Checking In, 3-26-2020

It turned out to be a pretty afternoon – nice enough to rake some muddy leaves!!

The chickens were out in full force enjoying the day! I love my beautiful chickens!

Hazel had to play some Chuckit.

And then Telly beat her to the ball!

And remember LaNan saying she had a 9 month old Bernadoodle named Stanley? Here he is – meet Stanley!

Black dogs are so hard to “see” in a photo!

Finished projects:

And this is what I did yesterday- I pieced the back, quilted it and bound it.

Here’s the back:

I did not quilt it very heavy because I wanted it to be soft and useable as a bed quilt.

I’ll add it to this stack of finished quilts in the shop. Today I hung spring/summer quilts in the house – such a big job!

My days just fly by – I told Rick that I can’t walk through the house without watering plants, cleaning litter boxes for 11 cats, filling food bowls, or shaking out chair covers! It’s all exhausting!

I’ve had a report that comments aren’t posting – has anybody else run into this problem? I’m not sure how I’ll figure it out without Denise but tell me if you’re experiencing this problem.

That’s all for tonite – remember


68 thoughts on “Checking In, 3-26-2020

  1. Brenda archambault

    Just a thought … our animals aren’t social distancing and yet, they seem to be healthy. Why?
    We’re being careful here in Phoenix area and my husband went grocery shopping and found almost everything on my list today, unlike earlier in the week. Beautiful strawberries, very large and very tasty. We’ll get through this, one way or another. Working on a Sashiko stitching project and should finish it tomorrow, part of my personal DD list, tho not quilting. Oh well.
    Be still, think good thoughts.

  2. Jate

    I do wish everyone health and well being, but I am rather enjoying this timeout the world has gotten. My husband has been home from work and has been helping me so much around the house. We painted a bedroom and are getting the yardwork caught up. We get take out and it’s fun not being on any kind of schedule at all. Love seeing your chickens. Ours are keeping us well supplied with eggs and I am giving them away. We stacked my quilts today and my piles are not nearly as high as yours! Plus I’m working on several more. Never a dull moment.

  3. Felicia Hamlin

    What a cute dog! I love your colorful quilt. That Telly got one over Hazel. Funny! It is nice to see your chickens outside and all those projects done. Love the one with the chicken, basket and eggs. Take care.

  4. Vickie Devore

    Hi! I’ve gotten behind in getting important things done, but wanted to send a quick note to see if this comment would post for you. Love those chickens!! (not to mention the puppies and kitties, love you, vickie

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Vickie Devore – yes, it posted and I think all is working! Yay!!!

  5. Mary Kannas

    Hi Mary, no problem with comments here.
    Your quilt is wonderful and I really like how you quilt your quilts. I knew you posted about your method once so I looked back and found it. I think I will try it.
    Love your updates on your animals! We too live on an acreage but don’t have quite the variety of animals you have.
    We have two sweet dogs, several barn cats, three horses, three cows and two baby calves. Love life in the country!

  6. Nikki M in Tx

    No problems posting Mary.
    Dallas announced today the National Guard will be coming in to help the medical community & set up a temporary facility.
    Stanley is just adorable & I love his feet.
    The hen Easter egg wall hanging / table runner is just so cute, put a smile on my face.
    Harvey the Rabbit never gets old, each has his own personality.
    I have a daily goal of hand appliquéing at least 2 of my red circle blocks daily. Finished piecing the Painted Ladies top.
    Next project I hope to complete is a pattern from my dear friend Veda Wilhite, is a Christmas quilt in homespun, found it boxed in guest room closet..& it a quilt I love, almost completed, don’t know why in wound up on shelf. Think, maybe, had company coming & straightening up for their visit??? Anyway is from the 1990’s…anyone else working on an aged ( refuse to say old) project?)
    Stay safe-be healthy- distance!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I had a message from last October about a stack of squares someone had and one was signed by me. She said she gifted the stack to Veda Wilhite and I recognized her name when you posted it.
      Weather is nice today but I need to limit my physical labor time – my back, my hips and my knees are sore and keep me from sleeping. Ugh.
      You are really getting lots done!!!

