Chicken Noodle Soup, 12-30-23

You know that old wives tale about eating chicken soup when you’re sick? Well, Becky made homemade chicken noodle soup and dropped it off in my mail house. It was so good!! And I am better today – I believe I’m over the worst of it but now it’s just the exhaustion. Thursday night was the worst and I remember thinking if someone told me I’d have to feel like this until I died, I’d kill myself asap. I had no idea what was wrong except that my nose was running nonstop the day before. Ugh.

I am looking forward to New Years Day when I can throw myself into a new project. Here are some of my possibilities:


I love this block and Connie and I have both said we just love to make blocks – non unlike quilters before us who made blocks that are now showing up in antique stores and flea markets. Putting them together and quilting those blocks are not the part we enjoy the most.


I love this fabric!


I bought the old quilt in Missouri years ago and we made a pattern called Twin Stars. I’ve always wanted to do it again.


I want to use this fabric but how?


I bought this pattern at the Quilted Steeple


These are all on my to- do list

Yikes! I’ve got just tomorrow to decide. I can’t wait to hear what all of you are starting! And besides that, it’s Dirty Dozen Day and I still haven’t done my blue December project!

More photos from Pattie at Pasadena and the Rose Parade floats:

So, Pattie, my question is this – if these are potted plants, what happens to them after the parade? I understand the fresh flowers die, but what about the rest?

Reader photos


I’m going to pose a curious question – when I receive photos that are smaller than others and not as sharp, have they been taken and sent to my on an Android phone? My phone and IPad are Apple. It makes sense that the photos might change in the transition. Any guesses?

So I won’t be going to church tomorrow morning – feels strange. But I’ve spent a lot of time in church the past few weeks which could possibly be the reason I’m not going to be going tomorrow. I’ll tell you a little secret – at the beginning of December I prayed that I wouldn’t get sick until after Christmas and all the music was done and with all the sickness in our church, God listened. Don’t tell me God doesn’t answer prayer! Ha!!

Thanks for all the get well wishes – I’m feeling much better! Now it’s just the exhaustion and the cough. One more day to rest and then we sew!

88 thoughts on “Chicken Noodle Soup, 12-30-23

  1. Beryl in Owatonna

    So glad you are feeling better!! REST so you can whip it. f you take vitamins take some extra C. zinc , garlic and biotin…all good for the immune system.

    We got some ice tonight and it sounds like maybe a little snow during the night. Stay in and warm!! Will continue to pray you get well. He does answer prayers!!

  2. Dianna in Wisconsi n

    I’m so happy that you are feeling better. I just posted something on yesterday’s post so I’m behind…….nothing new about that!
    I had my booster on the the 18th so I hope I can stay healthy. Had my flu shot in Nov.
    I need to get another pneumonia vaccine. Will wait until mid January for that.
    It will nice to sit and make blocks and enjoy the sewing room in January and February.
    Continue on the speedy recovery road, hope Rick stays healthy

  3. DebMac

    I burst out laughing and woke the dog when you said “if I have to feel this bad until I died, I would kill myself asap”. Hopefully the chicken soup will get you back on your feet quickly. Such a pain to feel bad when you have plans to make. I had my NYD cross stitch start planned and then added a quilt start at your suggestion and then someone mentioned doing a “Blessing Stitch” in January. I figured “why not” as I need all the blessings I can get. Then I got the itch to start a carpenters star wall hanging I ran across while looking for something else. To hell with laundry on Monday, Tuesday can just be Monday this week again. Jack did real well with the Christmas tree, only 1 snowflake got chewed and a couple of balls were snatched off the tree but he got caught before any damage was done. Can’t say the same about my wool dryer ball… I spent 30 minutes looking for damage to furniture before I figured out what he had chewed.

  4. patti

    so glad to hear you are feeling better. like all your ideas for new year’s day sewing. i wouldn’t be able to choose either. still haven’t decided what i’m doing. thought dh was taking me to a sale today and an early dinner. didn’t happen. i waited 30 minutes and then went and started stitching. he finally asked me about 7 about dinner. massive miscommunication. oh well i didn’t spend money. ate pizza and he bought me a giant brownie (that i don’t need but will eat it slowly – it is about 9″ square). happy stitching to all. patti in florida who may have to hit the 40% off sale on monday

  5. Mary Rhodes

    Glad you are recovering. Chicken soup is good . Yes God does answers prayers. On quilt s have to finish my 9patch within 9patch done in tears. Have several quilts needs binding badly on one. I made me list on quilts to do. Then have to do weave up baskets, esp small ones . In new year have get suv fix from someone rear end me. It’s not gross but can tell. Happy New Year! Rest.

