Book Giveaway Week!

Our good friends at Martingale are so kind and gracious to send me a copy of each and every one of their new books!  Since the hack on July 24 I have received almost a dozen books and each day this week I’m going to look at two books a day and give them away.  Here’s how you can qualify to win a book!

I will post later today and show two books – you must click on two ads and leave a comment by answering the question “what is your favorite quilt that you have made?”


I an hardly wait to dig deep into each book and enjoy!

More #5’s from readers.

Now I’m heading to the shop to fill orders.  Just a note – if you don’t include an address label with your order, I have to put your letter at the bottom of the pile because we will be filling dozens and dozens of book orders as quickly as we can.

If your order and check is for more than the new book, your complete order will be sent when the new book arrives.  Checks will be held until the order is sent out.  So if your order includes something besides A Country’s Call it will not arrive until mid October.  If that’s a problem you need to let me know so I can pull your order.  Please tell me you understand and if you don’t, read this again.  Please.  If you need to contact me, please use my personal email address –

237 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Week!

      1. Sherry Whalen

        Ann and Nancy, do you usually see ads? If you never see ads and are looking at what Mary wrote just in an email, you won’t see ads. You have to actually click on the title of the post at the top of the body of the email – like today is ‘Book Giveaway Week!’ and that will take you to the actual blog post; no ads are shown in the email. If you are in the actual blog post and never see ads, you may have an ad blocker installed in the site (firefox, google for example) you use – you would need to change the privacy settings on your blocker to allow this blog page to post ads. If you usually see ads and today you don’t – well, I have had that happen too, sometimes if I hit the refresh button they appear but not always. Or sometimes I can just close the blog page and reopen it and they are there. Sometimes I just have to come back later and they are there. Mary isn’t ‘holding out’ on you with the ads, very likely it will be one of the things I listed above!! I hope this helps you.

    1. Linda L

      It’s hard to pick a favorite quilt, but I just finished the giraffe paper pieced quilt using Violet Craft’s pattern. It turned out beautifully.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      I can’t wait for your email later! Liz Schrader do you have any family in Iowa? My mother was a Schrader. Love your Bulls Eye quilt. Job well done!

      1. Liz Schrader

        Thanks Rita! Yes my son Gregg lives in Wall Lake, a brother Wayne in Spencer and a brother in Audubon. None of my husbands family though. His father’s name was William Schrader.

  1. Vicki

    My favorite quilt I have made is a mitten quilt, made years ago, that is a pattern by Country Threads. It is extra special because my father helped pick out some of the fabric to use in the quilt. Even if I don’t win a book, I still get ideas by looking at the covers of the books that you post. Thanks for that!

    1. Mary Hawk

      I think my double wedding ring is my favorite. It’s in tans, blacks, and red. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Diane

    My favorite quilt is a wall hanging I appliqued and brought it with me on 9-11 to Country Treads so they could quilt. It came out beautifully. Its an Americana Quilt.

  3. Marie Fibelstad

    My favorite quilt I have made are the different log cabin quilts patterns.
    I have no ads to click. Marie

  4. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    No ads. I always push the x even if I don’t comment. Oh boy oh boy I sure hope Primitive Gatherings’s new book is in the mix!
    My mother is mending well, my husband is headed for surgery next week, and I have just discovered water damage in the bathroom… thinking of writing a country song!
    I’ll enjoy your book reviews/information even if I don’t win! Vicarious living through your blog!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Tell your mom “hi” from all of us and good luck to your husband. I am wishing for a handyman for you!

  5. Marian Stever

    Lots of ads to close for me. I think the bullseye is my favorite! The book giveaway will be so fun. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  6. Carmen Montmarquet

    No adds for me either?? My favorite quilt I made is the Bull’s Eye quilt. It was so much fun to make!! Still have to add borders but wasn’t sure if I wanted to make it bigger?? Still deciding!

  7. Rebecca

    Hello Mary
    Thank you for a fall fun giveaway.
    My favorite quilt I’ve ever made is an iris printed on fabric that i beaded for a wall hanging.

  8. Linda in Oconomowoc

    Once again ladies, click on the blue title next to Connie and Mary’s picture. I just closed 6 ads.

    Mary, I don’t know if you ever posted what I have been saying for the past 6 months? Perhaps if you did, you would have more people to close the ads? It works everytime for me.

    Looking forward to seeing the books and answering the question in another post today! Thank you for sharing!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I always assume everyone is reading comments and since I can’t see what YOU see on your end, I’m always unsure about what to tell them.

    2. Diann Smith

      Hard to pick a favorite but I would say that for me it is the “Dear Jane” quilt of Jane Stickle. Started and left oh so many times over the years because parts of it too hard but persisted and finished it a year or so ago. Off/on for about TWENTY YEARS. I sure loved it and finally got all those blocks made. It’s on the wall and I look at it some every day.

  9. Diane Bauer

    That is a tough, tough question!!! Might be that my favorite is whatever I’m working on at the moment!! If I have to choose just one, I’d have to say Bullseye. That was a completely new technique for me and I absolutely LOVED the freedom from any pressure to match anything! At some point, I will make another Bullseye–either with a new layout, the black and white option we recently saw as a #5, or possibly a baby quilt color/size–so many options!!

  10. Janet

    Ad’s closed, (I love doing that every time). My favorite quilt I have ever made is a quilt that I unfortunately do not remember the name of, I bought the kit from Country Threads probably 25 -30 years ago, it has both dark and light fabric with some white fabric too. I remember making it at a quilt get away with close quilting friends, we all thought, ugh, that white fabric with the dark fabric will never work. It did work and it is my all time favorite. I often have it over a chair back in my dining room just because I love looking at it, even after all these years. You ladies really had a great way with color and your kits. For many years my birthday trip was to visit your shop for the sale you had in the barn. My birthday is mid April. I’m glad you continue to make patterns and continue with this blog, though trying at times, I know you know how much it is appreciated.

  11. Alvera Dothage

    I only had two ads to close. Favorite quilt I made was a Christmas row by row made with friends. Such wonderful memories.