    2. Felicia Hamlin

      I cleaned my kitchen last June because of company coming, I sew on the kitchen table, I put about twenty paper piecing patterns away and I still haven’t found them.

  7. Jeanine from Iowa

    I, too, enjoy your blog so much. Love seeing the animal and quilt pictures. Yesterday we planted radishes and potatoes in our garden in southeast Iowa. It is suppose to rain tonight and tomorrow. I am getting some extra time in for sewing, so that is great. Our small quilting group made masks for our local hospital, and we also make quilts for our Hospice House and Hospital. We are focusing on making quilts for the Oncology Department now, as they use a lot of quilts, and we want those going through that to be able to take a quilt home with them. Our group is small, but we get a lot done in our homes. We meet together once a month. We have four gals with longarms, so we all donate our time in quilting the charity quilts we make. God bless all of you, and like the two words, Mary, you shared with us on Monday. Be still (and know that I am God.)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanine – I have to remember those words throughout the day!


    I’m loving that quilt. I need something fast and no thinking to get my self going. If you could let us know what the size of the blocks to cut I know I could do it. Or if it is a pattern just give us the name and I will try to find it on the internet. Have a great day. Nancy P.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Lots of ads to close today, loving your blog – can’t wait to read it!! It appears that you are back to your very ambitious self, getting things done and apparently enjoying your life again! So very happy for you! So nice to see what everyone is finishing, I need to get my pictures to you. Stanley is gorgeous! Your chickens are so beautiful, love that Telly got the ball before Hazel, she must have been frustrated by that! What a beautiful sunny day, this morning but I hear that rain is coming. Oh well, we have to stay in anyway. Making some masks today.

  10. Barbara Klein

    Mary, I love your quilt. I is lovely. Would you let me know the size of the blocks or the name of the pattern?
    Thanks. Barb in IA

  11. Diane in Maryland

    No problem seeing the comments here either. Just love the pictures! Your chickens really are beautiful. What adorable quilts. The quilting on the one with the chicken and colorful eggs is very pretty. I’ve done the straight line quilting on several of my quilts, since seeing yours, that I had thought of taking to someone with a long arm machine. I like the straight lines and it is nice to have them done and know that I did all of it. Your color combinations are always so good together.
    I’m waiting for it to warm up outside and then will tackle some of the chickweed that is growing in the flower beds. The daffodils, cherry and pear trees are in full bloom. A neighbor even spotted a hummingbird! I hung my feeders but haven’t seen any yet. The old adage “the hummingbirds come when the dogwood bloom” is usually true. They won’t bloom for several weeks yet.

  12. Kathy in western NY

    Your pictures Mary continue to be a bright spot in our days and thank you for sharing your part of this big country with us. Each day I tell myself these are the moments we long for to be sewing so it motivates me to make the best of them. Still not leaving my home except for walks outside at spots away from people like empty parking lots. Like Carol said it’s a ten step ordeal as my daughter pointed out when they return home…wipe down this and that they bring in, etc. so it’s just easier to make do with what I have to remain well.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Kathy in western New York wherever you are, we are going to meet up in the fall (hopefully there will be a drug available and risk will be less!).. and we are going to celebrate our freedom with a shop hop! Lunch is on me!

  13. Anonymous

    Thanks again for all your upbeat comments. Love your posts on your animals and all the quilt pics. You have more energy and get more done in a day then I get done in a week.
    Thank you.

  14. Margaret

    Really enjoy your post, seeing all the animals. We are all excited to get to the garden. We planted lettuce, spinach and radishes yesterday. Hope for the future.. we are in2 weeks now but never know how long u have to be in quarantine? Take care and keep posting, be safe… God bless you and your family

  15. Sally J.

    Hi from south west Florida. We have 4 virus cases in our county. Spending my time sewing, reading, puzzles and getting outside to ride my bike or take long walks. The weather here is hot for March 85-93 and breaking heat records most days.
    I really enjoy your blog each morning! Love seeing all the quilt projects and your animals friends.
    Stay safe everyone and keep praying for our health care workers and each other.

