Cardiac Ablation, 6-19-24

Rick will be undergoing cardiac ablation tomorrow morning due to continuing Afib. He took a tumble this afternoon in our yard – said his knee just gave out.

I have several patriotic patterns to make available to you so I took them to the post office to make sure what postage I should require from you. Closed – June Teenth? How did I miss this becoming a national holiday? I can’t take them tomorrow either so bear with me – I’ll get them posted asap.

It would be a good children’s book – Greta and the Big Bad Truck – if only I had an illustrator.

Reader photos

Three – I’ll never have to worry he’s stuck high in a tree, will I? He’s too fat!!

Remember Gloria, Gaylen and tiny little Caitlin? They came to pick up the succulent desk tonight – I knew you’d want to meet her.

Isn’t she sweet? You might remember Caitlin was a foster through Jo’s rescue and Gloria had recently lost Angel. It’s a match made in Heaven, I’d say.

Someone asked about those hydrangeas I moved last fall – they’ve got a ways to go but they all came up and are growing along with the weeds.

Jo in Wyoming sent these pictures – the huge truck hauls coal and the other is the picture of the road collapse in Yellowstone. I didn’t know they made trucks that big.

Huge limb came down behind the house last night in the storm. I told Rick it’s in a perfect spot – not in the way of mowing and I can’t see it from the house. He won’t be doing any wood cutting for awhile anyway.


Good Night, Everybody!

I hope the comment box remains in place for you all.

55 thoughts on “Cardiac Ablation, 6-19-24

  1. Kathleen McCormick

    By now Rick is on the other side of this…hooray. My husband had one on May 30th for flutter – a regularly irregular heartbeat. He is back to his old self, like a miracle. He has a cardioversion before, which didn’t hold. Wishing you guys all the best.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathleen – Rick had ablation at Mayo in 2008, cardioversion twice, I think and now this – I hope it fixes the problem.

  2. Marsha in Michigan

    I hope Rick’s procedure goes well! I’m not even sure what that is but will look it up. Sounds scarey! I do know A-Fib is very draining so if this helps that would be wonderful.

    Loved all the patriotic quilts! I have one I made years ago! My mother was born

    I have a coffee date this morning with 2 old friends and my mother was born on Independence Day and so was my first grandchild (her first great grandchild).

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – both on July 4? That is very special. My birthday is July 3 – Mom told of how she wanted me to be born on the 4th until pains got so bad she thought the 3rd was fine! Haha!!!

  3. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    Hope Rick’s procedure went well and that you both are getting some rest. Caitlin is a doll and her finding Gloria was meant to be. Love stories like this! Beautiful quilts and other photos; enjoy seeing everyone’s hard work

  4. Teresa in Indiana

    Praying that Rick’s procedure went well and he will be feeling better soon. The pictures today were fabulous! The Holly hock quilt was darling!I loved all the patriotic quilts and pet pics.
    It was 95 and very dry today. We Re expecting the same for about another week! Stay cool everyone.

  5. Karen

    Hope Rick’s procedure has gone well. You have had a lot of challenges recently. Hopefully things will calm down for awhile. Love all the chicken pictures, especially with the dogs. A happy place for all.


  6. Jeanine from SE Iowa

    Joy in NW Iowa – I wish we could have some of your rain. We had .7″ last night and this morning, and we were so happy about that! We have only had .2″ of rain in all of June, so are very dry here. We have had a lot of wind, too, so that dried it out even more.

    The pictures are beautiful again today. Let us know, Mary, how Rick got along today.

  7. Joy in NW Iowa

    Sure hope the procedure went well.
    We are getting a LOT of rain, today we have had 2 inches! Plus we have had rain since the weekend, that was two inches. And we aren’t in the clear until this coming Saturday! Oh boy!
    I didn’t really dare to turn on my sewing machine because of the lightening so I made some greeting cards. Other than that I watch it rain.

  8. Connie R. in Wis.

    I searched online for the hollyhock quilt pattern. It is called Hollyhock Heaven by Red Button Quilt Company.

  9. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    I’m late to the conversation, but I hope Rock’s procedure went as planned.
    Beautiful pictures. Loved to see Gloria and little Caitlin.
    Staying in on this hot day.

  10. Marie C

    I hope all goes well with Rick. I love the quilt with the four dogs and the long flag. It was in the second picture. Is their a pattern. I would love to know.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie c – it’s our booklet called Three Dog March. The reader included her dog, too. I found one copy of the booklet but pieces are so big I can’t copy on my copier so I don’t know exactly how to get it to you.

