Dirty Dozen Day! 7-1-23

The number for July is 7.

The color for July is orange.

Keep track of the numbers – make a little chart or print this out.

And here’s the extra credit list!

This blog about nothing needs all of us to make it fun. Everybody loves seeing what others are making but I need your photos to do that. No one can post pictures but me – think about it. Can you imagine what that would open up if anyone could post? We could end up with a porn post on the blog about nothing! How would I ever handle that?

So let me tell you about the Church Basement Ladies – this episode was about getting reading for a wedding reception and the new pastor’s wife brought la – sagggg – nia! (Lasagna). The story takes place in Minnesota in the basement of a Lutheran church, which was similar to all church basements in the 50’s with 4 women working to fix lunch – lunch meaning the meal after the wedding in those days.

Minnesotans have a definite accent and these women had it down pat – they were all excellent singers and dancers and I have decided I like musical theater! I saw this production many years ago in Minneapolis but it was a different story line. I wish Osage wasn’t over an hour away. I’d attend more productions.

Church groups were seated together and just looking over the crowd you knew these were church basement ladies. Haha! My pictures were not good but here’s an idea.

We ate together at a local restaurant called Teluwut Grille and it was delicious!

Here’s the hard part for me – I didn’t get home until 10:15 and I was very anxious and worried even though I had called Rick a couple times and he assured me everything was fine. I still hadn’t closed the barn and when I went there this morning I found out I had forgotten to close the east door. I was in too much of a hurry.

After an evening of stimulation and talking I knew I couldn’t get to sleep so I went to the quilt shop to work for awhile. I need to make an autograph quilt so I started cutting last night. I don’t want it to get too big so I cut my muslin 3-1/2” x 6- 1/2” and the freezer paper 2-1/2” x 5-1/2”. I will get the freezer paper cut today and I’ll start distributing the pieces for signing.

It’s a busy weekend in North Iowa with many activities planned – what are your plans for the 4th?

Remember – July is 7 orange.

29 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen Day! 7-1-23

  1. Karen Cyr

    I saw a production of Church Basement Ladies in Minneapolis about ten years ago. It was wonderful for all of us Iowa raised girls in attendance. My cousin there saw one last year with a different storyline but equally fun. Unfortunately, productions don’t turn up here in Maryland. Too urban and urbane, I guess. Looking forward to doing better on the challenge UFOs this year. Glad to hear Rick is continuing to heal well.


  2. Nancy Ann

    I bet that musical was hilarious. I can remember church basement lunches helping my grandma and the ladies from her Circle. Last time I was at Minnesota church basement lunch was grandma’s funeral ,1995. So many memories. Southern California churches have a hall for events. But just not the same. I love your blog Mary.

  3. Joanne Seruto

    I have been watching and waiting for your post of the Dirty Dozen 🎉. I am new to quilting so I don’t YET have a huge stash of unfinished quilt projects but I DO have a HUGE stash of embroidery from over 30 years of acquiring!
    Since participating in my own way with your challenge I have finished 6 projects that were laying around for YEARS !!! Hoping to add more to the count this year 🤞
    Thank you !!!!!

  4. DebMac

    So glad you were able to get out and have an enjoyable evening. (Even with the attending worry.) I’ve seen a couple of the “Church Basement Ladies” productions and they were all good. Lots of memories from my Lutheran Church basement upbringing. Going to the MIL’s for the fireworks as her backyard backs up on the site the town uses for it’s viewing stand for the display. Saw just the tops of someone’s display over the trees last night. Wonder how many nights we will hear/see people shooting off fireworks this year. Last year it ran from Friday to Monday. I don’t mind as I love fireworks but after midnight is just too late. Have a happy Independence Day.

  5. Sharon Geiger

    The musical sounds like it was fun. I love the last pic you posted. I have a burro’s tail succulent, too. I have to move it out of sight of my grandson who is 18 months old and is into EVERYTHING!!!!. That poor succulent wouldn’t stand a chance with him around. LOL

  6. Sue in Oregon

    I have saved this post to my saved list named Mary. I have a question about the color challenge. If this month is orange, why is it #7 on the list? I think I must have missed something earlier on??? Silly me.
    That little nest is darling tucked into the potted plants.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – if you don’t want to do the Dirty Dozen, you can do the color challenge and make something with orange in it or you can combine the two. If it works, you could add orange into your UFO numbered 7. The rules here are VERY flexible! This list could also apply to household projects – say cleaning drawers or washing windows.

  7. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Being Lutheran, and one of those ladies, I know that I would love this production! The only difference for me and our church is that is isn’t in the basement! Ha! I love the name of the restaurant, too. So glad that Rick’s doing okay; I understand, though, I’d be worried while away too. Thanks for keeping the blog a “safe space” by choosing the material! Ha!!!

