Book Reviews II

And once again it’s 8 pm before I get around to writing these reviews.  I picked two winners for the first two books and now we’ll start over with 2 more new books from the folks at Martingale.  This time tell me how many years you’ve been quilting and close at least 2 ads.  Thank you!

The first book is Bowl Me Over by Debbie Busby – a bounty of tiny pillows to enjoy every day.

So whether you fill these tiny pillows as bowl fillers or fill them with sand or crushed walnut shells for pincushions, they are fun to make and give to friends.  Each is a combination of wool appliqué, embroidery, and many times buttons.  What a great little project to make when you’ve got a free Sunday afternoon and don’t want to dive into a big quilt project.  One designer that I follow keeps a bowl of tiny pincushions by her front door to give to friends – and even if they don’t sew, they look cute on a shelf!

Next is Autumn Bouquet by Sharon Keightley, patchwork and appliqué quilts from reproduction prints.

Sharon uses Civil War prints along with traditional fabrics in the 12 quilts.  Each of these quilts has a pieced foundation with machine appliquéd flowers, leaves and vines.  Treasures from the Scrap Bin is my favorite quilt in this book.

She gives detailed instructions for invisible machine appliqué with monofilament or fine polyester thread.  It might tempt me since I don’t care for hand appliqué.

More finishes for your viewing pleasure – our own private quilt show!

And in this sideways picture are more of my cut stars for HIPS.  Working on it?

Over the weekend I stopped at the thrift store and this wood burned picture had to come home with me.

Isn’t it just so sweet?

I finished my #5 top but doubt I’ll get it quilted this week.  I would have taken a picture of it today but it was just too windy.  I picked some hydrangeas today and put them in baskets in the house.

Whew!  They don’t call me Windy for nothing!  Ha!  Don’t forget to click at least two ads and tell me how long you’ve been quilting – I just love reading about all of you!

299 thoughts on “Book Reviews II

  1. Dawn Stephens

    I think it’s been 25 years I’ve been quilting but have been sewing for 51 years. I’m in Charleston SC with 3 of my quit buddies to go to the AQS show tomorrow. Can’t wait to see all the beautiful quilts.

    1. Charlotte Buchanan

      I’m a new quilter, but already trying my hand at long arm and love it! Love the piecing and all types of fabrics! I love appliqué and embroidery as well! I’ve been quilting for 6 years! The new books look great!

    2. Debbie Robertd

      I have been quilting for 25 years but sewing for 45 years. I used to make a lot of my clothes and made all of my prom dresses and homecoming dresses. My how the times have changed. There was only one add to close so I did!! Debbie R. DC Iowa

    1. Jane Busby

      About 50 years!! Started when I was 7 helping my grandma quilt. Have always loved it! And now I’m teaching my grandkids!!!

  2. MaryLou

    I have been quilting for over 45 years. Both books are so interesting but what fun to make little pin cushions from one of them. Thanks for all u do so enjoy your blog always

  3. Kathy Warren

    41 years. I’ve always sewn – since I was a child making doll clothes. I majored in home ec and was a home ec teacher, but was never interested in quilting. That all changed when I took an adult ed class in quilting so I could get salary credits. That did it. I was hooked. I joined what is now a very large guild (my number was 185), although I no longer belong since we moved away. My biggest contribution to the quilting world is that I introduced a fellow teacher (math) to quilting and she is now a very accomplished quilter who has won many first place ribbons.

    1. Karen Miller

      I began quilting in the mid 90’s but more so since I retired 5 yrs ago. I love making quilts and gift or donate most of them to charity.

  4. Carol Garner

    I’ve been Quilting for at least 55 years. I find it so relaxing and personally rewarding.

  5. Charlotte Buchanan

    I’m a new quilter, but already trying my hand at long arm and love it! Love the piecing and all types of fabrics! I love appliqué and embroidery as well! I’ve been quilting for 6 years! The new books look great!

  6. Jeanine from Iowa

    I have dabbled in quilting since my children were small. I made quilts for their beds when they graduated to a twin size bed. Our son is now 48 and our daughter is 46, so probably close to 40 years. I got serious about quilting after they graduated from high school and went off to college. It has been a wonderful journey. I don’t know what I would do with my free time if I didn’t quilt. Thanks for keeping us encouraged.

  7. Donna Sproston

    I made my first quilt the year I retired from teaching. It was crib size for our first grandson, born 5/5/05.

  8. Sherry Whalen

    Oh my – your hydrangeas are beautiful! And I love the light blue scrappy string quilt, so much movement, so pretty. I have been quilting for 40 years already! Holy cow!!

  9. Jane Lamborn

    Whwn our oldest son was born 47 years ago, my aunt made a hand quilted baby quilt for him. I thought it was the best gift ever! When my husband got out of the Navy 3 months later, we lived down the road from her. Quilting lessons started immediately! Quilting ever since and other needlework occasionally!

  10. Gayle Troccoli

    I love reading your blog. I have been quilting for 24 years. I taught both my sisters how to quilt. Every year we rent a cabin in the mountains in east Tennessee and spend the week piecing quilts and enjoying each other’s company. Please keep blogging.

  11. Liz Schrader

    I have quilting for 12 years, as soon as I retired. I closed 3 ads. Thanks for offering the books.

  12. Eleanor from RI

    I have been quilting for 29 years. My fist quilt was a log cabin by Eleanor Burns, Quilt in a Day. I took the class for I couldn’t believe that a quilt could be made in a day. We sewed from 9 to 5 and went home with a tied quilt and only needed to sew the binding.

  13. Sue Franke

    Been quilting and sewing for about 50 years. I recently retired so have more time than ever to sew.

  14. Paula Ziegler

    I started quilting in about 1992. My 1st and only quilt took me 7 years to finish! LOL

    I loved your shop in Iowa! My favorite thing I learned to do there was the punch needle embroidery! Love it!

    I clicked the ads too! Is there some special reason we need to click/close the ads? I see people posting that and wondered.

    Did I miss who won? Congratulations to whoever did!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Winners will be announced at the end of the week. Closing the ads pays us a small amount of money and that adds up for us to continue blogging, giving out free patterns and books as well as keeping up with expenses this blog entails such as servers, domain ownership and security. Did you really not know what closing the ads was about? Did you just start reading this blog recently? I feel like a broken record.

      1. Paula Ziegler

        I thought I had been reading the blogs all along, but I don’t remember ever reading that! Good to know, glad to help! Thanks! 😊

      2. Mary

        I closed six ads today. And, I am 82, started sewing when I was a little girl, then in school, and then not much for awhile. But started quilting in about 1979 when I moved to Oregon and got organized. My sister helped…she had been quilting for several years before that. So, about 40 years for me for quilting.
        And, noticed the ads I close each time I am on here.,….I didn’t even know WHY I wasn’t getting ads.. But now I get them and close them. Most happy to help!
        Mary E in OR

  15. JudyE

    I have loved sewing all my life but, have only been quilting about 13 years. A couple of my friends quilted and got me started. My first quilt was a Yellow Brick Road in blues, purple and greens for my mom.
    I love to make theme type quilts. I find a special interest a person has and make a quilt using it. Second quilt I made was a double size marathon runners theme. I give most of my quilts away as gifts. I do have my first quilt as my mother had passed away.
    Love to see all the quilts and hear the quilting tips!

  16. Teresa Allison

    I have been quilting since 2002. Sewed a lot before then, but didn’t really get the bug till much later. Have fallen in love with wool applique, and have been designing some wool applique quilts, what fun!

  17. Donna O

    Mary I suppose I’ve been quilting for 25+ years. I really have no idea but until retired only did it here & there. I think I took my first class 35+ years ago & sewed garments for many years. Even had to make my own bridesmaid dress for one of my sisters wedding. My 4 older sisters, who also quilt, helped me with the dress. I did enjoy making garments but rarely do now as patterns have changed or has “my body changed” ? ; ) I closed at least six ads.

  18. Kay Crandall

    Just closed six ads again. Found out I could reopen the same email and I could close them all again! I am loving all the finishes this month – real beauties! I started quilting a year before my son was born and he’s 42 now.

  19. Linda L

    I’ve been quilting about 7 years, sewing all my life. I come from a line of fabric collectors, back to my great grandma!

    1. Diana S

      I’ve been quiling about 42 years. Its how I relax altho somedays when the seam ripper has to be used not sure its so relaxing-!

  20. Kathleen Grom

    I started quilting right after I took home economics class in 7th grade. That year my mother bought me a sewing machine. It was a cast iron Sears Kenmore machine that came in a beautiful wood cabinet. She paid $59 the entire thing brand new! That was 1970. So I’ve been quilting for 49 years. Wow, I didn’t realize it’s been that long.

