Only 37 degrees this morning! When will I be able to plant my flowers?

8 thoughts on “Brrrr…….

  1. Kathy Davis

    It was 47 degrees here in Massachusetts!!! Still kinda chilly for the flowers, but good for cleaning windows, ha,ha.

  2. Linda Love

    8:45 a.m. and I think we’re up to 45. Had to turn on the furnace yesterday and will again this morning to get rid of the chill. I thought Spring was supposed to be warmer than this!

  3. Diane

    It’s 10:15 AM and 70 degrees and HUMID here in Ohio, but we’ll get this tomorrow. Iowa loves to send us her weather!! Retreat this weekend in Berlin, OH ( Amish country)–oh joy:)

  4. Betty Klosterman

    In Rapid City, I don’t even get plants until after Memorial Day and plant them in June.

  5. sue dietz

    So sorry. You all have really had a tough winter and deserve some flowers. My peonies are blooming. Just think what you have to look forward to seeing in a few weeks hopefully.

  6. Launa

    Was 56 degrees at 6AM here and is now 93 sunny degrees. Just a wee fluttering of the flag. We’re in a serious drought here in CA.
    Keep those darling little goat girls warm.
    Looking forward to the new 100 fabrics posted tomorrow!!

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