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Tomorrow morning we leave for Portland Quilt Market – a whirlwind trip in 3 days, a very expensive 3 days, I might add but we need inventory for the shop to arrive next fall and that’s what we’ll be shopping for.  I always hate to leave but always come home inspired by new quilts, books, fabrics and ideas.

Here’s what’s new on the farm – rocks and more rocks.  Actually I think I’m nearing the end and thanks to Rick, I am now driving the tractor to the rock piles, loading into the bucket and then just dumping the bucket on the rock pile – much easier!  One of my neighbors stopped me on the road and said, (his voice incredible) “do you need rocks?”  When I answered that I did, he showed me his rock pile much closer to home – thanks, Mark R.!

The AC units were installed yesterday – we could have used them on Tuesday when the temps went to 102 degrees here.  Just think, 2 weeks ago today we were closed due to 12” of snow!  This has been such a goofy spring that I don’t even have the screens on yet – I’m sure we will have no spring and cross right into summer temperatures requiring AC.

I almost hate to write this down – Telly has not been outside the fence for almost a week now.  I’ve probably jinxed her and she’ll be out today.  After cleaning the constructions debris, I still have branches and limbs that have to be picked up before we can mow the grass.

Last weekend I cleaned the haymow in the barn – this is what it looked like when I started – the tarp which covered the floor had to be carried outside, dusted and refolded for storage.  The dirt comes up from the chickens on the first floor and I mean a lot of dirt.  This is what the floor looked like under the tarp – little piles of dirt that all needed to be cleaned up.  The cobwebs going up the walls were thick and I couldn’t reach very high so it’s dusted about 8’ up the walls and then it’s cobwebs again.  When I get all the quilts hung, I’ll show you.


Here is Telly in my “new” chair – yes, it’s purple and it cost $25.00 at the thrift store.  I’m going to have it recovered when I can – but it won’t be done before the tour so look for the nice purple chair in the porch.  Ha!

Here is a quick peak at the porch – all the plants will soon move outside for the summer.  All our customers are invited on Wednesday night, July 17, from 5-9 pm for the tour.  The public is invited Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 18, 19, 20 for a self guided tour.

Don’t forget the All Iowa Shop Hop that starts May 31, camp June 4-5, International Quilt Festival in Chicago June 20-23 and then the Big Event, July 17-20.

Every year people ask me if my hen and chicks are for sale and I have to say “no”.  This is what I’ve been putting together this year – tiny little hen and chicks in vintage containers, priced from $5 – $20.  If we can get them, we’ll be selling small succulent plugs during the Big Event.  I’ll let you know.

Here’s a quick shout out to Sam in the Mother Baby Center in Minneapolis – we’re all missing you and can’t wait till Baby Lund arrives on June 1.

Until next week on the farm,


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  1. LMK

    i REALLY like the purple chair, hope to get over there for your house tour. don’t over do, take care of yourself. paul finally went to work, long hrs this week, got in 54 1/2 hrs in 4 days, (he works for johnson chemicals, here in osage, he likes it (well, the hrs could be less but the long hrs won’t last very long so he puts up with it.) hope you had a good time in oregon but bet your glad to get home. yes, this spring weather has been real strange, hope it doesn’t get real hot too soon. my tulips are blooming, pretty pink ones. we got some potatoes planted, that’s it so far, we won’t have a lot, want some tomato and pepper plants yet. take it easy on yourself!!!!!

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