  21. Cathy McCool

    I’m envious of your hydrangeas,they are awesome. I know its been at least20+ years si ce I was asked to join a group of nurse quilters. I was intimidated initially since I was a sewer but not a quilter. Now I have entire room filled with fabric,projects and lots of patterns i want to make. I try to do some quilting every day. I was able to close many ads. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    I made my first quilt in 1975, so I guess it’s been 44 years. I have a long arm business too and also enjoy machine embroidery. I love the Autumn Bouquet book, the little pillows not so much! Thanks for all the postings you do, it’s always so interesting to see what you do on the farm!

    1. Judy

      I have blocks pieced from a Successful Farming craft magazine from the “70s but got no farther. I plan to finish it someday soon. There is a category at the county fair for Memory Savers (other than scrapbook pages). Those blocks were started 44 years ago. My next venture was a quilt for my new daughter 39 years ago. I cut many blocks for our church sewing group that made quilts through the years, many while on softball tournament trips with my daughters. Finally I actually did some quilting when I retired 12 years ago. When did I start sewing? That was with an embroidery kit that was a Christmas gift when I was 6 or 7. Then I started sewing clothes for myself and my sisters. When I started teaching most of my clothes were ones I had made. More that you wanted to know, but thanks for reading.

  23. Kay Crandall

    Just closed six ads again. Found out I could reopen the same email and I could close them all again! I am loving all the finishes this month – real beauties! I started quilting a year before my son was born and he’s 42 now. Hmmm – it’s not letting me post this. I get a message saying this is a duplicate!??

  24. Arliene Zeigler

    I have been quilting for over 30 years and hope I have gotten better with age. I quilt a lot more since I retired a few years ago. My husband got me a quilt machine last year. Now I really go to town. We make and quilt tops for Project Linus. Such fun! Love your blog.

  25. LaNan Eldridge

    I made my first quilt for our first child, our son who is now 41!! He had three siblings not a lot of quilting was done for a few years!! Now I’m making up for lost time😋 I was able to close three add Some!

  26. Virlinda Day

    I think I started quilting in 2002 so I’ve been quilting about 17 years. There are times I still feel like a beginner.

  27. Chris H. in Washington

    I’ve been quilting since 1990 or thereabouts. I’m remembering by how old my son was then.😁 I closed 5 ads. Love the book reviews and am anxiously awaiting October 15th.

  28. Linda Schaefer

    Made my first quilt when I was pregnant with my first daughter and she turned 38 yesterday. Also own a longarm and totally enjoy the ladies I quilt with on a weekly basis!

    Also that turkey quilt you showed…is pattern available? Even though I live in CA I’ve been to country threads a couple times. In fact I held Betsy when she was just a baby!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh my goodness- you should see how fat Betsy is today! She was a cute little thing way back then. The wall quilt with the turkeys came from our first book with Martingale – Country Threads Quilt Shop Series. Out of print unless you might find it online?

  29. Debra

    Been quilting for 26 fun filled years. Stacks and stacks of quilts!! I love them all. Thanks, Mary, for this blog and opportunity.

  30. Maureen Fry

    I have been quilting for about 20 years and sewing for most of my life. I have been wanting that book Bowl me over! Closed several ads!

  31. Betty Klosterman

    Seems like I’ve been sewing since I could hold a needle! First was doll clothes, then my own clothing. My job didn’t keep me busy in the summer so I cut out my clothes at work on the boss’s desk when he left to play golf. Barbie clothes were a big favorite and so much fun, knitting, crocheting or sewing. Never had a problem getting rid of them. Ended with a job where I had to work ALL the time! Then it was counted threads and into quilting. Guess I’ve been trying to quilt for about 30 years, if that was what you would call it in the beginning. It was a learning experience. And I’ve loved every minute of about 70 years of sewing.

  32. Judy A

    Love the bowlful of pincushions. I think I’ve been quilting over 30 years. But time flies when you’re having fun and I might be all wet 🙂 Four ads to close. Bam – they’re gone 🙂

  33. Debbie G

    I’ve been quilting for about 35 years. Learned to sew when I was 9 in 4-H. I closed 6 ads for good measure!

  34. Bonnie

    I have been sewing since age 10. My grandma taught me because my mom lost patience with me! Lol! I have been quilting for 25 years when I thought I would make the first block for a block of the month from a local quilt shop. The kit was only $5 so I wasn’t out much if I didn’t like the piecing….I loved it and needless to say I have been quilting ever since. Before writing this, I looked at my book shelf and more than 90% are Martingale! I’ve made almost every quilt from your Charm books and would love to have a chance to win another Martingale book! I so enjoy reading your blog everyday and I’m so glad for you that it is now working!

  35. Claudia Voorhees

    I have been quilting for almost 40 years…. I have always loved quilts and always wanted to make them.. but when I was little. I thought you had to be at least 70 before you started quilting……. so I used by buy quilt magazines and hide them so my friends didn’t know I wanted to quilt.. Boy am I glad I didn’t wait that long… LOL. I hope I have many more years to quilt… I will need to live to be 120 to use up my fabric.

  36. Diane, Squeak’s Mom

    Let’s see. I made a quilt before our daughter was born in 1972, then I pieced a top in 1982, but my husband broke his neck so it wasn’t finished until 1998. I made some blocks inn1995 b up our daughter got married and that took precedence. In 1995, my friends invited me to join the Quilt Guild and I made a quilt in 1996 and haven’t quit!! Four ads this time.
    Those books look neat😃

  37. Judy J

    I have been quilting for 44 years. In those early years I attended quilting bees with a group of older ladies and learned a lot from them.

  38. Kathy in western NY

    I took my first “real” quilting class during the bicentennial in 1976 but have always sewed from high school on. I still have the first block I learned at that class – all sewn by hand- and it’s cathedral window, would you believe! Before that I just did patchwork with squares. Gosh I am glad I grew up and can create so much more now.

  39. Vicki from West Des Moines

    I’ve sewn since I was a child, but only caught the quilting bug about 10 years ago after I retired. Only could close 3 ads. Would enjoy either of the books. Thanks.

  40. Heather Kittelson

    I have been quilting for 28 years….One of my UFO’s on my list is about that old too! I worked in a fabric store in high school and in college- in college the store manager taught several of us how to quilt and we all learned about rotary cutters together.

  41. Donna Israels

    I started quilted about 11 years ago. Made a quilt as a gift to my youngest when he graduated college. Wasn’t sure that would be his first pick for a graduation gift but believe he cherishes it more every year. Love your blog even though I don’t usually comment. Thanks!!!!!

  42. Jan

    I have been piecing quilts forever, making doll quilts by hand, then embroidering and piecing my first full size quilt in the 1960s. My grandma was a quilter.
    Love your hydrangeas. Mine only had a few flowers this year.
    Thanks for keeping up with the blog.

  43. Carrolyn V

    I’m 70 and made my first quilt at age 8…which I still have!……with my grandmothers help! A doll quilt from old clothing

  44. Jennie

    I have been quilting about 7 years. Taught 4 of my grandchildren to sew and a great neice. Enjoy sewing and handwork. Close adds as they come. Blessing Jennie

  45. Robin Boggan

    I have been quilting for 31 years and love every minute of it! I can’t wait until I can retire so I can stitch when ever I want to. 😀 I just want to say thank you for your blog I look forward to see what you have been up to.

  46. Karla T.

    Been quilting about 36 yrs I think— the 1st quilt i made was a queen size dresden plate. Bad Idea!! I’d been a sewer since I was a kid, but never knew anything about quilting…. it looked okay til i washed it the first time and all the cotton batting just shifted and clumped! I threw it out , took some classes, and have never stopped since! I don’t seem to get ads when i am on my computer, but will go in to the blog on my phone and close as many as i can! Thanks again for the chance to win!

  47. Theresa Kotsmith

    I’ve been quilting since I was 8, my first quilt being Eleanor Burns Log Cabin! So I’m at 29 years of quilting.

  48. Melody Lenart

    I’ve been quilting for 20 years. Mostly garment sewing prior but found quilting and loved it. I have made the best of friends and we have spent many hours quilting together.

  49. Sharyn Resvick

    30 years now. I started quilting when my baby was a baby. I’ve loved every minute of it.

  50. Vickie S

    Took my first class in 1978, but didn’t really start quilting until 1991. Those look like great books.

  51. Vickie Lemonds from Davidson, NC

    I’ve been sewing since I was little girl, thanks to my sweet Grandmother, Isabelle Clore-1904-1991. I’ve been quilting since 2005. We retired and moved from Houston to Asheville. Finally, time to sew and create!

  52. Louise Murphy

    I started quilting in 1984 and I have loved following your blog for many years…I closed 5 ads…

  53. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Well, the truth will out when a prize is at the offing! I started seeing in second grade! I used to make doll clothes and drakes fir my doll house and little bed pillows! When I was 12 I took the bus into downtown Buffalo and took Singer sewing classes at a department store! When I was 17 I had finished all my required high school regents classes in Latin, Spanish, English, history, maths and the sciences, so senior year I got to take typing and.. whoo whoo … home ec! I made my little sister’s flower girl dress for my older sister’s wedding. My teacher was Mrs. McCall and she made me take that thing apart until it was perfect. Pin tucks, inset lace, hand threaded belt loops, gathers… oh my! In college I moved on to embroidery, crochet and other hand arts. That little dress finished my garment career!
    When my kids were young I took s stab at quilting but really had poor follow through until about 15 years ago. That’s my story!
    So the truth is… 60 years of sewing. Oh my!