  12. Bonnie McKee

    My favorite quilt was a row by row exchange with each row designed by the participants. Great fun to create and participate, and delightful to receive my rows when the exchange was completed.

    I closed 4 adds.

  13. Terri s

    My favorite quilt is it up north quilt with strips and very small pieced moose and other up north animals. It was one of my first quilts I ever made and I look at it with all! I can ever believe that I made it!

  14. MartyCae

    No ads for me to close.

    My favorite quilt was a log cabin kit that I purchased at Country Threads. I had so much fun making it.

    I own every chicken pattern CT made and when I retire I am going to make them all!

  15. Pat Williams

    My favorite quilt was a pattern called Card Trick—lots of vibrant colors in the block with white background. Lots of ads here. What a gorgeous day in Iowa City!

  16. Susan Dangelser

    I’m not seeing any ads either.
    Loved the bullseye. I just love seeing all the quilts you post. Each one is so pretty.

  17. Rhoda Ebersole

    My favorite quilt is the Strip a Day quilt with 1:2 by 10 1/2 strips for each day of the year and a 6 inch strip of black between the 4. 90+ Vertical strips.
    I have made two of them.

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    I have to agree with Diane, that is a tough question to answer. So I guess the answer is most of them.
    After 35 years, I have a lot of them!

  19. Connie R.

    Many years ago, I made a quilt from Quick Quilts magazine that had autumn leaves on it. The fabric I used for the background had little leaves on it and just matched so perfectly that I was really proud of how it turned out.

  20. Marsha from Kansas

    My favorite quilt to make was my Block Heads 1 quilt. I looked forward to Wednesdays when the new pattern would be posted by the Moda designer. I chose to set the 6-inch blocks with log cabin blocks. I had just received the Quilt In A Day log cabin ruler to make the 12-inch log cabin blocks for Eleanor Burns’ 40th Anniversary quilt. There were also markings for 6-inch blocks. As Alton Brown says, “only room for a multi-tasker.” (Or something along that line)

  21. Brenda C

    I would have to say my favorite quilt is the 100 years of red and white by Gay Boomers and Brenda P. It was a full year project and it was a challenge.
    I have no adds to close. Wish I could help.

  22. CheriP

    I made a sampler quilt with a friend about 5 years ago. Then we cut it down the middle sashing to add another row of blocks so it would fit on my deep mattress. Love that quilt. And, also a Cheryl Wall BOM that I turned into three separate wall hangings!

  23. Martha in Maine

    I have many favorite quilts, but my favorite wall quilt is a pattern by Country Threads. There were 9 paper pieced backgrounds and onto each is appliqued either an acorn or an oak leaf. I so love pulling it out each autumn!! I’ve made this in plaids/darks with that “Country Threads look” and also in brights that more reflect my current quilting palette.

  24. Deb Harrison

    Deleted two ads. My favorite quilt is a red, white and blue log cabin withthe blue and red fabrics from you two with Red drawn in. It has the label with the history between Red and Jake printed on it and the picture of Jake “on point” to the camper for his supper. Win a book or not, it is my favorite quilt and the one the kids will fight over when I am gone

  25. Sharon Ray

    My favorite quilt was a log cabin, 1.25 inch cut strips and totally random. It looked similar to one my grandmother made!

    1. Cathy McCool

      i am seeing many ads and clicking just about all of them!

      My favorite quilt is so hard to choose. I am working on one of my favorites now called Flabbergast, from McCalls Quilting July/August 2019. So different and using up so much of my stash,yeah!!!!

  26. Norie

    My favorite quilt is a corduroy one I made early on in my quilting. Still use it on one of my beds. There was no pattern. I can usually find 5-6 ads to close.

  27. Nancy A Poole

    My favorite has been Rail Fence. I use it when ever making charity quilts and use up lots of scraps.
    Lots of ads today but no way to close them.

  28. Jan from TN

    Sew excited about your book giveaway. Can’t wait for this afternoon’s previews & contest to win start! I covet that Quilt By Color book. It fits my “controlled scrappy” brain since I have such trouble just using random scraps. 2 ads were closed & that’s all that were available.

  29. Pat Mosley

    My favorite quilt is one made from one of your books, a string star! I made it while going through mammogram, biopsy and lumpectomy. I named it Celebration! (the cancer is gone ,again). It had come back again after 37yrs. And is gone again. A time to celebrate life.

  30. Georgia

    My favorite quilt is a Dear Jane. It was such fun and a definite challenge to construct all the small blocks of unusual patterns. She must have loved geometry!

  31. Sharon Geiger

    Closed two ads. My favorite quilts I made went to my mother using pinks (her favorite color) and my sister using batiks in a contemporary pattern.

  32. Susan K

    The favorite quilt I’ve made – I have three (actually more than that!). One I made for my aunt from her husbands ties after he passed away. One I made for my dad in patriotic colors. And the third was a king size flannel quilt for my son and his new wife.

  33. Brenda in Iowa

    This was a hard question to answer! I think my favorite quilt is my Log Cabin quilt made from Civil War reproductions, Besides Civil War fabrics being my favorite, I love this quilt because each member of my small quilting group made their own Log Cabin. We each laid the blocks out differently although we each had many of the same prints. It was fun to work on my quilt with special friends.

  34. Lisa Kogan

    My favorite quilt is Barn Dance by Country Threads, made queen size is brushed cottons: autumnal oranges, purples and golds. If I had to run out of a burnt building, I would grab it. I closed 4 ads. Lisa Kogan

  35. Barbara Forde

    My favourite quilt is a flying geese quilt that I made years ago. I was visiting my mom and took along my machine and a friend and I sat outside on her deck overlooking the Okanagan Lake, shared our fabric and each made a quilt top. It makes me smile whenever I look at it 😊

  36. Jana Biermaier

    For the book give away…my favorite one and the one our quilt group has made many many of is the big star quilt by country threads…love it, so quick and easy but beautiful.

  37. Robin Malloy

    My favorite quilt was a wall hanging that I believe I purchased from you years ago, commemorating 30 years of Country Living. It hangs in my powder room and I absolutely love it.

