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I can’t say that this post is all Farm News but is a barrage of “stuff” that’s keeping me busy.  We’ve had quite a bit of rain that I am thankful for and will not complain about the dreary days, one after another.  The rain has kept the carpenters away which is a double edged sword.  The next hourly paychecks won’t be so high to pay but we’re not making any progress on the siding either.  There is no chance we will be finished by The Big Event Tour…but that just means I’ll have to offer another tour the following year when it will be finished inside and out.  I cannot imagine how long the landscaping and grass is going to take.  Ugh!

Rick is doing well but had a severe allergic reaction to his pain pills last weekend so he didn’t sleep and could not get comfortable.  He got a new script and is doing better – also the staples were removed – all 50 of them!  The visiting nurse tests his blood every few days and Izzy wants to get up close and personal with her.  Faye sleeps with him and is content with this rainy weather but Izzy and Telly are restless and can’t settle down.  Telly was missing for 2-1/2 hours a couple days ago.  That dog must be part gazelle to get over that fence so easily!

Recently I blogged about the spring issue of the Goat Gazette and the fact that it isn’t written and won’t be.  I simply cannot find the time right now to write it so I will ask your indulgence and forgiveness as I will be combining the spring and summer issues.  I am meeting myself coming and going right now with carpenters, a husband recuperating, the weather, the shop, church music for a June concert, the fieldstone problem, cooking 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, and more that you can probably imagine.

Here are several projects I’ve been working on for upcoming Charm School mailings.  If you don’t know, Charm School has been “in session” for almost 6 years and each month members receive a charm pack and new pattern – all for $45 per quarter.  I have really enjoyed the new trendy charm packs I’ve been using.


Our anniversary camp June 4-5 still has openings for either beginners or intermediates.  It has been decided that we will make this quilt called “Tell Me A Story” from the Hibernation book.  Everyone loves it and we have kits available in the shop (we also have a 10% off special going on right now until May 1!).  The 2 day camp is only $30 for local students and $30 for out of town students who stay at the new Garner Inn.  This will be our first camp of the season and probably the most desirable temps in the barn.  If you are a “quilter wanna be”, we will get you started and have a great time in the barn, too.  My church group is attending and they’re already planning fun drinks and snacks for our group!

And I will end with a smile – a photo of BC (you remember BC, Barn Cat, who realized we all lived in the house except him so he came in, too).  I took the water pitcher out of the frig to fill it and left the doors wide open only to turn around and find BC perched in the corner on the top shelf.  Yup, if it isn’t one thing, it’s another!!

Watch the blog – I’ll try another recipe next week and hopefully get it right this time.  I should stick to animal stories, shouldn’t I?  You can sign up for blog posts on the home page of Country Threads’ Chicken Scratch.

Connie is bringing lunch today for Ina’s birthday – we love Ina – what a gal!


4 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Gloria

    BC is one cool cat! Too funny. Thankfully my Labrador doesn’t fit in my fridge or I would expect to see her there hunting for a snack.

  2. Charlotte

    Oh, the picture of BC made me smile and brought tears to my eyes. My cats were always jumping to perch on one shelf or another but NEVER the refrigerator! That little guy of yours earned his place in the house!

  3. Lael Koster

    eeewww, sorry but no cats in my fridge!!!! paul wouldn’t have it either, denise had a cat that got in her fridge and she didn’t know it until an hour or so later, lucky for her, denise looked for her. another rainy, chilly day but we do need the moisture. glad rick is doing better now and on the mend. sorry to hear your house won’t be done as soon as you had hoped AND i will miss the gazzette but you don’t need any more to do right now, plus you need to take care of yourself. we’re going to mankato, mn. sat. (4-20), never been there for a show, we’ll stop in albert lea on the way, for a estate/tag sale, fun to look, never know what you’ll find. i’m trying to get ready for a garage sale (it’s city wide here in osage (may 3&4) getting here too fast, it’s cold in the garage, going to have to start the old noisy heater next week. that’s all…….

  4. Lee Bowers

    Ina has quilted most of my quilts for years….her quilting stands the test of time. One of her quilts I sleep under every night …made with Wear Warm Clothes fabric.. Yum!

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