  6. Martha W in WY

    I’m glad your feeling better Mary. I keep hearing about a lot of people getting COVID. It seems even if you’ve had all the shots you can still catch it. The darn virus just keeps mutating. All your planned projects will keep you busy for awhile. I like the Slice and Dice pattern that you got at the Quilted Steeple. I’m going to look for that one. I chuckled when I saw the Grinch quilt. It is sure cute. Rest. Drink fluids and rest more. May your blessings in 2024 be many.

  7. Alice

    Mary, so glad you’re feeling much better! My friend & I both had Covid over a year ago. It’s really strange how it affects people differently. I had the runny nose & constant cough, he had trouble breathing & a high temp. I tested him for Covid & it was positive. I loaded him up & took him to the ER. He was diagnosed with AFib & had a Watchman put in 6 months later. He’s done amazing as he is older. Some people here are still struggling with AFib. I lost half of my hair & after almost a year it came back in curly & dark! A local doctor had to retire after having Covid. It’s been over 2 yrs & has never fully recovered. Doctors/people have different opinions on the vaccines as well.
    New Years day I do plan to do some sewing. I have a snowman wall hanging that I didn’t get finished in time for Christmas. I also will be watching the Rose Parade as our local band from Mason, Oh will be marching in the parade. I believe it’s the only band from this area to have this honor! Both my kids were in marching/concert band many years ago.
    Pictures, when I send you pictures it’s from an Android phone & they’re regular size.
    Chicken noodle soup is the best when you’re sick! Feel better soon, Mary!!
    Alice in SW, Ohio

    1. Susan Sundermeyer

      Hi Alice, I live in south Dayton and it was wonderful to hear about the kids from Mason High School playing in the Rose Parade! What an honor for them and Mason, OH.

      1. Alice

        Hi Susan, thank you for your comment on Mason’s HS Band! We are very proud of them! I lived in Mason for 40+ yrs & like everyplace else it has really grown! I now live just outside of Mason. Happy New Year!

  8. Lindah in northern CA

    Oh, that stack of reds in #2!!! Oh, it makes my heart palpitate. Do you have a plan for the reds?
    #4 would make an interesting backing.
    Of the possibilities, which one is “grabbing” you?
    Biscuit looks so comfy (and I can definitely see how the name came about. 🙂
    I hope you are feeling tip-top soon. Hub and I are sharing a bug. He resisted, but now has joined the game. So, we will be at home together tomorrow, I for the second Sunday in a row. What can I say? It is December.
    May your 2024 be filled with pleasant surprises, rainbows and roses, fun adventures, hugs and smiles and blessings from above.
    Lindah in northern CA

  9. Kathy Wilking

    Ask Cousin Rick about Grandma Etherington’s homemade chicken and noodles. That meal could have cured anything!!!
    Happy New Year!!!! And, feel better!

  10. Sandy

    Hi Mary, glad you are starting to feel better, don’t rush it, look after yourself please, keep warm and cosy by the fire with nurse Hazel! We made lemonade scones today, and Chelsea buns with half the dough, they are always light and tasty. Strong wind last night and this morning,flights canceled. Flooding in Queensland Australia, my homeland, crocodile was swimming through one country town!Another reason l live in New Zealand! Can’t wait to see your new year quilt, l like the 5 point star best. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  11. Barbara Yarnell

    Glad you’re feeling better, Mary! On Christmas day my niece announced that she is pregnant so my New Year’s Day quilt will be a quilt for the new baby. You have pictured several good options for your quilt but I do love the Villa Rosa patterns and I’d love to see what you’d do with them!

  12. brendalynne1

    Happy healthy 2024.
    guilt no 1 gets my vote. Will it be scrappy with each block using up your scraps or all the gray and peach? I am not able to visualize the black and red in a large quilt. might distract from all the other beautiful fabrics. Not an expert opinion by any stretch.
    If you friend is a regular reader, does she know if the flowers are still donated to charities for making potpourri for fundraisers as well as for making bouquets for caretakers and senior facilities ??? It may not be something anyone is still interested in bothering with. ?????

