Day 7

I’m still hanging in here but can’t say it’s much fun. I hate laying flat with my leg elevated – can’t read a book flat on my back – I can’t do anything! Ugh. PT again tomorrow and I know my leg is swollen and I know she’ll tell me to elevate and ice. Grrrrrr……
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I got the nicest gift yesterday from my friends in MD who said if they couldn’t be here to feed my animals, they’d feed ME!

Along with chicken noodle soup came homemade biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. I was so surprised and just tickled! Thank you, Les, Bobby and Diane.
Since it’s Halloween today that means we’re done the Frank and The Count for the season. We still have Gameboard, Bullseye, Noel, Uncle Santa, O Holy Night and A Country’s Call.
And tomorrow I’ll be announcing our November number. Here’s another #7.

Remember the tiny orange kitten his new owners named Simba? Here he is today.

And my friend Betsy with the goats has a new batch of kids.

I snapped this of Tammy yesterday as she sat close by on the table – I think she’s giving me the evil eye.

And of course there’s always Hazel by my side or in my lap.

I leave you today with this foot that looks like a Halloween outfit!

Don’t forget – tomorrow I’ll announce our November number!

25 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. Sue in Oregon

    Those baby kids look like stuffed toys made of velvet. Aren’t they adorable? Simba looks like he/she wants a bath. How funny.
    Mary….you must have patience. It has only been a week. I don’t see why you can’t have a pillow under your head while elevating the leg. Then you could read?
    Kays quilt is beautiful. I wish I wasn’t so far behind.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Get some audio books. Then the pictures will be in your head. Chin up, the best is yet to come?
      Happy Halloween.

  2. KAYE Gerber

    I’ve seen both of my feet look like yours do now, Mary. Both knees replaced within two years. Healing takes time, commitment to your exercises, patience and all that, but you’ll feel better and your new knee will show you that it was all worth it! If I were closer, I’d love to give you a hand. Please do take care!

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Hazel must be a big comfort, she knows you need her love and she is there to give it. Simba is a riot. That is such a cute picture. Also the picture of the kids is sweet.

  4. Rosie Westerhold

    You don’t need to be flat on your back with your leg elevated. I certainly wasn’t flat, even in the hospital. They had me sitting in the recliner in the room, feet up, ice on my knee. Guess I was pretty lucky, though, as I had minimal swelling from the beginning. Everyone is different. I swear the worse was the first 2 weeks. Then it gradually got better and better. Hang in there. It WILL get better!!

  5. Mary

    Have you tried a bed pillow propped on your middle to prop a book on? I imagine you’ve tried everything!

  6. Joyce from NY

    I love Kaye’s quilt, I too wish I wasn’t so far behind. That little yellow kitten is so cute & Hazel is such a good companion. You will soon be getting around like nothing was ever done to your knee. Happy Halloween 🎃

  7. Jane

    Sorry for your discomfort…I hope it will soon be over and you will be happy to have it done. I’m afraid it going to be me for both down the road.

  8. Tina W. In Oregon

    Seven days can feel like an eternity I’m sure but hang in there and soon you’ll be up and around way better than before! Just finished the binding on my #7. Will snap a picture and email it to you soon. All the animal pictures are really sweet and Kay’s Star quilt is beautiful! Looking forward to next month’s project. Trick or treat!

  9. Susan Moore

    What a wonderful gift, l had no idea you could send soup. What smart thoughtful friends you have.

  10. Deb

    So sorry you aren’t healing as fast as you would like and you have to spend so much time laying around. My suggestion for reading is……an app like My Libby that connects your library card and you can have access to lots of audio books. I use it a lot when I’m sewing……multi-tasking! Hope you get a good report from the dr. You can do this.

  11. Jan from TN

    Before I forget, I closed 6 ads for you & Connie today.
    You need to keep that leg propped up to help with that swelling. Looks quite painful too. Sorry.
    Love Betsy’s new kids. So adorable!
    That food for you delivery is a great idea! Hope Rick will fix that all up for you so you can stay off your feet!
    Tammy does look like she’s giving you the evil eye or trying to decide if you are really you! Lol!!
    Hazel! What a great nurse she is even tho she appears to be sleeping on the job! Haha!
    We had some sideways blowing snow for about 10 minutes here in middle TN today! Our temps started at 67 degrees at 7am with heavy rain & dropped, so far, to 33 degrees. We’re headed to a deep freeze here & it’s way too early for that! At least our sideways snow flurries didn’t stick to anything because they were blowing by about 40 mph! Take care & good luck at PT tomorrow! I go back tomorrow to for my shoulder & I think she’s making it worse rather than better. This will be my 4th session. I think I need the cortisone shot instead. Only time will tell, I guess!

  12. Cathie

    Actually I think Tammy is saying, “I’m watching you to make sure you take care of ourself!”.

    Good luck with PT tomorrow!


  13. Candy

    Oh, those kids are soooo cute … but your foot, not so much! Ouch! My daughter, who is only 43, had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago. She thought she’d be back to work Dec. 1 … that’s not happening. Things will improve 1 day at a time, but it’ll take as long as it takes. Frustrating though, for go-getters like her and you! Hang in there. Hope you can have a beer to celebrate Halloween!

  14. Margie Braaksma

    Kay Crandall, your quilt is beautiful, definitely “my” colors! The kitten is so cute. One of mine loves sinks also. Hang in there Mary! A man by us got caught in a PTO last week and is in Rochester. Doing good though after surgery to fix a fractured back, broken ribs, and a split face. Everyone reading please keep him in your prayers. Thanks

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh my goodness, Margie! Farm accidents are so brutal and yes, I will offer prayers in his behalf. You’ll keep us posted?

  15. Jody Randall

    I’ve had both my knees replaced in last 4 years. The first two weeks are the hardest (others echoing the same), then amazingly your knee will start getting looser and more mobility. I had large rectangular gel packet that I kept in the freezer that I could lay over my knee for 10-20 min at a time. Really does help with the swelling. Don’t over do it either!! We’re all rooting for you to heal!

  16. Tammy Guerrero

    Please take care of yourself, your ankle looks terribly swollen. Love the pictures of the baby goats as I would like to get some in the spring. Your pup is a comfort I’m sure to have by.your side. That’s why dogs are so wonderful. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  17. Felicia Hamlin

    Mary, that Simba grew up into a handsome boy and those little kids are sooo cute. What a great idea your friends had to send you food. Now when I want to read your blog I need to suscribe every time, it is crazy for sure.

    Rest, Mary, even if it drives you crazy. Big hugs.

  18. Nyla

    Mary, try to be patient.
    It will get better sooner if you keep ice on it ALL the time . The ice machine is your friend! Only take it off when doing PT and toileting! I slept with it on using a heating pad on my backside to be able to be warm enough to sleep. You will be so happy when it’s healed. It will be so good to be pain free. Prayers to you.

  19. Diane

    No doctor here…but like i said before, I had a knee, shoulder and hip replaced within one year period…and this June the second knee…no flat on my back here…Ibuprofen and ice etc..tramadol…ice…etc and PT forever…good luck…you will get better….And, just FYI The very first surgery, I was allergic to morphine and oxycodone….so they sent me to a rehab facility. With in three days, I had my daughter bring in my travel sewing machine and a jelly roll… the top was finished by the time I left on a walker in 10 days…No use suffering when you do not have to xoxoxox

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