Farm News

It’s been a huge week on the construction front – windows are finally back in and the rooms have been insulated.  The soffit is on the roof edge and today Steve is pouring the concrete windowsills.  Why concrete you say?  Because I’m going to put plants on this wide sill and I will not have to be careful when watering.  And the cats can’t scratch it!

All the wiring is finished – I think I have enough lights.  Yesterday I went to Best Buy to look at a TV – remember Rick is still watching a 19” in the living room.  You can’t even read the score!!

My succulents love living in the basement – here is another one that is blooming!  I can’t believe it!  Maybe it’s the light and cooler temps that they like.

Here is Connie with her #5 FINISHED!!  I’m jealous because mine is not done and I haven’t had time to work on it.  Ina is finished, too, and Lori will be next.  If you haven’t joined Connie’s game, go to the blog and see what it’s all about.

I got my baby goat “fix” yesterday when my friend, Betsy, stopped with a bottle baby.  The dogs were fascinated and I begged Connie to slap me if I even considered taking on a bottle baby at this stage.

 Here is a series of pictures from yesterday in the quilt shop:

I am surviving in this mess and looking forward to the next step – putting the walls up!  Years ago I used a pickling white stain and loved it.  Come to find out, car siding is now available in pre-finished pickling white!!!  YAY!!  That’s what I’m doing for walls and ceilings.  A picture will be coming when completed, of course.

Yesterday I made custard for this first time since Mom died.  She loved it and I made it for her often.  I reached for the covered casserole I always used and inside was the cereal bowl I took to her room.  It was a sad reminder.

I am still LOVING Pinterest!  Becky says she would rather shop online but I don’t even care about that – I just want to see the stuff and the places and the ideas.  I read a book recommendation called The Black House and have started it – very good so far.  Have YOU read any good books lately?  Tell me.

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I’m still working on the folders to post your pictures in and will let you know when that is available.  It will probably be a folder in the Yahoo Group.  Download photos of finished projects, your progress on Wear Warm Clothes, your online sampler blocks into the appropriate folder.

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