  16. NancyTD

    Thanks for all the comments on my finishes. It will keep me going on my next month project. Can really accomplish a lot when I have to stay home. Enjoying the slower pace. The Easter tablerunner was a pattern my daughter downloaded several years ago. I was to make her one and me one. That was hers and I have started to quilt mine.
    Minnesota will start stay at home tonight through April 4. Just pray people do this and stop the spread.
    Mary your quilt and the straight lining quilting is nice.
    Everyone stay healthy and safe by staying home.

    1. Peggy Thompson

      Nancy, would you share the trucks & equipment pattern name & designer? It’s just adorable & my 2 year old little guy would love it! Thanks so much & stay well.

  17. Pattie

    Hi, my name is Pattie from Middletown,PA. I am new to your blog and enjoying it everyday. I had the good fortune to visit your shop about 15 years ago and have never forgotten the chickens and even yet have some pictures. My husband and I were traveling in our motor home with our dog Puddy and I remember being invited to let him run around inside your fenced yard. I bought some patterns while there and to this day, the feathered tree is one of my favorite quilts.
    I love the quilted table runner with the chicken and eggs in the basket and would love to find that pattern.
    My sewing machine has been smoking these last couple of weeks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pattie – glad you found the blog! We’re a tight knit group of quilters, animal ,overs and gardeners!!! More to come!

  18. Cecilia Mire

    I so look forward to your posts everyday and seeing the chickens. It puts a smile on my face and I am ready to start the day. I would like to know if you are selling the pattern for the construction equipment quilt you should in your post today. If so please send me the details. Thank you

  19. Mary

    Love those chickens! Is the chicken/egg/basket wallhanging a pattern? I live near Disneyland and we have more Coronavirus cases every day but I understand there is more testing so that makes sense. I haven’t been out to shop since last Sat. I could use a few things but think I’ll continue to stay put. I do walk daily and enjoy seeing people at a distance. Stay well and please keep posting. I liked your new quilt and was astonished at the pile of finished quilts. No problem posting or reading comments. Number of ads vary.

  20. Dorothy

    I just absolutely love your quilt. “Simple” gets it every time 🙂 Pretty chickens too 🙂

  21. Sandy

    Your quilt( and all the others ) are lovely Mary, it’s a highlight of my day reading your blog! I love seeing all the animals too, take care everyone, best wishes, sandy

  22. Sue in Oregon

    Stanley is adorable. He looks like he is wearing spats. I know the doodle part stands for poodle, but what is the Berna part of him? I think these new mixed breeds are so cute.
    Your quilt is beautiful. At first I did not know if I would like all those prints mixed together, but now I must say its gorgeous.
    I am grateful that I live in the country, have lots of land around me and have a well-stocked larder. But, I worry so much about people all across our beautiful nation getting this terrible virus that is spreading like wildfire. I am mad that the medical community is not getting the essentials that they need to fight this. And, I pray for a miracle.
    I will be still now.

    1. LaNan Eldridge

      berna..Bernese mountain dog. He’s a mini so will only get between 30-35 pounds.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – are you the sender to “Mary of the many pets”? The crabby Mrs. G??? I think I’m just now putting 2 and 2 together!!!!!

  23. Sharon Ernst

    Hi Mary! I can see comments here, so no issues for me! Isn’t it wonderful to get outside a little?! I’m wondering how your eyes are now! You’re so kind to share your life with all of us. It’s a ray of sunshine!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Ernst – my eyes are near perfect! Thank God for that laser treatment – if anyone ever needs it, don’t hesitate!!

