Church Anyone?

We had church this morning and it looked as if activities would be held this coming week but about an hour ago the Governor of Iowa closed the schools – she advised them to be closed for 4 weeks! If school isn’t held, neither are Wednesday activities such as confirmation, New Life and choir practice. What about Palm Sunday? Easter?? This is a world we have never dreamed of.

I did think that if all the kids were home from school, maybe I could hire some of them for yard work – I’ll bet that would go over big, wouldn’t it? Haha!

So what’s happening now where you live? Please tell us and don’t forget to include your location.

Stay safe, Everyone!

93 thoughts on “Church Anyone?

  1. Dorothy Sheldrake

    For the first time in my life I am too old to go out of my house. That is what my California governor says. Maybe that is a good thing, at least I have a chance of getting some catch-up work done.

      1. Lynn H.

        You are referring to CA, I am over 65 and still working in MN. I find it bizarre that he would tell me I can’t work cuz I am too fraul or feeble!!!

    1. Carol

      Dorothy, where are you? I am in Whittier. Everything is canceled, even church, and foodstuffs are almost nonexistent. My kids both live out of state☹️

    2. Terri From Temecula

      Hi Dorothy Sheldrake, this is Terri Flynn in Temecula. Hello everyone. I’m Using this time to do some spring cleaning, get my office work caught up, stay up on the virus, pray a lot and check in on neighbors. Watched church online yesterday and at the end of the message, our 6 pastors each prayed for all that’s going on. Very comforting. I have enough fabric to make a dozen quilts to keep me busy after deep cleaning. Let’s do our part and wash our hands, practice social distancing and pray this virus peaks soon, that we find a cure fast and remember to be an encouragement to others.

  2. Susan

    I’m in Illinois. Our church had services today, mostly because it was the last Sunday for a long time member who is moving. Church and all meetings and activities are cancelled until the end of March. All public schools in Illinois are closed, and today our governor ordered that all restaurants and bars be closed starting Monday. I am over 60 and have asthma, so I’m staying home and sewing. I’m also worrying and praying. Please be safe, everyone! God bless!

  3. Mary McC

    Here in SE Wisconsin No church services Husband’s choir practice cancelled Schools shutdown Grocery stores empty shelves Still going to work but only two of us there to answer phones It all feels so surreal

  4. Betty Klosterman

    The church across the street from my house had their 2 services this morning, but the parking looked like it was about 1/2 the normal cars.
    On February 17th I had to go in for a bone scan at a good sized Medical Center that also has a Walk In type of care. I thought it was interesting they had 2 waiting rooms: 1 for “sick” people and 1 for those of us who weren’t sick.

  5. Charlotte Shira

    In Fremont, CA …..My church didn’t have service today or next week. We can watch it online. The schools are closed, colleges are doing all classes online, city offices are closed, WW is not meeting until April, grocery stores are empty and not getting expected deliveries, long lines to get into Costco before the store opens and you can’t find toilet paper anywhere. I think everyone has lost their minds. 61,200 people died in 2018 in the U.S. from the flu. So far this year 6000 have died worldwide from the corona virus I just hope they don’t stop my husband’s funeral on Thursday. Santa Clara County to the south of us has restrictions on groups of 35 or more!
    Thank you everyone for the prayers and condolences for my husband, Dick. He is deeply missed.

    1. Sue H

      Totally agree with you, Charlotte. The swine flu was a pandemic too and I don’t recall this national reaction. My husband is scheduled for cancer surgery Friday. I’m wondering if it’ll be postponed. My condolences to you for the passing of your husband. If I lived closer, I’d be there for you. ((hugs))

    2. Karen Chaudoin

      I am posting this because of the comment “I think everyone. Has lost their mind”” and your comment about our normal flu season. The normal flu season is underway and each winter hospitals struggle to meet that demand. I am an RN in our local hospital and finding ventilators in normal season can be so demanding that we borrow from other hospitals.

      I think to keep things in perspective truly losing ones mind would be to walk in the shoes of a physician who is making the choice as to who gets the ventilator.

      Also, THIS NOT THE NORMAL FLU. Scientists right now do not understand why so many people are getting severely ill with this virus because they have high blood pressure and no other medical problems. A disproportionate number. This information is posted from UNC Systems Grand Rounds here in North Carolina.

      Sharing the perspective of medical doctor in Dallas:

      ER Doctor at Baylor Dallas:
      Dr. Cara Norvell

      I know I’ve been uncharacteristically silent about the coronavirus, but I’ve had enough at this point. The number of people who call this “media hysteria” or a “political hoax” or want to point out the mortality rates of the flu, cancer, or obesity…do you want to come work my shifts? Do you want to expose yourself to patients in respiratory failure day after day? When we run out of ICU beds and vents, do you want the responsibility of telling your mom, dad, aunts, uncles, friends, and family that I can’t intubate them because we just don’t have the resources? Do you want to tell the kids of 30 and 40 year old patients that their parent is going to die and we can’t do anything to stop it? Do you want to look at the parents of a 20 something year old and tell them their previously healthy son or daughter might not survive? Because these are REAL possibilities. This is ACTUALLY what is happening around the world.

      This American superiority complex of “it’s just not going to affect me the same way” is gross. There have been multiple projections that this could infect 40-70% of the population. While it’s hard to extrapolate accurate predictions, that should concern you. It shouldn’t make you hysterical and run to doomsday prep, but it should make you want to be a part of the solution in decreasing the spread. Because kids aren’t dying I think people feel protected. Kids less than 10 aren’t dying. People in their 20s and 30s are in respiratory failure and ARE dying. These are not elderly people with lots of medical problems that have had the chance to live full lives. These are young and previously healthy people. Yes, the elderly are more likely. But the young and healthy ARE NOT IMMUNE.

      Why is this such a big deal when we’ve already been seeing people with the flu? RESOURCES. Over the past few months we have already spent many days at capacity, boarding patients including ICU patients in the ER. We don’t suddenly have a bigger ER, more floors to admit patients to, or more staff to take care of this influx. We have the same resources now with a second deadly virus. For estimated 80% getting sick this is like a cold. For the other 20% they’re either significantly sick, or eventually dead. Yes, cancer kills more. Yes, obesity related illness kills more. When taking care of my obese patients I don’t have to worry I’m going to “catch diabetes” or that suddenly my coronaries will be blocked. Their BMI can’t be transmitted to me through the air. Lung cancer isn’t contagious. I’m not worried about catching lung cancer when intubating these patients in respiratory failure. I’m vaccinated against the flu, and I can protect myself from flu patients with a simple surgical mask.

      Patients coming into the ER want the best, EVERYTHING to be done, and for it to happen quickly. And more often than not, we deliver on that. We’re going to have a different reality if we don’t have rapid containment. Everything is going to be far from an option for most patients, and I’m not looking forward to the potential ethically crushing choices we might have to make.