  13. Charlotte S in No. California

    So glad you are feeling better. Hope it’s all gone soon. I love the dog print too and the fabric with it. Can’t wait to see what you decide to make. I always watch the Rose Parade. So much work goes into putting the floats together. I always wanted to see it in person but never made it there. Beautiful quilts today…as always.

  14. Lynette in Orlando

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. Please don’t do what I do — I start to feel better and then I overdo and then I’m back in bed again. I just finished another quilt yesterday and I am trying to decide what to do next. It shouldn’t be hard — there’s a million projects in my sewing room. I’m thinking of a few small things before I do another quilt. We shall see what project the room leads me to……. Happy New Year! May 2024 be sewy – may your seams be straight and bobbin full.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette – seems I already did it – felt good yesterday and probably overdid things because today I’m feeling awful again.

  15. Lynda Adams

    Glad you are feeling better Mary! My husband and I had it recently as well. Didn’t test myself but couldn’t smell anything for 2 weeks. Thankfully we were only down a couple of days.
    I love the red fabrics and can’t wait to see what you do with them. I love the color red.
    Years ago my brother and I went to the Rose Bowl parade. The floats are beautiful and it is amazing what they make from flowers and seeds.
    Thanks be to God for answered prayers 😉

  16. Mary H

    I love your potential quilt patterns. I’ve started a big camping themed cross stitch and may take the day to read and work on that. I am starting The Heaven abd Earth Grocery Store novel. The cross stitch is a smaller count than is comfortable for my eyes but I will persever, as I want it for our new camper.
    You just have to wear out that cough and it takes awhile. I hope people understand that the booster may not prevent your case, but lessen it’s severity. Bill and I had it and he got Covid 3 weeks later- I think he picked it up @ the school. I had quite a strong reaction to the booster and never caught it from him.
    Our wee girl spent the week and we had so much fun. She was fascinated with cross stitch but had a short attention span for the plastic canvas yarn stitching kitty piece I got her. We’ll try it again. Missing the pitter patter of little feet this morning.
    Is Rick still well? He probably wasn’t exposed to the high viral load you got in group settings?
    Happy New Year, Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – Rick is still fine – I hope he doesn’t catch it from me but how could he not? Today I don’t feel as good as yesterday – guess that’s common with Covid.

  17. Janet S

    Mary, I sent my comment in the reply section so you will have to ignore that – duh! Anyway, my vote for your new project is #1 absolutely and #4 could be used as backing for a project. There are 3 projects waiting for me to decide which I will start first. When you talked about the pictures and phones, I suppose it could be the android phones or moved when the picture was taken or maybe just a cheaper phone and not as clear. Companies do use picture clarity as a selling point which I can believe. It sure is lucky you are feeling better but you’re not out of the woods yet so rest a lot and have an extra iced tea.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – I shouldn’t have said anything in my post because today I feel awful again – sort of typical of Covid, I guess. I’m reading comments and then I’m going to my chair again. Ugh. What a waste of time.

  18. Susan in VA

    Happy to hear you’re feeling better. I had COVID over Christmas. I’m still coughing some and still tired but tested negative and I’m planning on going to church this morning after having to miss Christmas Eve services.
    I’ve got to decide on my New Years Day project and stick to it to completion!!! Not sticking to it is the reason for so many UFOs. We’ll see what the New Year brings!!

  19. Kathy Hanson

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better!!!
    That soup must have been good and was helpful! I want to start the “Bow Wow “ pattern , I just need to get more pictures of Penny printed to put in it!!’n

  20. Susan Linder

    So happy to hear that you are feeling better!! I’ve got a few projects to complete and then I am looking forward to starting something new . Happy New Year Mary!!

  21. Marcia-Ohio

    Would love to have name of pattern using Grinch themed fabric. Great pattern for panels.

    So glad you have turned the corner & are healing. Don’t do too much -too soon.