  54. Shelly Hall

    I love the “bowl me over “ book:) it’s on my wishlist! I started quilting about 23 years ago. My mom took me to a quilt shop she had found in our town. Shortly after that my mom passed away, but I ended up getting to know the owner very well and we became good friends . She taught me how to quilt and I started making shop samples for her. So I say that my mom started my quilting journey 😊

  55. Patricia Bradford

    I’ve been quilting since the mid eighties so that’s about 35 years. Wow! Doesn’t seem that long ago that I took my first quilting class. Totally done by hand. It’s been a fun journey. Thoroughly enjoy your blog, hang in there. Love to hear all about your farm and all of your babies.

  56. Linda from MN

    I’ve been quilting for about twenty years after taking a community class on beginning quilting.

  57. Linda in NC

    Love seeing everyone’s beautiful work. I’ve been quilting since the 80’s Wow that makes me feel old! Started quilting at a local fabric shop in Southern California and then we moved to New Hampshire. A group of mothers from our kids Christian School started quilting together and we would do all nighters. We were young. Did a lot of Eleanor Burns quilt in a Day! Ha! Closed a good number of ads. Some were the same ad posted several times.

  58. Sandi

    I learned to quilt in 1986. My friends mother taught me and it was a log cabin. I used a piece of cardboard to cut the pieces out and used scissors. I really love my rotary cutter now. I closed 5 ads. Hugs,

  59. Carol F.

    I made my first quilt in middle school. It was a 4 patch using my old clothes. I cut the squares with a scissors and hand sewed the blocks together. That was 50 years ago.

  60. Diane Bauer

    Your hydrangeas are magnificent!! So full of blooms!!!

    I started my first quilt 30-32 years ago. That first quilt is an Amish Cactus Basket—king-sized and hand quilted. I had NO idea what I was undertaking!!!!! A business where I sewed the most popular product by the thousands got in the way of sewing for enjoyment, so quilting got set aside for about 15 years. I picked it up again in March 2018 when my son deployed to Afghanistan. A wise friend who has been through 14 deployments with her four kids who serve in four different branches of the military told me to find a creative endeavor I loved and never, ever run out of supplies. I took her at her word and finished 10 quilts in the 10 months Justin was gone and I haven’t stopped yet!!

  61. Jan VanDeWalle

    I have been Quilting in my mind forever , but have only made a few whole cloth crib size, tied quilts and the same with the Raggies, However I have started a real pieced Quilt, Disappearing Hour Glass # 3 from Jenny Doan’s video using two layer cakes. I am far from perfect with matching points. but had to start somewhere.
    I have been sewing off and on for65 years, but mostly mending and T shirts when the boys were little. one year of HS home Ec
    Closed 4 ads on this blog today. Jan Oregon

  62. Marla

    I’ve been quilting for almost 40 years. Recently finished a quilt that I started in 1983 if you can believe it. Took a class with my mother and was so happy to finally get it done! Haven’t been able to close any ads for awhile now and have tried everything?

  63. Gayle LACEY

    Hi, Mary! I’ve been quilting since 1993 … just 26 years … but I now have enough fabric accumulated for 16 lifetimes!!! My first quilt was a Boston Commons, which I still have, although our rescue dog, Lucy, a German shorthair who had been terribly abuse, chewed part of the edge off while it was on the bed. She was nervous early on and used the edge of the quilt to relax herself. She was absolutely wonderful! I took the Boston Commons class at our local quilt shop and was hooked! No one in my Miley quilted. Thanks for the book opportunity!

  64. Angie from Baltimore

    I have been quilting in one form or another for over 50 years. Handcrafting keeps me centered and has introduced me to so many wonderful people.

  65. Cheryl

    Love your quilt pictures I have been quilting for about 30 years. I got the bug when my girl friend and I took a class at your shop with the trip around the world quilt. I have been hooked ever since. Best hobby one could have.

  66. Cheryl

    I have been quilting for 29 years of my adult life. When I was a girl I made a tied comforter for my Barbie. The stuffing came from my mom’s nylon stocking drawer. 🙂

  67. Jo in Wyoming

    This is an easy question. I’ve been quilting for 33 years. My first memory of sewing was when I sewed my little finger down in my moms featherweight. I must of been about 3. She had gone out to hang clothes on the line and told me not to mess with the sewing machine. Well, there I was…guilty. I still have that sewing machine and all the quilts we made together.

    1. Janice Hebert

      Oh no Jo! That must have been awful! Ouch!!! I’m jealous of your featherweight though, haha. Jan in MA

  68. Nancy Arneson

    I made some baby quilts 40 years ago and then I didn’t do much quilting when I had a youngster family. I started to quilt again about 22 years ago.

  69. Annette F.

    Made my first quilt 40 years ago. It was Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day log cabin, which I still have. I use it primarily as a utility quilt. It was 25 yrs. later when I made my 2nd quilt, after I joined a quilt guild and have been quilting ever since.

  70. Mary

    I’ve been quilting for 26 years. I made my first quilt , a log cabin ala Elenor Burns in 1996 for my daughter;
    its still my favorite, I felt so accomplished:)

  71. Mary

    Closed 6 ads. I’ve been quilting since 1976 so I guess that’s 43 years. I sure hope I don’t get all the comments like I started getting yesterday.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary – what comments did you get that weren’t supposed to be there? I’m not sure I understand.

      1. Sherry Whalen

        I suspect commenter Mary left the boxes checked to get email notifications when she commented yesterday. If she did – yes, she will get an email every time someone else comments. This is nothing you as the blog author can control, and might not even be able to see! She would need to make sure that when she comments that she unchecks both boxes under the comment/name/address boxes. I am looking at it right now BEFORE I fill out my name and address, both boxes are pre checked, she just needs to uncheck if she doesn’t want extra emails when everyone comments. Or she can make use of her delete button when they come in, her choice.

  72. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I went with a girlfriend to a quilting retreat in Tacoa, GA 15 years ago and have been quilting ever since. Actually I did make the quilt from my sons flannel shirts i30 years ago but that was the only one till 15 years ago. Today I was able to close 8 ads by opening your blog twice.

  73. mj

    I have been sewing for about 70 yrs. My first quilt was made up of big squares of yellow and red, both solids and prints..I loved it, the colors made me feel good. Since then over the years I have made them for my family, now grandchildren and for my own use…I learned to sew on my Mothers treadle machine when I was about 14 yrs. old… Sewed clothes for myself and family… now just quilts … which gives me pleasure, of course not difficult ones !!
    I closed about 5 or 6 ads just now.

    I am also curious, what did the 2 dogs find in the hallow of that tree? Anything?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      They didn’t find one thing in that rotten tree but a squirrel was dead on the ground where the tree fell and I was afraid there was a nest of baby squirrels in the hollow. Luckily there wasn’t but they had a great time sniffing around.

  74. Kristie M Michalowski

    I remember this because I was pregnant with my first son ;o) Started in 1988…boy that seems so long ago! I am still learning new things and I try to pass on my knowledge along the years to others…I really enjoy showing people new techniques they haven’t tried.

  75. Patti S

    I have been quilting for 28 years. But sewing much longer. I remember the first fabric store I went into 38 years ago, it was heavenly. I was in college at the time and I made folded stars for Christmas gifts. Thanks for the chance.

  76. Doris G

    I have been quilting at least 40 years and I love your blog! I closed 6 ads today and I will be ordering your new book! I love the stories in your books!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Regarding the stories about the women in the Civil War, our good friend Tanya Houston is the historian and she so kindly wrote the stories.

  77. Linda H in SE MN

    Near as I can recollect…I’ve been doing this quilting thing for more than 25 years. It’s probably going to take me another 25 years to use up my stash!!

  78. Sunflower from Michigan

    I’ve been quilting for 35 years. I love the sunflower quilt and the windmill quilt. All the pictures of finished projects are great!

  79. Meri in SoVa

    I’ve been quilting for 38 years. Lots of great memories creating quilts with my mom and for family.

  80. Amy M

    I leave always love your hydrangeas!!! I was 13 (47 years ago) when I traded babysitting for sewing lessons with a neighbor one summer. We sewed while her kids napped-how nice was that of her! I started quilting when I was 17 in college. After I graduated from college the first national speaker I saw was Mary Ellen Hopkins and my first hands on workshop was with Roberta Horton making an Amish quilt.

  81. Coleen P

    I’ve been quilting 29 years! I love your blog! I tried every which way but had no ads to close – only ads that could be opened.

  82. Carla J

    Two plus ads closed, wow lots of comments tonight. We all may be a bit “windy”, Mary.
    I’ve bee quilting over 30 yrs. Took a class at a craft store in Homestead, FL before rotary cutters and mats became the norm. Hand drafted templates, traced templates, and stitched by hand sashing too. Hand quilted, poly batting so it has worn and ragged edges.