      Italy SHUT DOWN THEIR COUNTRY. Italy isn’t drastically impacting their economy, tourism, education, and way of life because they care about our presidential election. They are doing it because their citizens are dying. This isn’t a hoax. This isn’t just the cold. And I don’t care if more people by the numbers have already died of the flu. (Actually I very much care-GET VACCINATED). This is a big fucking deal. Open your eyes and pay attention. Your American immune system is not equipped with special corona fighting antibodies that just skipped over other countries. And more importantly, your healthcare system that already didn’t have enough doctors doesn’t suddenly have a surplus of doctors.

      While you have the option (THAT YOU SHOULD TAKE) to stay at home and decrease the likelihood of you being a vector, when you do get sick, guess who is still working? Your nurses, doctors, pharmacists, hospital support staff, EMS, police…we don’t have the option to stay at home and protect ourselves and our families. The consensus among myself and other docs is and expectation of not if, but when, we get sick. People that have no lung problems are developing respiratory and multi system organ failure, and dying. We know that could be us. And we aren’t just being exposed at the airport or the grocery store or at a concert venue…we are being DIRECTLY exposed to the sickest patients. And without the resources to protect ourselves. The public has stock piled N95 masks to an extent our masks are LOCKED away and we have to have approval to use them. Because we WILL run out. The protective recommendations by the CDC recently became more relaxed…and let’s be totally transparent. This is not because the transmission has slowed or COVID is less virulent. It’s because we cannot meet a higher standard. We cannot provide our healthcare workers with better protection because we simply don’t have it. And I’m so fortunate to work in a resource rich hospital with what I consider exceptional leadership. I see people busting ass to try to keep us safe and informed, but under the context of a rapidly evolving situation with not enough supplies, people, and space to manage the consequences. I’ve also heard the theories that the doctors that died in China were given amphetamines and worked days at a time. That exhaustion weakened their immunity. As we go through cycles of quarantine, who do you think is going to be on back up? Who do you think will be covering those extra shifts and putting in more hours? While we won’t be pumped full of amphetamines, someone will have to be there.

      So if you’re one of the people that keeps laughing at the “hysteria,” keeps comparing it to more deadly disease, thinks that somehow you’re special and it’s going to skip over you…you’re not special and your immune system isn’t unique. Take the current pandemic seriously. Stay home and don’t be a walking vector. Find a hobby, read some books, spring clean your house, make some new recipes, clear your DVR. You don’t need to panic and build a bunker, but don’t be an asshole. Stop buying protective supplies that puts those of us on the front line at high risk. Stop buying all the toilet paper. Covid doesn’t cause massive diarrhea. Our water supply is not contaminated. You don’t need to stock pile bottled water. Don’t go to the ER “because you just wanted to be checked out” when you’re not actually sick. You risk exposing yourself and frankly, you’re pulling us away from the patients that actually need us. And realize that when this gets worse, we are working as hard as we can to do the best we possibly can. Be patient and kind to your first responders.

      1. Marsha

        Thank you for the enlightening message. I appreciate and believe every word! You and your colleagues are in my thoughts and prayers with the whole population.

      2. Sherry Whalen

        Karen, thank you for posting this and thank you Dr. Norvell for writing it. I witnessed ‘shopping’ at my local Sam’s club yesterday (I stayed socially distant and also used my Sam’s club app to avoid the incredibly long lines!) where shelves were empty and the all of the toilet paper was sold out by people who had 3 and 4 packages (these packages hold 45 rolls – it was supposed to be a limit of 2) in their carts. Milk, eggs (except for a few boxes of 7.5 dozen eggs), and bread were gone. I was able to purchase the normal amounts of fruits and veggies, purchased a box of eggs(yes we will eat them), and coffee, but I couldn’t help myself from taking some pictures of the long lines, empty shelves and overfilled carts. Now imagine – we have people swamping the stores right now. This will be what happens to hospitals when more and more people get sick and need medical care. THEY WILL BE SWAMPED. And they will be making very hard choices about who gets the beds and ventilators. As with the toilet paper hoarding, people will NOT care about others. So, stay home. Read a book. Clean your house. Practice your hobbies. Learn to be alone for a while! Just please, please take this seriously!!

      3. meredith england

        Thankyou for this wonderful comment. It needs to be posted elewhere for a wider audience. Here in Australia we are taking this very seriously and I haven’t met one peson who is trying to minimize the issue. It will affect society in ways we can’t even begin to imagine. I hope you say healthy as long as you can and thank you for the amazing work you are doing.

      4. Lisa in northeastern Washington state

        Thank you for taking this opportunity to further educate us about this virus. Take care, we all pray that you and all other healthcare workers stay healthy and safe.

      5. Judy

        Thank you Karen for posting this from DR Norvell. It is exactly what people need to read and understand. My son is an ER Doctor in Kansas city and was just here in Oregon visiting. He told me the same thing. When they are telling you to stay home it is for your own good and the good of others. If you overwhelm the hospitals they will not be able to treat everyone. So better to isolate yourself than end up being the one they have to decide not to treat because they don’t have the resources. This is spreading so fast and they don’t know enough about it to even know why some people are getting it and others aren’t . Am I worried about my son, of course I am, but he assures me that they stay as safe as possible while working in the ER. His girlfriend works there also and they were both working the night before they flew here. They had their first case with the coronavirus come in and both of them stayed away from it as they were flying the next day. The hospital has now put travel restrictions on their physicians. He was supposed to go to a conference in New York last Thursday but they restricted him from going and then it was cancelled anyway. The fact that the medical field is putting these kind of restrictions on themselves means that they are taking this virus very seriously so please stay home as much as possible.
        To answer your question about what is going on where I live here in Oregon. Last Friday schools were closed until the end of March, Each day since they have added more things. Now there is no gathering in groups of more than 10, restaurants and bars can only do take out, churches are online if they have that ability and schools as of today are closed until April 28th. Oregon happens to be way behind in testing because our governor did not take it seriously. She says she wrote two letter to vice president Pence asking for test kits but on the news tonight they showed one of her letters in which she stated that we were handling things here and didn’t need any test kits. She was not even going to close the schools until the superintendents from 3 districts said they were going to close their schools anyway so then finally she acted. Stores are crazy. In early march my son told me it wouldn’t hurt to get a few things so I went to Costco and bought some non perishable items that we could use later if we didn’t use it now. Since then we have made some trips to the store just to get things needed but they are so crazy we don’t end up getting everything on our list or don’t even go in. I am going to try to go to Costco tomorrow but if there is a line out the door I am leaving. Some stores have closed temporarily and the craft and quilting stores have cancelled all classes.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Judy – I am speechless – it’s the same here really except that we have not had any confirmed cases yet. Good luck to your doctor son!

        2. Judy

          Knee replacement scheduled for Tuesday is now delayed. And I was ready! I was concerned about rehab being open the way everything is shutting down Purdue University has just announce they will finish the semester online and there will not be gradation ceremonies in May. That was to be six ceremonies with a full house of 6000 at each. Not within the recommendations ten or less.