  8. Jill Norenberg

    LOVE the Church Basement Ladies! Even though you were home late, I’m glad you got to go!

  9. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

    I am ALL in for the DD again! I love it, Mary. You have encouraged me to finish sooo many projects😻. Thank you! I love your list, too, and the colors. I am ready to work! I think Amish Country here in Ohio has those shoes. I would like to go to one😀. Funny story about church basement suppers. My dad said the cakes didn’t have enough frosting so my mom invented what we called Nana cake. Alll chocolate with LOTS of frosting. Next bday we have, I will send a photo. Glad you had a good time and Rick did fine😀. Those four legged babies watched over him.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’ll bet you mean shows – I had to go back and see what I posted about shoes! Haha!

      1. Diane, Buddy, Squeak

        Sorry. Yes, shows. We were in the car🙀🙀. Must have missed the right letters. 😹😹

  10. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    My son and his wife are driving here for the 3rd-5th, we always love when they come! We’re smoking a brisket for dinner on the fourth, walking into town for fireworks, and it is currently unclear who will carry me home! Low key, but fun week coming up.

    I’ve been reading and not responding much these past few weeks; you’ve certainly been through the wringer this past month in so many ways, but you always find joy in your day.

    I see you added a twist to the monthly sewing challenge, that’s fun!

  11. Wendy P

    HI, Sue. – Mary is adding a few different monthly challenges. Most people have selected 12 different projects (dirty dozen) and numbered them 1-12. So, Mary drew #7 for July. Last year, she added a different challenge – the color one. So, today for July she drew the color Orange. So, make something with orange in it. You can one or both of the challenges if you like. Haven’t figured out how the technique challenge works into things.

  12. Kris in WI

    Oh, the Church Basement Ladies discussion brings back memories….They cut the cake into bigger pieces than my mom did and the smell of coffee after Ladies Aid!
    I’m glad you had a few good laughs with friends and that Rick was OK without you.
    I really need to do the DD/Color/Extra Credit this year. I have 6 quilt tops complete with backs waiting to be layered & quilted. One is patriotic and one has orange in it. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if one of those was #7?
    Thanks for the kick in the you-know-where!
    (2 hours of rain here this afternoon. No more smoke for a while. Woopie!)

  13. Marie C

    Sounds like a fun night out. We usually eat at Teluwat for lunch when we visit our daughter. The food is so good.

  14. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Your outing to the play sounded like so much fun. I am glad you were able to go.
    We traveled six hours today from Scottsbluff NE to Lander WY. We are settled into our new campground, and our friends from Louisiana arrived, also.
    Hopefully, the fireworks don’t upset your pets too much, Mary. Are you far enough out of town that it is not an issue? When we lived in St Louis, we watched the Arch fireworks display on tv, while our sweet dog, Carly, slept on the sofa. 🎉🇺🇸

  15. Stephanie in NH

    I was able to purchase a copy of your book, “Aunt Amy’s Quilts”, and I love it!
    So many ideas jumping around in my head! My hoard of plaid homespuns have found new inspiration.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Stephanie – plaids it is! I still love quilts with plaids even after all his time! Thanks for buying the book!

  16. Judy

    I’ve seen Church Basement Ladies productions at the Beef and Boards Dinner Theater in Indianapolis. Always excellent in their productions. I have many fond memories of the church basement activities growing up in my home church. Glad that seems to be going ok with Rick’s recovery.

  17. Jan Hebert

    I’m sure the musical was a hoot! I’m liking musical theater more than I thought I would too. Went to see Beautiful recently – about Carole King. Very very good! I have fond memories of the basement of our Methodist church growing up. Lots of meals served there. Great community spirit… so glad everything was ok when you got home. I just love that hoya plant, Mary! I’ve never seen such a pretty one. Today we had terrible rain and now they’re predicting bad thunderstorms for tomorrow. What a shame, so many people had so many plans. For me, I’m going to be practicing quilting on my machine! Jan in MA

  18. NJ

    We had “our 4th” today (Sunday) at our daughters place by the river. It was combined with a birthday party so no plans for the rest of the Holiday. I might cut out some quilt kits for our church quilters and enjoy our air conditioning because it’s going to be very hot.

  19. Lynn from Scottsdale, AZ

    Happy Birthday Mary! I know you were almost a firecracker! 🧨

  20. Janet S

    A wonderful blog today everyone. This year I PROMISE to figure out how to send a picture.
    Here’s a little hint the farmers (and everyone else) use in their out buildings. Keep a radio playing, preferably on a talk radio station. It will keep the mice from coming in. My husband keeps one in his shed and it seems to work (or maybe that’s because of the neighbors cat). Anyway, it’s worth a try.

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