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Here’s the May/June book list – looks like some great summer reading!

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Please read this notice! America For Me is NOT by Linda Brannock. I made a big mistake! It’s really Jan Patek’s pattern and it is found in her book Lady Liberty. No copies will be made since Jan is still in business. If you want to contact Jan, go online and find her site. Ask her about obtaining a copy. It would not be a hard pattern to draft yourself OR there are other flag quilts on quilting sites. You just have to look.

Several readers listed used book sites where the book might be found. I cannot do this for you. I’m really sorry I ever put the picture of the quilt on the blog. It has created near chaos! So so sorry! Most of the quilts Connie and I have in our collections are from years ago and patterns are not likely to be available. We have talked about having a sale, Connie and I, because we need to move some of this stuff OUT.

Remember Little Simba Kevin?

He has a new brother named Kevin Kinnick and his name is now Simba Jo.

Next Monday we’ll start the Rug Along. I’m hoping someone might be here and take pictures closeup as I work. Any local volunteers?

Here’s my current rug in progress – I got caught up on my two rows a day goal yesterday.

And here’s Jackson this morning – it’s hard for him to get up and follow me every time I move but I can’t convince him otherwise.

It’s nice and cool here, sunny and low humidity- I think I might move some hydrangeas today! No baby chicks yet but I’m watching closely.

So to sum up this post – the flag quilt America For Me is by Jan Patek, not Linda Brannock. This has been my mistake! Book is out of print – you’d need to contact Jan about a copy of the pattern.

43 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Linda from So CA

    I also echo the praise for your wonderful blog. It’s always a highlight of the day. I just adopted 2 new kitties, one orange & one tortie. They are into everything!!! Yikes!
    I’m always in awe of your many accomplishes.

  2. Micky

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, to all of the comments.Your blog is like having a sister, friend to listen to and comment to. Peace Micky

  3. Teresa

    I think people forget that you’ve been a designer and shop owner for 30+ years. That’s a lot of time to acquire others patterns and make quilts besides your own designs. Patterns and books go out of print. There are sources to shop for them. I think for some, the acquiring of quilting patterns/books and fabric is more the hobby then actually sewing.

    Have a blessed day, Mary, and thank you for publishing this blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Teresa – you hit the nail on the head! Collecting the pattern at no cost is one thing, making the pattern is another. And frankly that’s the basis of our business started 40 years ago – we liked patterns so much and enjoyed just looking at them that we knew others did as well. So we started our pattern company under that premise – sell those ideas to other like minded quilters and it worked!

  4. Paula Philpot

    You have many followers that you and your animals very much and the ….. hubby. Paula in KY

  5. Mary Says Sew!

    Mary, you and your blog are a blessing in my life.

    I love seeing Connie’s, Reed’s, and your quilt projects, especially since you often share the steps along the way in your process. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to see how you are mentoring Reed in so many ways.

    I laugh when you write about being retired, then bring out a new book, make new patterns available, lead the rug-making project, provide feed bags for tote bags, do plant sales and have a booth selling your goodies, etc.

    i also love, rescue and sponsor animals. Sometimes it feels lonely and frustrating, because there’s so much need and so much ignorance. Yes, I have friends, neighbors and a very supportive husband who do the same things, but it’s always wonderful to know there are plenty of us out there, all over, who keep doing the right and good things, on their own, too.

    And you are much more patient with people than I am!

    “Thank you” doesn’t seem enough! I’d send you fabric, but I don’t think you need any more!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Says Sew – PLEASE don’t send fabric! Haha! Retired is in name only – I can always find lots to be busy with. And I’d rather be working than playing golf! Reed is just an extra blessing in my busy life. Animal cruelty and neglect especially in the form of puppy mills is my worst nightmare! How can people be so cruel as to drag a dog behind the car, starve a dog, or breed a dog over and over until it’s dead! Oh, don’t get me started!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Thank you dear loyal readers of country threads blog for supporting my sincere feelings on the importance in our lives for reading how much Mary’s posts mean to us. Guess I do my best thinking in the early mornings cause the rest of my day went to mush as I wrote thank you notes for my recent mom’s death. She requested donations to our local animal adoption center so that part was even more sentimental to me. When so many people turn to those quick fix social media connections, I will always say a blog gives us a real balance in showing someone’s daily life by the extensive pictures and writing. I for one value it and find it important to connect me with a different life than my own. If we didn’t take time to read, we wouldnt share with each other and treasure the book lists! Thank you again for being so nice to me in your comments.