          1. CountryThreads Post author

            Judy – I’m so sorry your surgery has been delayed – and I’m sure you had your mind set and ready to go. Dang. Now you’ll have to go thru that again when it can be scheduled. And no commencement for 36,000????

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Charlotte Shira – all of this just makes losing Dick all that much harder, doesn’t it? I hope you can have his funeral as planned. I am so sorry for your loss and all us Readers are sending our love during this time of transition for you and for all of us in this new world we are experiencing. Do you have someone to help you if you need something? Thinking of you.

  6. Laura P.

    In Illinois our governor has also closed all schools; our daughter will be home until April 6th from University. Just tonight our Governor has ordered all bars and restaurants close their dining rooms. Take-out and delivery food is still available. We live in a small town and have lots of small business, doing all we can to support them. My Mom is a resident at a memory care home. They have changed the visiting protocol for the good of the residents and are doing everything they can to keep everyone healthy. Take good care everyone✂️🧵❤️

    1. Frances

      So sorry about your husband, Charlotte. Here in NC, the public schools are closed for two weeks, but already people are talking about schools being closed for the rest of the school year. We’ll see. Most churches here were closed yesterday. Volunteer fire departments are holding take out dinners for their fundraiser rather than allowing the diners to sit in the firehouse. I convinced my husband to walk in the neighborhood instead of going to the mall where it’s air conditioned. Yea! I’m making progress on my nine patch. I downloaded the Walmart grocery app and tried it out. It worked very well and I didn’t have to set foot in the store. It is supposed to be in the 70’s here this week. It is a blessing,

  7. Carol

    Well my husband and I and our dog are in Corpus Christi until March 29. We live in mid north Indiana. We are worried about travel restrictions. It is a three day trip home. We don’t know if we should leave early or not. I do have my machine and projects here so I’m quilting.

  8. Ginny

    They just sent everyone home from the company my step-granddaughter works for and that is just down the road from us. My daughter in law always visits us on Sunday afternoon but she is a driver manager for Swift Trucking so she comes in contact with drivers that travel all over the country. She said she won’t visit until this is over and now her daughter probably has been exposed. The girl across the street went to Atlanta for work classes with her boss and Monday her boss is being tested for the virus. It seems to be spreading quite fast. I belong to the South Carolina Native Plant Society and they have canceled all the lectures and field trips for the foreseeable future. I am looking forward to the plant sale in mid-April and so far they haven’t canceled that.
    I hope everyone stays healthy .

  9. Judy A

    Living a bit southeast of Chicago…. Illinois schools are ordered closed as of Tuesday, probably so kids can pick up their books on Monday and get instructions for e-learning, Some are closed tomorrow already. Our town library closes Wednesday, so they can get in Tuesday’s elections I’m sure, restaurants have been told they close starting Tuesday – one place in town changed their St. Paddy’s Day bash to Monday night, which doesn’t make sense if we’re supposed to not go anywhere there are 50 or more people. They can still offer carry-out or delivery. Some people are gonna have to learn how to cook! We had church this morning, with some “alterations” – only a few greeters were door openers so nobody else had to touch the handles. Greetings were either spoken or elbow bumps – no hugs or handshakes, communion was served differently – we usually pass the plate/cups), offerings were dropped in baskets as we left the sanctuary, Senior residences are on “lockdown” – a friend just told me they can’t eat in the dining room – pretty hard for the oldsters to have to stay in their rooms alone. I told her I hoped they could sneak into each other’s rooms to watch Wheel of Fortune together or play cards – as long as none of them have the sniffles or anything. I’m wishing I didn’t have to go to work so I could stay home and quilt. We quilters/crafters will never get bored. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even run out of supplies. I am quite mindful of the parents/grandparents who will become home school teachers for the next several weeks, and pray that they will have the patience and game plans they’re gonna need for something new. There’s got to be a middle ground between panic and not taking this whole business seriously. Grocery buying is another whole matter! Hoarding is rampant.

  10. Judy Rounds

    I live in Utah and almost everything is shut down here, including all church activities and facilities. I sure don’t like it! Never imagined something like this could happen.

  11. Beryl in Owatonna

    I went to church this morning… not at the one I usually attend. That turned out to be the only one with no services in town. Our sewing group is planning on meeting at this time, we will see. I think most want to come. Walmart is out of a lot of food and of course TP. My nephew said there is no cold medicine and all of the Tylenol, Ibuprofen etc is gone. It is sad the way people are acting. The weather was nice today, almost 40. Some rain tomorrow and towards the end of the week. Schools will close Wednesday for 2 weeks. Trust the Lord 🙏🙏 pray… He is in control. Common sense is good. We don’t have that many cases in Minnesota.

  12. Rosie Westerhold

    I’m in Lincoln, NE. We’ve had no cases reported here, but in Omaha (about 50 miles from here) there have been 16 or 17 cases reported. Locally, all schools have been closed indefinitely, all colleges are doing online classes, gatherings are limited to not more than 250 people. National Quilting Day was cancelled at the International Quilt Study Center, our local quilt guild cancelled our April meeting and workshop. My small quilt group meets twice/month in a conference room at a local long-term care facility. The facility is closed to visitors, so we can’t meet there. There are only 3-7 of us who come each time. I will miss the social time more than the sewing time. The annual Nebraska Shop Hop starts March 21 and goes to April 4, maybe. It has not been CANCELLED, but many who do this hop are in the “elderly” category. Not sure how this will affect all the Nebraska quilt shops. It was a bad year last year for the shop hop as we had flooding in many areas and quilters just couldn’t physically get around the state because of so many closed roads.

    This past weekend was our high school boys state basketball tournament. Only immediate family members were allowed to attend. So sad for the teams to have worked so hard to get to that level and not be able to have all of their fans watch and cheer for them. Same goes for the college teams and the NCAA tournament that isn’t happening. Many, many churches here cancelled in-person services and live-streamed to parishioners. Not sure what they will do going forward.

    I do have to do a little bragging, though. Not quilt bragging, but related to the novel Coronavirus. The University of Nebraska Medical Center, barely 2 miles from where I grew up inOmaha, NE, is at the epicenter of research and development for ways of dealing with this “virus.” I read the most interesting article about this yesterday, somewhere online. And the people at the heart of the research (biologists, microbiologists, epidemiologists, physicians, nurses, countless techs and others) are all VOLUNTEERS!! They ALL have full-time jobs at the medical center, but they are devoting their “spare-time” to coming up with a vaccine or whatever is needed to fight the resulting diseases of this awful virus. They are working countless hours at their regular jobs, then working their side-gig as well. These are devoted health-care professionals working to help everyone in this country. Let’s remember what they are doing to help all of US across our country.

