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You’re not wrong – this is being written for Friday.  My day was spent in Methodist Hospital in Rochester, MN, where Rick had  total knee replacement surgery.  I attempted to send the photos to the shop from there but just couldn’t do it.  The surgery went well and he will come home on Sunday, the 7th.

For those of you who didn’t see the “happy” picture of Telly, here she is again.  She has forgotten the incident from last week and we are best friends once again.

The ice is nearly out of our little pond and that makes the geese very happy.  That water has to be really cold but they love swimming in it already.

The goats are enjoying the 40 degree weather, too.  Spring can’t come soon enough for any of us!

The chickens, guineas and Lucky the duck have ventured outside but the guineas are just plain stupid birds.  They can’t ever find the opening under the fence or the open gate to get back “home” again so I’m always herding them.

This framed needlework/crewel/embroidery of birds is hanging in the orthopedic hallway.  The bright spot is a reflection but I wish I knew the story behind this piece of fascinating artwork.  It is horizontal rows of embroidered birds that don’t even look possible to stitch.  Any ideas?

The carpenters are still working on the siding and tomorrow the new bathroom vinyl flooring will be installed – just in time for Rick to move into the guest room and adjoining bath.  You simply cannot imagine how much I want these carpenters to be gone!

Next weekend is our Urban Farmhouse event with deep discounts found in the balloon of your choice.  We hope you can join us to see how hard we’ve worked all winter on new quilts, projects, and kits.

Mary E.

10 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Lynn Willis

    Spring on the farm = mud!
    Good luck with Rick, I’ve had 3 partial replacements and a full. Most important thing is do the exercises faithfully!

  2. Nan Conway

    I’m so happy you and Telly are back on loving terms. We miss our Nara so much. I hope Rick will have rehab coming to the house. My husband went from the hospital to a week in rehab then almost a month of in home rehab. Prayers for a speedy recovery

  3. Amy

    So glad Rick did well! I am sure he will be a very good patient for you! And glad to see the sun is shining with no snow on the ground 🙂

  4. Jan

    Eight years ago I had both knees replaced (8 weeks apart) and I thank my specialist and the inventor! Frankly, the replacements put my life back together. I agree with Lynn W. that doing the therapy is a must, and I’d add taking the pain killers or you won’t do the therapy. AND, it might take over a year until the knees are “yours”–you don’t think about them. I even understand about the carpenters and dirt; we just finished an addition and renovation at my workplace–a year long one….

  5. Jackie baumhauer

    So glad Rick’s surgery is over and he is doing well.
    Dogs are always so forgiving. We should be more like them.

  6. Nancy

    Happy for your husband, his new knee will give him a new lease on life! Happy for you and Telly, she looks like a very loving dog! Happy Spring!

  7. Melody

    Having survived my husband’s knee replacement, I send prayers for BOTH of you. It is not an easy recuperation so be prepared to be patient when he comes home. Good luck!

  8. NK

    my husband just had total knee replacement Tuesday. I brought him home today. It went well and we’re looking to a good recovery-wishing the same to you!

  9. jody

    just wanted to say hi and i hope Rick is doing well! so hard to be away from home and in a hospital. im sure it will be hard to keep him from trying to do to much, as always so much to do on the farm. love all your reports on your goings on around there. the addition to you house looks amazing! hope to see you guys soon!! dreary and sleet today so it will be a soap day! enjoy your day!

  10. Lael Koster

    glad everything went well in rochester, now the recovery, good luck with that, everything will be back to normal before you know it (the house and your sweetie) glad lucky the duck is doing good, that’s a good name for him. a nice but wet day today but we need the moisture (we’ll take whatever we can get) our snow and ice is almost gone, we chopped up some to help it thaw, right now i want it all to be gone!!!!!!

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