  38. Liz Schrader

    Thank you for posting my photo. That quilt (Bullseye) is my favorite and the pattern was one I purchased at your shop when I lived in Garner. I was able to close 2 ads this morning. Would love a chance to win a book Mary!

  39. Karen Gaither

    Favorite quilt is a three way tie:
    Country Threads Bulls Eye
    Jen Kingwell Gypsy Wife & Long Time Gone

    Mary you introduced me to Jen Knigwell Gypsy Wife when Janine and I came to help with your final sale.

  40. Carolyn Boutilier

    No ads. I have 2 favorite quilts I have made. The first is Country Threads snowman wall hanging I made years ago and every Christmas I bring it out to hang in my kitchen. the other quilt is court house steps by Jo Morton. Carolyn B Shenandoah Valley Virginia

  41. Jesse Hirss

    I really enjoyed all the quilt patterns and kits I purchased from CT. I found your shop online towards the end of its life, but am grateful and feel lucky to have your blog to look forward to. This is a hard question, but Vintage Lace by Lo & Behold Stitchery is my current favorite…in the blue hues. Have a great day! Jesse, Carbondale,CO

  42. Donna Sproston

    Lots of ads to close today, but followers not seeing any must click on the blue link in the email. If you just click on read more, you probably won’t see ads.

    My favorite quilt is a scrappy red and white log cabin from a Country Threads kit. I could not find any binding fabric at my local shop, so my husband suggested we drive to Garner. As I looked at all those reds, Mary said to just pick one because any would do! Good advice. Meanwhile my husband day on the porch with Colton. It was early summer 2014, and we knew the shop would be closing.
    Frank is a close second because I know my grandson will insist on keeping it on display year round.

  43. Laura Pomes

    Hi Mary! My favorite quilt would be Sunbonnet Sue Through the Year. It’s from Sue Linkler’s book and was a joy to stitch!
    Laura P.

  44. Donna - St Paul.

    I left this open to re read later and closed six ads just now. Originally there were no ads but as I said I left the page open & about 1+ hours later I’m back to it and found the six ads. Odd that they showed up later but “happy to close all six ads for you” 😊 Mary I hope you’re having a lovely fall day with no rain. It’s beautiful here in St Paul today. I have a sleeping cat on my lap but I’m going to have to disturb her as I need to be productive. She’s not my cat. I’m stopping daily to visit, feed & scoop boxes for friends. Nice they only live 1 Mike from me. “Paka” loves my company (Paka means cat in Swahili). Owners have traveled to our sister church many times in Tanzania & our church is doin a trip next June. I was thinking of going but don’t think I will ….my Henry, Hank the tank, Henners needs me =^.^=
    I love the quilts above.

  45. Linda in SE MN

    My current favorite is the chicken table runner I made for my Mom. It has wool appliquéd funky chickens and fences and she loved it!

  46. Pam Milbrandt

    I had no ads to cancel. My favorite quilts were the chenille baby quilts I made for 9 grand babies. Making your own chenille takes time but fun. Thanks for the book give away!! You are a very kind and talented Iowain!!
    Pam from Storm Lake

  47. Deborah K.

    OMG – I loved every minute of it…..except now I’m waiting for it to be long armed and then I can bind it! I can’t wait.

  48. Anonymous

    I closed 6 ads today, my favorite quilt is the Just Can’t Cut It Quilt, I have made two of these!

  49. Pam Milbrandt

    I had no ads to cancel. My favorite quilts were the chenille baby quilts I made for 9 grand babies. Making your own chenille takes time but fun. Thanks for the book give away!! You are a very kind and talented Iowain!!
    Pam from Storm Lake
    PS After I made a comment,. I was able to cancel 2 ads that were not there before.

  50. Priscilla C

    No ads to get through…My favorite quilt is actually a small one, but I created it! It’s a Halloween piece. I made the witches lower half . She was wearing an apron & wonderful witches black boots! I used lace & really had fun with it.
    Would love to win a book!

  51. Carla J

    Well, ads closed twice as a reloaded the page. Interesting that one ad had a downward arrow I thought, clicked and it closed as if it was an x.
    Favorite quilt, hard to chose any of my red, white, and blue ones is my first choice. There are many hearts from an old red wagon quilt pattern that carries signatures from the ladies of the chapel ona military base we moved from. 96 Hoffman challenge quilt I made while hubby was in Saudi, our oldest was in basic training and neither of them saw for over a year as it travelled in one of the groups. The stars for each of our military men. The bed quilts of flags and stars the guys sleep under when they are home.
    There is not one favorite it’s the memories associated with the quilt.

  52. Launa

    Closed two ads. My favorite quilt was from a Red Wagon book. I sewed the quilt label to my first grandson.. only I kept the quilt as I got four granddaughters. This year I sent the quilt to my third granddaughter as she had a boy in April! My first great grandson!

  53. Cynthia

    I won’t be Anonymous this time! I closed 6 ads today, My favorite Quilt is Just Can’t Cut It, I have made two of this particular pattern ! Wished I could siubmit the photo of the one I made for my hubs! Love your blog!

  54. Cinders

    I won’t be Anonymous this time! I closed 6 ads today, My favorite Quilt is Just Can’t Cut It, I have made two of this particular pattern ! Wished I could siubmit the photo of the one I made for my hubs! Love your blog!

  55. Debra Miller

    A first-I actually could close all 8 of the ads! It’s so strange that the ads are so different for each of us.

  56. Beth T.

    My favorite of the quilts I’ve made is a bow tie quilt I made for my aunt on her 80th birthday. I called it “family ties”, and loved making it–I thought about her the whole time I was working on it.
    I had lots of ads today, so hooray!

  57. Virginia

    Was able to close two ads! Thank you for the book giveaways. My favorite quilts are the baby samplers by Bunny Hill. I made one each in the blue and pink. Love all the bullseyes being posted especial the one with red borders..stunning!

  58. VA Mann

    Was able to close two ads! Thank you for the book giveaways. My favorite quilts are the baby samplers by Bunny Hill. I made one each in the blue and pink. Love all the bullseyes being posted especial the one with red borders..stunning!