    My husband and I are in the “elderly” category as well. Thank goodness for quilting activity for me which includes plenty of fabric, patterns, threads, and UFOs in my home and studio. Hubby is a carpenter and has many of his OWN projects which keeps us out of each other’s hair for most of the day. We are both healthy, and washing,washing, washing hands. But will be getting low on TP by the end of the week. Hope new supplies get here SOON. Have most everything else we need food-wise. Lots of pellets for our wood pellet grill so will be doing LOTS of grilling over the next few weeks👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗.

    Stay safe, everyone. We will come through this will lots of finished UFOs🙌🙌🙌. That’s my plan, at least.

    1. Karen M

      I live in NE Florida. Our church could not meet at the school where we usually meet because the schools have been shut down for 2 weeks. We met instead at a local park. We attend a small church (65-80) and yesterday there were 54 of us that attended. My husband and I went to a BBQ restaurant after church and there were just barely a handful of people there when the place is usually packed.
      TP is non-existent at Walmart and quite a few empty spots on shelves. I need to go out today to the meat market and then to Pet Supermarket to get dog food. It looks worse than preparation for hurricanes. Mass hysteria. I think we might be better off if TV was shut down. LOL
      Bike Week was last week and the city shut down all the venders on Saturday and Sunday after most of the bikers had already been here for the week. A lot of lost money for the venders. So sad.

    2. Kathy in western NY

      Rosie, our Rochester NY Sunday newspaper had a very informative article about all the work your Univeristy is doing there to find a cure. Kudos and more kudos and lots of thanks should be given to them for their dedication.
      Medical facts are what is needed so more funding should be directed since our bodies have never been exposed to this rapidly spreading virus and consequently we know the results weren’t good in Italy.

      1. Rosie Westerhold

        Glad someone else knows about the cutting-edge research Nebraska is doing!! Today I read that they are starting the first trial of a drug to treat this virus!!! WooHoo. They have no idea if it will work or when it could be available. Best guess is in a year IF it works. That’s a LONG time from now.

        Have to report a sad, but funny true story. Quilting friend and hubby live in a very nice retirement facility. They have like a townhouse in this facility. They order groceries and supplies to be delivered from a local grocery. She put in an order to be delivered on Friday, I think. Part of their order was stolen as the driver was finishing the loading. They stole the TP from their order😱😱😂😂😂!!! What is this world coming to?!? It was quickly replaced later that day. They must be special because when I was out and about over the weekend, there was none in any of the places I went. We could become needy in about 2 weeks😳😳.

        Keep washing those hands and quilt on👍👍👍👍👍.

        1. Julie B from Cedar Falls

          I told my daughter we were low on TP…so yesterday I received a box in the mail from her..10 rolls of TP shipped via PRIORITY MAIL.

  13. jan VanDeWalle

    Things are just as crazy here in NW Oregon. The governor has closed school until April 1 and is thinking of closing restaurants and bars or at least setting how long they can be open and how many they can have inside at a time. Most all Churches are closed and are broadcasting service online or ?? No gatherings of 50 or more., even smaller groups are canceling.
    You can’t find toilet paper or cleaning supplies, no pasta or ready to cook like hamburger helper or boxes of Mac & cheese, peanut butter and the meat case at Winco was empty yesterday. Some stores are worse than other Early morning the milk and bread are not on the shelves, people don’t realize that they are delivered daily in the morning.
    They are recommending that you stock up on cold medicine, cough syrup, Tylenol, Ibuprofen ,and aspirin
    so you can stay at home and treat your self if you have symptoms and not go to Dr unless you get breathing problems and or high fever. Most cases are fairly mild unless you are older or have a compromised immune system. most things in short supply can be ordered on Amazon and delivered to your door, even food so they tell me. like a good Boy Scout be Prepared! we are in an earthquake zone so they recommend that we have enough food and water on hand for 2 weeks in case the Big one hits
    Stay safe and stay home and sew, Love to all

  14. Lisa

    Our fourth Tuesday quilt meeting is canceled. The governor closed the schools in the state of Alaska about two hours after the local Borough closed the schools for the next two weeks. This next week was spring break anyway. Right now spring break is extended to two weeks. I suspect based on reading all the notes that school will be out for a longer period of time. Last I heard, there are no virus cases on our small island here. But when those who traveled return from spring break they’ll probably be bringing it with them. My daughter who lives in California is worried about me up here in Alaska. I’m self-employed and do come in contact with people in the public now and then. I’m trying to decide how much I should work this coming week or two, or three. And I live alone so that contact is the only socializing I get during the work week. Today was the last day of church for the rest of the month because we meet in a school and they are closed to all activity. The home groups are going to meet and a couple of other activities as long as the virus hasn’t been detected here yet. As our Pastor said this morning, we are in a fluid situation.

  15. Anonymous

    I’m guessing there will be plenty of parents looking for things for their kids to do. Working outside would be one of the safer activities. As long as you didn’t get within 6 feet of each other it might be just fine.

    1. Judy

      In Mid North Indiana, the schools are closed for 3-4 weeks for now. I hear the gov. is closing restaurants and bars today, allowing only take out orders and delivery. We did have church service yesterday with our usual 18 in attendance. We have canceled our 3rd Saturday of the month Community Breakfast. I have knee replacement scheduled for next Tuesday. I had my schedule cleared of responsibility for a few weeks so I could rehab. I have not heard yet that it is cancelled, but I am thinking it will be soon. My daughter is director of admissions at a small university and all “days on campus” for groups of prospective students have been canceled. At this time they are still seeing prospective students individually. Their classes are being held on line until further notice. They are keeping their dorms open; many of their students are better staying in Indiana than going to their home residences. I stopped at our local food pantry today to drop off some boxes. They were having those coming for food to stay in their cars and they were taking boxes of food out to them.

  16. Bonnie M Specchio

    In Illinois, besides all the closures of schools and churches, as of close of business tonight, all bars and restaurants will be closed. No end in sight to all the changes!

    1. Carol

      Ohio governor has closed all dine in restaurants and bars as of 9:00 p.m. March 15. They can still do carry out or delivery. Schools are closed for at least 3 weeks. Our church is closed also, music and sermon was taped so we could worship from home. Daycares are still open, but will close soon. Anyone who can work from home are encouraged to do so.

  17. LuAnn Dekker

    Our Governor in Illinois closed the schools for 2 weeks also restaurants for eat in and bars.. many of our churches live streamed yesterday so we were able to worship if we stayed home.

  18. Carol Rife

    Here in Memphis we have only had a few cases but schools are closed until the end of the month..a longer spring break for the kids. Most churches have cancelled services until Palm Sunday and even my tiny church is putting the sermon on you tube. Thought Sunday morning would be a quiet time To go to the grocery store but with the cancelled church everyone was there! My checker said that when she got there at 6 am there was already a line waiting for the store to open. I am happy to stay home but my husband, even though he has much to keep him busy, still gets restless. I guess cleaning up his workroom and desk are not as attractive to him as sewing is to me😁. Our guild meeting is still on for Tues but think that will change….I think we will need to devote an entire meeting to show and tell when this is over!

