The doilies are going to the first person who emailed me – did you notice I said email, not comment.

The quilt blocks are the Disappearing Four Patch – all directions can be found online under that title.

14 thoughts on “Doilies

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Danna – I don’t know what to do with them so I’m giving them to a reader who makes art quilts with them.

  1. Arrowhead Gramma

    Thanks so much Mary for the pattern name. Familiar with the Disappearing Nine Patch and did not know there was also a Disappearing Four Patch. Going to try it. Stay warm and snuggle little Hazel for me.

  2. Donna Giddens

    I use the doilies as a collar for “Annie” ornament made with glass ball. It’s perfect. I’m sure tho I’m too late tho but thanks for offering them to us. I use under things also. Cute!

  3. Colleen

    Good šŸ˜Š for you keeping us on our toes, email not comment this time.

    My grandmother used doilies and dresser scarfs as did my mother.

    I wanted to say me me send one to me but then I remembered I have doilies and dresser scarfs from my mother that I don’t use because I don’t like to wash and care for them

  4. Liz Schrader

    Hi Mary,
    I am glad I got on your site again. It has been almost 3 years since I moved away from Garner.
    I have used my mother’s doilies for bibs on bears I make out of old quilt tops and also put the round dainty ones on their tummies. They are also under lamps, pictures and other decor.

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