  59. Karen H

    I did a dog quilt for my friend- it turned out cute and she was really happy with it so it turned out to be something special= hopefully I did the ads right!!
    love your blog and all your stories esp with the animals

  60. Janet Baer

    One of my favorite quilts was a sampler that I taught using 30’s fabrics. I donated the quilt to my church for the Relay for Life. They raised $1500 selling raffle tickets on that quilt! I was so happy.

  61. Barbara

    I’ve made lots of quilts with Kim Diehl quilts being some of my favorites, but my favorite quilt to use is my Bullseye quilt that I made 25+ years ago from the book, Aunt Amy’s Quilts. It is so soft and cuddly and just the right weight. Thanks for the giveaway.

  62. Kathi in Eaton

    My favorite is still Mary’s Four patch. Put it together in the barn at camp – sweet memories! Gave it to my daughter and husband for their wedding so I still get to enjoy it when I visit. I love the elegant simplicity of it.
    Closed all the ads in today’s post.

  63. Donna McCormack

    I see no ads . My favorite quilt was an appliqué, Flourishes. I’ve forgotten pattern makers. My daughter now owns the quilt. It won a ribbon at our local quilt show.

  64. Jean Shores

    I closed two ads……I have lots of favorites……but at the top is your Bullseye quilt. Before my mom passed we made a couple of them together for my sisters…….then just this year I made another.

  65. Judy Gnade

    My favorite quilt was ‘Martha’s Vineyard’. My sister and I worked on it, long distance between MD and N.C. for our parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. It was such fun and made so many special memories. But, Mary, you would not have liked working on it because it was all appliqué. Oh my! We couldn’t even count the little grapes we turned under and sewed into perfect rounds! Would love a book!!

  66. Judy

    I think my favorite quilt was the one I made for my daughter when I was pregnant. It was made from patterns in a quilt book I purchased on the jr high history club’s field trip to Connor Prairie, a living history museum near Indianapolis. That book is a reminder of the trip. The blanket still sits on her old bed here and is now used by her daughters. More memories…it was made from scraps leftover from garments I had made.

  67. Sue in Oregon

    I have to say that my favorite is one I made a long time ago called Friendship Knot. It is the one and only quilt that I hand quilted. Also, my best friend started it and gave up on it. She gave me her finished blocks, then I made the rest of them, put it together and hand quilted it. I wouldn’t have the patience, or should I say fortitude, to do it today. It is a true Friendship Knot, though, because of the two of us making it.
    Mary…the nature of the ads has changed on my pages. They are no longer putting just the x. They all say Ad with a v shape. Now, when you click it, Google pops up with instructions I did not take time to read. Kind of confusing now.

  68. Sue in Oregon

    Interesting! After I posted my comment, three ads came up (all from the same company that I buy from) with the old kind of x. Closed them!

  69. Linda

    I made your Bulls Eye quilt long ago with Barbara Brackman’s Leaving the Century fabrics—It is beautiful…was it 1999 or 2000 I made it???? Thanks for the chance to win…

  70. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I guess I’m just lucky because I always find ads to close but I also hit the blue block that’s up in the heading. Today there were 5 or 6 ads and sometimes I close the email and when I open it again there are always more to close. It’s a challenge to see how many I can find. My favorite quilt are fans but don’t know what the name is. I’ll sift thru “stuff” to see if I can find the name. I made it in the first quilt class I took around 2004.

  71. Kate

    It’s almost like asking who is your favorite child. My favorite quilt is always the last one I’ve completed. I did make a garden girl quilt using old laces for the bottom of each girl’s dress and I quilted it very closely. Got a blue ribbon on it at the county fair.

  72. Kelli

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite quilt to make was the Bullseye. I felt free as a bird with not matching anything and it went together so fast. Love the goat pictures – keep them coming!🐐

  73. Jane from Blaine, MN

    Of the quilts I have made, my favorite is a wonky, bright quilt (out of my comfort zone) called All Squared Up. It’s my happy place when I’m folded up in it!

  74. Kathy in western NY

    Readers must click on the title of the blog or the see all comments box to get ads to x out. When I just click on the post there are no ads either so I do it the way that benefits Mary so we can keep her blog. It’s another step but so worth it to keep up with Country Threads. So I ended up with 5 ads to close after reading the comments cause that’s what makes this blog even better….knowing how everyone is doing too.

    My bullseyes quilt is my favorite cause it was so freeing to learn a new method and see such nice results.

  75. Nancy T

    I always have ads to close. Even close them again if I go back to the post later in the day.
    My favorite quilt is a hand appliqué Christmas sampler . I made a lot of CT wall hangings that I cherish too. On my bucket list is Use it up or do without quilt. It is hard to pick a favorite when I have quilted for 43 years.

  76. Pat

    My favorite quilt is Square in a Square quilt.
    So glad you are back and things seem to be working now. We all enjoy your animals and your stories. Thanks for a chance at the new books.

  77. Darlene in Texas

    I clicked on 5 ads today. I have to say my favorite quilt was a Bulls Eye quilt. Two friends and I sewed together Sunday afternoon each month. We wanted a scrap quilt that we could swap fabrics to make. When we saw the pattern for Bulls Eye we knew we had our pattern. We worked for six months on the quilts and each had a queen size quilt made with fabrics that remind us of each other.

  78. Judy A

    My favorite quilt was a bird applique BOM. I would have clicked on the ads, but there are none. There are none on your posts from the last few days’ posts either (there were some when I originally read them.)

  79. Sue McLeod

    After 50+ years of making quilts and things I would say my 5 hand quilted whole cloth quilts I have done are my favorites. Also my quilts from 30 years ago, all hand pieced and hand quilted rank right up there for “favorites.” Maybe it’s the hand quilting aspect, that has certainly has gotten me through some very hard times, time to think and reflect on things. The quilts I make today are all pieced by machine and having mid-arm quilter certainly makes the whole thing faster!

    As for the closing of ads, it certainly can be different using different browsers for everyone.
    Just grateful to Mary for being so persistent for us!

