Duesey Day in Garner

Every little town in America has a summer celebration and today is Duesey Day in Garner.  Years ago Connie and I pushed an antique bed loaded with quilts as an entry.  We wore long plaid flannel nightgowns and sleeping caps.  We’ve had several other entries throughout the years like the golf cart and water pistols one year.  Then I started working in the shop so that staff could attend with their kiddos.  I went to the parade this morning with Becky and we sat by the Care Center with Lavahn and as the Avery Theatre float came by, I was surprised to see Gilda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz.  If you look closely, you will recognize Connie!

When the parade was over we drove to Connie’s house to get a better picture – just for the blog!  Here is Connie, the Good Witch!

While I was taking Connie’s picture, Becky parked in the church lot across the street to wait for me and another car backed right into the rider’s side of her new car!  So we had to get the police to make a report and all the rest of the cars were trying to get out of the lot after the parade and it really put a damper on our fun morning.

Connie is always the first one in line for a costume – ha! Didn’t she make a great “good witch”? And yes, the corn REALLY IS as high as an elephant’s eye! Ha!

14 thoughts on “Duesey Day in Garner

  1. Karen

    Oh, Bummer on the car!
    But do LOVE Connie’s new hairdo!
    What a fun idea the parade is for a town to do!

  2. Connie

    So sorry Mary that Becky’s car (and new car at that) was damaged!! That would put a damper on anyone’s day. Hopefully it will all be resolved to the good and you’ll, once again, be able to think of the fun parade and especially the wonderful ‘Good Witch’! Small towns have such neat things going on. 🙂

  3. Deb

    Love it!!! Should be a Hallmark sentiment for that pic somewhere!
    Bummer about your sisters car. Hubby just hit a deer with his new car, so can relate.
    Silver lining: no injuries.

  4. Launa

    Darling new hair do for Connie and her costume is fetching…….love the tiara and her magic wand.
    What a fun time for a parade……. Oh, my…Becky’s new car; don’t let that spoil your fun day.

  5. Judy

    I have so enjoyed reading your post retirement blog. It is great fun to hear about you and Connie enjoying activities and adventures. I loved seeing Connie’s costume.
    I was one of many saddened when the Country Threads shop closed, I enjoyed every opportunity I had to visit your shop or booth at a quilt show. I’ve loved every quilt kit purchased from you over the years. Thank you for that!
    Thanks also for the blog “visits” to the farm. I wish you and Connie both long happy healthy retirement days. You worked hard for many years and deserve this time in your life to do as you wish. It is obvious you are both enjoying life! Good for you!

  6. Holly

    Connie looks absolutely adorable–and such sweet poses! I love it! So sorry about the accident. What a bummer on an otherwise fun day.

  7. Carol

    If everyone would just take a few more seconds to decide that it is safe to move that very large piece of machinery called a car, we would all be safer. We have had so many near hits with people running stop signs, turning left in front of you when you are going straight…these are daily events in our very small town. Backing up without thinking anyone else could possibly be on the road, that’s another favorite trick around here. What a shame that someone is now inconvenienced because someone was careless.
    On the brighter side, what a fetching good witch. A gown, tiara and wand beyond compare! Other than the car mishap, it looks like a great time.


    Love small town activities. Connie looks great!! The first pic, thought she was a teen.

  9. Shirley

    What a darling outfit! I’m just sorry the good witch couldn’t have waved her wand and prevented Becky’s car from being damaged.

  10. Ann Barlament

    Connie is a wonderful “good witch” and I love her mighty stead that stands beside her!!!

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