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We are once again doing a Civil War book for Martingale, our publisher.  This will be our third book featuring quilts made with reproduction fabrics and our deadline is next spring which gives us all winter to make 18-20 quilts.  Here are the first two books.

This will be hard on the blog because even though I’m sewing all the time, I won’t be able to show you anything.  Yikes!  I hope I’ll have some time to sew a few more Christmas gifts.  Remember when I showed you that line of triangle squares?  Hundreds of them?  Well, they are a quilt for the new book.  And I’m not done with it yet!

Reed and I picked the last of the cucumbers for the chickens and the last pumpkins and birdhouse gourds that were hanging on the fence.  This is absolutely the last of them and we are in wonder at how many we grew.  He has some at his place and I’ve given some away besides what’s here and in my house.

As soon as it freezes, I’ll start giving the pumpkins to the goats and chickens.

Whoops!  Hazel’s picture got in there by accident and I can’t figure out how to delete it – ahhhh, I am one of the technically challenged old ladies!

If you don’t hear from me, just know that I’m preparing the barn, the house and the yard for winter and that I’m sewing for the new book.

Remember those old French doors I had a Rick hinge together?  Here they are with some of the plants arranged in front – I hope to stage my Christmas tree here, too, but I’ll have to move the plants – my poor back!

45 thoughts on “Exciting News From Country Threads

  1. ANITA Fetzer

    Glad Hazel s picture got in. She’s so cute. Will be anxious to see the new books and your samples. Love the reproduction fabrics and anything about the Civil War.

  2. Diane

    Hazel is smiling at us because she knows you are happiest when you’re busy!! Great news about the new book from you and Connie. I am reading a book called SURGEON IN BLUE by Scott McGaugh which is about Jonathan Letterman, the Doctor who pioneered battlefield care during the Civil War. It is very interesting–a little drawn out at first, but very good after about 25 pages. The only place I’ve ever seen more pumpkins is at a pumpkin farm. Reed is such a good help and so cute:) Happy Fall:)

  3. Kelley

    Congrats on the new book. What a busy winter you will have! Everything looks so pretty. What a bumper crop of pumpkins and gourds. The hail storm certainly didn’t hurt your pumpkin crop! Have a great fall. I know you will be soooo busy!

  4. Delores

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND MARY!!!!! Thanks again for your BLOG sharing your love of life.

  5. Colleen

    I really enjoy reading your blog and what you write abouti love to see your animals and hear about who is doing what both people and animal wise. You telling about the weather is good too
    So if you can please continue to blog even if you are not allowed to share what you are sewing.
    I just like to read what you do write about and see your pictures even ones you try to delete ha ha she is just the cutest little dog. I am pretty sure many others are just happy to read what you write

  6. Kathy Hanson

    How exciting that you and Connie are doing another book – can’t wait to see it and all the new quilts.
    I don’t know how you do everything – and it is all so lovely! So glad to see a picture of Hazel again, she is so cute. After the spring storm and the pumpkin vines getting hit you have had an amazing crop of pumpkins. They are gorgeous. Will know that you are sewing up a storm so will know why you aren’t having time to blog. I will look forward to the ones that you are able to send.

  7. Marcia Aukland Rocheleau

    You are a marvel, Mary, and an inspiration. How do you do it all?!?!
    I rarely leave a comment but I love reading your posts and keeping up with life on the farm.
    Thanks always for sharing,
    It’ll soon be time to hang my Be Merry quilt. It won a first place ribbon and prize at the Minnesota Quilters State Quilt Show this spring. It has been an absolute favorite since I saw lthe sample hanging in your shop.
    Eagan, MN

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marcia – I think I’ll loan my Be Merry quilt to the care center this year – I love getting it out every year!

  8. Marcia Aukland Rocheleau

    You are a marvel, Mary, and an inspiration. How do you do it all?!?!
    I rarely leave a comment but I love reading your posts and keeping up with life on the farm.
    Thanks always for sharing,
    Eagan, MN

  9. Martha Engstler

    Will miss your frequent blogs but understand you really have a lot on your plate. Love the arrangement of indoor plants in front of the doors. Nice arrangement. We live right in the middle of Civil War area so it will be fun to get the new book. I missed the other two. Good luck with all your projects.

    1. Mary Etherington

      I loved your card about the hollyhocks and I passed it on to Rick’s sister who also thought it was very sweet. I’m so glad they’re growing and blooming for you!

  10. Jean Elliott

    New book…hurray for us! What’s that thing that Hazel is looking at? Maybe it’s some kind of toy. Sounds like life is good at your house!

  11. Becky from Iowa

    What a blessing it is for you have have such a wonderful young man to help you some of your work. He is such a cutie. Good to see a picture of Miss Hazel. She is as cute as ever. Yes, the fall is just as much work as the Spring. I’ve been busy bringing my plants in, cleaning pots and cutting everything back. I don’t know how you do do it all. And now you are making quilts for a new book. Amazing!

  12. mary margaret

    Congrats on new book! It’s a lot of work but gratification from it! Wow what harvest! Hope Reed got to take some pumpkins home too! Like the French doors with the plants!

