Do you see what I see?


No, I’m not singing the Christmas carol but I had to show you all something that I can see from the red chair where I sit and read and sometimes nap. Up in the tree hangs what looks like a nest but it’s hanging down and swinging yet not falling to the ground. I tried to see it closer from the upstairs window which was inconclusive. It finally dawned on me! I think it’s an oriole nest – we did have orioles in our yard last summer and lo and behold they must have raised babies that I was unaware of. Don’t you think it looks like a Baltimore oriole nest like you see in the bird books? I do. I am going to watch it every day and when it comes down, I’m going to snag it.

My reply option is not working on the blog so I will have to answer/comment here. Rick is not planning to retire until he’s 70 – about 3-1/2 years from now. The way I see it is that I’ll be ready for him to be around the house by then. I will have adjusted nicely to retirement and can be more patient with him. Lord – help me!
Connie had planned a Christmas brunch for all of us this morning but school was called off because of the weather so we had to cancel, too. That’s 2 years in a row now this party has been cancelled. I was planning to take pictures of everybody and catch you up on their news but now it will have to wait.
More later about Christmas – I just had to slip that oriole nest into the conversation.

17 thoughts on “Do you see what I see?

  1. Bernadette Jackson

    Hi, I am enjoying your messages, but could you give me some info on who you are.

    I understand that Connie was owner (co-owner?) of Country Threads and that she is now retired.

    She closed her business, but someone else took over the blog — so that must be you, unless I got that wrong.

  2. Ann Barlament

    The Orioles we had nested inside an old dead (hallowed out) tree in the backyard. It will be interesting to see, once it comes down.

    I remember back when my dad retired…he always wanted to “help” mom (which drove her crazy). I told her, let him help…so one day she set out everything for him to clean a bag of carrots and cut them up. It took him ALL day long… and mom spent the whole afternoon, out to lunch with her cousins. LOL

  3. Mareen

    Merry Christmas dear friend…….never see ya much but count you as God’s blessing to me! Give Rick a hug for me!

  4. Joan Harrison

    The “FARM” girl I’m it may be a squirrels nest
    I love getting your notes and of course “TheGoat Gazette”
    Send Rick over Ms. Kitty and I would like the company…….Have a merry Christmas!!!

  5. Launa

    I entered Oriole nests in Search……it’s definitely an Oriole nest. There is a UTube video showing how the female weaves her nest…usually for 4 eggs, always attaching to branches in tall trees. Interesting. You’d never see the nest for the leaves!

    I’ve heard stories from friends about their retired husbands. One wanted to help with laundry, walked into their laundry room and asked, “Now hon, which one is the washer?”
    One of the first things my husband did when he retired 20 years ago was donate some suits to the Good Will. The years have just flown past as we’ve been married long enough to see our oldest son retire.

    The Disneyland girls stopped here to get their two dogs this afternoon. Talk about excited to see their owners and vice versa. The past couple nights my husband warmed a little leftover beef stew and topped their dry dog food with the treat…..I have a feeling there are going to be two disappointed dogs when they get their food tonight.


  6. Leslie

    Interesting view from your chair! Tried to emlarge the picture to see what you are reading. Miss the book review from Goat Gazette as well as recipes. The Church Bar recipie has become my go to when I need a sweet in a hurry.

  7. Debbie Smith

    I just wanted to thank you for sending out your Chicken Scratch messages again. Though I have never been to your store I have been avid fan for years. I have purchased patterns, kits, fabric and anything that captured my fancy.
    Best yet was finding your out of print books at quilt shop sales. I have a special Country Threads section in my book case.
    Having your emails in my box is like an old friend coming to my house for a visit.
    Enjoy your retirement and follow your hearts desire!


  8. kay kopacek

    certainly does look like oriole nest—I know about this retirement we,ve been retired 8 years and it is a adjustment to having men around–I used to work with him all the time but in a different tractor

  9. Diane Deibler

    I absolutely love your enclosed porch Mary. Someday, I may get Bob enthused enough to build one. I know what you mean about the retirement thing.. Bob will be retired 3 yrs. this month and I am still adjusting to having him around!!! I am glad that I retired first too as I had my retirement routine down before he was around so much LOL

  10. Rebecca

    Definitely Baltimore Orioles also known as a Northern Oriole. Watch for firm teacup size nests woven up high but on a branch rather than hanging from a branch. That would be an Orchard Oriole which is a bit smaller but rust colored rather than the orange of the Northern. Both have similar calls but the Orchard isn’t as loud as the Northern. You probably have both but you may not notice the Orchard one.
    some people say they show up in the spring when the red honeysuckle blooms. They like the nectar.
    Put a half Orange on a tree next year and you will see both. They also like grape jelly but will switch to other food when they have young.

  11. Mary Says Sew!

    My birdwatching friends tell me there’s a hybrid oriole that migrates through the upper Great Plains. It’s a cross between Baltimore Orioles and Western (American) orioles. Maybe you have the hybrids.

  12. Gail

    Mary, So glad that you are posting again!! I love to see what’s going on “down on the farm”. Not much snow up here so far. Today it’s 48˚ and actually sunny!! We’ve had about 2 weeks straight of gray days. But it might snow on Christmas Eve into Christmas morning.
    Merry Christmas to you and Rick and all the girls from the shop.


  13. Helen

    I have not seen an oriole nest (ever). It must be too hot for them in Texas! I do so appreciate that you passed the photo along as I want my “birder” niece to have a look. Although our weather will change by tonight to cold…brrr

  14. Sue Davis

    Ask Santa for a awesome pair of binoculars for Christmas. Then you could get up close and personal.
    Have a bright and beautiful Christmas.

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