  7. Barb Onnen

    Don’t apologize and consider it a mistake to show us the ” America for me” quilt by Jan Patek.
    It is much fun to see these older quilts. As quilters, we all understand the protocol to not copy someone else’s copyrighted pattern. If we really want the pattern we know what to do to be legal.
    Please keep sharing!

  8. Diane in WI

    Ditto again! Thanks for all you and Connie do for all of us. I did work on my #8 today, quilting around some of the squares. We had some fresh sweet corn for supper tonight. It was delicious. Also picked up some peaches from Missouri, also very good. I think a peach pie is in order. The season is so short. Those two sisters will really enjoy their new kittens. The picture couldn’t be sweeter.

  9. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Mary, please print out Kathy’s post and read it when you need a boost. Well said, Kathy from Western NY. Western New Yorkers are super😃😃😃
    Thanks for sending Simba and Kevin’s picture—awww. I have a similar flag pattern. I’ll send the info tomorrow.

  10. Caryn Goulden

    Kathy in western NY said it better than I could! So glad you take the time to share happenings in your life with us. So enjoyable. I too am retired and like that I am, for the most part, in charge of my own time.
    Love the kitties and dear sweet Jackson. Thanks for sending the rug book. This week I’ll be heading to Lowe’s to get supplies for the frame. Looks like fun—a good project to work on as the spirit moves me!!

  11. Jeanie Stufflebeam

    Kathy in New York spoke for all of us; thanks Kathy. I love hearing about life at the farm and whatever project you or Connie are doing. I really appreciate your taking time out of your day to write this blog.

  12. Christina

    Ditto Kathy in NY !! She said everything I was thinking as I read your posts . So many quilts and so little time ! Thank you Mary for all that you do and take the time to share with all of us .

  13. Dianne in Ohio

    I also wish to “ditto” Kathy . I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, Mary, for all that you and Connie do.

  14. Nikki M in Tx

    Kathy said it all beautifully. 4 3/4 inches of rain since 7am… Mother Nature definitely is confused.. it is July!!! No complaints but this weather is highly unusual for Texas. Yesterday my son replaced my Mule gate opener, the 20 plus year old older Mule finally called it quits last week. He also brought me a bushel of Parker County peaches & with all the rain this year they are so good ! Plan to can tomorrow. Made a peach cobbler to have with dinner yesterday & a pie to go home with him .
    Have a wonderful day, then put feet up & enjoy a cold beer.. wish were there to enjoy one with you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M in TX – I wish we were neighbors so we could enjoy a cold beer on the porch together! S. MN has gotten around 14+” of rain in 10 days or so. We are lucky to have escaped all except maybe 2” which we needed. Would love one of those peaches right now!

      1. Nikki M in Tx

        Feel for the people in S Mn.
        Parker County peach’s are good but this year exceptional .
        Wish were neighbors also.
        Take care.. Be safe

  15. Connie R.

    I also agree with Kathy’s post. Thank you for being the one blog that I always look for to reading. Your everyday life is so fun to read about. Keep up doing what you do. You are very much appreciated.

  16. Marsha from Kansas

    Kathy’s post was the perfect first post. She said everything your readers want you to know. We all appreciate your time and effort put into your blog. You sure picked a wonderful home for Simba Kevin. Thanks for the follow-up pictures! Most of our dogs were like Jackson, just wanted to be near us. I called them our Velcro dogs!

    My #8 project was the most simple one on my list. So I am now making binding and getting it sewn on the two quilts on my list that I want to get bound and get sleeves and labels on. Then they will be ready for the hand work when their numbers are drawn. Good to get a jump-start on them! My plan for today. Wishing you a wonderful day today, Mary!

  17. Penny C Maryland

    Love the kittens and Jackson! Didn’t know I could move hydrangeas this time of year! We need to do that!