    I have lots of UFOs w/o starting another as tempting as it is. I have cut some charms into tablerunner projects. They will be easy to pick up and give a quick feeling of completion.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    Thank goodness sisters know what you need! Becky is kind bringing you homemade chicken soup. I think we’ve all had to do a distance drop off thru a front porch or box cause these viruses are very contagious and those who care take caution too against spreading it further. Viruses are nothing to ignore with the long term damage to some and mild for others as well as mutations will continue unfortunately. I’ve heard of 2 cases of pneumonia in our church recently so I am thankful to have those vaccines behind me too as that is just as dangerous fighting to breathe.
    I am following the lead of another reader who commented she was making something small and I want to make a 12” winter scene. I have looked at the kit for the past month on my sewing table. A friend asked me to join her tomorrow to shop at Lands End outlet store as she makes a return so I might do that too for a couple new tops. We both decide that day if we feel like going out!
    Health, peace and good will to all for 2024.

  23. Deb R.

    Voting for you to start #2, using that cute, new doggy fabric. Cheers to good health in the New Year!

    1. Sue in Oregon

      I second Debs vote. The darling dogs fabric. I feel much better, too. My reaction to the shot lasted 2 days this time. Usually its only one.
      So happy to hear you are getting better, Mary.

  24. Sharon Eshlaman

    So glad you’re feeling better! And so nice of you to keep up your blog about nothing while you’re sick so people like me can have a perfect start to my day😊. BTW, I like number 1 as a new project to start today.

  25. Charlotte

    Mary, continue to take care of yourself until you are fully recovered so you can enter the new year strong and well. God bless you, your family and the farm in 2024!

  26. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    So glad you are feeling better! I vote for #1 and also the map fabric Is too cute. I don’t know why but I enjoy studying maps. Take it easy still and get some of your special iced tea! Remember, the Twilight Zone marathon is on to take you to another dimension….

  27. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Hi Mary, It is so good to hear you are feeling better! As many have said, take it slowly. I truly believe the vaccines do help. They seem to make the illness shorter. I am back to masking due to hubby’s upcoming surgery which will be through the front of his neck. It was so nice to get the chicken soup from Becky😋. Great quilt show. We will watch the parade.

  28. Connie R. in WIS

    Chicken soup can be the best medicine. So glad to hear you’re feeling better.
    Love all your quilt choices. I can see why you’re having a hard time choosing. I always like red but, that Country Threads star pattern is really interesting.
    Just a dusting of snow here last night but, the southern part of Wisconsin is reporting slippery roads. I guess it’s winter.

  29. Rita in Iowa

    Mary, Chicken Soup for the Soul, that used to be popular books. Now it popular for when your not feeling well. Hope you continue to feel better. I know you will sew anyway but take lots of breaks to rest. Any project will do.
    Will leave today from seeing my kids all together in Chicago area. Hopefully do some sewing tomorrow and then take down Christmas items during the week. The Snowmen come out as will the snow, it’s January is it not.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – it is January but where is the snow? I’m hoping to put away a few of the Christmas items today, too, between naps!

  30. Mary

    So happy you’re feeling better! We’ve had some sort of viral crud, coughing, sneezing, etc. Took Covid test but came back negative. Feel a little better but not 100%. On your state fabric #4 I’d mix in some type of road map fabric? Hopefully the New Year will bring us a healthy, positive, peaceful and prosperous one.🥰

  31. Jill Klop

    Mary – glad that you are starting to feel better. Homemade chicken noodle soup is the best!

    If you are anything like me, you’ll wake up tomorrow and just know what quilt project you want to start on for the new year. I have three possibilities! I also bought a smaller rigid heddle loom yesterday. I can’t wait to try some weaving too! I’ll be busy in 2024

    I am curious if anyone knows the name of the pattern for the Second Reader quilt photo. Looks like it would be a great quilt!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – I hope somebody leaves the name of the quilt in the comments. If I can figure out who sent it I’ll ask.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – I found the maker of the quilt and asked her to respond in the comments.

  32. Erin

    I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better. We will keep praying that you get your energy back soon! God does answer prayer, though not always in the way we wish. He answered yours in such a wonderful way!
    Thanks for all the great pictures!