  19. Mrs. Goodneedle

    North Carolina’s Gov. announced the closing of all schools for at least the next two weeks on Saturday afternoon, as well as limiting publicly attended gatherings to less than 100. We did have church yesterday morning, but our church is small and we spread out; not surprisingly, attendance was low. All classes at my LQS are canceled too. Stores will remain open, but that will be harder and harder with everyone staying home. Most restaurants around here are relying on take-out business to stay afloat. Stay safe, everyone!

  20. Cheryl

    Arkansas has 12 cases. No deaths thank goodness. Everything has closed. My 92 year old mom’s retirement home is in lockdown. She must be so confused why family isn’t coming to visit. She has no phone because of deafness. My condolences to anyone who has last a loved one. I get it and I don’t get it; if that makes sense. I think two things are in play here: no vaccine and liability. Take care all.

  21. Mary

    Wisc. Schools closed. Many churches canceled. Restaurant and bars still open but talk of closing.

  22. Sharon Lowy

    I live in Yorkville, Illinois and everything is closing after today. Since I am an avid quilter I will be content to stay home and sew. The frenzy at the grocery stores is unimaginable. I wonder that no one seems to stock anything. I did my usual shopping but I always have staples. Didn’t people have toilet paper or soap? We need to learn from this to appreciate our wonderful country and to be thankful for what we have. My parents remember rationing during WW2. Just keep the faith and pray this awful virus can be stopped and a vaccine can be created.

  23. Paula Philpot

    Vice President is supposed to speak today so they think he will put out more advisories.
    This is a good time to get our your quilting and sewing and other hobbies which I am doing but it is still the uncertainty of this situation.
    Our Governor will speak at 9am this Morning and again at 4 pm each day. He is doing a wonderful job.
    East Bernstadt KY, which is south central KY.
    Paula in KY

  24. Sharon Ray

    People forget why we are asked to stay home and away from each other: to prevent overloading our healthcare system. This is not a “normal” flu. It is much more contagious. Children don’t seem to get it (not normal) If a large number of people have complications requiring advanced care, there isn’t enough care available. We don’t want what is happening in Italy to happen here. They have to decide who lives and dies by their age, it’s awful. Staying home now will prevent much worse things later. I’m in Florida and when Disney closes, you know it’s bad.

    1. Sherry Whalen

      Thank you Sharon for reminding everyone why we are ‘social distancing’ from each other. The confirmed cases are only the ones who have been tested, there are likely many more who have had it, recovered and didn’t even know they had it. I have been reading about what has happened in Italy where their healthcare system has been overwhelmed, and I just read an article about people who are asymptomatic – younger and older people who don’t have any symptoms but are contagious. Hopefully we are putting steps in place that will at least slow the spread.

      Sherry in SE MN

  25. Kathy in western NY

    In our county alone in NY, the cases yesterday jumped from 2 to 8 overnight so it’s spreading and testing will now be more available with quicker turn around times. In fact one of the ladies at our church is waiting test results and many of us were with her so it’s like you are fine one day and not well the next. Our church was online, everything cancelled. Course, schools are closed and one infected did work at a school so another whole dynamics now. I am concerned about the front lines personnel who are treating these ill people and get quite ill themselves and wonder how long before this stops. Today has 2 ER doctors sick and we don’t have an abundance of doctors normally. Praise the nursing staff who no doubt are pulling double shifts to get those well and back home.
    Being a farmer is one of those professions that look pretty darn good right now cause you can manage your crops, feed and work by yourself. But I know Mary, it’s not an easy life either. I wonder how many young families will consider gardening and growing their own fresh foods this summer cause of this panic buying. And learn to can. All thoughts I think of as I sew away.

  26. Diana in Des Moines

    I live in Des Moines, and stayed home all weekend. Our church was cancelled, sermon was streamed. I retired in September to babysit my grandson, so we don’t need to go out. My husband is still working so he is gone during the day.
    This make me nervous. I am not totally alarmed, but will stay home as much as possible.
    My mom is 85 with underlying health conditions. She lives in her own home still, I have forbidden to go out. I will grocery shop for her, and she can come over here when she wants.
    On another note, my bff owns the quilt shop in Adel. She is now closed until April 1st. Is this a sign of things to come? I think so.
    Take care, Mary. Hunker down and wash your hands. Now is the time to use some of that stash we’ve been building, hmm?

  27. Carolyn Rector

    Gov. DeWine just closed all bars and restaurants in Ohio last night. I think drive through is still an option. No wonder food is going off all the shelves. Strange times, I think they are trying to slow down the spread to give hospitals a chance to take Care of the ill.

  28. Darby in WI

    In Wisconsin schools are closing beginning Thurs and until at least Apr 6th. My boys are in 2nd & 4th grades. We will find out about their education plan in the next couple days. The district doesn’t have enough Chromebooks for all students so they won’t be able to send those home. Some families don’t have internet & libraries will be closed. I have also heard rumors of packets of worksheets. 4H sent an email saying groups larger than 50 can’t meet. As others have said, grocery stores are bare. All convenience foods were gone-sandwich meat, mac & cheese, corndogs, etc, but with kids being home I suppose that’s what they will make for themselves at lunch. I haven’t stocked up on anything. We live on a farm so we have a freezer full of beef, venison & pork. We have 30 laying hens. I have lots canned & frozen from my garden. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to clean out my cupboards! I’m excited to have the boys home from school. I have some outside projects planned & we will have time to look for deer antlers in the woods. On the news they were calling anyone over 60 elderly. My 65 year old (very active) mother insists she is not elderly. Ha!

  29. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Just had an email from my niece in Germany and she says it is very much there like it is here. Long lines to check out at the grocery store, even early in the morning. Also no TP and other items like here. Things there are also closed. No cases that I’ve heard of in our area but I’m 84 and am happy to stay home with my quilting and working on getting organized. My husband doesn’t take it as seriously as I wish he would. Better safe than sorry.

  30. Jo in Wyoming

    Here in Wyoming schools are on extended spring break. Some activities at churches are canceled.
    My dilemma….do I go to jail or not!!! My inmates have “touch” visitation. They can hug and touch their visitors. I go into their group cell to teach quilting. I’m in the high risk group for both age and health for the virus. My kids scream “don’t go” , my head says don’t go…my heart says go.
    Anybody else debating a volunteer situation?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I’ll bet your girls would understand if you chose not to come for a few weeks!

    2. Nikki in Tx

      Jo, stay home…pray for the health of the guards & inmates & be healthy so you can return to your hearts work when this resolves. I cannot give you a timeline but I know it will resolve. Each of us needs to do our best to limit the transmission & spread of this virus. Social distancing, hand washing & prayers are something each of us can do.

