Everything You Want To Know About Camp 2014

The barn will be waiting for you campers this spring, summer and fall.
Camp # 1, June 3-4
This camp is for beginners and intermediates. We will all be working on the same projects starting on Tuesday, June 3 at 9 am. We will start with the Disappearing 4 Patch and move on to a wool pincushion that evening. All materials required for these 2 projects are included in your camp fee of $95.00. On Wednesday we will make “Pick Up Sticks”. You will purchase your materials for this quilt with your 10% discount which applies to any supplies needed for camp as well as any purchases made during camp. The last part of the class will be a machine quilting demo and class instruction on quilting the Disappearing Four Patch made the previous day. Batting, binding and backing are also included in your camp fee. Bring your quilting foot if you’d like to actually do your own quilting versus just watching. Two lunches are also included in your camp fee.

Camp #2, September 30 – October 3
This is an advanced camp – no beginners will be allowed to sign up. We have revamped our camp completely and we will all work on the same 3 projects. The kits for these projects are all included in the camp fee of $195.00. On Day 1, Tuesday at 1 pm, we will work on a new contemporary Pinterest quilt, approximately lap size. This kit will be included in your camp fee. On Day One you will also pick your fabric for Day Two which will be the red and white saw blade quilt. This fabric is also included in your camp fee and after you choose your fabric, I will prewash it for you so you’ll be ready to start cutting on Wednesday morning. You will want to bring spray starch or sizing. On Day 3 we will start a Civil War quilt and you will pick 20 fat quarters in the quilt shop which are included in your camp fee. Feel free to bring Civil War scraps with you to mix in with your 20 new fat quarters. The cost of this camp is $195.00. Two lunches are also included in your camp fee.
AQS show is in Des Moines October 3-4, two hours south of Garner.

Retreat # 3, October 6 – 9
AQS show is in Des Moines the previous weekend, October 3-4. We will start this retreat on Monday at 9 am and finish on Thursday, October 9 at 5 pm. Two lunches are included in your camp fee of $50.00. This is entirely free sewing – no class instruction is included. Sew on any project you choose, stay as late as you like. We will take you to lunch two days during the week. No camp discount give to retreat attendees.

If you would rather sew on your own projects, Retreat #3 should be your choice. If you would prefer a structured camp, Camp # 2 should be your choice. If you are not an advanced quilter, Camp #1 could fill the bill for you.
Camp #1—-$95.00
Camp #2—-$195.00
Retreat #3—$50.00.

Call Mary Baker at the quilt shop, 641-923-3893, with your credit card number to sign up. We reserve the right to cancel any of these events if attendance does not meet minimum requirements.
I can try to answer your questions here on the blog or at marye @ncn.net.

Please remember that when you come to Country Threads for a camp or retreat that you will be exposed to barn dust, animal smells, dogs, cats, chickens, outside environments and a general calm feeling you can only get from spending time in rural North Iowa. Smile! We can’t wait to welcome you to the farm!

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  1. Betty Klosterman

    The picture of the barn haymow looks like a church. What fun for camp.

  2. Mary Evans

    Don’t forget the goats and the geeses!!!!! LOL! Wish I could come, alas, I can’t.

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