Connie’s Been Busy, Too


Connie is back in Garner after a month in Florida but it looks like it was a productive month!  Here’s several Civil War quilts and also a paper pieced alphabet, something I’d never do but really admire.  She also made this very sweet flag pillow as a door prize on the cruise she’ll be teaching on the end of this month.  Since she was on a roll she made several more flag pillows to sell in June at our Yard Sale.   Better come to the sale – June 4-5-6.



 While she was in Florida Roy did some remodeling in their living room so the minute Connie got home she started painting.  That is also something I would never do but it’s going to look sooooo nice! 


Questions:  make and model of my glasses – can’t read it since it has worn off but I do know I got them at Walmart and they were men’s glasses.

Split Nine Patch – please go back to the January 15 post for a drawing and measurements for this block.  It always helps to read backwards if you think you’ve missed something that I may have posted rather than have me re-post over and over.  I had no pattern for this quilt – I just started making blocks but it might be available online – I doubt it.  Just starting making blocks and stop making blocks when the quilt is the desired size.  It’s a very easy block – squares and triangle squares which measure 3″ finished making the  block a 9″ block.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend – Happy Easter to all of you!

20 thoughts on “Connie’s Been Busy, Too

  1. Carol

    Easter blessings to you and your family and friends and multiple pets and pet friends!
    Impressive sewing, Connie! Wondering if she spent any time in the sun??!!

  2. Nikki Mahaffey

    Impressed with all the sewing while in Florida… flags pillow is so cute…… many ideas..Happy Easter to all………

  3. terri

    do you know what pattern this little quilt of Connie’s that looks like a churn dash with stars in the corners is? Love it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Terri – I think what you’re referring to is actually the cover of the book Civil War Remembered that is laying in Connie’s box. That block is Devils Claw.

  4. Launa

    Mary, I so enjoyed seeing the “fruits of Connie’s labor in Florida”. So many wonderful homespun plaids and other selected fabrics look just wonderful together. The paper pieced alphabet is going to be a real treasure and the flag pillows are quite tempting.
    Anyone who is a fan of BLUE BLOODS knows Tom Selleck has the same or similar glass frames as you, Mary, and they look equally as good on him, too!!
    Such a beautiful color living room paint Connie selected.
    Another sunny crisp morning here in the valley.

  5. mary jane

    I had to giggle to see Connie on a chair and reaching way up with a step ladder on her right..
    when one is on vacation does one Bring the fabric and machine and etc or does one look for a quilt shop near by ??? I have trouble just getting clothes packed..anyway enjoy the products of Connies vacation.. I think the pillows make a great gift for the 4th of July also..thanks for the ideas..I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holy Easter Sunday…(hope there is chocolate in everyones basket!!! MJ

  6. Crystal Daniels

    Thanks for the info on the split nine patch…I got it and I will put it in line with my other, “I’m going to make quilts”….lol. Happy Easter!!!!!

  7. Penny C

    Great work Connie on the sewing and painting!!! Happy Easter to you both and your families!!!

  8. Penny C

    Mary I remember when you starting working on the split nine patch I knew I wanted to make it, so I took notes in my “got to make” notebook, so hoping I can start on it soon! You so inspire me!!!

  9. Pat Robinson

    I just returned from Little Quilts. Your trunk show was fabulous. Love, love, love everything! Glad I got your book! Have a blessed Easter.

  10. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hello Mary,
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter and all the joys of spring.
    Regards Fiona.

  11. Helen

    Really impressed with the projects that Connie accomplished in Sunny Florida! I’ve never enjoyed paper piecing but do like the “look” of the finished project so I ordered the pattern A to Z (on sale for $2.00). It appears do-able with less pieces per block. Luv the patriotic pillow. A blessed Easter time to All. Thanks again for Civil War Remembered and ALL your newzzz.

  12. Cheryl

    Happy Easter to all!

    Mary, if you have time, would you please ask Connie what brand and color of paint she used in her living room? I LOVE IT! I am looking for a color like this for my family room. I’m about to use Benjamin Moore’s Powell Buff – but I like Connie’s choice better! Thanks.

    Love all of the quilts, especially the flag pillows. I always find such inspiration here. Thanks for sharing. Your time and thoughts are appreciated.

    Cheryl from Sunny Southern California

    1. Connie

      Cheryl from Sunny California
      I used Benjamin Moore color sandy brown#1046.
      I really like it- looks different to me at different
      Times of the day. Love that in a paint. Thanks, Connie

  13. Cheryl


    Thank you Connie for posting the color of paint you are using in your living room. I will run and get a sample. I love the way it looks in YOUR room. Thanks SO much!
    Cheryl from sunny Southern California.

  14. Paula

    Does Connie remember where she got the flag panels. I have a good friend who LOVES flags so would be fun to make a pillow for her. The picture of Connies pillows makes it look like the fabric is kind of a homespun.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Twenty years ago we sold flags in our shop – and she had some left. I would try to buy them online if I were you.

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