Farm News

The piano moved into its new home this week – what a relief!  The acoustics are great – probably better without rugs or curtains to muffle the sound.

The dogs have learned to use their new doggie door whenever they want to go outside.  Sometimes I realize they’ve disappeared from the house and they’re out in the grove.  And yes, Telly is still going under any little spot where the fence is not frozen into the ground.  I have hauled more concrete patio pavers but evidently I haven’t found all the spots yet.

Here is the mess in the living room – can you also see the inch of dust on the TV?  Note the rustic log mantel.

This is the old mantel I bought last fall at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, OH.  I’m taking down the rustic log and putting this up instead.

The goats said to tell you all “hi”!

And can you believe this is my Christmas poinsettia from Walmart?  It is just beautiful, isn’t it?  And I think I know the reason why.  On the very day I brought it home around Thanksgiving time, I repotted it into a clay pot with new potting soil.  I have kept it evenly moist but not wet and given it lots of light.  Those plastic pots they come in just let the water run through and don’t let the roots spread out to absorb the water.  Try this next year!

I had a great time at Ironwood Springs and look forward to going again next November …. unless we’re in Houston at Quilt Festival.

Until next Thursday,


4 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Erin

    My husband is in love with your goats… he says we must come visit and bring some home. Sometimes I’m glad we live in a townhouse. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. Lael Koster

    your christmas flower is sure pretty. like your new fireplace. your mess will be worth it when everything is done. tell your goats “hi” how many do you have now??? there was a recipe in the paper the other day calling for goat meat, paul said to send it to you, i told him that you wouldn’t find that very funny, i wouldn’t do goat or rabbit. a nice day today, be glad when the time gets changed, warmer weather (after next week, paul and three other guys are going up to lake of the woods, ice fishing next week, think they’ll get it done just in time) enjoy seeing how your house is coming along.

  3. Nancy

    I know that construction is always trying, but it is going to look absolutely beautiful when all is said and done! Love the new mantel! Say hi back to the goats…love them!

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