  31. Mary Rhodes

    I’m from Bethel Ohio southwest 30 miles from Cincinnati. Schools are closed for 4 weeks, maybe longer. Colleges closed one having students to leave the dorms go home, one is from New York and working while going through college. Now because people getting drunk etc, closing bars and restraints have carry out only. Grocery stores closing at 9pm so they can restock without trouble. People have to work from home if they can. No visitors to hospital and nursing homes. The panic and hysteria is so bad not funny. Like one said easy to prepare items wiped out at the store I went to, per nuts! Churches closed for 2 weeks here, my old church had sermon and singing by broadcast on internet. Mean while news media really going wild making the hysteria! My doctor office wants me to call before I come in for routine diabetic check up, surprise they want me to keep it! It’s all in Gods hands. News media can be better to keep the hysteria down. Schools want the kids go by internet, not everyone can get it in Ohio due to mountain areas, and cost. Libraries are closed so that dont help there. Pure nuts!

  32. Diane in Maryland

    It is really interesting to read what each of you writes and to know that we are all in this together experiencing the same things and we care about each other! Mary, I had the same thought about getting yard work done. Told my 14 yr old grandson that I am making a list of things he can do for me and Pop and he will make some money. His immediate reply was “Mom-Mom, I’m going fishing!” He just has to walk a short distance to fish from a creek. At least he will be outside and not near people. He may not be so happy about this extended break come June when these days will have to be made up. To Martha in Gettysburg, true – better to be safe than sorry. We have found that our Dollar General and Dollar Tree stores have t.p. and paper towels and not as many people in them either. Most are limiting the number a person can purchase. My daughter went to a Dollar General to pick up one pack of t.p. for their office and the woman in front of her had 8 packs which contained 8 rolls each along with many rolls of paper towels. Sounds extreme but Cindy pointed out to me that we don’t know if she was purchasing them for an assistant living home or something similar. Good to remember that when we point a finger there are three pointing back at us…haha

  33. Linda Greethurst

    I’m in Iowa, all the same as stated above. Being a positive person, my thoughts through reading all the comments is that I think/hope a lot of people are going to be rearranging their priorities in life and appreciating the priviledges that they enjoy; and recognizing the difference.

  34. Diane Bauer

    I live in Windsor, CO, near Fort Collins. Schools here are on spring break next week and will have an extra week after that off. Colleges and universities have gone completely online for the remainder of the spring semester. All labs are closed and students are not allowed to do any further filming in Jenica’s program as that constitutes a social gathering. Decisions about commencement will be made in the week or so ahead–we are assuming it will be cancelled. The Governor of Colorado has called for large gatherings to be ended–anything over 250–effectively ending most church services. I watched two different services online yesterday morning. Brene’ Brown called for 15 minute church on Instagram last night and it was watched by over 15,000. Grocery stores have gone to shortened hours to give them time to restock shelves. They just could not keep up with the panic buying mentality. Sam’s and Costco are limiting the number of people that can enter at any given time. The weather was beautiful here yesterday, so I took the dogs out for long walks in the afternoon. There were quite a few people out, but staying on opposite sides of the street for the most part. I have a friend out traveling for spring break with grandkids and they are coming home after only two days because everything they wanted to see is closed. I am still seeing clients today, but am making phone or Skype sessions an option. I may be at 100% telehealth by the tomorrow. I am concerned about the necessary isolation from the pandemic and how it will affect those who are already dealing with depression and anxiety but will follow guidelines provided. I have plenty of fabric, stocked up on thread a few days ago, and am ready to sew, sew, sew!

    Stay safe everyone! We will get through this. My Mom and Dad reminded me that there was a flu pandemic in early 1960 and no visitors were allowed at the hospital when I was born. Pray, pray, pray. God is greater than COVID-19!!

  35. Tonya Reichard

    Here in PA our schools are shut down until the 30th at this time. There are about 5-6 counties that are greatly affected and the governor has stated that businesses – restaurants, liquor stores, bars were to shut down in those counties as of last night. I have 4 grand kids for the next 2 weeks and a close friend (Aunt to 2 grands) is a teacher and sent me some links for free and a link for virtual tours of museums, as they are all closed world wide now. I still feel that commonsense should rear his head and start being a part of every day life.

  36. Dianna

    A 5 day quilt retreat that I was going to attend has been cancelled. I was cutting “kits” for a few weeks to take so I’m well set to keep busy for awhile. I have plenty of supplies here to keep busy for a long time
    There was only 15 of us that attend but some have other health conditions. A very small group at church yesterday, we did have communion but it was distributed differently.
    I would love to have my grandkids here to sew but that will have to wait too.
    Hope this pandemic helps others to be kind. God bless ALL

  37. Lynn Handberg

    Here in MN Gov. Walz is closing schools starting Wed. for the next two weeks. I have a daughter in KY and the schools are closed for 4 weeks starting today. Spring break times are included in these closings, which is somewhat helpful. in MN we have spring breaks for about 6 weeks with all the different districts. My daughter has a med. size dance studio and has been open 10 years. It doesn’t take much to put a strain on the studio finances, to put it mildly. I am an independent contractor, and if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Fortunately, social security will help greatly. But since I am still able to work – I’m a court reporter – I want to keep working for a few more years.
    I have been doing some catching up on my sewing, for sure! Got binding on a project, now need to sew it down. Also working on a medallion quilt. Have lots of kits and fabric to keep me busy for a long time.
    Blessings to all of you out there in quilting world – and beyond!

  38. Margie from Ohio

    Hi from Ohio! Pretty much all that has been said before is true here also. Schools are closed, restaurants are closed except for take out and since we don’t have any fast food places here in this small township, both of our restaurant/bars are closed. gas station is open. My mother in law who fell in August and is still in a nursing home trying to learn to walk again is stuck there with no visitors for anyone. I was doing her laundry and I made sure I had her name on all of her clothes last week just in case. I am so glad I did because now they will have to do her laundry. They had put visitation to just one family member, my husband in this case and now no one can get in. I understand the caution though especially after the nursing home in Washington. She can call us and she has her t.v. Not sure if they will continue therapy or not. she hasn’t had it today yet. I had to go in to the medical group today to get my INR (blood thinner) checked and they told me they are cleaning the waiting areas every 20 minutes so that was good news. I need to have carpal tunnel surgery done and will be seeing the surgeon net week, however all elective surgeries are on hold indefinitely at the local hospital, which I understand. Everyone stay safe as possible and keep on quilting/sewing, it is good for us.

