Bloom at 9 pm


17 thoughts on “Bloom at 9 pm

  1. Jackie baumhauer

    Drew’s grandmother grew this plant and I think she said you are suppose to have a party when this plant blooms. Beautiful!
    I have enjoyed seeing your plants bloom this winter.

  2. Phyllis Limiero

    Worth waiting for!! We just woke up to 6 inches of fresh beautiful snow. So quiet and lovely.

  3. Lael Koster

    whoa, didn’t get to finish, anyway, the second email is the one with the pictures and comments, not sure why i get two emails and like the other lady sometimes i get three. a nice day today, some of our ice melted.

  4. Lael Koster

    i get a email, then the next email is the one with pictures and the “comment part

  5. Launa

    Am so enjoying the beautiful blooming sequence photos. Thanks so much for sharing….not all of us have your green thumb!

  6. nan Conway

    WoW! Magnificent. So glad you sent the pics of bud, bud opening and the gorgeous flower tonight

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