Dirty Dozen Day, 1-1-24

The number for January is 6 – six.

The color is purple.

Sorry – I know the day is about over but I was so busy making the New Years Day quilt that I got distracted.

6 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen Day, 1-1-24

  1. Martha W in WY

    Haha!!! That quilt does look easy and fast. I’m wondering how much you got done today?

  2. brendalynne1

    I am excited to see which fabrics you showed will be in this interesting quilt. I was trying to see if each strip was a double or if the print appeared that way. Did you finish it today, the piecing that is. ??? I have an older large block with a large umbrella appliqued on it and am wondering how I could incorporate it into that quilt. Sort of like an umbrella with a rainbow without the arcs????

  3. Linda Gabor

    Happy New Year! It’s a good thing to be distracted by a new quilt, I was cleaning my sewing room and next thing you know I started a new quilt. I never did finish the cleaning but I had a great day!

  4. Barbara Yarnell

    I didn’t get a thing done on the DD quilt for last month other than open the box and look at it. My number 6 is a huge project with tons of itty bitty star blocks. Oy! It will be beautiful when (if) I ever finish it!
    Love your VillaRosa quilt!!

  5. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    You did great on your New Years Day quilt!! I was only able to sew for a short time due to company and FOOTBALL!! We were so stressed during the Michigan game but very happy with the result.
    Sunny but cold here today. Have a great afternoon, everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – wasn’t that a game????? And the next one was also very exciting – sometimes bowl games are boring – like the Iowa game where they embarrassed us again! All that hype and they do it to us every year – I entered my feelings on their Facebook page. The worst year was 1986 – I can’t even explain it. What in the world are they thinking? Fire the coach! Do something other than just brag about how good you are! Can you tell how upset I am about the Iowa Hawkeyes??? I will never watch Iowa again – except the women’s basketball team and Caitlin Clark who is playing Michigan State tonight. I even signed up for Peacock just for a handful of games. Ugh.

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