  13. Sue Smith

    What a fun post, Mary. I am amazed at your huge cucumber and pumpkin harvest. Wow! Pumpkin will be so good for the animals. I read it is wonderful for dogs, too. Cooked, I believe.
    Congratulations on your upcoming new book. I have a couple of yours and love them. This one looks like a “Must Have” as well. I am typing this on my lap top from Eagle Crest, Ore, where we have a one week condo time every year. Hope it goes….

  14. Betty Klosterman

    The pumpkins and gourds are beautiful. What fun to make the gourds into bird houses. When I tried, they rotted. Such is life. Glad you are doing another book. We wouldn’t want the world to forget you are still around.
    Haven’t had any time to sew, but nieces from St. Louis stopped over the weekend. One got her “I Spy” quilt for her grandson and the other got her blue quilt – Blue #1, a charm quilt containing 200 blues and none are repeated. I think there are enough for all the nieces??
    We will all be waiting for your new book.

  15. Janie

    Good luck on your new book! You don’t have to worry about deleting pictures of Hazel. She’s too cute!

  16. Lillian


  17. Quilter 501

    I am so excited. I love your quilts….although I must admit I make them into big ones , or lap quilts. And your blog is delightful. So glad you are always so positive and family/animal oriented and stay away from politics. You are one of the bright spots in my blog reading!

  18. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, so happy a photo of Hazel slipped in. I have really missed seeing her in the blog photos. How about you slip a few more in from time to time? Love all of your pumpkins and gourds – nothing says fall more than pumpkins, gourds and leaves that have turned color. Thanks you all your efforts in putting your blog out and good luck to you and Connie with the new book.

  19. Linda Huyser

    Love all your pumpkins! And what a great idea of the doors background. Can’t wait to see the Christmas tree in front of it! Best of luck on your 3rd book and happy sewing!

  20. Shirley Flowers

    So happy to hear about the new book. I have been a quilter for 37 years, and a reader of your books since the first ones came out. I think one of my favorite early quilts was “Wear Warm Clothes”. Then my love for civil war quilts came along, and I haven’t looked back since. Your books always have such wonderful ideas. I really miss seeing the two of you and your booth in Chicago in the Spring. I hope you are enjoying your retirement from being shop owners, and looking forward to the new book.

  21. Vickie Devore

    I can’t wait to see your new book!! Don’t over do it, be sure to take a rest now and then, vickie

  22. Claire

    Oh Mary, where do you get the energy? Bless your Heart..
    Looking forward to your new book!!!

  23. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary, congratulations to you and Connie with the new book! Hope you enjoy all the sewing and quilt8ng, even if you can’t share the photos. Love your fall displays and look forward to seeing the christmas tree in front of your Franch windows screen.

  24. Kathy

    Congratulations on another book credit! You are amazing. Love the hinged doors and your idea with the Christmas tree. Always fun to hear what you are up to so just a few lines will still make us all happy to know what you are doing that day! Enjoy it all.

  25. Ann Gupton

    Reed, Hazel, chickens, garden…just everyday life…love following you.
    This is where you and we are at in life now. And the nursing
    home and piano playing. ❤️

  26. Marian

    As always a delightful session. Makes my day! Fun to see Hazel AND Telly AND helper Reed!
    Enjoy the progress for the new book! Isn’t our Autumn weather grand?!!!!

  27. Paula

    Oh I love the doors and seeing Hazel. I hate to ask but is Hazel doing better? Do you still have her? I hope i didn’t miss a post about her. I love seeing all the pumpkins and they go to such good use. It is chilly here is KY too and more cold weather next week. Sure hope it snows before Christmas to get everyone in the mood. Paula in KY

  28. mary jane

    Thank you Mary for including Hazel, I do miss the pictures and comments about ALL the farm animals. I really like the folding doors and the purpose for them…good job…again thanks MJ

  29. Jody Randall

    Yay! A new book! Seems like you were just opening up your house for spring/summer…….where has the time gone?

  30. Mary Kannas

    Good luck with the new book!!!
    I’m glad you couldn’t delete the picture of Hazel. I love seeing pictures of your fur and feather babies!

  31. Dixie

    So exciting to hear there will be Book 3. Your designs have brought me so much enjoyment over the years. The Storm quilt was made in 1993 and hangs in my hallway so I can see it every day.

  32. Janice Brown

    I really like the doors behind the plants. They will be a wonderful backdrop for a Christmas tree. Looking forward to the new book.

  33. Jan Smith

    A new book from you two is very exciting! I pour over your others again and again. Your pumpkin and gourd Patch is delightful. Mine are few, but they make me happy. Love seeing Hazel. More mistakes there please, wink.

  34. Synthia Noble

    OH NO Not fewer blog posts!!!! Oh well, I’ll look forward to your new book!!! 🙂

  35. MartyCae

    I absolutely cannot wait for the new book!
    Love all the fall pictures! Love fall colors!
    Thanks for letting all of us know about the new book.

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