  80. debby

    My favorite quilt is a 9 patch hour glass one with Kansas Troubles fabric. My mom hand quilted it.

  81. Earlene in Arizona

    Closed 8 ad. My favorite is from Country Threads and it was the one that got me started
    “Is This Heaven? No it’s Iowa in the Fall”
    Yep! Love you both and love the blog

  82. Sue from Duluth MN

    Just tried three different browsers and not one had the blue box thing next to Connie and Mary’s picture, hmmmm. The highest number of x’s to close was 7 and 3 the lowest.
    I would like to make a suggestion for the group, mentioning where you are from would be helpful for some the comments. Enjoy reading comments from all but would like to know where in the world you are at!

  83. mary jane

    today i had 4 ads to click on.
    One of my favorite quilts I have made is called CRANBERRY CHUTNEY or PICK UP STICKS. I made it for one of my Grandson’s when he graduated from college. It was a bright one, batiks of orange, reds, some purples and etc. Leftover squares so made 2 throw pillows of them… He loves it and so do I, looks great on his bed… MJ

  84. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Not my favourite, exactly, but the most meaningful, was a quilt I made for a friend when she had terminal cancer: in soft blues and purples, because they were her favourite colours and with lightweight batting so that it wouldn’t be to heavy for for her. At her funeral, when the bearers brought in her casket, the quilt was draped over it, topped by a beautiful flower arrangement. I never knew until that moment how much it had meant to her. Her husband told me afterwards that she had specifically asked for the quilt to be on the casket, and for the flowers to match.

  85. Kathy Teske

    My favorite quilt is probably the one that I have almost finished right now. It’s the Crazy Seasons Mystery Quilt. It’s 12 different seasonal wool, appliqué, and crazy quilting blocks by 12 different designers. It was lots of work but is turning out beautifully!

  86. Kathy Hanson

    I clicked on 6 ads today. As for favorite quilt that I have made…I make Taylored Stars, a pattern by Doug Leko(who I met when he was only 14 years old) and I had it custom quilted. Really liked that one when it was done. Also a Double Wedding Ring with Irish fabrics and Irish quilt patterns. So many to pick from!

  87. Shirley Svoboda

    My favorite quilt is one I made out of 20 different polka dot fabrics! Really brightens up my bedroom during the dark Alaska winter!

  88. Dot

    My favorite quilt is one I made for a guild challenge, using the Sailboat quilt block, my guild’s logo. I used many red and white plaid shirts, reds for the hulls and whites for the sails, solid blues for the background, making tiny 3″ finished boats. And set them into a Jack’s Chain, using the boats instead of the usual 9-patches in Jack’s Chain.

    Closed at least 4 ads, and keep my ad blocker turned off for you.

  89. Susan from Rockwell

    My favorite quilt was my first, a dresden plate made with leftover scraps from making shirts for my son when he was small. He still has it! And he turns 50 soon!
    I closed 11 ads today!

  90. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, do the ladies actually READ what you have written???? The way I read it was later this afternoon you would have another post of which each of us are to close at least 2 ads and Name our favorite quilt.

    I think they have all jumped on the bandwagon a bit early?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You’re right, Betty! I will adjust on my end. Just now sitting down to write those 2 book reviews!

  91. Charlotte Buchanan

    I closed4 ads!! My favorite quilt that I made Was my first one!! Six years ago a simple jelly roll quilt opened a whole new world for me that I cant Imagine my life without! So many new friends sweet sweet ladies, retreats, trips…. I love every minute that I sit, sew and create!!

  92. Eileen Maher

    My favourite quilt is a sampler done many years ago in burgundy and navy blue, I love it!,
    I closed 2 ads by the way!!

  93. Ellie

    Closed several ads but didn’t count, probably about six. My favorite quilt right now is a blue and yellow version of Bonnie Hunter’s Smith Mountain Morning.

  94. Sandy

    My favourite quilt is one l am quilting at present, grandmother’s flower garden with the flowers in groups of seven.l will send a photo when I finish Mary,l copied it from a small ad in an Australian quilt magazine.

  95. Tanya Tullos

    Closed the ads, read the blog! One of my favorites is a cross stitched quilt with an eagle in the center. I did It in reds and greens and browns and found great fabric to border it. It was made for my older son, an Eagle Scout. The “kit” without floss was $5 at a church bazaar. Glad I did it before DMC floss began to cost a gold bar each! 🙂

  96. Cathy McCool

    i am seeing many ads and clicking just about all of them!

    My favorite quilt is so hard to choose. I am working on one of my favorites now called Flabbergast, from McCalls Quilting July/August 2019. So different and using up so much of my stash,yeah!!!!

  97. Carol Feye

    So many favorites, but I did a paper pieced star wall hanging last year and that is one my my favorites. I, too, find the bullseye quilt to be fun and relaxing. And, of course, I just really love a simple 4 or 9 patch quilt!

  98. Jan VanDeWalle

    Closed all the ads with X’s and will scroll backup and close them again, Lots of Comments today took forever to get here. My favorite quilt is one I just finished for the FFA Auction/dinner. It sold for $325. Saturday evening Pretty good for a Raggy Quilt I think.
    I found your Swan Majolica pitcher on Ebay looked a bit more worn than yours but the same colors, They had it up for about $69 There were two others with the swan design but not the same as the one you have and not as pretty. Jan in Oregon

  99. Mary

    I closed several ads all that came up. I didn’t see the new books. I read several comments about favorite quilts. I am still woking on my circles quilt made of Christmas fabrics.

  100. Elrid Johnson

    Hard to choose! Maybe the embroidered cat quilt made from blocks given to me by guild members when my term was over. Had to hand quilt it too

  101. Nancy Holy

    I loved doing the bullseye quilt. I think it and the snowman quilt from years ago was also a favorite of mine. I have made 2 big ones and several small ones for gifts.