      1. Marie C

        Thanks for the name. I’ll look for it on line. I’ve picked up many of your patterns over the years. Hope Rick’s recovery goes well. We just got back from our local county fair. It brings back great memories of our children showing beef and horses.

  11. Li

    Delightful images today, as always. We are watching the bees going crazy among the lavenders.

  12. Jan in AZ

    Rick’s procedure sounds like a much needed solution for his AFIB, especially with encouraging words of two readers who’ve seen the positive results first hand. Adding my prayers for you both today and the surgeons doing this operation. May this be a renewal of normalcy as Rick works through recovery and begins to feel more like himself. Take of yourself – love those dogs and chickens, play the piano for pleasure and hire someone from to take care of that tree limb for you. Yes, start writing GRETA AND THE BIG BAD TRUCK, an illustrator will be found.
    With that said, what a fun post – beautiful flowers, beautiful quilt designs and colors! That cat quilt material is too darn cute. Thank you, Mary, for putting it all together.
    Loved the hens in their “hen house”, complete with that wingback chair. The big truck reminded me of the huge platform used to move the Saturn 5 rockets, for the Apollo missions, from the tower where construction took place to the launch pad.
    Stay hydrated you all.

  13. Jan Smith

    I’ve added your husband to my prayers.
    So happy that “dumb ass” is ok, and you both survived the trauma!!

  14. Carole S.

    Good luck to Rick with his procedure.

    I just love your blog and all the photos. It’s like a quick visit from a friend. Hope you’re taking care of yourself with all that’s going on.

  15. Doris G

    Praying for you and Rick today. Love all the pictures of quilts and animals. Take care of yourself Mary!

  16. Rita in Iowa

    Mary tell Rick our prayers are with him as he has his procedure done today. Hope his recovery goes smoothly. Love the chicken photos. They look very comfortable. Ha! Thanks for sharing all the flowers in your yards they are beautiful to see. The deer did a number on mine while we were on vacation. All the quilts are special and very patriotic. Thanks for sharing.

    Made black raspberry jam the other day and need to pick another cup to make another batch. Requested to make it for my daughter. Getting rain today. So far a little over a half an inch. No watering the plants today. Yeah!

  17. Tanya T.

    Hoping for smooth medical procedure for Rick today! Trying to find my mini yellow brick road pattern…bet I am not the only one to lose a pattern just as I was ready to cut the little pieces! You’d think I could look at the photo online and figure this out!!

  18. Lora

    Prayers sent for Rick! Love the patriotic quilts – sorry that your kitty gave you so much grief! I would have been the same way- worried sick!!

  19. Henners

    Prayers for Rick today. I hope all goes smoothly & he finds improvement in these issues. Thinking of him and you today.

  20. Fran

    Best wishes to Rick with his procedure. Sometimes they have to do that more than once.

    Absolutely love the patriotic/flag quilts. Wonderful!

    Fran in SW Iowa

  21. NancyTD

    Prayers to you and Rick. Will be thinking of you both today. Th hollyhock quilt is so cute. I could never get them to grow. More storms on the way for the next 3 days—ugh!

  22. Janet S

    Sandra has a great sense of humor – hope they don’t have to park that truck between two lines. Yesterday, I tried to go to the library but they also were closed because of June-teenth. When did this become a national holiday? And what’s it for? Oh well, life goes on. Prayers for Rick and you too Mary.

    1. patti

      juneteenth commemorates the federal troops arriving in galveston, texas to tell eveyone about the emancipation act and that the slaves were now free. two years after the fact. patti in florida

  23. Donna Jo

    Hope the ablation goes well. From reading the comments it sounds like several people have had positive results from it. I never knew they made trucks that big either. Beautiful photos once again. I can tell Gloria spoils her dogs. Any dog that gets adopted by her is so lucky.

  24. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary! I hope the ablation goes well- that sounds serious. The pictures today are fabulous! Really beautiful quilts and flowers! I’m really intrigued by the triangle/diamond quilt- I can’t figure out the construction.

  25. Sandra Goddard

    Prayers for Rick and his speedy recovery. The picture of the Holly hocks is so nice I have tried to grow them with no luck. The Wyoming pictures are amazing. I hope the drivers don’t have to park that truck between two lines!

  26. Susan in VA

    Praying all goes well with Rick’s procedure today and prayers that his care will be easy on you!

  27. Donna A

    I am so excited to hear about the ablation! I say this because I had it done just over 3 months ago. Tell Rick that it’s a wonderful thing. I have not had Afib since! I have most of my old energy back and can sleep all night. I still like to take a nap but that has always been my case.

