Emma Update


You remember my new goat, Emma, the escape artist? Today I was cleaning screens outside and decided to let Emma into the yard with Susannah. She was very curious as she walked around and certainly not at all afraid. She loves to eat leaves. She is spending the night in Susannah’s part of the barn because I think Susannah is secretly lonesome and even though she acts tough, I think she’ll enjoy the company. We will see.
Looking forward to the start of the World Series on Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “Emma Update

  1. Rose Mikulski

    I would love to hear updates on Susannah and Emma. I bet the animal cookies are all gone.

  2. Debbie Rogowski

    looks like you are playing musical goats. We do that a lot with our dogs when the kids come to visit with theirs.

  3. Jan Mittler

    GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!! Your are lucky to have something to eat the leaves!!!!! Precious goats!!!!

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