Fall in Iowa, 10-25,2020

Here is our summer, fall, and winter in about 30 days.

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  1. Lois Ann Johnson

    Your photos told the whole story, Mary! That is truly what it means to “live in Iowa.”

  2. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Great pictures. Kind of sad to see all the flowers and leaves gone. We had wind over the weekend and most of our leaves are down. There’s been frost but not on the flowers on the deck. I’m still enjoying them so much.

  3. Lois Ann Johnson

    Your photos told the whole story, Mary! That is definitely what it means to “live in Iowa.”

  4. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Wow! And I thought it gets crazy like that in Illinois, but you definitely win out! I don’t always love Winter, either. Here it comes, ready or not!

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Yep, that is what we have in Rapid City, too. Got about 8-9″ snow last night. It won’t last very long as the ground is warm. My petunias are now history!

    I’m really waiting to hear from Diane Bauer in Colorado and how the fires are coming along. Please, tell us what is happening there. They were supposed to get snow, too, so that will help. One of their fire briefings said the East Troublesome Fire even jumped the continental drive — above the tree line! They said this just doesn’t happen….. The buring embers are traveling 1-2 miles with the winds. Also found out that the week of Oct 12 they evacuated the C Lazy U Ranch just north of Granby in case the fire got closer. Today they had a plane fly over with camera, but I couldn’t tell very much by it. Time will tell.
    Take care everybody. This, too, will pass…… someday.
    Betty in Rapid City

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    I don’t have a fire update, but looking at the road reports, it looks like all the mountain roads are getting SNOW!!! YEAH!!!
    That is a great help for the fires and Smokey air.
    I’m in Cheyenne and we have about 7” of snow in the ground, with more to come.
    Cheyenne is about 60 miles north of Loveland. Loveland is, I’m guessing, 30 miles from the fire close to Estes Park.
    Winter has arrived..
    Thanks, Mary for the pictures. Spring/summer is beautiful.

  7. Launa

    Sunny here in Idaho after -3o early morning. Nice to see bright blue Sky! About 8” leftover snow was on ground this morning, but sunny Sunday and wind are blowing snow off trees. Temperature is up to 20o @ 4:15! Watching football 🏈 games!
    Enjoying our wood stove fire!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – we haven’t started our wood fire yet – didn’t think it would be this cold so soon!

  8. Peggy S

    Hang on for a few warm days yet!! Forecast for the TC in MN is 50s next weekend!! Happy Halloween with a full moon!! 🎃👻

  9. Sue in Oregon

    I like the summer phot best because I love summer and sad to see it go, but if snow helps put out those fires, I am all for it.

  10. Mary

    Wow, so wish we could have had a longer fall! We are having a “winter weather advisory ” in effect for tonight too. So NOT ready for that.

  11. Kathy Hanson

    We have the same thing! Jerry has been cutting everything down and bringing in what he keeps an eye on all winter. It surely is way too early! We hope to get a bit of warmer weather early in November!

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Sandy Kolarik – I’ve done it both ways. When I leave them all winter, they collect all the leaves which is difficult to clean in the spring. This year I may not have a choice.

  12. Bonnie McKee

    Beautiful pictures Mary! Thank you for sharing the dramatic seasonal changes in such a short amount of time! ❤️
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  13. Sheri B

    We had snow in Salt Lake City this morning. Temperature down to 17 tonight, by the end of the week in the mid 60’s.

  14. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hate it when the flowers are at their best blooming and we get a killing frost but snow? Here in the Shenandoah Valley it was a cold windy and rainy day. Only 45 degrees.
    Are the puppies gone? You are a wonderful person to take on fostering the mother and her puppies.
    Carolyn b

  15. Mary R.

    Love your pictures of the winter weather. We rarely see snow living in south Louisiana (close to New Orleans), but we are in the cone again for another hurricane on Wednesday.

  16. Diane in WI

    Here in southeast Wisconsin, we had a dusting of snow this morning. Hopefully it will still warm up some. We have soybeans and corn to combine. It’s a good day to work on sewing projects. Take care everyone.

  17. Patty McDonald

    Love the summer pic with your beautiful hydrangea s. Glad there is snow for Colorado. I can’t even imagine how terrible and fast the fire is spreading in that state. I won’t tell you our temps in So. Calif. or I’ll probably be banned from your site for life. We are having high winds today (gusts up to 50 mph) which increases our fire danger. Thankfully, in the last week, adjacent properties have FINALLY cut their weeds so we feel much safer. (They probably got fined from the fire dept.) The winds will end tonight and we will be back to normal temps for the rest of the week.
    Bless you for all the work you did with the puppies and mama. They are adorable but taking care of them kind of looked like a nightmare. I do pray they each get a home that is worthy of them. So much sweetness wrapped in fur.


    High winds today in Southern California and street crews and fire dept. trucks out in mass to cut all the massive trees that have fallen and are blocking roads. My neighbor has a concrete wall with plastic fencing in between the concrete pillars. Entire fence and concrete has fallen over from the winds…Probably built without rebar to re-enforce. I have not heard of injuries but the high 75 mph winds in Rancho Cucamonga are a fire danger! Our weather has been so erratic in the last few months with highs in the 110-115 degrees to lows in the 45 degrees in just a few days. Never know what to wear to the grocery store!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – we just watched the news and saw a report about the high winds! Blowing over a concrete wall???? Oh my gosh! Are the fires close to you ? We just cannot imagine living there and being so threatened!

  19. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    You may not read this because it is so late but……in the summer picture I wonder if the pink flower is prairie mallow? If it is I’m thrilled because that looks like what I have in my garden. Your garden is wonderful in the summer but looks great in all seasons to me. Thanks for the pictures. Hope you will be back on line soon and that you are okay.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – yes, that is prairie mallow! My mother in law gave me a tiny bottle of seeds when we got married and they have grown everywhere! They come up in the sidewalk cracks and any place a seed drops. I just love them!

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