  102. Jan Reid

    I made a simple quilt years ago that is all 30’s prints. It is my favorite because I love 30’s prints, I made it after a stroke (when I thought I would never quilt, sew be creative again) and because it has some squares that were made from old aprons the my dear Nonna ( Italian grandmother) made. So glad to see that your blog issues are seemingly straightened out. I do love to hear what you (and other readers) are up to.

  103. Nancy Holy

    I loved doing the bullseye quilt. I think it and the snowman quilt from years ago was also a favorite of mine. I have made 2 big ones and several small ones for gifts.

  104. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Oh gosh, I hope I am not too late. I had 5 ads this time that I clicked. Sometimes I have more, but mostly between 4 and 6. My favorite quit that i’ve Made is a Christmas quilt for our youngest grand child who kissed it when he got it. He was the last one to receive a Christmas quilt and he was thrilled😃😃

  105. Jan treml

    Like lots of you I have many favorites but I think I have to choose the double wedding ring that I made in memory of my aunt Cyrilla. She made many quilts, and hand quilted them.

  106. Carolyn Glover

    I love mystery quilts. Can’t wait until Black Friday to start Bonnie Hunter’s next one

  107. Sandra

    My favorite quilt—-That is a hard one. I guess I like a sampler quilt. I made the quilt in reproduction civil war era fabric. I was delighted with the quilt. I made a red work quilt of the presidents. I will never part with it.It was a lot of embroidery. I enjoyed the process.It would be hard to chose between the two.

  108. Barbara Peterson

    I closed 2 ads. My current favorite quilt is a Llama quilt I made for my youngest grand child. But, who knows what my next favorite will be….I have so many I want to make.

  109. Carol Reents

    My hardest was the first one I ever made in a class. It was a sampler so I could learn many techniques. I found out I do not like curved two patch. I had several ads to close.

  110. Mary

    Thank you for this offer. I’m adding this comment as somehow I checked something so now I’m receiving everyone’s comments.

  111. Sandra Pierson

    My favorite was the mystery the mystery quilt I did in your one and only class at The Buggy Barn! Such a great day.

  112. Robin Boggan

    One of my favorite quilt is the bullseye! It was so fun to find some of my ugliest fabric and just go for it. My other would be doing applique quilts . I find it is so rewarding to work on one block at a time. Like Sandy I enjoyed very taking the mystery class out at the Buggy Barn so much fun and I love the quilt!

  113. mj

    OK, now what is happening…i am getting ALOT of individual comments in my computer, do not want..what is the solution to this now?

  114. Joyce from NY

    I closed 6 ads after clicking on the blue heading. The guild that I belonged to did a mystery quilt, don’t remember the name. I did it in plaids & homespuns. Thank you for your blog.

  115. Theresa Kotsmith

    My favorite quilts I’ve made for my two boys, neither were difficult but both are well-loved!

  116. karen

    My favorite quilt I made is a Baltimore Album. It’s a wall hanging. Have read that some are seeing ads. I did and closed them. All of your posts go to my Junk folder (insert sad face), and they are sent by “Rhonda Dort.” There are about 5-6 other bloggers I follow, and they all come from her as well. No clue. But her email address is noreply@ WordPress.

  117. Kathleen

    My favorite quilt is a simple one that I made years ago and is made up of blue and white 4” squares.

  118. Kathy Warren

    My favorite is a Stars in the Garden quilt. It’s taken me over 20 years to complete (I’m very ADD and hop from one quilt to another). I still have the quilting to do, but the top is done. I found my style and preferences have changed over that time and the first block is quite different from the last.

  119. Cheryl Nesbit

    Hi Mary. I have several guilts I really like. But I guess the one I like the best is a pattern by Pam Budda called Autumn on Maple lane. It is all made with fall colors. Keep up your great blog!

  120. Mary Meyer

    My favorite quilt is a log cabin quilt made with fabrics I got on my trip to Alaska to visit my sister.

  121. Paula Philpot

    I closed two and my favorite quilt I have made is more than just one. Burgoyne surrounded, Dear Jane, Circuit Rider, and a Sampler made from feed sacks with blocks telling the history of my grandfather and grandmothers and then my dad and moms and now my sister and my farm. The farm is also my quilt shop.
    Paula in KY

  122. Marilyn KSB

    Favorite quilt was very first crib quilt of applauded Scottie dogs for my first grandchild. It was also the first quilt I actually finished. Closed 6 ads. I find I have to wait for ads to load and they are SLOW. Best way is to enjoy all the photos and stories and comments. Then slowly scroll back up and close ads which have now loaded .

  123. Barb K

    My favorite quilt was one I put together for our parent’s 50th Anniversary–This was early in my quilting life! All the siblings and husbands and wives plus all grandchildren each made and signed a butterfly block with simple applique and their own chosen color–it turned out quite well and was hand quilted by a neighbor. Our parents have since passed on and the quilt is passed around in the family for each to enjoy for a while. The center block has our Parent’s signatures with the saying, “Families are Forever”.

  124. Sharon Anderson

    My favorite quilt is the one I started at a Bonnie Hunter workshop–Jared Takes a Wife.

  125. Nancy Arneson

    I made an Ohio Star quilt for my daughter and her husband’s wedding. In my opinion it is the prettiest quilt I have ever made. It was made of prints with reds and browns. It went together beautifully. Was such a pleasure to make it for them!

  126. Louise K.

    I made a Scrappy Trip Around the World for my sister, mostly out of my mom’s fabric. I love that pattern…I have at least two more in the works! (Free pattern found on Bonnie Hunter’s blog).

  127. Rita in Iowa

    The unexpected quilt is the favorite, when you have the quilt completed and find a block turned wrong. Nobody’s perfect. This happened to the quilt I made for my daughters wedding. I told her that is how life is.

  128. Anonymous

    I am now receiving an email with your newest posts. However, when I click on the title of the current post, I’m always taken back to the bullseye quilt post. This has only happened in the last couple of weeks.

  129. Judi Leventhal

    I managed to close two ads and it’s really really hard to pick my favorite quilt, but, if push comes to shove I think I would choose Snowbound by Red Wagon Designs (Jan Patek, Gerry Kimmel and Linda Brannock). It was my first leap into hand appliqué.

