Cold Thursday

I ran some errands today and it was actually snowing lightly – ick!  Stopped at Sam’s to see how she was doing and she took this picture of Hazel and me.

Lucy and Owen were home, too.  I think it’s so cute when they call him Owie!

I’ve made some progress on the wedding quilt and since it’s such a nasty day I think this is how I will spend my afternoon, too.

I’ve reached the point in my life where I think it’s OK to actually use an antique quilt on a bed – ha!  What and who am I saving it for?  Isn’t it wonderful?  It makes me want to start making New York Beauty blocks again.

Here’s the latest and best photo I’ve been able to get of the kittens.  I think maybe they’re older than I thought as their eyes are open.  Still can’t tell how many – I think 4.  Anybody needing a sweet kitten in about 2 months?

Hazel is bored in the house and I don’t want to work outside when it’s this cold – she loves to sit in my chair, with or without me.  Oh my, a yawn!  Maybe I’ll take a nap, she says.

Our friend, Rose, was playing around with photo editing and sent this to me.  Rose is sooo good at this – this repeated picture could be wrapping paper.  Anybody know someone in the “paper” design business?

One of these days I’m going to try posting a short video on the blog – I’ll get Hazel in action!

I am guilty of shopping online and this morning I ordered fabric from Jeanne Horton’s new fabric line called Riverbend.  I am in the mood to make a subtle beautiful quilt for my living room and I think this will fill the bill.  When it comes I’ll show it to you.  Jeanne owns Country Sampler in Spring Green, WI.  Such a beautiful shop – if you haven’t ever visited, you should.

Connie and I both have quilts to show you – as soon as the weather gets nice enough to stage them outside.  Remember Wildflower?  She is finishing up hers – it is an extra large queen size!!!  Wait till you see it!

I bought potting soil this morning to pot up some more clippings.  My mother was right – I make so much work for myself!

17 thoughts on “Cold Thursday

  1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    You can print you own wrapping paper (and fabric!) on Spoonflower ( It is really easy to do. You could use Hazel in a quilt!
    Cold here too, today: finished cutting my strips for my Gypsy Wife.

  2. Mary Says Sew!

    Rose’s repeats reminds me of an Andy Warhol painting, and of the quilts that mimic Warhol’s paintings – where there are four heads in different colors. Would make a great quilt!

    1. Rose Mikulski

      The software I’m using is PicMonkey and it does have a feature that would allow me to do an Andy Warhol effect. But I couldn’t bear to color Hazel and I thought it would take away from the quilt in the background, plus I really don’t know how to do this yet. I’m still playing around with the software. I told Mary that I would like to have a t-shirt with this photo on it.

  3. Maryjane in CA

    Did you ever tell how you got Hazel? Don’t remember hearing. From a friend? Rescue? Such a find – just adorable. How old is she now?

  4. Dee T.

    Great pictures. The antique quilt is interesting. I threw my N.Y. beauty in the trash 15 yrs. ago. I hated it and didn’t finish it and nobody wanted to take it over. I don’t like paper piecing. So many Hazels. Wrapping paper sounds great.

  5. Ann Barlament

    Yesterday, one of the nurses convinced me to close my window….I guess 32 degrees was a bit chilly. This is my second week with low grade temp and sometimes the cooler outside air feels good!

    For printing custom wrapping paper:

  6. Launa

    We had two Canadian geese land in our pond yesterday. They didn’t swim around too long.
    Today we’ve had snow flurries and sunshine off and on…nothing is sticking. Fireplace is going.
    Such is spring in Idaho! I prefer the flurries to rain.
    Good to see you using the beautiful antique quilt, Mary !

    The wild barn kittens are so adorable!

  7. Diane

    You could print lots of Hazels on those fabric sheets. I made one of those that you put over a plastic frame. That would be cute of Hazel!! She”s as cute as ” socks on a chicken” according to my husband😃
    The wedding quilt is so neat and I love the antique quilt. Are the baby kitties all tuxedoes like mama? Squeak would hate it, but I’d love one. UPS to Ohio?–lol

  8. Cynthia

    Love all the Miss Hazel pics! My husband and I are definitely major Hazel fans! And looking forward to more barn kitty pics! Hallmark needs Hazel wrapping paper! lol!

  9. Kathy

    You are a whirl wind of energy with all your planned projects and a new puppy to boot! I know it keeps you young and full of joy in life. Wish I had as much energy as you have! I need to do more editing on my novel, but it gets very frustrating to see so much rewriting to redo scenes and add or subject characters. That’s the nature of writing though. I want to try my hand at quilting and some of your patterns are so inspiring to me. Maybe I’ll do a beginner’s quilt and see if I can get enthused and able to follow through with the project!

  10. Joanne

    I think Hazel’s Face would be great for a fabric print. SHe is so darn cute! Mary you are you all ball of energy! WIll you share your secret better yet sell it!

  11. Jackie Baumhauer

    Hazel is so enchanting…I have to keep looking at her pictures. She is the perfect dog for you! I know you could write a book about her growing up on the farm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jackie – I sure could write a book about Hazel’s adventures!! My Jackie says “HI”.

  12. Susie

    Hazel, Hazel, Hazel that precious face! Lovely wedding quilt! Mama cat looks quite secure with her little family!

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