  83. Peggy S

    Oh, my goodness. . . To think back so far in a lifetime. . . Started sewing in Home Ec, 7th grade. A fine apron we made in class. Continued sewing long after, but started quilting in the late 60’s. That’s a long time ago!!
    Closed 6 ads.

  84. debby

    I’m a relatively new quilter, actually I’m a topper since I’ve never quilted a quilt. My mother hand quilts them for me because that’s her favorite thing to do. I have quilted a few table runners but not a quilt. I will be taking classes soon at the local quilt store on the long arm so I can finish my own. Your hydrangeas are just beautiful. I picked one head off of mine last week to dry, it’s still a small bush.

  85. Peggy

    The Autumn Bouquet book looks interesting and I like repro fabrics. I have been quilting for over 35 years. Have a good evening.

  86. Jackie Baumhauer

    In the seventies, I helped my husband’s grandmother baste quilts and I even helped her make one Sunbonnet Sue block. It took me so long to applique that one block! I took my first quilting class in 1981 and have been hooked ever since.
    Love the hydrangeas!!

  87. Linda Winn

    I started sewing 53 years ago. I always wanted to quilt, so 35 years ago I took a class and I haven’t stopped. I sew for our local program to help mothers in need. I belong to 2 quilt guilds , and sew for their out reach program as well. Any time there is a need to help, I’m there with my thread and needle!

  88. Barbara Firesheets

    Hi Mary! I’ve been quilting for 12 years now and the time has flown by! The best part of learning to quilt has been the wonderful friendships I’ve made. The books look wonderful – thank you for a chance to win one!

  89. Phyllis Rosenwinkel

    I managed to sneak into an San Diego County Adult Ed beginning quilting class the summer of 1990 . I’ve collected fabric and sewing machines for nearly 30 years.
    I learned to use my mother’s Free Westinghouse electric sewing machine before I was 10 years old so I’ve sewn for nearly 65 years.

  90. Jane Dumler

    I have taught quilting since 1970 and worked as a designer for 30 years retiring in 2911. I still teach and particularly enjoy teaching and encouraging beginners. I think the Autumn Boquet book is very nice. Enjoy your blog and all your energy. Do the hydrangeas dry?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Yes, the hydrangeas do dry and when I decorate my Christmas tree, I stick the dried blooms in among the tree branches. When the tree comes down, I throw out the dry blooms for another year. And so it goes on and on every year.

  91. Mary Neitzel

    I have been quilting about 31-32 years! It is my favorite thing to do every day. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! They are my favorite flower! I closed 5 ads for you!

  92. Debbie C.

    Have been quilting for 43 years – off and on between raising our children and working at my profession. Looking forward to my new status as Retired!!!! Now there will be time to quilt a whole lot more! Autumn is such a beautiful time of year! Seem to lean towards those colors the most, but branch out also! Thank you for sharing your time, efforts and talents – love the inspiration and received the Goat Gazette for many, many years! Loved it and I’m so happy you have chosen to stay in touch with all of us!

  93. Peggy Thompson

    My quilting journey started 20+ years ago when I was in my 40’s. My mom, an awesome quilter, laughingly told me that she was happy that she lived long enough to watch me as I begin. Thankfully she lived a lot more years & we shared so many quilting adventures together. ❤️

  94. Carmen Montmarquet

    I learned to quilt soon after my mother passed away in 1997. Even though I didn’t care for sewing I wanted to finish some of the quilts she had just started as she self taught herself late in life. I only wish I could have learned to quilt along with her!!
    Also I have started stitching smaller quilts and working with wool, which is my new passion! I love having a project on hand wherever I go and wool applique makes it so very easy!!
    I was able to close 3 adds!

  95. Becky from IA/TX

    Probably 25 yrs, seriously for 15 yrs. I learned how to sew on my grandma treadle sewing machine. My mom made a lot of my clothes going up, even my beautiful prom dresses. I had 2 generations of wonderful teachers. My mom me started into quilting. We continue till her passing. My only regret is that I didn’t learn how to do needle turn appliqué and she did just beautiful work! The best thing about quilting is all the wonderful people I have met along this incredible journey called quilting. Thank you so much for all you and the chance to win these wonderful books!

  96. Bobbie

    I have been quilting about 15 years with a few years off due to work. So glad to have some time now!
    Love the books.

  97. Sue in Oregon

    I learned to sew in College in the Home Ec department of OSU. I was engaged and I decided I needed to learn to sew and also it would be an easy course to take. What a silly little girl! I never worked so hard for a low C. But, I also realized I loved it, which is kind of a miracle in itself. As soon as we could afford it, we bought a sewing machine for me. I made clothes for myself, for my two little girls and even knit T-shirts for my son. Lots of knits in those days. The kids were grown and gone when I discovered quilting. I joined a Quilt group and fell in love. Hardly ever made a garment after that. I was 50 then and now I’m 80, so you can do the math. I also love hand applique’, but don’t do much of it anymore.
    Off to close ads.

  98. Caryn Goulden

    I made my first doll quilt when I was about 6, (63 years ago!), then quilted off and on for fair and Girl Scout projects growing up. Started quilting baby and bed-size quilts about 45 years ago in between raising a family and working. Have really kicked into high gear since I retired 3 years ago.
    Closed 6 ads.

  99. Jan from TN

    Closed 6 ads tonight!
    Love everyone’s quilt finishes❣️
    ♥️♥️♥️ Your hydrangeas. I have some very similar but mine are almost to the all tan-ish stage, noe pinky-peachy tips left. Probably because our weather has been soooooooo dry – still! 😕
    I’ve been quilting a long, long time. I think I took my first quilt class in 1989. It was a 4 block sample all done by HAND including cutting our own templates & hand appliqué-ing the Dresden plate we had hand pieced! It’s no wonder I didn’t catch the quilting bug back then. It was more like the mid-90’s when I learned EVERYTHING could be done by machine & a rotary cutter! Sew much easier & funner (🙂😉)!

  100. Linda Klauer

    I have been sewing since I was in high school, but didn’t start quilting until my youngest son was 4. He is now 34. Love your blog

  101. Elizabeth Rickert

    I started seriously quilting in 1990, 29 years ago. My grandmother and my mother were both quilters and inspired me. Now I am very active in the Northern New Mexico Quilt Guild and the Quilt of Valor group.

  102. Becki Pender

    I started quilting about 21 yrs ago. Our son had passed away from meningitis and I was a totally mess. A friend said we should quilt. I could not focus to read a pattern so she read and cut pattern and I would sit and sew 21 yrs later I make signature quilts for families that have lost a child in the 12 yrs of school and give them a quilt at honors night in memory of their child.

  103. CarolReents

    I took a class shortly after my father died. It was a way to deal with his passing. That was 35 years ago and on and off since then. I closed six ads.

  104. Caryn Bravos

    I’ve been quilting for 25 years. I’ve been sewing for 50 years, back when sewing was taught in Junior High School. Quilting is my favorite escape from daily life.

  105. Beverly Lockmiller

    My Grandmother started me sewing. I’ve been quilting for about 15 years. Love the books especially the one with little pillows or pincushions. closed 6 ads.

  106. Janice Hebert

    Closed at least 6 ads. Like Jan from TN my first quilt was a sampler quilt done with hand cut templates and pieced by hand. I had a wonderful teacher but I really did lose interest before it was completed. I was young, what can I say? I”m not sure where it ended up but I no longer have it. Since then I have learned all kinds of crafts – wool applique, punch needle, rug hooking and I am back into quilting. Much more fun with all of the new techniques people teach. I really love little quilts and pin cushions. I guess I have a short attention span! Jan in MA

  107. Beverly Lockmiller

    I closed 6 ads. Love both books but especially the one with small pincushions. I’ve been sewing for ever but started quilting 15 or so years ago. Love your blog.

  108. Sharon

    I closed two ads! I’ve been quilting about 45 years,I took a night school class from Blanch Young,only about five people in the class,it was great! The next semester quilting was in style and her class was full. No body in my family quilted but l loved quilts,so I took the class,and I still quilt today. Still take classes too!

  109. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I’ve been quilting for 36 years, started at age 15. Did everything by hand at first, then using my grandmother’s old Elna sewing machine. Got given my own sewing machine for my 21st birthday. Still got it.

  110. Debra Miller

    Able to close 7 out of 8 ads. Learned to sew quilt squares on a treadle machine when I was 5. Then when my Mom got an electric machine-my brother and I raced but he always got the electric machine, so he usually won! All my Mother’s quilts were tied when I was young, so I helped with that. I made my first whole cloth quilt when I was in high school-it was tied and I still have it. My first machine zig zag applique and quilted quilt was a double knit polyester Sunbonnet Sue for my daughter in 1975-it weighs a ton. I took my first quilt class in 1988 and the teacher said everything had to be done by hand or it didn’t count. I hand quilted numerous quilts, even some of my grandmother’s and mother’s unfinished tops. Now, I machine piece mostly, some hand applique and some English Paper Piecing. Thank goodness for the longarmer! So, I have been quilting in some form for 62 years and have some unfinished projects spanning over 30 of those years .