  130. LaNan

    Thanks for the opportunity! My favorite quilt so far was one that I used aunt grace’s fabric and the pieced blocks were like 3″ finished. I eliminated two ads too!

  131. Gayle Shumaker

    My favorite quilt is a blue bargello one. It makes me happy every time I look at it. Usually I have few to none ads, today I had a bunch and closed them all.

  132. Penny C Maryland

    My favorite quilt is a brick of flannels that I cut and sewed after my Sweet Mother passed. It was soothing and healing. I just kept sewing and seeing next thing I knew I had a long size quilt! My husband and I sleep under it every night.

  133. Judith Ann Jaques

    Scrappy—— just sit and sew until it is done. Hardly ever use a pattern. I usually just start with one block like a star then add borders ,then more borders until I like what it looks like. I know sounds weird but works for me and I love straight line quilting.Judy

  134. Debbie B

    I closed several ads today. My favorite quilt I’ve made has to be your “Wear Warm Clothes” quilt. I made it early in my quilting days in a quilt shop class in Amarillo, TX. It’s not perfect but I hang it every year and love it. My 2nd fave has to be the “Just Can’t Cut It” quilt. It goes together easily and looks great. I’ve made 2 in flannels.

  135. Rosalie

    I thought we were supposed to comment on the next post but since so many are doing it now – I’ll follow!
    My favorite quilt I have made is a sampler made with black and white prints with some red. I also love string quilts.

  136. Ann

    There were only 2 ads to close! Yay me!
    One of my most favorite quilts was a KimDeihl design. I love needle turn appliqué. It’s called Geese in the Garden. It has a center that is pieced and the border is appliquéd.

  137. Heather k

    Clicked the ads, I am going to pick two fav’s. The first sampler you did on the blog that I put out every holiday season the other and a paper pieced Judy Niemeyer quilt called confetti.

  138. Tammy M from WI

    My favorite quilt is “If the Hat Fits” out of Frightfully Crazy by Buggy Barn. Way out of my comfort zone buts loads of fun! My daughter and I did a road trip and stopped at your shop, miss it! Love your blog!

  139. Annette F.

    One of my all time favorite quilts that I’ve made is an 18 block paper pieced union jack quilt. I made it for my husband to hang in his man cave. We are both guilty of being anglophiles.

    *Just a note – This morning when I opened up your post there were 4 ads (all Missouri Star Co.) none of which could be closed. I then opened your post this evening and could close 3 ads (all different)???????
    Annette F. from Temecula

  140. Teresa Allison

    My favorite quilt I have made is a Bargello Heart Quilt, I gifted it to my daughter on her wedding day!

  141. Carol Collier

    My favorite quilt was a quilt I made for my son when he was about 8. Each square (there were 12) represented something he lovedn (i.e his dog, baseball, the flag, the twin towers, thomas the tank engine, etc). It was fun making it, and fun looking back and remembering when I see it.

  142. Gloria B.

    That’s like picking your favorite dog. Not possible! I really enjoyed making your Bulls Eye since it’s all about free cutting and using lots of fabric choices. My other favorites are anything Halloween. So happy it’s football season. Time to start another Bull Eye since the project is so much fun to do while watching TV. You can even stop to cheer or jeer while cutting.

  143. Sunflower from Michigan

    I clicked six ads tonight. My favorite quilt that I personally made is from a book by Kristyne Czepuryk called S is for Stitch. The book has 2 patterns in it, one for a boy and one for a girl. The quilts combine embroidery and quilting.
    But, my favorite quilt is the one my grama made me for my college graduation. It has blocks of embroidered roses on it alternating with plain pale pink blocks and is hand quilted by her, my favorite quilter of all time. I use it on my bed and every time I look at it I remember my grama. And I smile.
    Thanks for the chance to win and for giving all your blog followers a chance to share part of our stories with you.

  144. Kathy Boice

    (No ads here either. It brings up a new window that says Unsafe site.)

    My favorite quilt I ever made was a “Scottie Dog Quilt”. Recently my favorite was a “1930’s reproduction fabric self sashing quilt”. I wish I could post a picture.

  145. Jeanie S, central Illinois

    I especially love a little quilt from your book Sew Charming; it was the Split Square pattern, which I made in dark red and green Christmas fabrics. It looks adorable on my dining room table during December. As always, I closed the ads. Thanks for this opportunity, Mary.

  146. Karen Miller

    My favorite quilt to date is a quilt that was a BOM presented by a LQS quite a few years ago. It was done in Civil War reproduction fabrics and the pattern was a house or barn. The face of each house/barn was a different block. The fabrics were representative of different months. I enjoyed quilting it on my DMS and used different style of quilting on each roof. It was a fun quilt to make and quilt.
    I enjoy your blog very much and i am so glad that the problems seem to be resolved. God bless.

  147. Patti S

    My favorite quilt is a transportation quilt I made for our son when he was young. Unfortunately, he doesn’t love it like I do, but that’s ok, since I can just make more. Thanks for the chance.

  148. Jennie Cruzan

    I closed at least 6 adds. My favorite quilt was my fall quilt. Hang it every fall. Blessing Jennie

  149. Sandy Kolarik

    There are sooooo many quilts to choose from, I love nine patch quilts and my favorite was a little nine patch each block framed all in 30s for my first grandchild. It was such a sweet quilt.

    I had about 4ads to close. Happy quilting! (I feel like family when I read your stories and see all the pictures. Love everyone’s comments and stories to.)


    I closed lots of ads today. My favorite all time quilt after 35 yrs. of quilting is a long cabin. Everytime I look at them they look different, they hold my interest when they are being made because there are so many variations and techniques. Of concern to me. is that my posts are not complete. In the last few days I don’t get the full post. By reading the replys I get the jist of the post, but isn’t that wierd??

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Try going directly to our site by clicking on the title of the post – or going directly on your browser to Country Threads Chicken Scratch- I hope one of those ideas work.

  151. Jean ruger

    Delectable Mountain pattern was my favorite quilt to make. Looks like the charm book is a good one!

