Closing Sale Dates

June 4-5-6, 2015! Put these dates on your calendar for our 3 day closing sale. This is also the first weekend of the Iowa Shop Hop so if you’re out hopping, plan to come to Country Threads, too. We will be selling fixtures, furniture, office supplies, appliances, fabric, quilting supplies and most of all—the Country Threads Quilts from 30 years in business. The sale will be held in the south building of the main quilt shop, the Civil War building, the patio, the garage, the haymow and the yard and we will pray it doesn’t rain. Connie and I plan to start next Monday sorting, packing and pricing because we want to be done by March when Connie leaves for Florida.
Some of the quilts hold special meaning for both Connie and me and we will keep those for now. (I doubt this will be our last sale ever so keep us on your radar.) The antiques we used in the shop were mostly mine and some I have laid claim to but others will be sold to make room for the dog kennels.

If you’re coming from a distance and need a room, here is the number for the Garner Inn — 641-925-1000.
We’re hoping to see lots of our old friends/customers over that 3 day period and I know it will be lots of fun. It will be a party for sure. Is there anyone local who would like to sell food to our visitors? Contact me if interested.

So that’s it, folks – June 4-5-6 and we hope to see you then. Contact me with questions at
Happy New Year to all of you!
Mary and Connie

7 thoughts on “Closing Sale Dates

  1. Karen

    That sign was like a hit in the gut — so poignant and so sad. BUT .. life changes and we all move on — hope you will have as wonderful a time with the “new” lifestyle as you’ve had in the past … you have made it so for us …
    Still, that sign is a stark reminder to us of the reality in your corner of the world.

  2. Claudia

    Happy New Year !!
    Don’t work too hard….You need to spend a little time to relax each day.
    Take Care,

  3. LMK

    “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!” hope to make it over there in june, one more time, anyway. glad your enjoying your retirement. it will be 7 years in apil that paul retired, he works part time but in the summer/fall when we have plenty to do, he needs to work in the winter time too (yes, there are many days that he dives me crazy) he likes to keep busy, i like his help, don’t get me wrong but he’s like the that bunny, he keeps on going, (go, go, go)….. or that watch that keeps on ticking. he gets one thing done and then he wants something else to do. he needs a hobby or something, i’m hoping he will go over to his brother’s one day soon, he stays there for 3-4 days, usually they go fishing but not sure how frozen over the lake is right now. so…. we bought a new house (well, new to us) we’re taking stuff over, doing things and taking some things over now then will make the big move in march or april, depends on the weather. want to get moved before paul starts back to work as they will be working long days. enjoy the new year……..

  4. Launa

    Good for you Mary and Connie,
    We all will miss shopping at Country Threads in the shop and online, but there comes a time when retirement is certainly well deserved. Have you sat around in your robe watching GMA yet? Doubt it!

    Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. Our oldest son (retired) called and wished him Happy Birthday…and after a brief conversation said, “Look out the front window!” There he was on the front porch holding a huge cake…he’d gotten up early to drive over three hours here. He not only brought a Tres Leches cake, but had a prime rib roast to cook on our pellet barbecue, fresh green beans to cook with thick crisp bacon and slivered almonds and a slaw mix and slaw dressing for salad and a bottle of red wine…and some 49er gear gifts. They did the cooking and grilling and we added baked potatoes….. and had more family join us for dinner. BEST SURPRISE EVER. Missed his wife and daughters.


  5. Carol

    I love it! You retire but the party just goes on! I am in California but I managed to get to Garner before you closed and I will try to get there again, hopefully with a chance to meet you in person.

  6. Launa

    FARM CHICK’s daughter, Evie, drew #12 for the UFO month if any Country Thread’s readers and sewing friends want to get a UFO list item finished in January. So happy I checked the Farm Chick’s site today. The monthly UFO list drawing is a tradition I’m glad to see ongoing. My #12 UFO is a single block Snowman from an older Best Block magazine. I can work on it during the two pro football games today now that the two grand-dogs have gone home with their very special young owners.

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