  111. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    In 7th grade Home Ec. I made a bright yellow apron with one row of wide black rick rack across the bottom. I thought it was cool. I’m not real sure what the teacher thought. Then in college, the gal across the hall (dorm) was a Home Ec. major and showed us a quilt she made. That summer, when I wasn’t working as a life guard, I started sewing squares together. Never stopped–about 52 years now. Great fun.

  112. Tina W

    It’s been great reading everyone’s comments!
    I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl and took my first quilting class in the early 70’s – just before the rotary cutter came on the scene. It’s been a wonderful journey!
    Love seeing everyone’s #5 finishes.
    Tina W. in Oregon

  113. Jane in Alabama

    I have been quilting since 2000. My first quilt was a disaster. I learned to sew in Home Economics and I hated it. Quilting is a whole different world, and I love it. The best thing, I think, about quilting is the wonderful friendships you form with other quilters. Mary, your yard is beautiful. It is so hot and dry here that we are just trying to keep things alive with little hope of blooms. I love the two books offered. “ Autumn Bouquet” is on my list to buy. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win. I really enjoy the blog and will keep closing all the adds I see.

  114. Judi Leventhal

    I only had one ad to close. The other four didn’t have x’s 🙁
    I’ve been quilting for 41 years and sewing for 61 yrs. Man do I ever feel old!

  115. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I have been quilting for 11 years, started sewing 53 years ago. I found 5 ads to close!!

  116. Donna W.

    From reading most of the comments, it appears that I’m a newbie in comparison. I was bitten by the quilting bug almost three years ago. I love making the smaller baby quilts and throw sizes but have also made a twin quilt. Now that I am retired I hope to spend more time quilting.

  117. Jesse

    Closed all the ads available. I’ve been quilting for 13 years. A Male dominated household and no quilting buddies in my area yet…but always looking forward to more and more quilting each year. Jesse

  118. Carolyn Glover

    I closed 4 ads. I have been quilting for 28 years. I am a topper, I have 2 king size quilts to be quilted and a number of smaller block of the month quilts also ready to be quilted. Currently hope to start assembling On Ringo Lake this weekend and then to finish piecing Tropical Twist from a Bonnie Hunter workshop I attended in June 2017.

    I bought a 1948 Featherweight in May and spent an afternoon sewing half square triangles together from a shoebox of scrapes. I measured them when I was finished cutting the long chain apart and they were only 1 1/2”. But I did about 150 of them.

  119. Janelle L Bucher

    I started sewing at about 11 years of age. Babysat all summer and made money to sew all my school clothes at age 12. Been sewing ever since. Only began quilting around 2002 and have more fabric than I will ever use in my lifetime. Ha!

  120. Kathleen

    I started quilting about 25 years ago. Years before that I made a single log cabin quilt from a kit that I ordered from Family Circle or Women’s Day magazine.

  121. Linda B

    Jet lag has me up at 1:30 am! I have been quilting for over 30 years. My first quilt was a Grandmothers Flower Garden with the blocks pieced by hand!

  122. Charlotte S.

    I have been quilting for over 16 years when I joined a Quilting for Charity group at my church and have been giving away quilts ever since. I learned to sew making doll clothes when I was 7 or 8 on a treadle machine which I now have in one of the bedrooms. I was also a home economics major in college.
    I love seeing all the quilts and I love hydrangeas and your blog.

  123. Sandy

    Treasures from the scrap bin in the book by Sharon is beautiful.l have been seriously quilting for 30 years now, but made my first quilt for the birth of my first son 44 years ago,sewing for 57 years.

  124. Carol Waterman Nichols

    I have been quilting about 42 years! Yikes! That is a long time! But I do enjoy it! I closed 4 ads.

  125. Mary Lund

    Hi Mary. What a cute idea ,a bowl of tiniest. I’ve quilted for 45 years. Sewing on my own as a child. Senior quilt in Home Economics and really picked it up in 90’s with a girlfriend,rotary cutter and Country Threads. Do you and Connie ever stop and realize how many lives you’ve touched? Its wonderful, thank you xo

  126. Susan K

    I’ve been quilting about 39 years or so. I discovered quilts when I was in high school during the bicentennial. All of my mom’s magazines started having quilt articles in them. They fascinated me. I made a quilt using a pattern from Simplicity or McCalls (I still have it). I wish I would have known that my granny and an aunt on my dads side quilted. I could have learned from them. But I’m self taught as I read every book from the library and magazine I could get my hands on. Limited funds limited my projects both in number and size for many years. Now I can make larger and more quilts.

  127. Sarah

    My life in quilting began the fall of 1988. My husband and I gave each of our three kids quilts for Christmas. He cut the fabric and I sewed the seams. We used Eleanor Burns Irish Chain pattern each in different colors. That started my love affair with quilting. 😃 Love your blog! Closed 6 ads

  128. Kelli

    I started quilting when I saw a raggedy quilt in a shop – can’t remember why I was in the shop – but fell in love with it. That was 17 years ago! Thanks for the give away!

  129. Carol Clindaniel

    I have been quilting for 30 years along with my dear friend Sue, we started out taking classes together, learning together, and now occasionally do a BOM together (because we are 150 miles apart). But with technology, we can share our projects online now and we still get together and fabric shop. I hope we can quilt together for another 30 years.

  130. Susan B.

    I took my first quilting class around 1990 or so. Have always loved quilts and fabric! Unfortunately, I became more of a fabric collector than a quilter! Now, I have more time to devote to quilting and am determined to use up my stash. I’m finding it fun and challenging to put together things from my stash and not buy anything else! I closed 3 ads.

  131. Gloria from CC

    I’ve been quilting since 1995. I took a beginning quilting class from Country Threads – a small log cabin quilt which I still treasure. Thank you Country Threads! It doesn’t seem possible that 24 years has gone by since I started quilting. I’ll be sending you a picture of my #5 project today also a Country Threads pattern – Black Cat Tuesday which was featured in the Fall 2012 Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.

  132. Jacqueline Spivey

    I have been quilting off and on for 45 years. Now that I am retired I am back at it full time! Started out hand quilting but have moved to long arm quilting. Since I like piecing more than quilting that means a STACK of tops that need quilting! Closed all ads that would let me. Love the books.

  133. Linda H in SE MN

    Near as I can recollect, I’ve been doing this quilting thing for 25+ years… and it’s going to take another 25 years to use up my stash!! Uffda.

    1. Linda H in SE MN

      Sorry for the duplicate comment – there is something funky going on… I commented late last night and the post disappeared – checked this morning and still not there, so reposted. I just scrolled back to the top of the blog and suddenly there were 90 more comments – including my original! I also noticed that there were more ads to close every time I scrolled back up to the top… Must have closed 15 -20 ads on this post by now! Is it too early for the Halloween spooks to be out playing games?!?

  134. Beth

    I made my first quilt (Sunbonnet Sue) for my daughter in 1971(while DH was away on the aircraft carrier Kennedy) and I haven’t stopped yet. When we were stationed at a Navy base in Puerto Rico (75-78) I even taught a few quilting classes. I owe my quilting beginnings to a Canadian cousin who was keeping me busy when I stayed with my MIL in New Brunswick when my DH was attending a Navy school in Nova Scotia. SO…. I guess that means I have been quilting for 48 years.

    1. Beth

      I am making another comment because I discovered something. I was using my chrome browser when I left my first comment today and there were NO ads showing at all…. So I switched over to Firefox and there were two ads but they were the same…….. strange. So I left my first comment using Chrome but couldn’t close any ads. This time I am using firebox and I closed two ads so it is weird. I love the little pillow book.

  135. Roxanne

    I took an adult ed beginners class and lucked into a wonderful teacher! Luckily I dated my first project (of course she taught us that) which says 1982. I’m not prolific but it’s been a constant joy and I’ve met so many wonderful quilters. Closed 4+ ads.

  136. Joyce from NY

    I have been sewing off & on for 45 years. Made my clothes & clothes for my kids when they were little. Only been quilting for about 10. I also knit & do some hand embroidery. Love making purses & wall hangings, have made curtains & my share of mending. Bowl me over sounds interesting. I closed 3 ads. Your hydrangeas are beautiful & the new quilt pics.

  137. Janet Schultz

    It’s been about 40 years since I started quilting. Before that I was at my machine sewing a lot of clothes. Both books are wonderfully charming.

  138. Diane from TN

    I just had a mental trip down memory lane to figure out how long I have been sewing and quilting. It was a long walk. Haha. The first time I sewed was in home ec in the 7th grade. I made a jumper that would have been considered a “mini skirt” length. That would have been the late 60’s. I sewed garments off and on until I took a quilting class when I was pregnant with my son 30 years ago. I remember playing hooky from work to make a teddy bear appliqué quilt for the crib. I took a couple of quilt classes and completed a few quilts along the years. I keep trying to get into my sewing room but other things keep getting in the way.

