Christmas Decorating

This post will be lots of pictures and not many words. Start with the fireplace and the sparkly trees.

The tree with no ornaments – just hydrangeas and lights – because Hazel thinks everything is a toy.

Every nativity has a cat, doesn’t it?

Quilts hung over the loft railing.

This nativity is over 70 years old – I used to play with it as a kid. No stable or manger survived.

I love small nativities.

My favorite red and white Christmas quilt.

Some Christmas quilts around the house.

BC on the piano.

Rick and I were at Mayo Clinic today – he’s going to have ankle surgery in March – it’s a long story that started over 50 years ago. I’ll tell that story in a future post.

56 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating

  1. Kathy Shepler Niemann

    The cat and nativity is so good! I had to share with lots of folks. My patriotic Santa quilt is such a fav. Love yours too. That big red and white quilt is a WOW!

  2. Jo

    Hi Mary, As always your pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts and your spirit! Merry Christmas! Jo

  3. Terry

    Kind Mary, Everything looks so beautiful and festive! You always inspire! Can you tell us about the red and white “saw blades” quilt, please. Did you make that one? Is there a pattern? Or is it an antique? I just love it!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Terry – yes, I made it years ago and if I can remember the book it came from, I’ll post it. Remember, I’m old – I can’t remember stuff.

      1. Terry

        Thank you! It looks very modern and graphic, but very antique-y at the same time. Thanks, Mary!

  4. Brenda archambault

    No need for a lot of words. The pictures say it all. I’m worn out just looking at all the beautiful quilts, and realizing how many hours you spent creating them, etc. but I do have a question, does BCs name mean black cat?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda – he was Barn Cat until he figured out where I went – ha! Now he should be HC for House Cat!

  5. Patty McDonald

    Lovely pictures. Your red and white quilts are beautiful. I’m trying to figure out your favorite one. It looks like log cabin and it’s surrounded by half square triangles. Opposite centers have corner stones and HST….I think. I’m going to try and draw it out tomorrow. It’s been too busy of a day and my brain doesn’t want to think that hard tonight. Also, the circle pinwheel in the 8 pointed star intrigues me. I like challenges…just not at 8:30pm. Thank you for the inspiration. Patty Mc

  6. Susan

    Just beautiful, Mary! The cat on the mantle is just WAITING for you to turn your back so she/he can take a swipe at the figurines.

  7. Charlotte Barnard

    Mary I love all your Christmas decorations, and your furry helpers!!! As my mother used to say, Christmas all through the house!!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte – thank you so much! Your respect and admiration mean a lot to me!

  8. Susie L.

    Hi Mary,
    What can you tell me about your favorite Christmas quilt. Is it an uneven log cabin with half square triangles? Looks like a saw blade kind of. I love it! Please share any info you might have.I love all your posts.I love your energy❤️

  9. Kathy Schwartz

    Yes, the cat on the mantel reminds me of the phrase, “The devil made me do it.” So innocent looking. And cute Hazel, just showing a bit of authority. The decorating is just beautiful. Quilts are wonderful!
    Waiting to hear about the ankle, as my husband is dealing with ankle pain, but is “to busy” to go to the doctor. Thanks again for sharing your photos.

  10. Paula

    Your home is Beautifully decorated! Thank you for sharing! Stay warm, we are cold here in Texas too!

  11. Kim

    So many beautiful decorations and quilts. Many hours of sewing pleasure for you.
    How do you hang your smaller quilts?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim – I use a staple gun to hang all quilts – my walls are wood.

  12. Bobbie Woodruff

    Your home is beautiful, I love your quilts and the rustic charm is just so inviting. You sure have a eye for design. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the best New Year. May Christ fill you with the spirit of Christmas, love, family, friends .

  13. Angie Rowland

    Love the pictures and yes, every nativity needs a cat to approve of the goings on.
    Hope all goes well with Rick’s evaluation.

    Merry Christmas if I don’t talk to you before the holidays.

  14. Virginia

    Love all the red and white quilts. I might have to start sewing two tone quilts myself…so clean looking and elegant. Have also started collecting nativity scenes a few years ago. Your house is beautiful decorated ….like how you incorporated your fur babies into the scenes! Lol. Merry Christmas to you and Rick.

  15. Chris

    Your quilts are wonderful and your house looks happy and festive. Have a blessed holiday.

  16. Sue H

    Love all your decorating! I had to laugh like crazy at your picture of the ornament-less tree due to Hazel’s playfulness. She’s a cutie! BC is gorgeous and I see no reason why there shouldn’t be a cat in EVERY nativity. I’m sure BC would agree! Hahahaha! Merry Christmas!

