Dogs, Cats and Geraniums

Can you find Marty in this picture taken in the kitchen?  Sort of like “finding Waldo”.  Sam and Marty are such good friends and I am enjoying this pair very, very much.

I am keeping Connie’s kittens while she is in Florida.  They are staying in the new dog kennel and were very afraid the first day but have warmed up to me now and even let me pet them.  They climbed up on the sunny ledge and Ruthie tried to hide in an upright position behind the post!  The gray tabby is called Gray-Gray and the tabby/white is Ruthie.

I am delighted to show you my geraniums from last summer.  It’s such fun to see them blooming against the white snow outside the window.  They love their home in the piano room.

It’s Saturday – college basketball!

13 thoughts on “Dogs, Cats and Geraniums

  1. Diane Meyer

    The geraniums are beautiful; I have an ever blooming geranium which has buds on it right now. One of my Christmas cacti is blooming, too. It’s nice to see daylight a little longer each day.

  2. Barb

    Love you chatty blog! It makes my day! Didn’t know you had an upstairs in your home.
    What are you secrets to over wintering your geraniums?

  3. Sally Dunn

    About the geraniums….did you do anything special with them to keep them going over winter? They are beautiful!

  4. Diane

    Love the geraniums. We are at 27 degrees here in Central Ohio, but expecting more cold and snow/sleet/rain tonight into Sunday night. The snow is pretty:) That’s what I keep telling my husband–LOL. Also, love the stories of all the pets/guests. Enjoy the games–Go Bucks–oops–wrong team for you!!

  5. Launa

    NASCAR is on here Mary,
    Sam reminds me of a Queensland who showed up on our back deck years ago. No license, no chip, but she lived a good long life and moved here with us. She was so protective of me and loved the little girls.
    Your Geraniums look splendid and so colorful. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Norma

    You make me wish I had saved my geraniums. My first grade teacher always kept geraniums in the windows all year.
    Did you know there will be a sewing expo in Cleveland OH. March 26-28 Wish you could bring some of your sale items.

  7. Charlene Brose

    I absolutely love reading your emails–maybe that’s what I should do–take in some dogs to keep my little fluffy dog company. I especially like the goat named Charlene–how did you name her that? My mom’s middle name was Charlotte and she modernized it a bit into Charlene–I would have liked Charlotte too. Have a great day….

  8. Rose Mikulski

    Love your post today, so fun reading. I can see you totally loving Marty and Sam, they seem to fit in very well. I also love seeing your Echino quilt again (glad I bought the kit when it was available), wonderful straight line quilting–it makes me want to start quilting my Daily Zen quilt. Enjoy basketball!

  9. Starrla Opferman

    I joined your blog emails not long ago not knowing your shop was closed. I so enjoy your post about your animals though and look forward to hearing about each new addition.

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