Dining Room Ceiling


Do you know what car siding is? It is 8″ wide pine lumber that’s grooved on one side and flat on the other. The core of my house, remodeled in 1980, has grooved car siding on the ceiling, flat car siding on the floors and walls and it’s all stained brown. I have used white pickled stain in the past and loved it. When I discovered that I could order the car siding prefinished in either color, I did just that. Yes, it did cost more but probably no more than me having to do it — and I didn’t have to do it!! Here are stacks of car siding just waiting to be put into place. I had to change some plans because all of the car siding did not arrive with the correct side the correct color but I’ll bet you’ll never know if I don’t tell you. The dining room ceiling started to go up today — hallelujah. But as soon as something goes right, something else goes wrong. The front door jam came broken — bummer. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Dining Room Ceiling

  1. Lynn Willis

    It’s amazing how much stuff can go wrong on a project even with good planning isn’t it? I guess construction, like quilting, is no different, lol!

  2. Marian

    I do know what car siding is and I love it on a ceiling! My husband and I put tongue and groove, rough sawn cedar on a beamed, cathedral ceiling in our home back in 1991..it turned out beautiful…..it’s expensive but so pretty. Just as he was nailing in the last piece, both of us up on high ladders, he hit his finger with the hammer. He’s never forgiven me for saying, “DON’T YOU DARE BLEED ON THE CEDAR!” instead of “Oh honey, are you okay?”…..I felt I was just getting my priorities in order:)
    Your ceiling will be gorgeous!!

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