Dog sitting a Puppy

Meet Leo, a 12 week old Lhaso puppy who has been my shadow all day.  I have tried to get a great picture but he is on the move 100% of the time.

He weighs about 3 lbs. – dripping wet – ha!  And he is quick!  And I am so afraid I’m going to step on him.  Look at him next to Roxie – and we think she’s little!

I tried to get some sewing done but he wanted to be very close to me – ha!  I just gave up.

Then I tried to sew some binding and Heidi was there to help me.  How could I be mad at her?

And so went my day.  I’m retired – it’s ok.

42 thoughts on “Dog sitting a Puppy

  1. Kathy

    I agree – you had a peaceful enjoyable day filled with some pet loving time! Heck what could be better than someone who needs you.

  2. Rose Mikulski

    Awwwwwwww, I want, I want, I want. It’s good to be retired, isn’t it?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose – I hardly even thought about retirement before I actually did it and I love it!

  3. Donna Ondler

    Mary as I’ve said before… live the perfect life. What a sweet cuddly puppy and happy your furry friends wanted to be with you. They have a way to show us we’re loved by them. Yes, retirement us great isn’t it.

  4. Angie Rowland

    They want you to sit and read a book AROUND THEM. They are adorable.

  5. Diane McGregor

    Leo and Roxie are so cute together and Heidi is lovely. When they need love, they just need love!! So cute. Your day was perfect! How long is Leo staying? Diane

  6. Annie Collett

    😂😂😂 cute critters! They do like to be of service when sewing!

  7. Martha Engstler

    Leo is soooo cute, it would be hard to give him up. My Lucy (kitty) likes to be on my desk when I’m at the computer or trying to write. It’s good to have their loving help.

  8. Launa

    Hi Mary….What a darling little pup Leo is……..and I know exactly what it’s like with a “second shadow” sticking close and wanting lap time, too. I’m not going to ask where Leo slept last night, but a doggie snuggly would free your arms for quilting.
    A cooler 67 degree morning here with doors open. Sewed the past two Friday Temecula Circa 2016 blocks today so am caught up til Friday. 95 high today……Busy long weekend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Hey Launa – Leo arrived early this morning and is leaving late tonight – 11 pm. He belongs to the granddaughter of a friend from church who is here visiting and they went to the amusement park today. I chose not to keep him all night – ha!

  9. Betty Klosterman

    The furry friends always want to help and are right in the middle of what you are doing. And a day of Leo was probably enough for now?

  10. Miriam

    Life is better with our animals! They keep our blood pressure lower and make us happy.

  11. Jo

    I love your animal pictures and stories! We have no pets in our world so I am always excited to hear your stories. You know, you should write a book about your animal adventures! So happy to hear Heidi returned!

  12. Ann Barlament

    Puppy cuddling….much higher priority than cleaning, cooking or sewing…..I’m such a push-over for cute and cuddling puppies.

  13. Emily Pittenger

    Seriously…. that pic of the puppy next to your sewing machine on top of the fabric is just hilarious!!! How can you get anything done with a puppy around???

  14. bernadette

    A thundershirt and a dose of anti-anxiety meds dudn’t help our little dig last night. Shook and shivered while my husband and I did our best to comfort her. Poor little creature!

  15. Kathy

    Cats and puppies have a way of wanting our attention at the oddest moments. I’m sure you found it endearing at first, then a bit frustrating and finally you gave in to the critters to let them cuddle and get some strokes from you. My cats can do the same thing…it’s on their terms, but I love the attention as well. I’m retired and find so much to do all day. It’s a wonderful time in my life. No demands from bosses and no strict schedules. Enjoy your day with the animals and tomorrow you can do your sewing!

  16. Karen

    What a fun day you had! G! However, I cringed when I saw Heidi sitting on that quilt with the pins in it — my cat used to spy my glass-headed pins and pull them out with his teeth and run away with them .. I was always afriad he’d swallow one. Throw something on top of the pins when you need to leave the area so the pins are hidden….

  17. Cathy

    Leo is such a doll. My daughter had one years ago, Muffin, and she was a dandy. Your sewing area looks like mine. Whenever I go down to sew I have a parade following me. Dogs lying in different places and cats that always seem to pick the cutting table, sewing machine area & ironing board for their naps. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Love those furry kids!

  18. Beryl Hoff

    So cute!! Heidi looks like she means business!! the puppy, well she is a puppy and just wants to love and play! I have 2 shitsu’s…they are 8 and still want to play or just cuddle! They were about 3 lbs. when I got them at 8 weeks. I can sit down on my recliner and Trinket is on my lap before I get the blanket on me!! We sleep the first half of the night there at least once a week! They keep me warm. I love your pictures, thanks (both quilts and pets).

  19. Terry

    What a cutie/patootie . I had an lapso a while ago and he truly was a great companion. But pray……… Is that your 1230 I see. What happened to the new Bernina?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Terry – not to worry – I have 2 sewing rooms. The new Bernina is in the house and I was sewing in the shop.

  20. Polly Perkins

    I love my retirement too…. the cats make me sit and pet them a lot and I can now.

  21. Rebecca H

    Love the little pup! pretty darling, I love the little dogs, I have two yorkies. Cute, cute pictures.

  22. Jane B.

    I’ve got a “little” dog (27 lbs.) who lies down on anything I try to read. If he misses the article I’m trying to read he will reposition himself so he covers it. It’s part of pet ownership.

  23. Delores

    These are spectacular pics!!!!! Thanks.
    I do think Heidi has a look of – “I know something you don’t know”.

  24. Kay Crandall

    Love seeing all your helpers. Reminds me of my precious Mama kitty that “helped” and didn’t let me out of her sight. Sadly I lost her two years ago and she is still missed every time I walk into my sewing room.

  25. Mary C.

    What a great way to spend the day…puppy lovin! Everything else can wait!

  26. Lee Bowers

    Dear Mary, so glad to have found you. I lost contact when you closed the shop. I am still living in North Carolina . I am always busy busy busy. I plan to backtrack and catch up with your life!! Blessings Lee

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