Estate Sale

Last Saturday morning Rick and I went to a country estate sale a few miles from our place. The mud was very deep and I knew how much work would be involved to fix the drive and yard again.

Wanted to show you what I bought.

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A plant lover can never have too many clay pots.

This McCoy pot was also in the box.

Old suitcases are so tempting and I gave in and bought them but oh my goodness, they do smell very stale. This will take some work. The navy blue one had the Drake Bulldogs decal on it.

I have collected sewing caddies for years – I should show all of them to you sometime.

Two aluminum bowls and a fish bowl.

After cleaning up my cutting table, Moda claimed this box but she doesn’t exactly fit!

More animal pictures.




More chickens.


Buckwheat and Alfalfa, twins.

And finally, my red and white project, two chair covers.

That’s all, folks!

28 thoughts on “Estate Sale

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Oh, my! That Moda is a beautiful kitty and Fred is so handsome. So! You found the real McCoy. Sending you a hug.

  2. Ann Barlament

    What wonderful treasures you found!!
    Today I’m learning, what exactly are sale-able items for an auction? Doesn’t seem like it includes much anymore.
    My antiques, I actually used them in my daily life! My Hurricane lanterns and treadle sewing machine were used on stormy, unpredictable weather changing nights. The antique canning jars held dry goods.
    I’m part of a dying bred of people. I was part of the world that reused items opposed to throwing everything away.

    Makes me want to “keep everything” ….

  3. Bobbie

    Mary you are as bad as I am. I just love a estate sale. I need nothing! But you just got to go see if there is something you can’t live without. My hubby is building me a small building 12×18 ft. To put a Gammill long arm he bought me. It’s going to be tight room but I’m looking for things to decorate it with. I got the big scissor from the Spirit Halloween store that are so cute. A also got a large case to store fabric in really scored on it as it was free.
    I have 2 little dog that keep me company. Penny and Ginger.Ginger is only 5 months old so she is still a chewer. I really have to watch her or she will chew my fabric.
    Love your finds.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bobbie – you’re right – I don’t need a thing it I love to go! Your long arm building sounds delightful! Will you need a furnace? Penny and Ginger are lucky dogs – what kind are they?

  4. Holly in TH

    Great finds at the estate sale! I especially love that dreamy McCoy pot! I love the pictures of the animals–Moda in the box is too cute and your chickens make me miss having some of my own. Sounds like a much better day for you–good news!

  5. Colleen

    Once again a lovely blog posting. Fantastic pictures of the animals and great finds at the estate sale.

    What has me cracking up laughing is that you are so concerned about the amount of work it will be for them to fix the drive due to the thick mud.

    You are completely nice and see the whole picture not just what is for sale

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colleen – my parents did a good job of instilling the work ethic in me, didn’t they? Ha ha!

  6. Kathy Hanson

    Loved the buys, the chickens and the goats! Loved Moda in the box – oh how cats love boxes! My mom used to have the same caddy that you showed, I remember it well! You have so much fun!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Hanson – yes, I do have fun! Come and visit me and I’ll take you to all my favorite thrift shops!

  7. Kathy Roloff

    By all means, we need to see the seeing caddy collection. Also. If the suitcases don’t clean up. I have seen some old suit cases planted with annuals and relaxing in the yard. I planted an old black grill with masses of purple wave petunias. The black background made them pop.

  8. Kathy

    Good finds! Especially the McCoy planter. What are your plans for the fishbowl? Succulent garden? Always love your creativity.

  9. Eleanor from Rhode Island

    I have lots of clay pots. Wish I could pass them on to you. Would bring them over to you but we are about 1500 miles apart.

  10. jan VanDeWalle

    Love your finds, and I still love Estate Sales, I used to be in the antique business, Had a shop with friends for a while then did the Palmer Werfs Expo show in Portland Ore. for some 18 years. Back then the boys were around to help when the youngest went to college I tried to do it on my own but then when Jerry retired he said he would help but that didn’t last very long so I retired too 😉 We raised sheep when the boys were home but sold them as they grew up and away. Now it is just hay that we farm and sell it out of the field.
    We have one dog, who is a couch potato. And several neighbor cats that hunt in the fields.
    I have collected old cream separators that are no long usable and have them as planters around my yard, and use some old metal wheeled grain drills as fence and places for pots or bird houses to sit. I have always loved and collected farm relics and sewing things, among other stuff. now I am learning to make quilts. Love the blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan VanDeWalle – I’ll bet I would love your farm antiques. I took an old hay fork to Junkin Gal but it hasn’t sold – the kind that took the bales to the back of the haymow.

  11. Marian

    Mary, I love all your colorful chickens! And, I bet the goats love the sunshine. Telly is so photogenic. Love him. Love your kitties, too, with their coats of many colors. Always look forward to your musings! My best to you.

  12. Ellie

    Like your sewing buddy and the animal pictures are the best! Looks like the estate sale was fun! I’ve had good luckwith getting rid of that musty smell with baking soda and then leaving it out in sunny hot weather. Of course it may be some time before we have that again.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ginny – yes, I think Fred is the most handsome rooster I’ve ever had!

  13. Martha Engstler

    Love estate sales. We went to one last weekend, great bargins. Bought An antique rocking chair for $20. It makes me sad to see someone’s treasures almost given away.

  14. Nancy Poole-England

    Love the animal pictures today. I so miss not having any animals except dogs. But I love my dogs

  15. Angie

    The McCoy pot is a treasure!! Charcoal in the suitcases will take out the musty smell. Love estate sales. I never luck out with sewing buddiesThis one is adorable lucky find

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