  24. Bobbie

    Hi Mary, your post are so up lifting. I so enjoy your animals. We are still getting lots of rain. Forecast is rain thru next week.
    I had to go out for groceries yesterday. Went early morning that is supposed to be for seniors. There were others there to. Fred Meyers in our area has quite a bit of food to. So I bought enough for 3 weeks any way. They had bread flour so I’ll start making bread as it’s hard to get. They had fresh vegetables and fruits to. There prices are real high but I still got some things. Hubby is 84 next month so I won’t let him leave the house, he also has breathing problems to. Me I’m a young 75 lol so I go. Our kids live no where near us over 200 miles one way for 2 of them and the other one in Alaska.
    I love the black dog it’s beautiful. And Hazel is a favorite.
    I quilted one quilt last week but haven’t did much sewing this week.
    We have 4 new cases of the virus in our county this week so it’s scary going out. We live in the country so distant from others isn’t a problem for us to get out if it would just stop raining. I have set on the porch for a little while but it’s cold to stay out long without moving around.
    Y’all take care in Iowa hopefully this will be behind us soon.
    The project people send are beautiful to. I love your quilt to. I don’t make small quilts only large ones.
    I have a large stash so I don’t need to go fabric shopping. Just need to get busy and do something new.
    Have a great weekend in your area.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – new cases around us, too – our school superintendent has tested positive after a trip to Mexico over spring break! Now Garner is the hotspot! So even though I have no kids to help, you have kids but they’re too far away to help! Too bad. I could use some help outside right now.

  25. Susan K in Texas

    Stanley is very cute! And I love the construction quilt. The chickens look like they’re enjoying the yard. The cats, my husband and I are enjoying the warm sunny weather the past couple of days. We’re expecting more rain Saturday into Tuesday of next week.

  26. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    No problem with comments on this end either. Your chickens are gorgeous and your pups are so cute:)
    I love the colors in your quilt. Nancy’s quilts are great, too:) I am working on a baby quilt and hospital masks. It is a lovely night here tonight–probably about 55 degrees and I just walked the neighborhood in the peace and quiet–lovely. It just started raining so I missed it:) My Little Library has been busy on these nice days since our public libraries are closed. I am glad our Governor was so forward thinking because maybe we won’t be hit as hard? Hope so. I worry about all the people who have been exposed or have the virus.

  27. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Stanley is so cute. I get all the comments and there were ads to close so I think all is well. The days seem to fly by and I can’t see that I’ve done much. I sleep later and watch more TV. I have a letter I must write and I have a quilt that is waiting for me to get busy with it. Maybe now that I’ve said this it will give me more of a push to get something done. It was a beautiful day but more rain tomorrow and the weekend. The dark days are depressing which none of us need.

  28. Judith Ann Jaques

    I am not usually up this late. I normally I visit here early in the morning while drinking my tea. I so enjoy your posts.Thanks Mary, I am sitting here thinking of my friend. She just sent me a post that she is going into hospice care. I am so very sad for her family. She has been a friend for over 50 years. Love truly is all that is important in this life journey. Blessings to all. j

    1. Susan Sundermeyer

      Judith, both you and your friend are in my prayers. I lost a dear friend back in November. GOD and I have a conversation about it everyday. Just remember you will always have your friend with you in spirit.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Judith – sad news about your long time friend – and she’ll be alone, I imagine- you can’t visit, can you?

    3. Teresa

      Judith, perhaps you can Skype or FaceTime with your friend? Surely the staff could help your friend to do this so she’s not feeling so alone at this time.

  29. Barb K

    Hi, from north central Nebraska–we have no known cases of virus in our community as yet–hope it stays that way!! Have been staying put for two weeks now as we are in the over 70 age group. Our son has delivered our groceries a couple times–we live four miles from town. I have been doing a lot of quilt “Blog” reading and have seen several quilts with free patterns posted for “Corona Quilting” from different people. May have to try one (or two). I admire the quilts you make, Mary–Your colors are always so pretty!! I especially liked that red Snowball quilt you showed recently. Stay well (and Happy).
    P.S. Love your animal pictures also!!

  30. Charlotte Shira

    I love seeing all the beautiful finished projects, the chickens and the dogs! Hopefully I can get February’s DD done soon.
    Someone on Nextdoor started a Bear Hunt for the kids/families when they go on their walks. But a teddy bear in your window so they can find it. I thought this was a clever idea.

  31. Susan M M

    What a fun quilt! Posting to test to see if it’s working, and also to let you know there were 7 ads to close!