  17. Janie

    Everything is beautiful! Leave it to cats to make themselves at home anywhere! I can’t sew without my cat laying on everything! Red and white quilts are gorgeous. God Bless Hazel and your family!

  18. Kim O'Donnell

    I loved seeing the Christmas quilts! Do you still have the Santa with the American Flag pattern or the name of it. I would love to make that for our next Christmas! I totally enjoy reading your posts. Have a Merry Christmas.


  19. MartyCae

    I love all the pictures! Everything is so festive! I too, have my Nativity set I had as a child. That puts it at about 58 years old! Joseph does not have a head because our schnauzer, Holly, chewed the head off. Holly was always carrying the figures off. Mother gave me the set when I got married and I treasure it. I hope you can sit back and enjoy all your hard work tonight with a cat on your lap.

  20. Wendy

    It is all so beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I am awed and inspired by your collection of holiday quilts. They are just priceless. All brought to life with the addition of the four legged, furry friends that call your house home. It looks just magical. Enjoy!

  21. Jean Elliott

    Oh…love all the nativities! Especially love the picture with the cat guarding it! Merry Christmas!

  22. Julianna

    MARY, everything is so beautiful – love the red & white and the American flag. My two “go-to” ideas when I’m trying to be creative. .
    The quilt you marked your favorite is so beautiful! I’m in awe of the perfection! And I love Santa and our grand flag!
    So, MARY, you’ve done it again. You inspire me – thank you for sharing so much of YOU w/us!

  23. Chris

    Loved your decorating and especially your use of cats. I have 3 black rescues that love to
    be in the middle of everything. I had ankle surgery last year and am getting around
    without pain. Hope Rick has the same luck. Merry Christmas!

  24. Winnie

    I love nativity sets too!
    One of my old dogs ATE the Baby Jesus from a vintage creche. (In her defense, He was made out of a wax like material – very chewy.) Forever after that all we had to say to her was “Chloe, Who ate the Baby Jesus?” And she would hang her head in shame!

    Cats in the Creche? Read this book …….
    “Old Dog and the Christmas Wish” and you start to add a dog to every creche.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Winnie – I did add two dogs this year – I’ll take a closer picture – without Millie!

  25. Sharon Ernst

    Mary – your nativity sets are beautiful! And of course, your quilts are all just gorgeous! What a lovely post! Merry Christmas!!

  26. Barbara Forde

    I have that exact same Nativity from when I was little! There never was a manger, but my mom made one out of a wooden Japanese orange box with twigs from a tree in our garden, split and nailed on the top for the roof. I put it on a little table in the dining room every year. It makes me smile!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – the manger was a little cardboard thing that Mom repaired with wooden matches many times until it finally just gave up. I’m 69 years old and I always knew this nativity set!

  27. Marian

    Love all your Christmas! You have such a knack at placing things together, cats and pup, too!
    Really nice sharing stories from commenters, too. Happy Christmas to you, your husband, and critters!
    Peace on Earth.

  28. Diane

    OK. I’ll be right over to see ALL of it in person. Ha–Wish I could; it is all soooo beautiful. You do have a gift. My husband is having his knee replaced on Dec. 29. Maybe I can send him out and he and Rick can recuperate together. Ha!! Please send as many pictures as you like; they are great:) No snow in Central Ohio yet.

  29. Arlene

    I have the same nativity set! It was my parents and I always played with baby Jesus and rearranged everything. My father made my mom a stable from a tree he had cut down the first year they were married. I still have it too. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Diane M

    The red and white quilts are perfect for Christmas. I’ll have to get busy and make one. I still have the Nativity that my sister and I set up as kids. The figures are from Germany. I believe my mom had them as a child. Baby Jesus was made out of wax also, but unfortunately He melted on the hoe radiator. The stable sides are small twigs nailed together. I really cherish it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Rick and your extended furry family. Keep warm.

  31. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, I just love seeing all your decorations and the beautiful quilts. They add quite a touch of country elegance. Love to see the kitties too. My favorite of those quilts is the Nativity quilt, I have a few Nativity sets and although I love too put them all out, I haven’t in the last years because of my small grandsons.

    Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  32. Helena Wentzlaff

    Your house must look very feastive you have so many nice quilts it is beautiful. Thanks for all your emails so nice to read. Merry Christmas!

  33. Shirley

    It’s been a very stressful week, but your post and everyone’s comments (especially about Nativity sets) really brightened my day. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

  34. Becky from IA

    Mayo is the best place to be. Love all your decorations…..Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!

  35. Patricia Pierce

    Mary, It is such a pleasure to see your beautifully decorated home. The quilts are all wonderful and make your already cozy home even warmer and cozier. It is a place I’d have no problem enjoying time in. Enjoy your Christmas and thanks for sharing your time and activities with all of us.

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