  39. Jan B from TN

    The same here in TN as most other comments — school closed, store shelves running low on some things & out of tp, etc. I just hope everyone understands that all these precautions are being taken so that this deadly virus does NOT continue to spread. If everyone would just take it seriously without panicking, maybe, just maybe, we can get a handle on it before it gets totally out of control. No one has asked anyone to stop living. There’s plenty everyone, especially those with children, can do to keep busy/entertained. 🤔
    I think us quilters are the luckiest, tho, because we’ve prepared for this type of emergency for our whole lives with our fabric stashes! I plan to sew as much as possible! I have fabric, thread, needles, patterns & books to keep me busy for as long as this self-quarantine suggestion is in place. Spring cleaning? Why bother — that’s my theory anyway! 😉🤗👍

  40. Jenny

    In suburban Dallas, schools are closing til the end of the month. Most churches held ONLINE services only as Dallas County has banned gatherings over 500. The number of cases grows each day. Grocery store shelves are empty though Governor Abbot has assured us that they will be resupplied. On top of pandemic concerns TEXAS is concerned about the problems in the oil industry; medical advice is to stay home and maintain social distancing—so I hope to finish at least one new quilt and one in progress because all social events in my community have been cancelled.

  41. Kathy Hanson

    Schools here (Rochester, MN) are closing on Wednesday, as well as the library. They are checking everyone that goes into a Mayo Clinic Building for signs of the virus.

  42. Deb Renken - SW Minnesota

    My company has most of the office employees working from home already (I work for an international company with over 16,000 employees worldwide). Of course, the manufacturing employees can’t so they have to go to work and we produce food packaging so demand has ramped up significantly. Personally, I am doing my part by not going out. I’m ok with everything being cancelled and public places closing. People need to remember, if we manager to keep the death and illness #’s low, the process is working. We need to isolate to keep the virus from spreading.

  43. Paula S.

    I’m in Wichita, Kansas and our county (Sedgwick) has banned all public groups of 250 or more. Most churches shut down this weekend including mine although we were able to watch our pastor’s sermon online. Fortunately we are recently retired so don’t have to worry about going to work and being infected by sick co-workers who never stayed home when they should. We are not panicked by what is happening but we do take it seriously. My husband’s mother died from the “regular” flu 12 years ago. She was very healthy for her 87 years – no prescription meds or anything – NEVER SICK. So when she had complications from the flu that killed her, we were shocked to say the least.

  44. Jan Rhoades

    This week is Spring Break for schools. A decision is supposed to be made mid week about next week. We went to church yesterday. The pastor said no more hugging for a while. We Texans are big huggers. I am prepared for lockdown here. I have lots of ideas to keep us busy. We live out in the country. As soon as rain stops I have plenty of gardening to do. We have a bunch of wild plums that need to be made into jelly. I want to try canning dry beans too. Lots of books to read. Loom ready for rugs. I think this is a good time to clean my closet. Straighten pantries. I can always cook. My husband has some cement to pour when it dries up. Turn off the tv unless you have something recorded. Since we don’t who to believe. Keep busy!
    Blessings To All

  45. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I’m in the Netherlands: all schools, universities etc. have been closed, also restaurants, sports clubs, theaters, museums, zoos etc. Supermarkets still open, but having some problems keeping up supplies in bigger cities and towns (no problems yet in my village, but we are sensible, rural folk and not panic buying).
    Very few flights in or out of the country. Reduced public transport (trains, busses, metro, trams). No gatherings of more than 100 people allowed anywhere. Businesses have been ask to let all but essential staff to work at home, until at least April 7th, and to spread other staff over the day (also because 100 people in a business at the same time is not allowed). Non-essential medical procedures have been delayed to reduce pressure on hospitals and doctors.
    Today I was one of the people still at work (Natural History Museum) because we cannot just leave it unattended and deserted for three weeks: 7 staff in the building instead of the usual 95, very strange.
    One staff member sick at home, the rest so far so good, and of course that is what matters most.

    1. Dorothy P

      Here in Chicago all restaurants are closed, grocery store shelves are bare. One of my sons is a priest and he celebrated Mass in our home yesterday with a few friends just like the early Christians. Lots of family time….. life is good. Please remember to check in on neighbors who may be alone, frightened and in need. Be well.

  46. Tina W in Oregon

    In NE Oregon (and the whole state) schools are closed and several congregations didn’t have church services and other church activities are cancelled for at least the next three Sunday’s. There are two or three confirmed cases of the virus in our area and I pray the number doesn’t increase. We’ve got a little snow on the ground and it’s really cold, so yard work isn’t on the agenda. That leaves more time for sewing! Our group is making comfort quilts for victims of the recent flooding in our area. There is always a need and someone else worse off they we are.

  47. Marcia

    My husband and I spend several weeks in FL (from MN) each Feb-March. Happily, we were already here AND our family came just on the edge of things starting to close up. We have a swimming pool here which has been wonderful for us all (3 generations), plus we have Hulu, Roku, and each of us has a rechargeable screen device for endless books and games.
    While we can’t get everything we want, when we want it, we don’t feel like we are going without. It’s just unsettling to not know how desperate things will get.
    PS: I do have a machine and a couple projects with me. Perhaps someone else will decide they’d like an opportunity to stitch!!!

  48. Karen

    Wisconsin: Church was held but the edict from the bishop’s office recommended no communion, no sharing of peace (shaking hands) and no passing of the offering plate (set on a table at the entrance to the sanctuary). Then just before service began our pastor get’s a call that his wife had fallen so our council president led worship minus a sermon.

    Public-private schools, technical colleges and universities closed. Quilt shows cancelled. Farm toy shows cancelled (my husband sells farm toys). Theater events cancelled.

    Stores limiting hours so employees can clean and restock. Received a notice from Land’s End that they are closing their retail stores until March 29th.

  49. Joy in NW iowa

    We were suppose to have 3 grandkids for the week as mom and dad were going on s vacation….change of plans! They cancelled vacation for now and the kids are home as they don’t have school after tomorrow. The teachers only went today and the students and teachers will be there tomorrow and that’s it til further notice. As for me, I’ve been in my hobby cave making some cards and sewing a quilt and some items for the Days for Girls packets we send to missions abroad. Always something to day! Now I could use a little snooze…. sounds like a storm is headed our way at the latter part of the week! We will see! At least that hold be different to listen to! Take care! Love your blog!!

  50. Susan Fiorito

    About the same here in Southern California. I have been advised that I will be working remotely from home now for awhile since I’m 65 + with diabetes, so I will be leaving work here in a few and won’t be back for awhile.
    I like coming to work and getting out of the house. I can’t imagine being in my house for a couple of weeks. At least I have a nice back yard to tool around in.
    Schools, Church’s, restaurants are all closed.
    I’m pretty set for supplies which is good.

  51. Gayle Shumaker

    Everything is shut or shutting down here in Michigan. As of tomorrow morning all resturants can only serve take out, no dining allowed. All schools are closed for the next 3 weeks, libraries, theaters, any form of entertainment/sports are closed or cancelled. There was talk of closing all of the casinos but I’m not sure if that went through or not since they are not considered Michigan land. It has been recommended that people work from home or businesses close if possible. On the news this morning was the report that 2 ER physicians somewhere in the U.S. were in ICU with COVIG-19 also 2 NYFD members had been diagnosed. So it has begun. Pray for our medical/ems/fire/police. They are our front line to this infection once they go down who do you think will be left to care for those afflicted? I know I worry, my husband and 2 sons are firefighter/EMT. COVIG-19 is not acting like other viruses. The shift from transmission from one animal to another then animal to human than human to human just does not occur that rapidly nor from one strain to two. Even if each shift occurred over weeks or months that’s unheard of. Initially the main people that were affected the worst were the elderly but now younger people are having catastrophic reactions.

