

    No doubt the dogs are HAPPY! Glad that Tucker has a new playmate in Mo. And Telly is even having a blast. I’m working from home today, instead of trying to get to the office, so I love the break from reading your post.

    P.S. That photo of Millie is award worthy–as is the quilt behind her. Good photos Mary!!!

  3. Diane Emanuelson

    Well…we broke a record here in Maynard for the 2nd day in a row…70 degrees both days……Spring Fever!!! I just love your Gyspy Wife quilt. I’m working on my second one all done in Batiks.
    Diane 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – don’t know how you are managing a second one! Every time I see a pug, I think of you and yours!

  4. Susie

    Oh to have that much energy! What larks they are having. My little Westie’s would love to be out there with them. Millie is either praying or acting like she’s invisible :-).

  5. Terry

    You make me feel normal. I have five dogs and they run around our yard playing and getting muddy.

  6. Launa Peters

    Hi Mary…just a little snow shower this morning here in off the grid with our own solar power and propane, with lots of firewood to burn in our new residence is a new experience. We are thinking of adopting a female two year old border collie from a veterinarian who participates with a no-kill group. Dog has four three weeks old pups so they are going to be adopted out when weaned in a few weeks. Not much quilting ongoing yet. Love to check your blog when exfinity is working.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – remember the picture of the little dog bed? I ordered the pink one and it had arrived the same day and was in a box in the mailbox with your card! What a coincidence, huh?

  7. Sue

    HaHaHa….More like a 4 ring circus. Aren’t they having fun??
    Well…’s crazy, but we woke to a skiff of snow here on the Ore. coast. Before we had our breakfast, it was coming down thick and hard. Now, at 10:30 it has reversed and is beginning to melt. Good. I have to go to town soon. But, snow is unusual for us here and this is the second time this winter.
    I love your scrap quilt in the background. I have way too many scraps and need to bust them.

  8. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Yes, those are happy dogs indeed! One benefit, at least snow is clean, not like them getting covered in mud!
    Love the photo of Millie: I’d be prating too if I was a cat and I knew that boisterous posse would be coming back inside!

  9. Bonnie

    Hahaha! LOVE the praying cat and love seeing your gorgeous quilt in the background!
    My 2 cats probably do a lot of praying, too, thanks to our 3 doggies.
    Mary, thank you for your entertaining posts. I look forward to them every day!

  10. Marilyn Cook

    In Columbus, OH it is 74 and supposed to be very windy and rain tonight. Feels like spring.

  11. Debbie zimmerman

    Wow you rec a lot of snow. I live in sunny Buffalo NY and it’s coming this way it’s 72 here today. Enjoy the snow. I love all your post😊

  12. Martha Engstler

    This day is unreal for February, it’s 79 on my window sill and the forecast for tomorrow is rain. We live right next to a ski resort and the snow is almost gone now and after the rain and warm temps this will be the end of the ski season unless it gets really cold and they can make more snow. Some of the little spring flowers are blooming and I’m afraid what it will do to the fruit trees here in the Pennsylvania orchards. Love Millie, she is so cute. It’s great to see the dogs getting along and having such a good time.

  13. Donna O

    Yes, Millie appears to be praying or is hiding because she did something wrong. 😉 I like your Gypsy Wife quilt behind Millie. I still plan to do one. Enjoy the snow…..St Paul didn’t get even a dusting as they predicted.

  14. Holly TH

    Those are some very happy dogs! And Millie–she cracks me up! Yep, I think that’s definitely some heavy-duty praying going on there!

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Here in Rapid City we were on the north edge of your storm. I think we got about 4″ of very heavy wet snow. The roads were slippery and there were some accidents. Wyoming and Nebraska really got hit with 2′ of snow and strong wind making drifting. It snowed more last night and covered the sidewalks again, but the sun came out and is melting the walks. I’ll have to get out and shovel where the sun doesn’t shine. That won’t be that bad as the sun is shining, the wind isn’t blowing and it isn’t very cold.
    Now doesn’t the wonder of snow and the dogs just make your day? If God makes snow, WE PLAY! I really feel sorry for the people who never know the wonderful fun of snow. I know it can make hard work, but everything else can, too.

  16. Susan

    Mary you made my day! I love seeing all your animal pictures and can hardly wait for the next post! Pretty quilt behind a beautiful kitty.

  17. Diane

    Oh what fun to play in all that snow and I’m so happy you and the pups have it!! It is beautiful:) We do usually get your weather, but I think it’s going down to 32 with no snow–I hope. It’s 77 on my back porch where I was just reading. I love Millie’s pose in front of your gorgeous quilt!! I laughed out loud at her “praying”—for sanity? for less snow? for Spring? Enjoy your day inside.
    Debbie Zimmerman is your mom Becky from Newark, OH?

  18. Dee T.

    The dogs love snow and are playing hard. When they come in, they will nap. Mine do and I can get things done. Just like kids. Your poor cat. She deserves a treat for putting up. Our warm/hot weather is gone. Gone east. It is cold, damp and raining.

  19. mary jane

    hello from Hudson WI, not much snow fell here today, about an 1″ if that…I am really jealous of the pups, I would love to be out there with them running thru the snow..I am one of those who loves winter and the snow, I don’t want to grow old, but I am.. thank you Mary for all your quilts, pets and sharing of your life in the country…

  20. Lee Bowers

    Mary, so much fun watching dogs in snow.
    I rescued a kitten about a month ago. Her name is Buttons and naturally she is cute as a button.
    In North Carolina our weather is all “jacked up”. We have lots of trees blooming….girls with tank tops and flip flops on. Crazy. Even for here, I know its going to get colder sooner or later.
    Just waiting for the other shoe to drop! Blessings, Lee

  21. Pam Wakeman

    Reading your posts is a highlight of my day! Your quilts and animals are all charming! I was wondering if you’ve ever had any problems with boarding dogs. They always look so well behaved and fun-loving.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam – dogs that might have gotten aggressive have had to stay in the kennel and large yard but I’ve had only 4 in all these years. I take no chances!

  22. Susan Sundermeyer

    Miss Millie is absolutely darling! Gorgeous day here today in Dayton, Ohio. Upper 70’s. Just sat through a torrential thunderstorm with hail. Suppose to wake up to a 29 degree morning. Can go through all 4 seasons in one day in Ohio!

  23. Pat Smith

    Golden whatever’s love nothing more than snow. We had several in Vermont over the years that loved snow so much–happy memories. The dogs at your house look SO happy. We

  24. Cynthia Sabinske

    Hey that is winter forsureThe dogslovedbeing out frolicking! Love the wall quilt! What is that one’s name?

  25. Joyce C

    I have a black goldendoodle… and he’s just a clown in a curly coat!! Full of antics… so enjoy your posts! I think Millie is just keeping the sun out of her eyes so she can nap 😊 Perhaps you could see her up a little eye mask for naps!! Lol

  26. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I think you are right about Millie praying. I see your beautiful Gipsy Wife quilt, such pretty colors to brighten the winter. My little Zena doesn’t care for snow, she is so little gets her belly wet every time she goes out. Have a good weekend.

  27. patti

    i laughed when i saw the picture of millie after the dogs. i think she’s trying to say ‘i don’t have a clue who all these dogs belong to.’ your weather is truly strange this year. i see snow everywhere and a couple days later, the yard is clear and you’re thinking about putting out plants. then it snows again. down here in florida our winters are lasting for a weekend and then we have spring until the next weekend – sometimes every other weekend. just strange. patti in florida

  28. Becky from TX

    I so enjoy all the posts of the dogs! Well I love it all! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to do this!

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