You all know how much I enjoy cactus blooms – these photos were taken yesterday. 


And these were taken this morning.  The blooms last only 18-24 hours so I have to enjoy them quickly.

Yes, the blocks shown yesterday are Devils Claw – today I am quilting it.

22 thoughts on “Blooms!

  1. Mary R.

    These are beautiful. I could never get mine to bloom. You are lucky to have a green thumb!!

  2. Mickey

    Beautiful blooms! I do enjoy seeing your flowers and plants though out the year. You do have a green thumb.

  3. Mary

    I once had a cactus like this. It bloomed and was so pretty. It had several flowers on it, and like you said, they only last a few hours. I lost it one year, and have never found another like it. Was so happy to see you have one that is blooming. Those flowers are beautiful, and sad they last such a short while. Enjoy. Mary

  4. Launa

    HAPPY EARTH DAY MARY……What a treat you’ve shared with us today; simply fantastic to see. I have the smallest “grand dog” here for company today. She’s like a sentinel at the front door screen waiting for any dog, cat or bird to go past so she can bark. Will be great to see your Devil’s Claw quilt when it’s finished.

  5. Diane

    I”m a little behind–working on our Quilt Show that is in October!! Those blooms are gorgeous. Do you do anything special? We have several Christmas cactuses (cacti), but I’ve never seen such beautiful blossoms. You have 10 green “thumbs”, Mary!! I also love the white cupboard you had for your sheet music. I saw some different crafts made out of sheet music; it made me sad because I think they should be preserved. Keep blogging:) Nice in Central Ohio today–51 and not as windy.

  6. Maryjane

    I have never seen such beautiful cactus flowers! You must have them in the right spot. Love the first picture with the background out the window with the little red barn. Love all the sharing of your interests and activities.
    Tustin, CA

  7. Penny C

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful cactus blooms!!! I enjoy all your posts! Keep them coming…

  8. LaRue Schade

    Absolutely stunning!!! I want some! You may inspite me to try more succulents, and maybe give up some of my African violets, and orchids!! 🙂

    Just finished your “Civil Unrest” that I obtained your first year at Stuartville retreat. I could get into this scrappy stuff! ha!

  9. Marilyn H

    Beautiful blooms…..must be very old plants to bloom or how do you get them to bloom?

  10. Angie Rowland

    Stunning. We have a cactus where the blooms last about a week. Soooooo pretty

  11. Gail Bronner

    Cactus blooms are spectacular, yours is not exceptions. It is glorious! There is a cactus planted in a boulevard strip that I walk by, when I walk to the farmer’s market. It encourages me to walk there each week, in hopes that I will catch it this year. The odds are not in my favor (short blooming time, one out of seven days), so that when I do spy it is an event.

  12. Betty Klosterman

    Isn’t is amazing that the cactus can product such amazing flowers? They are really fun to watch.

  13. Crystal Daniels

    Such beautiful blooms on your prickly plants. Can’t wait to see the quilt when it’s all done!

  14. Louise

    These are spectacular Mary. Thank you for sharing their very limited bloom time!

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