  28. Deb in VA

    I hope the person who sent in photo of the hollyhock quilt will respond. I love it! I’d love to get information on the pattern. Or will that person sell me the pattern? Thank you.
    Hope all goes well for your husband. DEB IN VA

    1. Connie R.

      Deb: Pattern is Hollyhock Heaven by Red Button Quilt Co. (Not my quilt but did an online search.)

  29. Barbara Yarnell

    Sending prayers for Rick’s ablation today. Gorgeous quilt show today! I especially love the orange, yellow and blue quilt made with triangles and strips. Is that a Villa Rosa pattern perhaps? And the hollyhocks quilt is so cute! Thanks to everyone who shared photos. I hope to get started quilting the t-shirt quilt today. I’ve never done one before and I’m nervous about it, but its not a quilt till its quilted, right?

  30. Kim in N IL

    Hoping all goes well for Rick tomorrow. My husband had an ablation about 5 years ago and it solved his Afib issues. Loved all the photos today.

  31. Charlotte in No. California

    I’m hoping Rick’s ablation goes well tomorrow.
    I love all the quilts and flowers today. My granddaughter, daughter-in-law and I went on a quilt shop hop today. There were only 6 shops so we made it to all of them in one day. Probably about 200 miles total driving. We had lots of fun and then had dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant. Then walked a couple of doors down and had Gelato for dessert.

  32. patti

    prayers for your and rick for the ablation. trusting things go well and recovery is quick. glad the tree limbs fell where you can’t see them from the house. you won’t worry so much. gloria and caitlin look so happy. glad they found each other. all the pictures of decor, flowers, animals and quilts are wonderful. such great eye candy. hugs and sweet dreams to all. patti in florida

  33. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Today’s post is wonderful! I always love seeing your animals; Three looks so comfy on the porch. The flowers are beautiful, and the quilts are outstanding!
    Sending positive thoughts for tomorrow’s procedure,
    Take Care, 🥰

  34. Martha W in WY

    I just read about cardiac ablation. It sounds like Rick and you will have a long day at the hospital. I’ll say a prayer for you both tonight. I enjoyed seeing all the patriotic quilts tonight. I had to chuckle at the chickens on the chair. I remember the Caitlin story. It was so wonderful that a miracle occurred and Caitlin and Gloria found each other.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – yes, Caitlin found her perfect home! I am planning to come home part of the day and go back – did you ever find a picture of your mom?

  35. Brenda in Georgia

    With hope all goes smoothly with the procedure for Rick and a quick recovery and things settle down for you. I love all the photos. Are those your chickens sitting on the chair. I really love that photo!

  36. Jeanne in Co.

    Sending prayers for both Rick and you tomorrow as he goes through the heart procedure. After the computer problem, then the kitty in the tree episode, we were all hoping your life would calm down for a while. The old saying is that trouble comes in threes. Well, this is number three for you. Enough already.
    Good game today by the Indiana Fever. The team seems to be working together better with every game.
    My daughter is back in Iowa this week for her 50th class reunion, so I’m here alone trying to behave myself. It is a good time to start working on another baby quilt like the one I had in your last blog. I still have more of the preprinted animal prints by Darlene Zimmerman and leftover strips cut from my 30’s stash. So I just need to cut a few more strips and I can begin sewing this second one. Since I don’t know the sex if this expected baby, I think I’ll use aqua for the setting blocks in the sashing. It’s an easy quilt to put together. The hardest part is deciding which color strip to place as you do each block.
    Sleep well. Mary. Prayers for tomorrow. Jeanne in Co.

  37. Jo in Wyoming

    I wonder if the heart procedure is painful? Good luck to Rick and Mary, take care of yourself.
    The quilts are great today, the flowers beautiful.
    It’s quite lucky they closed that road before the big slide. That area news reports an additional 4 hours to the commute for folks in Idaho. We have seen pictures of the traffic jam.

  38. Cindy K

    Good luck to Rick on his procedure. I know several people in my area who have had an ablation.
    Got rain last night so wheat cutting today. I’m sure the crew appreciated the break.
    Great photos, little Caitlyn is adorable and that truck!!!! Oh my word! Can’t imagine driving that rig anywhere.

  39. Paula S.

    Hope Rick’s procedure goes well and takes care of this problem. It’s not easy getting old and taking care of sick husbands. I feel for you, Mary!

  40. DebMac

    Hope all goes well with Rick tomorrow. Sending prayers. Beautiful patriotic quilts today and the hollyhock quilt was adorable.

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