  18. Holly in Two Harbors

    Thank you, Kathy, for saying it for all of us, and thank you, Mary, for all you do to put out this blog that entertains, inspires and delights us and enriches our days. We so appreciate being part of your life on the farm. It’s incredibly generous of you.

    PS I love the kitty pictures! Those two look like such good buddies already!

  19. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary,
    I love the title quilt Lady Liberty and bought the book a couple of years ago used. When I want an out of print pattern or book, I check amazon and ebay first. I also check Abe Books. Sometimes it takes awhile for it to appear at a price you are willing to pay, but I check until it comes up. I have never been disappointed.

    The kitties are so cute. They grow so fast, so I expect the next pic will show them much bigger.

    I love your blog and I cannot wait for your new book to come out..

  20. Annette F.

    Kathy’s comment nailed it. Life is to short to dwell on the small stuff. I want to thank you again for this blog. I always look forward to reading it and have recommended it to several of my quilting buddies.

  21. Gayle in Northern Michigan

    Mary, Kathy in Western NY said what I’m sure all of us feel. You and Connie were my go to designers when I learned to quilt. I stopped for many years while trying to juggle kids and work. An overnight stroke massively changed my life. That was 8 years ago. It took me a number of years to learn to read and comprehend what I read and how to understand math and reading a ruler. When I started quilting again about 4 years ago I was thrilled to find your blog. Thank you so much for continuing to share your life with us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle in Northern MI – you are to be admired if you’ve come back to quilting after suffering a stroke! All our best to you!

  22. Cindy from VA

    Another ‘agree with Kathy from NY’ – you are one amazing person (more like an energizer bunny!) and we appreciate all that you share with us. Luv your blog with all the animals, and the quilts, and the book lists, and the way you share your life with us. Thank you.

  23. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Another “ditto” from me. When I open my email I always hope to see one from you. Don’t care about the other ones, for the most part (junk.) The kittens are so sweet. Nice they have a pal now to keep each other company.

  24. Jan R. in NW Wisconsin

    I completely agree with Kathy from Western NY . I for one, am thrilled that you continue to do this blog: rescue, nurture, and love a myriad of critters; publish a great reading list for all of us to share and give us all oodles of inspiration, support and encouragement. No apologies needed. Thanks for all you do!

  25. Janine

    Kathy in western NY said it for me – and for all of us, I’m sure! When the blog is giving you fits and pictures aren’t posting just re-read her message and remember we all feel the same way. Thank you for everything you do, Mary!

  26. Meri in SoVa

    I’ll “ditto” Kathy’s comment…thank you for all you do and share! No apologies necessary! Enjoy your day!

  27. Jean

    There is no more I can add to the spot-on post from Kathy. We love you, Mary.
    -Jean ❤

  28. Joyce from NY

    I definitely agree with Kathy in the above comment. Thank you for all you do!!

  29. Jean

    Mary I am so sorry that I contributed to your anxiety about the America quilt. It won’t happen again. I just didn’t realize that chaos would ensue. Next time I see one of your quilts posted I will just enjoy the picture and not feel I have to own it!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jean – I had no idea chaos would break out either! And I’ll bet 95% of those wanting a pattern would not have made the quilt!

  30. Kathy in western NY

    Oh so cute kitty pictures and of Jackson feeling loved by you while his mom is away. Don’t ever worry about apologizing to us over something the readers are able to do for themselves if they are using a device or computer to read your blog. You give us a wonderful blog to read about your life and everyone needs to remember you are retired so you can do what you chose to do. When you and Connie have time we are grateful you offer us a pattern and that’s plenty when we all have a zillion projects now to work on. So you continue to enjoy your home and quilts and pets today. Thanks for the extensive list of books you graciously put together each month as that takes time at the computer and I am sure that isn’t how you want to spend a lot of your day doing so I thank you so much for sharing your precious time with me.

    1. sandy


      Kathy in western NY said it wonderfully & I agree
      love the kitties & sweet Jackson
      enjoy your week!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in Western NY – thank you! I love your sentiments and so do many other readers as I look over the comments. Your thoughts are gratifying to me and I will take a deep breath and carry on.

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