  33. Jan P in Cosby, TN

    Hi Mary,
    So glad you are feeling better! Covid is not fun – even if you’ve had boosters! I wonder how I know???
    I LOVE the puppy fabric (red and white)!! Hope you choose that one to work on! I might just have to get some of it!!! I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s mystery, so probably wont start something new tomorrow. I did her mystery last year just on a whim, and had so much fun, that I knew I would do this year’s also. Last year’s quilt was totally out of my box with colors I would never put together (orange, teal, purple, neutral – yikes!)! My requirement was that I bought no new fabric. Couldn’t believe that I had those colors! When I finished it, I did not like it at all, so hung it on my loft railing and it grew on me. I am so pleased with myself that I tried something that was totally not me!!! Of course, I could have changed the colors – sometimes, I’m too impatient to do that!!! This year is red, light blue, indigo, neutral – no problem with those!!
    Continue to get better!!! Jan P

  34. Jo in Michigan

    Happy New Year Mary🎊 I too prayed not to get sick through Christmas. I had come into close contact with a few people that came down with Covid after I had been with them and god answered my prayers too. I don’t want to get sick at all but I prayed to get me through Christmas for I didn’t want to disappoint and let my family down. Everyone loves and looks so forward to Christmas including me. So thank you God for answering prayers ♥️
    Tomorrow will be January 2024 and I pray that you and your farm and all the Chicken Scratch Country Threads readers have a good, healthy, happy New Year 🎈🎆🎊
    Instead of the kids movie Frozen singing 🎶 Let it Snow ❄️🎶 I sing 🎶 Let it Sew, let it sew 🧵 🎶
    Happy New Year everybody
    Jo in Michigan ⛄️🧵

  35. Bonny

    Go easy, pace yourself! Hope you are tiptop soon! Chicken noodle soup does wonders!
    I see the map fabric as a backing. I plan to bind a project during parade and games. Happy New Year everyone!

  36. Linda in Central Iowa

    Glad to hear you’re feeling more human/healthy again. I got all my shots – each one 2 weeks apart – Covid booster, then the flu, finally the RSV. By the last one I didn’t even have a sore arm. Dr.’s suggestion – then body was in full building immunity mode for 6 weeks! I know I have been with at least 4 people the day before they got sick but I didn’t catch anything. Unless it was such a mild case, I didn’t notice anything unusual.
    What to sew – Decisions, decisions. Do it like your Dirty Dozen – draw a number. BUT, when you draw the first number, pay attention to how you FEEL about doing that one first: “YES, I was hoping it would be this one” or “not as excited”. If the second answer, then draw again and see how you FEEL about that one. Keep going until you get that big YES. Works every time for just about every situation. If a yes or no option, flip a coin – heads yes, tails no. But listen to your heart how you feel about the results – then you know your answer.

  37. Lorraine

    I have been catching up on my blog readings and I am so sorry you are ill. Thank goodness you have a good friend to bring you home made soup. Wishing you get better soon.
    Good Luck on your decision of which new project you start on the first day of 2024. I am sure whatever you choose it will be gorgeous and fun to make. I plan on starting a new project too but haven’t quite decided which pattern I want to make.
    Happy New Year!

  38. Mareen

    So glad you are feeling better Mary. All the people that I know that I’ve had it have said they five they turn a corner. Praying that seems to be the same for you. Take care of yourself. You are a full steam go ahead person for sure so take it easy. love the dog fabric that is going to be cute for sure. Take care happy new year wasn’t that I Kansas City crazy game? Happy new year.

  39. Carla

    I send photos to you via an older Android, and if I remember correctly the pics seem normal. I’m glad you’re feeling better. The fatigue is exhausting. Who knew feeling tired could be so exhausting lol?! Great photos from the sewing room of all the vintage goodies. Eye candy for sure! Blessings

  40. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Happy New Year! I vote for the reds! Second vote is for collection#3 if I can vote twice:)
    Wonderful photos again today, thank you. Really liked the Grinch quilt, too. It is a nice pattern for a panel.

    Speaking of Biscuit, he’s in nearly the same pose and place right now as he was yesterday, while I drink my hot chocolate. He’s doing well with us and not seeming to miss his mom and dad! A funny story, my son age 36, was given a book of Biscuit stories for Christmas by his aunt, my sister. It’s a beautiful book, and my son was so thrilled that he sat and looked thru the whole book right in the middle of our family Christmas party. He’s not a very sentimental person but he sure loves Biscuit!

    I’ve got chili made for a small gathering tonight. Going to vacuum and ten minutes of straightening and then I’m going to the sewing room!! I am putting together a few small needlepoint projects to do while flying from Michigan to LA in January. Found the cutest quick project from a book you gave me a few years ago, Mary. I think you got the book from Martingale and you raffled it off. I was the lucky winner. Can’t wait to start.

    Everyone have a Happy New Year and be safe if you go out tonight. Sew, sew, sew! And, Mary, continue to feel better.