  139. Eileen Maher

    I have been quilting about 25 years, and loving it!! Love the quilts you showed Today!! Both books look great.
    Closed 4 ads.

  140. Kathy Hanson

    I started quilting about 1975…wow, a long time ago! Enjoying the pictures that you sent this time, the quilts are beautiful and the thrift store purchase is really special. Trying to get the pieces cut for HIPS and get my September (dirty dozen) projects finished.

  141. Vicki in Seattle

    The books are full of new inspiration! I have been sewing since I was 7 and quilting about 15 years. Wonderful photos again today!

  142. Judy White in Illinois

    Quilting for over 25 yrs. Civil war fabric quilts are my favorite with a few modern quilts thrown in the mix. Sewing clothes, etc. when I joined 4-H in the late 50’s. Absolutely love both books. Closed 2 ads.

  143. Connie McGrew

    My first quilt was a pillow top and my daughter was a baby. She is now 42 and I’ve never stopped quilting. Ive made so many large bed quilts, that I have now moved on to art collage quilts for a change of pace. I am loving the new challenge. I closed 3 ads.

  144. Kathryn M Bruton

    Love reading your blog! I have been quilting for 19 years but I still have a lot to learn. Some days I feel like a beginner lol

  145. Rose

    I started sewing 55 years ago. Making Barbie clothes with my grandmother. Quilted on and off, really simple tied quilts until about 20 years and then I got serious. Now I can’t stop!

  146. Paula W

    I’ve been quilting for 25 years and am still learning new things. I guess one can never know it all! Thanks, Mary and Connie, for all your quilt patterns, I love the scrappy ones!

  147. Sharon Lowy

    I have been seriously quilting for 17 years. That is when I heard I was going to be grandmother to Zach and Abigail. I made 2 quilts of the same pattern “The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat”. I have sewn all of my life using scraps from my grandmother ‘s scrap bag. I made doll clothes, doll quilts and clothes for the cats that lived in the barn. Mom (my grandmother) made me an apron with pockets for my scissors, needle and threads. Thanks for taking me back to those memories.❤️

  148. Deborah K.

    I’ve probably been sewing for a bit over 20 years….My first quilt is so wonky….and so lame. The last few years I have gotten into wool applique, and that has opened up a whole new world as well.

  149. Janet

    three ad’s 😉
    I have been quilting for about 30 years, thanks to a great friend and co-worker!

  150. Celene

    I’ve been quilting as long as I can remember. My mother and grandmother used to have old fashioned quilting bees and all of my sisters and I would play under the quilting frames. It is as much a part of my life as breathing!

    Love this newsletter!

  151. Marian Stever

    Wow, Mary, do you see how many friends you have reading your blog! Amazing. Been sewing for 55 years and quilting for 20. I am so proud of my creations! The hydrangeas are bountiful! Closed many ads! Things are working. The quilt pictures are beautiful

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I’ll let you in on a little secret – this blog goes out to over 2800 quilters! Just fantastic, isn’t it?

  152. Wendy

    Well I have been sewing since I was in my early teens. I had a very talented Grandmother and we spent lots of time together in her sewing room and that is where I learned about sewing. The quilting came in my late twenties when I took a class at a local shop. Now that my kids are grown I dedicate way more time to the
    pleasures of quilting. I would guess I have been doing it for about thirty five years!! I just love the endless creativity and possibility of playing with fabric.

  153. Connie R. in Wis.

    I’ve been quilting for about 45 years. My first quilt was a gingham baby quilt with lace around the edge that I saw in Decorating and Crafts magazine. And, I have been quilting ever since. I love seeing in the comments the number of years people have been quilting but also that new quilters are joining in the fun. I love both the books you reviewed and, have the bowl filler book on my wish list.

  154. Nancy TD

    Closed 5 ads. 43 years of quilting. Took a class with my Avon lady. Sampler quilt—pieced by hand. We both went home and sewed our block by machine. Our instructors were shocked. They did not own machines. That was 43 years ago. Wonder what they would think now. A lot of great tools have made quilting fun and easier.

  155. Barbk

    I have been sewing since I was in 4th grade, which was many years ago! But actually started to quilt when I got married – 45 years this year.

  156. Joy

    I started my first quilt 37 years ago, not knowing it would be put on our bed in a new house! I started sewing when I was a young girl making clothing for myself. After I married I continued sewing clothes for myself and children. The past several years I just sew quilts or doll clothes or table runners.

  157. Meredith

    I learned to sew (a little bit) from a dear neighbor, who assured me that sewing clothing was very relaxing. Not so, for me🤨. I started quilting about 20 years ago. Love everything about it! (A quilt doesn’t need to “fit”. One size fits all!

  158. Pat Smith

    I’ve been sewing pieces of fabric together since the 70’s. To call it quilting would be a complete stretch. In the beginning, I was making duvet covers for a number of years as we’ve almost always lived in cold climates and we sleep under down comforters in the winter. Because I’m just not good at all at machine quilting, I now take the quilts I make to a long arm quilter. I’m actively shopping for a Bernina with BSR so that maybe I have a chance to at least quilt smaller projects. I love the quilts shown today. I have the turkey quilt pattern and would like to make it first with whatever machine I end up buying. I also love the blue sky like quilt. It is very striking and looks doable with my stash.

  159. Lori

    Click – two ads.

    Boy, you really have a following! Everyone wants to win a book!

    I think a have a couple metal trays that are sisters to yours.

    Let’s see, how old am I? Sixty-one, I’ve been quilting for 53 years.

  160. MartyCae

    I have been quilting since I was 21. So for 40 years! My Mother-In-Law was a wonderful quilter and she is the one who inspired me. My first quilt was a mess but I was hooked.

    No ads for me to close this morning.

  161. Judy

    Forty seven years ago I started quilting ‘cause the church offered free babysitting. I took my two boys who were one and three and had a couple GREAT HOURS with a wonderful group of creative ladies! Never looked back!
    I can’t wait to be on the airplane today to read all these comments! Heading to Northern CA for SIX days of quilting with five quilting buddies! 💕💕
    I spy a lovely vintage tray with strawberries! ❤️
    Mary, you are THE BEST- putting up with our repeated questions. 🥴😂🤣 Funny, not funny!
    HUGS to All!
    Judy in Texas- packing for CA

  162. Sandra

    I started quilting about thirty years ago with Eleanor Burns. I haven’t quit since .I love the quilt with the turkeys .It looks like one of your designs. I did a pattern with pumpkins and leaves and a house. It was one of the Country Threads Designs.Is the pattern with the turkeys still available? Did you ever design red work patterns? I remember a red and white quilt that was hanging in your shop. I would really love to see more of your collection of red and white quilts. I really enjoy reading your emails and the comments of other quilters.Happy quilting to all. I closed some adds.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The quilt with the turkeys was in our first book with Martingale, Country Threads, Quilt Shop Series. No longer in print unless you could find it online?

  163. Ellie

    I’ve sewed most of my life and done other types of hand work but I didn’t start quilting unt the 1980’s so I guess that’s nearly 40 years! Half my life! Most of the other hand work has fallen by the wayside but quilting has held my interest. About six ads closed this morning.

  164. Kris in Naperville

    Hi Mary – I’m currently working on the pumpkin quilt. I have it sandwiched, just need to quilt and bind… so fun! I’ve been quilting for 15 years or so. I’m learning to enjoy the journey and not be so “finish it” driven.

  165. Penny C Maryland

    Took home ed in high school learned to sew.fell in love with it immediately! Someone in the family had an old sewing machine they loaned me and my great Aunt hand had a wooden makeup table she gave me to put it on. My Mom’s cousin was a very large woman and her neighbor would make her Moo moos. Her neighbor moved and she came to me, I was 16 and had little experience. She needed me to make them for her. I took her Moo moos apart and used paper bags to make patterns. And made her Moo moos! So been sewing for 51 years and quilting for 13 when I moved here to rural Heathsville, VA and joined a quilt guild. I had two quilts I had started, but now have made many quilts and belong to two guilds!!

  166. Carol Collier

    I started sewing when I was 8; my grandma taught me on her treadle machine. I have been quilting for about 39 years or so. I love it!! These 2 books look wonderful!! And the quilts – what a fun way to start the day…Thanks!

  167. Jane Krepela

    I, too, started quilting after taking a community ed class with my good friend Kris in 1986, so about 30+ years ago. We both enjoyed garment sewing before quilting became a passion. As others have said, for many years work really put a crimp in the quilt production but I remained a fabric “procure-er” so in retirement have many projects to work on! Kris continues to amaze and inspire me with her gorgeous quilts, as does this wonderful blog. Thank you Mary for your energy and passion!! It is a joy to read the blog and all the comments from quilting, country-loving friends all over the country.

