Book List For April

Thanks to all of you who sent book titles. Not yet on this list is Sparrow Migration by Cari Noga – 3 families are connected by the landing in the Hudson by Sully Sullenberger as the story unfolds. I’ll be done in about 30 minutes – it’s very good!

4 thoughts on “Book List For April

  1. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks for compiling this list Mary. My house smells pretty darn good this afternoon as I have your recipe for hobo dinners in the oven cooking. I love an easy and tasty meal where clean up is a breeze. And reasonable!

  2. Paula Philpot

    I copy this off and give to some of the quilt group that reads alot and it is much appreciated. Also, always scroll back up to the top of the post and you will have more ads to close. Paula in KY

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paula Philpot – thanks for passing on the book list and clicking those ads!

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