  152. Montana Kathy

    Oh, how to pick a favorite… well, I guess I’d have to say whichever one I’m currently working on at the moment . It’s always fun to see a quilt come together, especially when it’s one I make up as I go along. Right now I’m working on a handpieced Grandmother’s Flower Garden, which started out as a wall hanging, then grew to a throw, now is fitting a queen size bed. I can’t seem to stop working on it, and am currently designing an appliqué border for it. And then, of course, there’s the one on the design wall, a baby quilt for a friend – waiting for it’s borders… way too many quilts, and too little time in the day! And so it goes. Love them all.


    Closed at least 6-7 ads today. My all time favorite quilt after quilting for 35 years is probably the Log Cabin. I love how different it looks in all the varied colors and the sewing is easy but holds my attention as there are so many techniques, sizes and layouts. Love to win a book, there is just something about a book in my hands and the potential that lies within the pages…

  154. Beverly Lockmiller

    I closed several ads. I don’t know what my favoriate quilt is probably Texas star as I have my Grandmothers Texas Star quilt also.

  155. Sarah Northern California

    I’m in another state to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Tonight at a family and friends dinner I presented her with a Kaffe Fassett designed quilt. I’m blanking on the name but it’s definitely my favorite and I think it’s her favorite now, too. Bright, bold and beautiful like my sister.

    I’m very happy Country Threads is back up and running!

  156. Bobbie

    My goodness there are a lot of comments today.
    My favorite quilt was one I made a couple of years ago called the Butterfly. It was time consuming as every block had a mirror block and there was only one place it could go into the top.

  157. Virginia

    Woohoo! Thank you gifting books to your followers! Closed two ads. My favorite quilts are the two Bunny Hill baby samplers I did in blue and pink color waves.

  158. Chris H. in Washington

    I think my favorite quilt is snails trail, but I love log cabin quilts. Today, I closed six ads.

  159. Alice

    My favorite quilt is a quilt that my grandma made for me many years ago for my 16th birthday. It’s a double wedding ring made from scraps from my little dresses. It’s hand quilted. I entered it in our county Fair & received a blue ribbon! I wish grandma was still alive to see that! She would have been so pleased! My favorite that I’ve made is from a pattern called Lucky Stars. I’ve made 17 from that pattern. All have been different, from Civil War to brights, some turned on point. Great fat quarter quilt! I found many ads to close, 8- 10. Thank you for the opportunity to win a beautiful book! Love your blog, Mary!!

  160. Carol Smith

    My favorite quilt that I made is Bonnie Hunter’s Daybreak. Just finished it and it came out beautiful.

  161. Kim LeMere

    Talking Turkey by Bonnie Hunter any quilt pattern using the Log Cabin block. 3 times charm looks interesting

  162. Debbie Rosenbrook

    My favorite is probably a hand appliqued Dresden Plate quilt, I even made two!
    The bullseye was fun as well. Clicked a few ads for ya!

  163. Julie b from Cedar Falls

    There are too many favorites that it is difficult to just pick one. Keyhole…because of fabric choice, Spice … helped clean out batiks, quatraflor… loved the colors

  164. Mary

    My favorite quilt I made is Curve it up.
    Love your blog. Used to get Goat Gazette and shared it with my friends.

  165. Mary Lund

    I clicked 2 ads and my favorite quilt is the bullseye. I’ve worked at Target for 26 years, get it? Bullseye-Target lol. Love your blog. Thanks.

  166. Michele

    My favorite quilt is the one I’m working on right now——-a baby quilt for a granddaughter due in January. It’s barely started, but I love every second I’m working on it.

  167. Nikki M in Tx

    Lots of ads closed. Favorite quilt I made.. my design, made mainly of home spins ( does that tell you how old it is ) . I titled it “All Orphans Need A Home”, if I found a block I wanted to try would make from home spins & put in box, all various sizes , then on day sat down and put frames around blocks that needed them to bring up to a size that would work, (I decided on multiples of 2), made filler blocks either 2 inch or 4 inch and made the top. I still love this quilt.
    My favorite block however has to be the log cabin, & have made several log cabin quilts.

  168. Madelyn

    When you weee having so much trouble with the blog, I wasn’t getting any ads. BUT they are back 😁
    I love to close ads. It’s like playing a game 🤪 I guess I’m easily amused.

    I have so many favorites. But my latest favorite is Bonnie Hunter’s crappy pumpkins 🎃

  169. Pam

    My favorite quilt I’ve actually made twice. once in a 12 inch block and the other in a 6 inch block.Underground Railroad by Eleanor Burns.

  170. Chris b

    I’ve closed a bunch of ads, I hope that helps. My favorite quilt was one l made years ago. It’s a Bonnie Hunter design, Carolina Crossroads. I remember it being very tedious : 110 9–patches with 1.5 inch strips! But I just love it in all it’s scrappy goodness.

  171. Tina Zee

    I’ve closed a bunch of ads, I hope that helps. My favorite quilt was one l made years ago. It’s a Bonnie Hunter design, Carolina Crossroads. I remember it being very tedious : 110 9–patches with 1.5 inch strips! But I just love it in all it’s scrappy goodness.

  172. Judy1522

    My favorite quilt is one I am working on right now. It is a baby quilt using an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. I have always avoided doing this type of pattern because I thought they were too fussy. I am actually really loving it and so it has become my favorite quilt to make.

  173. Carolyn Pope

    Closed 4 ads.
    My favorite quilt recently made is the Bullseye I just finished. What a fun quilt; used a bunch of scraps, it was so freeing to make and I love the look! Thanks Mary, for your help and encouragement!

  174. Stefanie Breslin

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite quilt is a sampler quilt I chose to make with 30’s fabrics. It was a huge challenge for me as I was An inexperience new quilter at the time. When I was finished I couldn’t believe I’d made it. Each time I look at it I smile at it’s sweet happy colors. It reminds me that with the encouragement of quilting friends, we can accomplish anything! Closed 4 ads. Hope you’re doing ok with your knees. I, too, have surgery scheduled to replace my left knee in January. I see some hand piecing in my winter future😉

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