  168. karen m m

    More great books. Thanks for the eye candy too.
    Working on Gobblers Roost by Country Threads.

  169. Deb Harrison

    Zapped 3 ads this morning. I have been sewing since the year of sewing in 4H when I was in grade school. My father
    taught me how to use our Featherweight and I started on simple skirt patterns on my own, following directions. I had one lesson in 4H on facings and a double sided bodice top and after that sewed my clothes until about 10 years ago. I sewed for my kids and costumes for dancers and singers. After my children were born and out of diapers, I took a splitrail fence beginning quilt class in 1977 and have been quilting ever since. Every time I visited CT ( including the Halloween day of the huge ice storm in the 80’s) I soaked up any advice I could get from everyone. CT was my Mecca, my home away from home and a place where everyone was a friend and no one judged me.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I didn’t realize you were in the shop on that fateful day! Of course it was nice during the day and during the evening hours of trick or treat the rain came and the temperature dropped to 29 degrees. Early the next morning I woke up to limbs falling from the weight of the ice. By 8 am the power went off for 5 days and that night the temperature got below zero. I hauled water from town and loads of firewood from the shed to the house and just hoped it lasted through the night.

  170. Brenda in Iowa

    I’ve been quilting for 15 years. Sewing for 45 years. Does that count? I would love to have some hydrangeas on my farm. Yours are beautiful.

  171. Arlene Dobson

    I have dreamed and planned on quilting since I retired, but life got in the way. I’ve been quilting for about 2 years. Always timid but love it once it’s finished.

    Another suggestion – when I first signed up for your blog it never talked about closing ads – maybe it was something everyone knows, but I didn’t. Making up for it now!

  172. Gloria Y

    I’ve been quilting 40 years and now that I am retired, I can spend all day in my sewing room if I want! I’m so disappointed that I am missing the Charleston, SC show, I live about 3 1/2 hrs away! Closed ads!

  173. Pam

    Quilting since the 70’s and I don’t want to figure out how long that is – Yikes! I love the whole process of making a quilt – especially applique and hand-quilting.

  174. Deb Renken

    Love the applique book using civil war fabrics. I have done some of these and have them as wall hangings. I have been quilting for over 25 years but really got into it once by boys moved out and I had my own sewing room and more time to work on quilting.

  175. Launa

    My grandma taught me to sew as she always had a quilt in a frame in her “ front parlor” and I got to help tie or sometimes hand quilt on whichever it was. Loved the scraps to hand sew into doll quilts. Her trunk was upstair, full of fabrics and she would make me a wool pleated skirt occasionally. Have to say I’ve been quilting about 76 years. My junior high school had treadle Singer machines and we were required to sew an apron for Home Ec. class and a gym bag for Physical Ed. class with our initials embroidered. Bought my first Singer in in 1959! Still have it! Of course it’s been replaced by a Bernina!

  176. Dori J.

    I have been quilting since 1995 but was interested in quilts long before. Did some garment sewing but once I started quilting I was hooked!

  177. Marilyn Lewis

    I began quilting in 1975 when I was a young mother of two small boys. I did a lot of other hand work before that but my neighborhood sewing group (consisting of many young gals with lots of kids and some mentors) decided we should make a quilt for our town’s upcoming centennial and the country’s bi-centennial. That was my first experience with hand quilting and I was hooked on the whole process!!!
    I love these two books!!!

  178. Nikki M in Tx

    40+ years ago I started quilting.No prior sewing experience. Watched Elanore Burns on PBS & decided if she could make a quilt, I could. Purchased her Quilt in a Day (no it wasn’t) Log Cabin book, went to Hancock Fabric & bought fabric, Montgomery Ward & purchased sewing machine. After spending a weekend reading Manuel & learning how to thread machine & sew a straight line I began the quilt. To this day log cabin is one of my favorite blocks. More than 2 ads closed. Quilting has been so much to me. I cannot imagine not seeing/quilting.

  179. Rebecca

    I’ve been sewing for 54 years and quilting around 40. First quilt just large squares. I still have it. Its become the picnic blanket. And the colors, oh my, pretty ugly!!

  180. Marie Fibelstad

    I have been quilting for 52 years and still have my first quilt! Took a night school quilting class from Barb Nieland of Newell. Remembering not many fabrics were pure cotton then. Colors were red, blue and white!
    With a tiny red check back ground.
    Your blog is so interesting and fun, Marie

  181. Karen Cyr

    I’ve been quilting 43 years–my first was out of a Better Homes and Garden pattern for my nephew. Hard to believe he’s that old! Enjoy your reviews–makes me want to spend all my time quilting!

  182. Gwen Suntken

    I have been quilting for over 20 years. Since I’ve retired spend a lot of time sewing and quilting for Quilts for Valor, very rewarding.

  183. Sharon Ludwig

    Great books. I’ve been quilting since the mid 70’s, when there were few books or classes. Love your blog and start my morning with it!

    Sharon Ludwig 🙂

  184. Barbara

    I’ve been quilting for around 40 years, Since before rotary cutters and a pair of Ginghers were highly coveted because they could cut 10 layers of fabric!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We started before rotary cutters, too, and used our Gingher shears – when introduced to the rotary cutter, our world changed drastically.

  185. Karen

    Seems “Wayfair” really doesn’t have anything I need today so closed all their ads. I caught the quilting bug in 2000. Love both those books and don’t have either one.

  186. Ann

    I have been quilting for almost 30 years! Wow! Didn’t realize it was that long because I am having so much fun with this addiction! LOL
    I am very excited for both of these books. Thanks for the chance to win.

  187. Lynn in Scottsdale

    I quilt very small things like pot holders. Have been doing it for over 30 years. It is such a comfort to me. Love the little pillow book. I closed many ads. Thanks Mary.

  188. mary jane

    still no ads to close, which is wonderful – been sewing for about 55 years but quilting for last 20+ and still learning things to make quilting easier

  189. Marcia in ID

    I started my first quilt about 50 years ago using scissors and a cardboard hexagon template. Then pieced it all by hand. My how times change. I love your hydrangeas. There are some lovely finished quilt pictures coming in. Good work everyone.

  190. Rikki

    I made my first quilt 25 years ago for a wedding gift for my brother and his wife. Did not quilt again for years but have been going non stop for the last 5 years and love it dearly. Thanks for all the great stories you have to tell and all your goings on around there. Really like the pictures of the finished projects.

  191. Rikki

    I made my first quilt 25 years ago for a wedding gift for my brother and his wife. Did not quilt again for years but have been going non stop for the last 5 years and love it dearly. Thanks for all the great stories you have to tell and all your goings on around there. Really like the pictures of the finished projects.

  192. Sharon Ray

    I have been quilting since 1985, wow , hard to believe it’s been 34 years! All my great grandmothers, grandmothers and mother quilted. Trying to get my daughter in law to try it but no go. I’ll try the grandsons in a few years.

  193. Danna Saeugling

    I have been quilting for 24 years! I taught myself when we first got married because I was only working part-time, at that time. It was a wonderful stress reliever!

    Thank you for fighting through all the blog issues. I look forward to the photos you share.

  194. Montana Kathy

    First off, let me say no one in my family sewed or did any crafty things. My mother didn’t even own a needle or thread. From a young age, I was always begging for scraps of fabric and sewing supplies, until my mother gave in and borrowed a needle (a dull blunted needle) from a neighbor and gave me scraps of old clothes on the provision I only used it when she was around, as I was very young and she thought I’d hurt myself. My sister and grandparents, along with my mother could not understand anyone wanting to sew. I couldn’t wait to get to high school and take the required home economics class just to learn to sew on a machine. Upon high school graduation, I begged for a sewing machine as a graduation present and very reluctantly my grandparents took me down to the local Sears store to get one, with the warnings that I had better use it or it would be a waste of their money. There was even talk of getting me counseling because I had this strange interest in sewing! Upon graduation, I got my 1st job and a tiny apartment and started haunting the bookstores for sewing books. I remember picking up a book on Appalachian women making quilts in the hills of Tennessee, and at that moment I fell in love with quilts and quilting. (which previously I hadn’t known a thing about) . Fifty years later and I’m still enthralled with quilting. And 10 years ago I found my father’s family through the internet and after meeting them, I found out my grandmother and aunts were all prolific quilters, and knitters too. I felt like I’d come home!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      What a fabulous story, Kathy! I begged to sew as well and my mom wanted me to bake – but I didn’t want to bake!!!! She hated when I insisted I get her Singer cabinet machine out because sewing made a mess and she hated messes. Guess I showed her, huh?

  195. MJ

    I started quilting in the early 80’s when I was introduced to the rotary cutter and self healing mat. Great inventions!

  196. Lynn Haines

    I have been quilting 40 plus years. I can’t wait until I retire so I can spend more time quilting. I love seeing the private quilt show. Such a talent group.

  197. Anonymous

    Oh, Diane. Your post just made me smile. Quilting happens in-between life events, but it does wait for us. Isn’t that nice that we still have our wonderful fabric just waiting?

