Blog Post Disappeared!

I just have spent over an hour working on a blog post and it disappeared! I don’t think it published but I’ll keep working on finding it. In the meantime, today is Hazel’s first birthday and we’re having a blizzard so her party has been postponed.

33 thoughts on “Blog Post Disappeared!

  1. Pamj/tx

    Happy Birthday Miss Hazel !! You are such a darling mischievous little Jack Russell !!

  2. Launa

    Happy 1st birthday to Miss Hazel.
    It’s been snowing here in Idaho most of the day. Not huge fluffy flakes tho. Looks like winter wonderland with snow holding on tree branches. Took time to go through an unopened sewing room box earlier. You’d think after a year here my sewing room would be totally unpacked, but that hasn’t happened yet. Our 2018 low temperatures are much higher than last year; am thankful for that.

  3. Kate

    Today has been a crazy day on the internet. Any comments I have made have also disappeared. Is someone out there playing games with us? Hope you find your post. It is aggravating to spend time uploading pictures and writing a whole blog and having it disappear.

  4. diane matthews

    I hate when things disappear on my computer and I can’t figure out why! Happy birthday to darling Hazel. She can have two birthday celebrations when the weather clears and her furry friends can come over.

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, I tried 4 times to send a picture of the Kaffee quilt I made so I am sending you the pictures by pony express. I found a Coral Cactus in Lowes today. I sent my pictures of the quilt to 5 friends via email and no problems. My facebook page does have the pictures. Good day to quilt if you are having a blizzard and Happy Birthday to Hazel.
    Carolyn B

  6. Gloria B.

    Happy Birthday Hazel! May you have as much joy in your upcoming year as you have given us in your first year.

  7. Diane

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAZEL. Squeak says to pout a little since the party was cancelled and your “people” will be extra nice and have another:) Enjoy.

  8. Cindie - WI

    Happy Birthday Hazel.
    We are in the 50’s with rain here inWI.
    Crazy winter weather.
    God Bless

  9. sandra

    Happy birthday.Have a great day.If you have the awful weather that Indiana is having ,eat several pieces of cake.I am starting a donation string quilt.Maybe a project will change my winter mood.

  10. Susan

    The blizzard blew it away, Mary! 🙂 Happy 1st birthday, Miss Hazel! Hope there was cake.

  11. Linda West

    I hope you find your lost post! I just deleted all my blog bookmarks by accident today. I was able to recover them. Happy Birthday to Hazel!

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