Dirty Dozen February, 2-1-21

The Dirty Dozen number for February is nine – 9.

You have the whole month to complete your project and then please send me a picture!

12 thoughts on “Dirty Dozen February, 2-1-21

  1. Patty

    I am new to your site so can you explain what the Dirty Dozen is? I tried to search for an explanation but couldn’t find one. Thanks!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patty – Last summer we all found 12 UFO’s and numbered them 1-12. On the first day of each month, I draw a number out of the fish bowl and announce it on the blog-the reader has that month to finish the numbered project. I’ve asked for readers to send pictures to my email so I can post them on the blog for all to enjoy! Will you be joining us?

  2. Patty in Georgia

    I have plenty of UFO’s so yes I would love to join in the fun!
    Does the project have to be finished completely? I usually have someone else do the quilting and I finish with the binding.


    1. Linda In Estherville

      Mary, since we are discussing this in more detail….tell me, do you have any snowbirds that are way for three months and how do they handle the numbering system. Do just pick any amount they need and renumber if neccessary when they return home. I know you have a simple answer for me. Have Machine Will Travel. Actually traveling I get more done on the machine!

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Linda in Estherville – I really don’t know how the snowbirds handle this – maybe just pick any one of your UFO’s and consider that your project for the month so you’ll finish it. You make the rules.

        1. Linda in Estherville

          That sounds sweet! I could have done it this year, we seem to be snowy owls this year!

  3. Kay Crandall

    Linda – I am a snowbird and I have lots of UFOs in both places. I choose 12 in each place and number them – wherever I am when the number is drawn, that’s what I work on. The ones that are on the list in Illinois that didn’t get done when I’m in Arizona go on next year’s list. It works for me. I finished 11 out of 12 last year and have kept up so far this year! I love the feeling of accomplishment when something gets done that has been in a box for years!

  4. Judy

    Love this idea. Just getting started for this year. Was there a number for January? And I hope #9 on my list is easy as I have some catching up to do. HAHA

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