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I have always
envied those with a design wall so this was my chance! Instead of moving furniture along the one complete wall I had, I covered a section with batting scraps and then stapled flannel over the top. Instant design wall! And what a difference it makes when laying out blocks. I’ll never need it to be bigger than this because I have decided I only like to make “decorator” quilts – not big enough for a bed and probably not even as big as a lap quilt. Like I said, my attention span is short. I like to make the quilts that are thrown over a table or ottoman or chair or kitchen table. Then I’m ready to move on to something else.
As you can see in these photos, I started moving all my stuff into the space and suddenly it didn’t seem so large anymore. I am sorting the fabric by color , mixing traditional, Civil War and contemporary so I’ll be more likely to use it together. This will be another learning experience for me. All the fabric will be in this building and I will take the project I’m working on to the house with me in the evenings unless I decide to sew in the shop.
The white shelves had been in the Civil War building on its side and black fabric bolts were displayed there. It also has a new life.
I think I’ll end up calling this space “the shop” as I’ve called it for 30 years. My mind can’t think of cave or anything clever. It’s always been the shop and probably will continue with that name.
I did finish the slab quilt and threw it over the quilting machine wishing I knew how to run it so it could be quilted now. I finished a small 12″ framed piece of tiny 4 patches. I hand quilted with linen thread which was a mistake. My fingers were nearly bloody by the time I finished and the thread was simply too thick and stiff to stitch nicely. I will put these photos at the bottom.
Next week I will include some pictures of both buildings as they are today – a mess but I know you’re curious. Rick should be getting home very soon so it’s time to think about supper.



26 thoughts on “Design Wall

  1. Linda

    So glad you are back…I’m sure you’ve already told us, but what pattern is the “slab” quilt or is it a type/process?

  2. MaryLou Smeltzer

    Love the quilts. The small one you called a slab quilt. Is it also called a postage stamp?
    You are coming right along with setting everything up. MaryLou

  3. Launa

    Mary, Your “shop” is certainly coming along nicely. Good to see your small 4 patch topper with the big style hand quilting. I’ve also been making smaller quilts and sometimes sew a block “just to get it out of my system” so I can move onto something else.

    We have the two small granddogs here for a few days while our two youngest granddaughters are at Disneyland…the happiest place… altho I sense the dogs think that’s here!

    Where are you going to hang your Christmas stocking?


  4. Tonya Morton

    I love the small quilt on the design wall. What is the name of the quilt block or the pattern?

  5. alice

    Love the white shelves. I retired in 1994 and I am reliving each thrilling moment with you. It’s wonderful.

  6. Amy

    Shop is perfect. Rick has his shop and now you do as well! Totally jealous of your energy and the reorganization. I hope to tackle some sorting, cleaning and reorganization after Xmas.

  7. Claire

    Love your daily blabbing!!! love the new space!!! any suggestions for making a slab quilt??. I have tons of all kinds of scraps to give away to someone!!!! I am still working on my 2014 BOM . almost put together. gosh, you’re one busy quilty woman…

  8. Holly

    It’s looking great! Design walls are such a help. I’ve also found taking a picture of blocks while they’re on the wall helps me spot something I might want to rearrange. I love seeing your fabrics brightening up those shelves and your pets hanging out with you. Your posts are my inspiration for getting going on projects when I’ve run out of steam. Thank you!

  9. Sally Dunn

    So happy u r on FB–it makes your retirement less painful for the rest of us ha ha! So glad u r enjoying it! As for the name “shop”– nothing wrong with that, it’s simply the short version for your new “workshop!”

  10. Jean Elliott

    I am so envious of your Studio!!! You certainly deserve it! I call my second bedroom my studio as it’s where I have all my creative supplies. Love the design wall…tht’s one thing I don’t have and wish I did!!

  11. Rose Mikulski

    I love the tablecloth that Colton is laying on, ha ha, I just had to say this as a reminder that I always wanted whatever Colton was laying on. I think the “Shop” is a good name to keep for your studio. Are you still going to keep the sewing space in your house? Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  12. mary jane

    I really like the slab quilt, glad you finished it..We moved to the country about 13 years ago, we remodeled a 2 story chicken coop to live in, had a contest as to what to name our homestead, well we always called it “The Farm” and the house “The Chicken Coop” and that is what it remains yet today ! Personally I don’t like the “cave,” it will be filled with color, chatter, buzzing machines, furry critters about, the Shop? why not..

  13. Diane

    It looks like you have so much room!! I noticed the “kids” are in there, too. Don’t they always want to be right with you:)

  14. Carol

    I am envious of all that fabric! I am feeling like a pauper right now, my stash is so meager by comparison!

  15. Jeanice Domino

    I am so envious but very happy for you. Thank you for the updates. Isn’t retirement great?

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