  32. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Love seeing the chickens in the yard. Nancy’s egg runner is adorable also the little tractor quilt. We were 62 degrees today so I did some cleaning up outside. I am so glad we live in the country and can walk without breathing on our neighbors. We stay home and have enough supplies to last a couple of weeks. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA.

  33. Denise

    I’m here, Mary! I can help from a distance! Haha. I miss seeing you and your pets..and of course my friend Hazel and Deano! Let me know if you need My help!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Denise – I think the problem must be on Debra’s end because I have LOTS of comments to read!

  34. Gloria B.

    Your quilt & other finishes are great.

    In pic, Stanley looks like he has shoelaces. Cute!

    1. LaNan Eldridge

      That’s his gray markings! He also has a gray bullseye under his tail!!! (But I didn’t want to take a picture of his backside lol).

  35. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    No problems posting for me. We had a beautiful day today, 60s and blue skies. Spent a little time seeing and made chicken piccata for dinner…the whole house smell delicious,
    The best thing about making a nice dinner tonight? My husband’s on duty tomorrow night!

    Our town has five people tested positive with covid. But our surrounding towns have a total of over 150 cases. We haven’t been out of the house except to walk in 15 days. Y mother is 90 and insists she must go to the bank to deposits two checks and do “A bit of this and a bit of that.” Omg! Seriously? I have groceries and drugs delivered and go through ten steps of decontamination before they make it into the house, I disinfect the mail and the trash can and the doorknobs etc etc etc and she wants to blow the whole thing by going to the bank to do something we can do online. Which she does not trust.
    Pray for me!
    It’s hard to be still today!

    1. Jan VanDeWalle

      Our banks are mostly drive up window only, all Lobbies are closed. Of course online and ATMs are working too. and with phones.
      we had a gray day that was supposed to be nice with sun. Pretty quilts to show today. Love the chickens I miss not having chickens, husband took down the hen house and fenced run so no more chickens for now..
      Love the Berndoodle Stanley, he is beautiful.
      Prayers to Carol and her mother.
      Jan in Oregon

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Jan vdw- I have never appreciated my chickens like I do these days! Not only do we have an abundance of eggs, my yard would be so plain without them!!!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol at poq- should we all send a collective message to your mom? Tie her down if you have to!!!

  36. Diane Bauer

    I’m not noticing any issues with comments here!

    I got up this morning determined to get some things done and one thing on my list was to get my kitchen table cleared off. I don’t know about everyone else, but seems there are so many things that come in the mail or appear some other way and they all require some time or effort before I can get rid of them. So today I voted in the local mayoral election, sent the rebate in for the dog’s heart worm medication, sent a sympathy card, filed the paperwork on the fall I took in January, paid a couple of bills, caught up my HSA paperwork, and voila! Kitchen table is cleaner and clearer than it has been in months!! Tomorrow I will conquer the dining room table which is acting as my sewing table at the moment. It won’t get completely cleared but organized chaos would be an improvement!!

    I need to send in my March Dirty Dozen photo. Don’t think my February photo ever posted to the blog so will resend that, too! I love seeing everyone’s finishes!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – yes, be sure you send the finish I didn’t post!! When I get so many, I can’t keep track!

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – my Island is like your kitchen table – piled with papers!!!

    3. Carolyn Maynard

      Hello Ladies! I was SO excited to find you recently, and I am enjoying your site very much! I love quilting and chickens! I hope you received my note and money for Hometown Proud. It’s my all-time favorite pattern! I made one years ago and cannot find my pattern anywhere. I plan to make one for our town’s sesquicentennial that begins in May. I moved recently, which is a contributing factor to not locating the pattern! We’ll stay in touch! Thank you! Carolyn Maynard

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Carolyn Maynard – not only did I NOT get your order, I don’t recognize the title Hometown Proud. Better explain to me.

    4. Catherine Riggleman

      Thanks so much for continuing the book list. I really enjoy seeing what others are reading & have discovered some great authors that way.
      My list for March is:
      Long Bright River – Liz Moore
      American Dirt – Jeanine Cummins
      A Minute to Midnight – David Baldacci
      When you See Me – Lisa Gardner

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