  41. Dot in NC (formerly from Pasadena)

    Hope you’re soon over this, Mary!

    Regarding the flowers on the Rose Parade Floats: after the parade, the floats are on display for two more days in a large lot near the end of the parade. By then, the vegetation is pretty dried out, and not useable for anything other than compost. The builders carefully dismantle them, sorting out and keeping for next year the thousands of little florist’s vials and other bits, and sending the vegetation to compost.

    Regarding the photo sizes: many email hosts limit the total size of attachments in a given email to 20-25 MB, and will refuse to send the email if the attached photos add up to a larger total. This is pretty liberal; my iPhone’s photos are usually under 5 MB each. But because of these limits, when I email a photo directly from my phone, the Mail app offers me an option to choose a smaller size (Small, Medium, Large or Actual Size). Perhaps some people are choosing a size smaller than Actual Size, without realizing how that affects the quality of the photo? It would be better to first try sending Actual Size to see if it works. And if you’re sending more than one photo, send them separately.

    I doubt that there’s that much difference between iPhone photos and Android photos these days.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dot – thanks for all this info – you’re a wealth of knowledge on two very different subjects!!!

  42. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery! I like the fabric with the dogs and the Country Threads star quilt. Don’t remember ever seeing that one before now. I am quite fond of jelly rolls so I am down to 3 of Country Threads patterns where I can use one from my stash. I have only been to one Rose Bowl parade once and that was when I was 15. So long ago!

  43. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Hi Mary, I see you’ve said you aren’t feeling as well as you did yesterday. Sorry to hear that, I guess rest is all you can try to do. I think you could use the state fabric as a backing and add some different stars if it’s not big enough that could also make it a two sided quilt. Regarding the photo quality. Sometimes when photo files are very large your email will ask if you want to reduce the size before sending, this also reduces the quality. Also if people zoom in for a photo on their phone and want to enlarge the picture the quality is poor as well. Happy New Year to you and all the readers.

  44. Marie C

    Lots of great choices for you to choose from. Perhaps you could treat the U.S. map fabric like like a panel. You always make such a nice wallhangings from panels. Glad you are starting to feel better.

  45. Jan Hebert

    Hmm, I think I would choose #1 to start tomorrow Mary. Love your colors. I think that I will be working on finishing up the blocks for the quilt I started last year. I’ve got five done so far. Almost half way done! But I’ve also wanted to do a star quilt – a mini one. Speaking of which, I’ve never seen the pattern Twin Stars either! I love it. I think it would be great done in brushed cottons or flannels. Or homespun! Hmm, will you be offering that pattern? It’s really cute. Well, the sun is finally shining here in Massachusetts! It’s been nearly a week since we’ve seen it. 39 degrees. I’m so sorry that you’re back to feeling crappy. I hope a few naps and taking it easy will put you back on the road to recovery. Happy New Year, Mary – and all my Country Threads friends! Jan in MA

  46. Jeanie S, Central IL

    So sorry you are having to deal with Covid, Mary.
    I hope Rick doesn’t get it. Take care of yourself. 🥰

  47. Kris in WI

    I didn’t have any ideas for your New Year start when I first saw your choices, but today I think the dog fabric would look great in the center of a star, with the points in scrappy reds. That way every dog could be the Star of the Show! Or maybe just show off the dogs in a “Square in a Square block,” dogs in the center again with a different red fabric framing each block. Just a thought…or two.
    Yikes! I think you need to be a contortionist to work on the Rose Bowl floats! Thanks for the pictures, Patti, and the “after parade” info, Dot. I’ll be watching.
    Hoping you feel better soon, Mary. Kris

  48. Lynn

    Mary, glad to hear you are feeling better. Can I vote on which one you should do, 2. I have some similar fabric on my cutting table. Was going to be my January project but now maybe February. Just got out of hospital with multiple things wrong. What happened? First time ever in hospital and never anything wrong for my 69 years. Will see what your project is and maybe it will help me decide.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn – oh my gosh! I hope you weren’t there long! Now you can recuperate from home. Whatever I don’t pick will remain on my to-do list.