  52. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    Our annual girls’ trip to Sanibel Island is scheduled for 25 April thru 9 May. It has been booked for a year. My daughters are adamant that I should not go .. but as I told them yesterday, a lot can change in 6 weeks. I am in touch with permanent residents of Sanibel, so at least I have an idea how the island is handling the situation. That place is paradise .. no chance of virus there, right?

    Keep your fingers crossed for me..this is our 20th trip..would sure hate to break the habit.

  53. Kate

    We went to church yesterday and most of the people that were there were us old folks. Most of the young families stayed home. Tells me a lot about our generation. We aren’t afraid of anything. We have one case of the flu in our hospital here in Indiana and they’ve decided to close all the schools and restaurants because of it. What did we do when the swine flu and Ebola was a threat? We went about business as usual. Why was that? There seems to be more about this than meets the eye. Anyway, my husband and I went to the grocery store this morning and there was little traffic and again, a lot of old folks shopping along with some woman with her son in a wheelchair. We got most of what we wanted except for macaroni and spaghetti and Kleenex. And checking us out(we don’t work for the grocery) was yet another senior citizen. Maybe we will have the world to ourselves!

    1. Sherry

      Kate, make sure that you thank those young families that stayed home. They are doing so to help protect themselves, the vulnerable population – people over 60 (me and apparently you as you proclaimed that you were among the ‘old folks’) and others with health concerns like suppressed immune systems, diabetes, high blood pressure. They are also trying to protect our healthcare system which when too many people become ill at the same time won’t have enough beds, ventilators and staff to care for everyone. This virus in MUCH easier to to catch than ebola, swine flu, or even seasonal flu. Officials are not putting these ‘social distancing’ measures and closing schools and businesses for the fun of it or doing it lightly, they watched what happened in Italy health care system and other places and are trying to keep that from happening here. Three weeks ago Italy was were we are today, now doctors in Italy are having to decide who will get a ventilator. Or even a bed. And if you won’t stay home to protect yourself, please be responsible and do it for those young families – as some younger people are getting very sick. Karen Chaudoin from way above also posted an article from a Doctor, it was excellent. And please know that I didn’t respond to you to be mean – I really want you to understand how serious this is.

      I have posted a couple of links – this one is about a woman in Korea who refused to be tested and continued with her life – even though she had a fever. She is patient #31.

      This is almost a week old from Europe but still good information.

  54. Moe Baly

    Hi Mary, Nothing much will change for my hubby and I. Traffic going to work this morning in Chicago was as heavy as always. We work for a mail order company so we have to go to work. We joke that we have always been quarantined anyway since we don’t do anything or go anywhere except to go to work! I’m happy to stay home and sew in the evenings. Enjoy your spring time, and hope you can get some kids to help with the clean up. Love ya, Moe (P.S. I put a letter in the mail to you.)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Moe Baly – aren’t you glad your retreat last week wasn’t cancelled? Our life is pretty much the same also – the only place I went was church and now that’s been cancelled. Stay safe! I’ll watch for your letter!

  55. Beryl BC

    I am in the Dayton, OH, area. The biggest cancellation news of the day is that Hamvention scheduled mid-May is canceled this year. It draws ham radio folks, a lot of techies, etc., from all over the world.

    I went to work at the hospital after being off since Wednesday. It didn’t feel much different in my area, however there is online information to read of changes happening every day.

    So many changes of restaurants, libraries, and churches being closed. I’m still trying to absorb it all.

    I did get a lot of sewing done in the past few days.

    My sympathy to Charlotte who lost her husband.

    Thanks for the posting from the doctor.

  56. Pat Smith

    When I saw the number of comments, I thought, I can never read all those! But, they were so interesting I read every one. Charlotte, my heart goes out to you during what has to be such a hard time. We live in a large retirement community in FL at this time of year. So far, there have been no cases diagnosed here, but I expect that to change. In a population of 125,000 seniors, there will be some cases for sure. Things here are shut down pretty tightly in anticipation of the arrival of Covid-19. Church was cancelled yesterday. Almost everything closed except my sewing room! Thank goodness it’s always open, and Publix is still doing a great job of keeping up with food needs. Stay safe everyone.

  57. Ginny Jackson

    I went to the Ames Public library yesterday to pick up some books I had on hold and learned that it was going to be closed from March 17 – May 13. I checked out 19 books that are in 2 mystery series I like. Nothing is due until May 30. Personally I think it is over kill to be closed through April. I am vulnerable because I am paralyzed below my chest but I am perfectly capable of social distancing and washing my hands before touching my face after I have been out in public!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ginny Jackson – take care of yourself and don’t go out unless you have to. I’ll bet the library wondered if you’d get all those books read! I know you will!

  58. San

    Hi Mary, Thanks for taking the time to get everyone’s input. Today is St. Patrick’s day, but only one person I’ve met today remembered. A sign of the times. Today along with schools being closed, restaurants shut down for the foreseeable future. Some are doing take-out. I really feel for the small business owners who address a vital need in our community. The Cherokee Casino, Murphy, NC, has shut down for 2 weeks, including it’s hotel. The library is closed and I also heard that city hall had closed. The electric company is closed to walk-ins. Wal-Mart is still out of TP, but I’ve not had time to check other stores. At the hotel I work in, they had to close the pool, the fitness room, and are not allowed to serve their regular hot breakfast. I would love to be home with my fabric stash making a dent in the UFO pile, but I’m grateful that there is work to go to. Many others aren’t so lucky. Thanks for posting the letter from the physician, it was quite enlightening. Sending virtual hugs to all of those in need of reassurance and support. San / Gypsy Quilter Designs blog.

  59. Judy

    Mary, Maybe I didn’t say it right about the Purdue graduation ceremonies being canceled. I think there are around 7000 candidates for graduation. The expected attendance for the six planned ceremonies was a total of 36,000. Elliot Hall of Music where graduation is held seats 6005. Our church has been canceled for this Sunday. I talked to my sister and they are still planning service for Sunday, but she said that communion is prepackaged in the seats and the collection box was in the back, so there was no passing the of materials down the row.

  60. Judy

    I forgot to mention that I am glad that you asked about what is going on in other parts of the country. It makes me feel that it is just not here. Also, thanks to the medical personal that have posted, letting us know how serious it is and could become even worse.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – I agree with you. We are very isolated and just don’t know what’s really happening in other areas. I hope the readers will continue with updates.

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