  198. Candy

    Wow, Mary … if you added up all these ladies’ years of experience … I can’t even imagine what that number would be, but it’s impressive! I took my first quilting class sometime back in the late 70’s, but I didn’t take it up as a full-time hobby (obsession!) until1992, so I guess I’d have to say 27 years. I love both of the books you reviewed today, and I closed 11 ads. Thanks for sharing!

  199. Debbie B

    Hi, Mary! I began quilting in the mid 80’s and made a small wall quilt all by hand. I decided that I didn’t want to make my own templates and hand piece, etc. So I was so excited in the mid 90’s to find rotary cutters and mats and rulers. I have kept it up since them. Love it all. The book by Debbie Busby looks adorable. Thanks for the giveaways.

  200. Dianne

    I have been quilting for almost 20 years. The first class that I took was near the beginning of my quilting adventure. It was a Quilt In A Day Log Cabin quilt. I still have it, but it is not finished. Since then I have made many quilts and given most of them away as gifts. I even won two ribbons at the Lake Farmpark Quilt Show in Lake County, Ohio.

  201. Ann Gupton

    I have been quilting for 40 year. One day my husband brought me home a quilt in a garbage bag. He kept it in the garage and asked me to come out. He opened it up and there was an appliqué-pieced quilt top, pink and blue. At one time it was beautiful but now it was torn in spots and smelled of mice urine and very dirty. There were two brothers-farmers…never married and it was their mothers. Tom told them I could wash and fix it like new. I had never sewed at a day in my life except repair blue jeans. Well..I washed and repaired it They loved it and that’s how I began my adventure to quilting. Appliqué is my favorite. I even won first place in appliqué in the Miniatures From The Heart Contest. Still love quilting.

  202. Paula Philpot

    Only 2 came up to close this time but a lot yesterday. I have been quilting since 1974 when I taught myself with cardboard and scissors . Paula in KY

  203. Margie Braaksma

    I think I started quilting when I was about 17, so 41 years. I started embroidery when I was 5, in Brownies. My mom sewed for all of my family, I’m the youngest of 7. One of my jobs was to pin that thin pattern to the fabric after we stretched the fabric to make it square. One of my sisters got me started quilting, my mom never did quilt.

  204. Janet Mayer

    I learned to sew while in 4-H in the 50’s. A wonderful neighbor and 4-H leader became my mentor.
    I didn’t start doing any quilting until about 15 years ago. I was too busy being a mother, farm wife
    and teacher and had no time for the “fun” things (Quilting)!! Now I make mainly smaller quitting projects.

  205. Nancy A Poole

    First quilt was a dolly blanket for my daughter. Applique hearts in squares. 47 years ago. It looks like a little kid made it, no lessons. I would have learned proper I’m sure had our family stayed in Minnesota instead of coming to Southern California as a teenager.

  206. Karen D Martin

    Your hydrangeas are awesome–the deer have eaten mine down to stubs. I started quilting when I was first married and last month we celebrated our 50th anniversary–that’s all I’m saying about that!

  207. Barbara A Aker

    I starting sewing in grade school in the early 60’s with my mom teaching me step by step. We then started quilting in the early 80’s together and I haven’t slowed down since. My mom has passed on but I often feel her by my side as I work on a quilting project. This has convinced me that they do quilt in heaven! I was able to close 6 ads today.

  208. Darlene in Texas

    I closed 7 ads today. My grandmother taught me how to quilt when I was 10 years old. So I have been quilting for the past 62 years. She pulled out some scraps of my grandfather’s shirts and some scraps from her dresses and showed me how to piece a four patch block. I still have the small quilt I pieced though it is now showing definite signs of age. I had the pleasure of teaching the beginners quilt class at a local quilt store for 20 years before I retired. My grandmother shared her wisdom, faith, and her love of quilting with me and for that I will be forever grateful.

  209. Pam Milbrandt

    The hydrangeas have been gorgeous this year. I like doing small quilting projects and have been doing so for last 15 years. I want to do more especially 1for each of our 11 grand children. I have closed at least 8 advertisements. I love your blog. Thank you!
    Pam from Iowa

  210. Marla

    I absolutely loved the morning glory table runner in progress. Is there a pattern available?
    Thank you!

  211. Paula

    Wow! Look at all those comments. Just shows how many people you touch with the vlog! I started quilting in 1980 before I had my first child. I am still at it and loving it all!

  212. Dortha

    I have been piecing for about 20 years. I don’t quilt😔. Love the book using reproduction fabric. Love your blog.

  213. Nancy Norris

    Mary closed my 2 ads and I’ve been quilting for about 10 years on my own. I come from a long line of quilters going back to my great great great grandmother. Mom taught us how to hand quilt and I enjoy doing that if the quilt isn’t too big. My arthritis doesn’t like my hand hanging onto those little needles.

  214. Beryl BC

    How do I answer this? Do the 4 patches I pieced as a teen 50+ years ago but never put into anything count? How about the quilted pillow tops I made in a beginning quilting class around 1980? Or, the applique top I started around 1985 and finished the top about 30 years later? For the past 10 years I’ve had some sort of quilting project in the works at all times.

  215. Janet Orr

    Closed a couple of ads for you!

    I started sewing as a teenager. Clothing for myself including a full-length wool coat with a hood and fully lined. And I sewed my wedding dress in 1974. As a young mother I sewed clothing for my 3 girls. It was in the 1980s that I started quilting. A long time ago! I hardly ever sew clothing any more except for the many mending jobs my family drops off for me! My mom and I joined a quilt guild together. And I’ve been quilting ever since. I wish mom was alive today to see my quilts and my longarm! She’d be amazed and so pleased!

  216. Kate

    My first quilt was machine pieced by me in the seventies, so I’ve been quilting over forty years. I still have my first quilt and the magazine its pattern came from and I never looked back after my first one. I know I’ve made at least one hundred quilts, but I’ve lost count!

  217. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I started quilting about 34 or 35 years ago. I attended a class at the “Y’ where we made templates out of sandpaper. Sounds archaic! We made two blocks, all hand sewn. I was quite proud of my pieced pillow and applique wall hanging. I remember the availability of 100% cotton quilting fabric was pretty sparse.
    Thanks, Mary

  218. Becky

    I made my first quilt in 1993. I didn’t have a pattern, just copied a picture from a magazine. Didn’t know what I was doing so it’s not a beauty but it’s soft and snuggly still. I later learned the pattern name – wild goose chase. I love your books and the upcoming one looks fabulous!

  219. Susan from Rockwell

    Love your gorgeous hydrangeas, I am going out tomorrow to check mine out! Thanks for the idea!
    I’ve been quilting for 44 years. Lately I have been making table runners and potholders for my daughter and tshirt quilts for the graduating grandchildren. I closed 11 ads for you today. Thanks Mary!

  220. Judith Ann Jaques

    I closed 4 ads. No need to put my name in for the drawing. I would not use either book. I do mostly scrappy just make them up as I go. I have been quilting for maybe 10 years. Before and still make oil painted cloth dolls and about every craft there is.

    Thanks for the posts. I cut one of my hydrangea today. The blooms are huge this year. I cut it back to the ground last year and only had 4 stems regrow with a huge bloom on 2 of the stems. judy

  221. Alice

    First, I’m finding plenty of ads to close, then go back & close more! I’ve been quilting for 22 yrs! I’d always sewn clothing from the time I was old enough to be in 4H, about 10. Made most of my clothes in highschool. Later made suits for my husband. 22 yrs ago I took a quilting course and the rest is history! Both of my grandmas were avid quilters. Love both the books, but the one with little pillows is really sweet!

  222. Rosie Westerhold

    I’ve been quilting since 1976😱😱! Can’t believe it’s been that long. My very FIRST project was a king-sized quilt with quarter-Square triangles. Traced on cereal boxes (for the template), traced in pencil on the fabric (cotton/poly blend), and entirely cut out using scissors😱😱😱😱!!! I finished the top, but it remains unquilted.

  223. Barb K

    I have been quilting for around 28 years–have learned a lot since then!! Enjoyed seeing all your new baby chicks!!

  224. lorraine bujnowski

    I’ve been quilting for about 30 yrs.
    Love all of your animals and your patterns and quilts!!

  225. Lisa Boles

    I’ve been quilting since I was a teenager in the early 1070s. I stopped for the college years, too busy with other parts of life, but picked it up again in the early 80s when my first child was born.

  226. Suzanne Hillestad

    Have been quilting for nearly 30 years. I really enjoy reading your posts, especially when you write about the animals.

  227. Deborah May

    I’ve been quilting about 3 years learning more about it every day,I love the little pillows idea,they are so cute.I really enjoy your blog .

  228. Mary Durham

    I’ve been sewing since around age 12, but didn’t start quilting until about age 25 when I had my first child.

  229. CheriP

    I started to quilt about 20 years ago….. and still have at least 3 of the projects in my UFO list. I like to say I am a fabric collector!

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