  49. Nancy Norris

    Mary I got sick before Christmas with the sore throat then the stuffy congested head n the aches n feeling really crappy stuff . So I missed getting together with my family for the 24 which is my brithday, n then missed church m singing with choir for the Christmas program then was home by myself for Christmas because I didn’t leant to share . I did get to church this morning though. Hope that was my sickness for the year. Hope you get feeling a lot better soon. Yes God does answer prayers.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – sure sounds like Covid and my symptoms. I respect your decision to stay home and not pass it to everyone else. The people in my church should be so kind.

  50. Wendy P

    Happy New Year, Mary. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love all your choices for a next quilt. The slice and dice pattern looks interesting. Also, thanks to Lora – I’ve found the pattern to do for my great nephew – Marching Bands – will be great with black and white fabrics and some baseball theme fabric.

  51. San

    So very glad that you’re starting to feel better Mary.
    I’ve a friend who works for Sedgewick who tells me that Covid cases are on the rise. Sedgewick is the company we call if we’re going to miss work for more than 3 days. The doctor has to send in paperwork, etc. etc. Many companies use Sedgewick to process all of this paperwork.

    Do take care.

    San / Murphy, NC

  52. Sharon Geiger

    Love all of the photos. The Rose Bowl photos are just awesome! It’s rather amazing what all goes into a float. I hope you feel better soon. I came down with a stomach bug myself. However, I thought it might have been pancreatitis. I felt the same way back in August when my gall bladder decided to act up and it caused pancreatitis. I didn’t eat or drink anything for over 2 days. I went into ER on a Saturday and on Sunday they removed my gallbladder. I spent 5 days in the hospital. Yikes! You take care of you!

  53. Jay

    I’m with you, Mary. Piecing is my jam, and everything after that is work. Fortunately, I have a friend who makes quilts for homeless vets, and she’s happy to take whatever I send her and finish them. It’s a wonderful symbiosis!

  54. Judy Gnade

    Happy New Year, Mary. I hope you’ll feel much better tomorrow. I have Covid too and am not shaking it very quickly. But here’s to healthy days ahead!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – this is my Day 5 and I’m definitely feeling better but exhausted and breathless just walking from the shop to the house. How about you?

  55. Gloria B.

    Mary, take it easy. You have a new year ahead and it’s no fun to feel poorly. Enjoy that chicken soup. Your new project choices are fantastic. It’s tough to decide. We all have UFO’s but starting a new project on the first day of a new year sounds like a reward for making it through 2023. I’’m lined up to do the New Year’s Day mystery quiltalong hosted by stitchin heaven.

  56. Debra L Reber

    Glad you are starting to feel better! I am like you in that I love to make blocks, but I’m not as happy sewing them together, & I definitely struggle with sandwiching the quilt top & then quilting it! Happy New Year!

  57. RS in N Ia.

    Hope you got rest today, but I know the animals need care outside.The map fabric could center a wall hanging, finished with borders of half-square triangles. If it is used as yardage, I would want to cut it as large block center squares.
    Received a large Nativity panel for Christmas, so that’s my January 1 project.
    Happy new year, Mary and everyone.

  58. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I love your photos of the Rose Parade behind the scenes. After the parade, the floats are lined up on display and you can go take a tour of them. I got the opportunity to do that when my son lived in Los Angeles. What a thrill it is to see all those gorgeous flowers up close. And did you know that the cobblestones look is achieved with potatoes? So much vegetation goes into those floats besides flowers.

  59. Gwen

    I am glad you are feeling better. I agree with you that I love making blocks. Not so much with putting them together. I send them out to be quilted. I have no interest in learning to use a long arm machine. Once I get them together I always give them a good pressing. The perfectionist in me needs to trim all the little threads on the back so pressing and trimming always takes some time and I really dislike that part also. However, I love hand sewing the binding down at the end.

  60. Dee from Shell Rock

    I love this line up of photos. Great variety! And I have an Android phone and kids have Iphone and I think my pictures are ok going both ways. I wonder if it’s their carrier that makes the photos odd. My friend had a different carrier and we had all kinds of problems. You now know God answers the right prayers. Happy New Year!

  61. Kim from Wi

    Glad to hear that you are feeling better, chicken soup is best when you’re feeling poorly. The Rose Parade is one of my favorite things to do on New Years Day, all the talented people who designs, decorate and just help out. I also enjoy the bands that come to show case their talents. I really liked the Grinch Quilt, so cute, does anyone know the name of the pattern?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – it might be a Villa Rosa pattern adjusted for the panel

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